How Hard Is It To Qualify For F1 Esports?

How Hard Is It To Qualify For F1 Esports?

how hard is it to qualify for f1 eSports
well to find out I thought I’d show you both my run and the run of Dominic
Hoffman who’s kindly given me his footage and you’ll see that towards the end of this video and
basically compare the two so my run is top 5% on PC so reasonable Dominic’s was
top of ps4 so I’m not gonna say too much just you know watch this run and
just see what you think of it I think it’s the best way to show it so I think
my runs reasonable I was reasonably happy with it but you see with Dominic’s
Road and actually is quite a way off the pace but just have a look for yourselves
and just see what you think see what see what’s wrong with run basically so where
exactly am I losing time where exactly am I making mistakes that’s what we’re
looking out for here and well like I said I was reasonably happy with the run so
far it’s gone pretty well little lock up a couple of corners ago but it didn’t
really cost me any time and setup wise I’m running a top time trial setup so
that should be reasonably fast and I did only have about an hour or two or so to
do it so hence this video rather than a kind of my attempt to to qualify but
anyway coming into the chicane now so we’re catching Perez ahead quite
important we were able to overtake him in order to get the best time so remmeber
this is f1 eSports so the basically the the objective is to have the best race
time to the end so we get five laps and also the fastest lap time counts as well so
nailing all the kerbs there little bit of oversteer there so there’s one of my
mistakes a little bit of oversteer not ideal got DRS on Perez up ahead so we’re
gonna try and overtake him on the next straight if we can so try and stay as close to him as we can but
other than that that lap to me was not perfect but not far off it there was that little
mistake with a bit of oversteer but other than that it was pretty good there wasn’t really any
mistakes to be had running a little bit wide there with the dirty air from Perez just
trying to stay right to come behind him to get some slipstream but not gonna be close
enough to him to get him up into the I believe it’s the casino section it’s called up
here so having a little look up the inside there but think better of it but as you can see nice and close to him a little tap of the barrier there which adjusts our racing line slightly not ideal bit of oversteer so I’m gonna
inside here gota brake quite late because otherwise the AI try and hang it around the
outside and just hit you when you get to that bump but the barrier comes there so we’ve dispatched of the Perez now then so now it’s just all about raw pace I will show my
run up until I get a fastest lap that which is the end of the next lap and then we
will skip to Dominic’s run when you’ll see the difference so just gonna again just look
for mistakes just look where you think I’m losing time where you think I can
improve what’s wrong on this one if you could be really critical what is wrong
with this run how would you do it better yourself see there run a little bit wide
just cost me a little bit of time there so it’s certainly not my perfect run but it is
my best run like I said top 5% this run is I think this is about 60th of about 1,200
people on PC and again just missing my apex ever so slightly there but again
very very minor mistake around Monaco you know missing an apex isn’t by very
much see and ever so slightly missing the apex but you know I don’t think you
expect to get an absolutely perfect run around Monaco so coming to the start/finish straight we’ll do one
more lap onboard with me and then we’ll jump to Dominic’s as you can see there 12.1 is my current best lap as Daniel Ricciardo of course and much better apex there a
little bit of oversteer on the exit but we stay to rich as well for pretty much
this entire run even right to the end I know I’m not gonna show the last few laps but we do
show pretty much the entire thing see there, come around nice line there right
tight to the walls get on the power avoiding the bump and see we’re 3 tenths up on our previous best already get a nice tight to our apex get hard on the power
up through the gears up to third back down to first gear trying to keep it really tight you wanna really tight you want to
try and clip that curb there because it helps rotate the car ever so slightly up
to second again clipping the curb so far my racing line’s been absolutely bang-on
once again there right on the apex and nice exit so there’s been no oversteer
moments there’s been no sort of missing the racing line missing my apex at all coming
to into the chicane now braking half way between the 100 metre board and the 50 metre board on the right hand side down to third gear you can nail a curb there lost a little
bit too much speed that wasn’t ideal could’ve taken a little bit more speed
through there so there’s a tiny mistake in my lap pretty good there again using
pretty much all the track absolutely flat through here get it all slowed down
and skim the barrier there and nail the curve could’ve taken a little bit more curb there but we’re talking maybe half a meter tap in the barrier
just adjustment the racing line ever so slightly there a little bit lock up but that didn’t really cost us any time other and that that lap was pretty good wasn’t it I
didn’t really miss any apex’s didn’t really make any big mistakes no real
oversteer moments and there’s my lap time a 1:11.291 now in just a
second we are going to go on board with Dominic Hoffman as I said and once again thank you to him for letting me use his video and link to that is
down in the description you’ll see his Twitter handle on the screen just about
now and so this is a ps4 run so there will be very very slight differences
between the platforms and the quality is slightly lower sorry about that but
he can only record on 720p I believe on ps4 so here we go then so straight away
we’re using more track than I did up through the gears and again using all
the track and look at that already absolutely skimming the barrier just rinsing
everything even on the pit exit and once again this is a top time on ps4 so this
is a very quick time slightly different point of view of course with the cockpit cam
and once again there just absolutely nailing our our apex and the thing you’ll notice the
thing I noticed at least at first was just the amount of speed he was able to carry absolute confidence on the power so early there it’s absolute confidence
in the car in when it’s gonna grip and just just it’s just confidence all
around that’s that’s all I could really put the time difference down to it’s
just absolute confidence you see how close he is to Perez now he is gonna be able to nail him into the next chicane hopefully, Red Bull does lose a little bit of time in a straight line
it’s not very quick straight-line car and also setup wise you have
quite high wings you see him absolutely lunge at the inside of Perez it’s absolutely
critical he gets past him there which he’s managed to do nicely little bit ofcontact so so close to the barrier on the inside there up through the gears and again look at that look
how close he gets these barriers just rinsing absolutely everything he can
straight lining the curb as much as he can carrying so much speed through there
that was unreal that was a lot more speed than I was carrying I think down to 1st gear
same as I was doing so gearing was quite similar to me not many huge differences going up to third earlier than I did there so slight differences here and there but
fundamentally I don’t think there’s anything huge up through the gears so its first lap it’s a
ten point six so it’s very first lap with an overtake on Perez is
significantly quicker than me so that just shows you the time difference and
again just just watch just watch him drive here it’s just all about
confidence absolute commitment right to the wall on every single apex every
single exit right out to the wall hard on the power late on the brakes and
really just carrying unbelievable speed and that’s the key difference I think is
minimum apex speed it’s just all about confidence and that’s what Monaco is isn’t
it Monaco is a confidence track it’s about carrying as much as you can and
remember my time was top 5% my time is not a hugely slow time when I have done a
top 1% time before so you know top 5% it’s not a hugely slow time you
know I’m quicker than 95% of people yet this guy is just another level from 5%
to top position to top 0.01% or whatever it is he’s the very top guy on ps4 when this event
finished so see him there a second up on his previous lap there and just again
absolute confidence through there just carrying so much speed down to first gear little bit of a lock up doesn’t cost him any time real nice through there nailing all of
his apex’s and just again there’s no Corrections is there, there’s no
Corrections there’s no oversteer moments there’s no there’s no bits where he misses
apex’s it’s just an absolutely perfect run 1:09.716 bit of a touch on the barrier there but it actually helped straighten the car slightly and you see he’s
actually gaining on Hamilton ahead then so he probably is going to overtake him by the end I’d imagine with the insane speed he’s got and it’s just amazing it’s so hard to teach this again if you look at my lap you think well where can i
improve there you know unless you are a top you know real top driver you know if
you are someone Dominic you probably look at my life and see yeah you’re
quite clear on losing pace but I think for the average Joe you look at my lap
you know my attempt and you go well where is he losing this time
where is he going wrong that I need to do better than him and that’s essentially
where I was after my run again I did it on the last evening I only had about two hours worth not even than that maybe the last evening I was very hot
very sweaty very tired running out of time so I just wanted to get a reasonable run in
and that would do to upload it to my channel so he’s up there slightly on his previous lap again but yes I knew my lap wasn’t perfect but I was happy with it you know I looked at that run and I was like I’m
pretty happy with that that’s a reasonable run yet I’ll tell you now on
average Dominic was 1.7 seconds per lap quicker than me
1.7 per lap over five laps so at the end of it he’s I think it’s about nine and a
half seconds up on me nine and a half seconds over five laps on a run that looked reasonable again you know I finished my run watched back the recording I thought that’s reasonable surely that’s not too far off a
few seconds maybe just again you know mini apex speeds and stuff I was
aware I could improve and actually going up the inside of Hamilton there in the hairpin so that’s a big risk but he’s managed to pull it off nicely luckily
the AI do tend to dive out of the way when you get their inside just get
your wing up the inside of their wheel and they do tend to give you plenty of room
so use that to full effect there to get past Hamilton without losing very very
minimal time and again yeah so I was like that’s reasonable I’ll have a look at the
leaderboards to see how far I am off and actually somehow Patrick Holzman who’s
the top PC guy he’s pretty much the king of these qualifying events somehow he
was I think he was he was at least half a second quicker than Dominic here maybe
a second over the course of the event so a couple of tenths a lap so he’s even
quicker again I was comparing it to his time ago and how the hell am I gonna do
that again I am out of practice on this game and stuff so I wasn’t expected to
be able to a top time but of course when you’re trying to qualify for these
things you always compare to top guys that’s how you improve you know you’ve gotta aim for the best otherwise you will never be the best so that’s what I
was doing and just honestly just looked at that and I was like I don’t
know how to do that I don’t know if I’m capable of doing that I don’t know if my
hands and my feet are capable of doing that time and again just watching
unfortunately Patrick didn’t record so I wasn’t able to get footage but like I
said luckily Dominic here stepped in on PS4 I wanted to get PC footage which is
why I went after Patrick’s but Dominic’s here is just as good he you know he is absolutely top of PS4 unbelievable speed here he’s showing and
yeah so I watched his footage and went oh okay right there’s not anything specific I’m
doing wrong it’s just apex speed just apex speed
it’s just have an absolute commitment being perfect
skimming the barrier every single corner making zero mistakes overtaking the AI
in the right place there’s only two cars to overtak in this particular event but
it’s just about nailing it and again Perez did hold me up so that’s the other
thing that comes with it you know once you get a quick enough you then start to
catch the AI in the correct places because Perez probably held me up by
potentially even half a second you know he held me up quite a bit
so you know there’s that that’s also that gain and there we go as he crosses the line there to qualify again absolutely top of PS4 so this is the ps4
leaderboard here I’ve put in my time there from PC as well
just to give you an idea so I was 62nd on PC and then there’s that time
difference to his top time 106:15.711 so somewhere around a
second quicker than second place on ps4 and I was down there on a 106:24.3 and again in a run I was reasonably happy with when I finished it
and that just shows you how hard it is to qualify for f1 eSports you do a
reasonable run you go I’m pretty happy that you look at the leaderboard and go
oh hang on nine seconds off nine seconds well there we go I hope that gave you
guys a kind of good idea of what it’s like to qualify for f1 eSports and what
it’s like comparison with a 5% top 5% lap and then a top lap and I hope you
enjoyed the video and I thank you for watching.

100 Replies to “How Hard Is It To Qualify For F1 Esports?”

  1. Your lines are good but you don’t seem to be pushing the car to the limit, you nearly always have 1 or 2 feet from the barrier coming out of any given corner really.

  2. Also, I don’t know if there’s any performance differences between Doms car and yours but his seems more powerful?

  3. I know I'm a little bit late… But my suggestion would be that your too careful when compared to the other driver. He's throwing the car around, knowing that it'll carry him through the track. Where as you throw your car around, but a tiny bit unsure of where and or when it'll grip

  4. Looks like you lose time to him in the last quarter of the track, starting with the chicane after the tunnel. He's keeping far more momentum through that section than you are.

  5. From what I can see, its where he finds the grip on the tires. You sometimes goes a bit over the breaking point causing to either oversteer or understeer, him on the other hand seem to have all the grip and curve points. That's why gives a impression of being quicker than you, also in real life these things give you a extra time.

  6. Driving instinct, precision timing to enter the corner and out with accurate speed without thinking. That's why he's faster.

  7. "Yet the quickest times are found just inches from the walls: it is there the bold must drive, searching for the fastest lap." – Paul Page, introduction to Indianapolis, 1992.

  8. Is the audio on 2.5x speed or what? You may not qualify for esports but you can definitely score a gig as the voice actor for pharmaceutical ads!

  9. Braking Far to early
    To slow on the power once cars turned
    Your car is not set like his he has more downforce and gets better traction in the slow bends by turning. The fuel mix up and down
    Pretty sure if you ran his set up you would be there or there abouts

  10. My friend it's all about the timing when u press the acceleration it also depends how much power u have it will help when your taking the turns it helps the car accelerate more

  11. What the FUCK are you saying mate? Half of the time I don’t understand you at all. Nice race tho

  12. Dude come on look at your hairpin performance as a segment from aproach till you enter the tunnel compared to the first player yours is pretty poor, your take of the hairpin is a bit wide and as you come out off the hairpin you go wide and make a little cutlike move to get in an angle for the next turn but you continue to do same thing until you get into the tunnel thats something you can improve

  13. What is he pressing every time he goes into a corner. You might be doing the same thing. As him but it doesn’t look like your person is reaching for any button entering and exiting the corners

  14. He cuts the corners slightly more than you. Helping rotation and on the power sooner. Greater turn in angles, aiding exit speeds. I am not competitive, just it wasn't hard to see the differences. But executing the differences is easier said than done.

  15. Don’t stress too much pal, you’re in the top 0.01% for mumbling to warp speed at the end of every 3rd sentence.

  16. As someone who’s raced irl for years, I’d say the biggest thing that is slowing you down is your line. It’s great but it’s not perfect. And racing is a sport on millimeters ….. the fact that he just ever so slightly nicks the wall, and is literally less than an inch away heading into the turns, makes a huge difference in carrying speed. If you watch the real f1 drivers race at Monaco you’ll see that they do the exact same thing, little less touchy on the walls but hey when your driving a car worth millions you don’t wanna screw it up. Secondly, not that In the point in my racing career where I use a car advanced enough to change fuel mix, but from watching the two of you and my knowledge of F1 cars, you shouldn’t be on rich mix all the time. The engine doesn’t rev high enough on the corners to properly burn the fuel. This causes a lot of wheel spin dude to the excess power which in turn leads to the over or under steering. If you watch the esports driver, you’ll notice how often he changes the fuel mixture. This isn’t by accident. The car will run smoother on the standard mix throughout most corners and even lean mix on the hairpin. These tiny differences lead to huge time boosts over just a few laps. And to finish it off, be a little less aggressive with your steering, or smoother…… steer your car through the curve not around it….. this allows for a more fluid motion….. Great drive from both of you, but with a bit more practice and implication of a more realistic strategy, you could seriously get into the esports league. Best of luck mate ?

    Also love the commentary!

  17. Why is Perez always in the way? When I play, when I watch others videos…always Perez. Slow in the corners, fast on the straights, just fucking with you. I hate Perez.

  18. I don't understand 1 thing.. Why do these players don't play in cockpit camera view? Thats the most important thing, drive with driver's view..

  19. I saw 11 little mistakes in your lap but you are pretty good (better than me) and let's just remember that racing is mostly about minimizing mistakes and you did a great job at it

  20. Holy shit that Dominick guys materialising the apexes, I'm a good driver but watching this guy just makes me feel like giving up,

  21. I reckon you hit the first curb of the chicane too hard and it flings to the other side of the track and ruins your exit

  22. I didn t want to be,rough on u but just one gear higher in all the slow all I can think of

  23. I love this track,over 70 shifts per lap total non stop hustle all the way around,I live for the sound going thru the tunnel is my favorite part so I go quicker each lap because I love the noise of the tunnel,and can't wait to get back to it…good luck…turn your fuel up no save…good luck

  24. Good driving its a tough place to pass when u get up with more equal drivers so u really have to push hard.

  25. One of the easiest ways to better your lap time is to nail the long straight going into the tunnel its the longest section of the track and the best place to make a gain,why do I say that,if u focus on perfecting the turn before the tunnel the gain will be huge compared to the tight and slower corners,then make a good exit thru the chicane don't give the time back then start working the faster section of the slow side of Monoco,don't over shoot the slowest turn but push in the mid speed turns little by little,but use the long straight first.really perfect the turn before and the exit especially….one thing I learned is once u get the track memorized I will tell u my secret and what I think Aryton was doing,no sorry I can't tell u need higher clearance,JK,what I did was put my total focus into running my lines as wide as I could,following the outer wall as a guide and just watching my outside tire and the distance between it and matching the arc of the curves with my left front tire as a guiding arc an the just go as fast as I could,but on the slow side that was my trick,to railing the slow side,but going into the tunnel the guard rail curve is not smooth on the exit where Aryton burried his left front using this technique,I used it but in a race u have to remember that tunnel straight turn preceding the straight has a early break in the exit….I did not notice if its still there..I'll go back and look.

  26. Yeah that's about the way it goes then u look at the lot,and ur like no way….
    Its just practice.that dude has that place wired…one thing that also slows u is where u focus ur vision,in this case on this track its no where because u cannot see around any of the corners they are all blind so u have to focus two or 3 turns as one blindly,not focus on any point on the track because it all goes by to quick,so what I did was drive with my Perephrial vision as an outrigger guide of sorts….once I got the flow of the turns memorized and steadily worked my pace up faster and faster just watching the outside wall as my turn arc guide….good luck Mr felps…this message will self destruct in five seconds your mission should u choose to accept,good luck….

  27. Leave the throttle on say 3/4% always & You will gain traction & Corner speed
    Also do as many laps as you can on Soft/Worn tyre's to leave rubber down on
    The lines you use & Rich around Monaco is not the fastest '~' & If I remember
    Correctly standard mix was much better & On traction but use rich mix in the
    Tunnel & Main straight, Then use lean mix when your braking can brake later.

  28. I notice he doesnt shift down as fast its smoother he doesnt shift as late as you do yet doesnt uber shift like super quick its earlier and a little slower allowing him to slow down at a different pace but able to hold his speed better through the corners it's hard to explain but I noticed I was shifting to quick I tried it the way he was doing it holy shit it helped me coming out of corners

  29. I must to say…race without any assistance or tunnig is a difference between man and kids.. everybody is invited to race in my lobby; MrKITE989 f1 2018 xbox one.

  30. On the Second to last turn. Do not downshift to 1st gear ,instead come down to second gear and use a single speed through those last two corners to eliminate any need for braking.

    Turn 11 don’t come in so fast with 7th gear instead preferably gear 6 even if that means you run hard on max rpms for a second or two. This will shorten your braking distance through the chicane Although this shouldn’t be done repeatedly because you will exhaust your engine over time

    Other than that your driving perfectly love the vids n the driving?

  31. He is super soft with the wheel, uses all the road and knows exactly when to turn.
    He is cutting out both chicanes too. wich ones i found stupid in monaco.

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