How Chloe Kim Made The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Halfpipe Snowboard Team

How Chloe Kim Made The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Halfpipe Snowboard Team

Announcer: “You know we never had any doubts that
she would be the top one going in” Dew Tour was so
much fun I was definitely very excited to come back and it went very well I
landed a good run and I was able to win my first-ever Dew Tour. Even when I landed from when I was in
first place I still didn’t really realize what was happening and like what it
meant and it almost didn’t seem real. When they announced it like during
rewards that I was officially going to the Olympics I was like what? It’s just crazy because I can’t process
it yet you know like I have moments where I’m like okay I think I understand but then I’m like wait no I don’t get it but I did call my sisters and it kind of
sunk in for a moment because I heard my sister’s voice crack and I started crying and I was like wait why am i crying
right but I think it’s real I’m going to the Olympics. What?! I think I’ve been
handling the pressure pretty well I Think a lot of people I wouldn’t say try to but like kind of give me a pressure on accident before I dropped in at Dew Tour
this guy was like oh can I get a few words and I was like oh yeah sure just
thinking it’d be super easy and casual but he was like how do you deal with the
pressure and I was like dude I’m about to drop in like 10 minutes like I can’t do this
right now I think I’ve kind of learned that like to kind of ignore it and block it out so the last Olympics 2014 for Sochi I
qualified second behind Kelly but I was too young to compete Hondo: “You can’t go to
the Olympics because of your age are you going to watch the Olympics on TV?” Chloe: “I am on
my couch.” I was really lucky to kind of be able to go through that when I wasn’t old enough to go and just have a better idea of what was gonna come four years later all of the ladies nowadays have been killing it just the variety of
tricks is amazing I feel like everyone’s runs are so different like yeah Kelly
and I both do tens but our runs are completely different and it’s really fun
to watch instead of everyone just doing the same runs same tricks same grab and
everything my knees been making me a little nervous
so like this season I spent a lot of time in Park City and just make sure I
was stronger and they give you a set of workouts to do for different situations
like I have a workout for if I’m just in a hotel room or like when I’m home and I
have like a backyard like what I could do in my backyard so they definitely
give you all these different options I think it’s made a big difference in my
snowboarding I feel a lot stronger a lot more confident and I’m not scared to fall Announcer: “Here we go Chloe Kim always just seems to be having fun It’s nothing but a thing to drop into a halfpipe another view a big backside air judges want to see that style and she brings it gets that grab on the tail whips around a giant frontside 1080 that was arguably the biggest trick she
did in her entire run her score a monster 93.00.” I feel like I’m in a really good place right now so I’ll be going all the training camp I’ll
probably practice during the contest but just try different things on new things and create a perfect run for the Olympics.

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  1. WOW. Watching Chloe Kim competing now in the Olympics. Keep crushing it. Love watching young women show for my daughter's what greatness can be achieved. Go USA!

  2. She won gold … Now south korean government asked her to compete for them. She said no.. i am American. What a gay move they made.

  3. Congrats Chloe!!! Amazing, it looked so easy on her… this's just a beginning cz she's so young so she's gonna have a lot of more GOLDs to come… she's so cute as well!!!

  4. IF there would be interview with her parents, I would be curious to watch that. Did her parents spot her talent at early age? or did she have to convince her parents to follow her passion? Definitely not typical Korean immigrant parents for sure, and that is admirable and rare trait. Well done Chloe and keep it going!

  5. I didn't snow board until 1982. Because we had to make our own, out of old barn boards and bicycle tubes. It was good fun. Just never saw it becoming what it is. I don't understand the reaching and holding the board. It's not a skateboard. This will either turn into two hands on or disappear. Hope it disappears, cause you lose momentum and balance doing it.

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  7. Where damn Kaepernick Colin? Can you see the Korean young lady, shame on you idiots you hate American flag just get out of USA!

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  9. I'll tell you this much, USA is one of a handful of countries, if not the only country, where we consist of more than one race of people. Proud to be a Taiwanese American!

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  11. I'm Canadian but I'm glad she did well in the PyeongChang Olympics, seems like a great person with a level head on her shoulders. Good luck going forward Chloe!

  12. She is so fresh, humble, and unjaded. As athletes age they often start to feel the weight of pressures. I hope she doesn't lose her free spiritedness.

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