How can sport help with mental health?

How can sport help with mental health?

I have had severe depression a lot of my adult life and also developed sort of drink problem which happens a lot when your homeless. your life becomes a long land of going to the job centre, Psychiatrist, GP and it’s sort of thinking out of the box a little bit projects like this are rare throughout the country exercise is really good for mental health. Releases all sorts of chemicals in the brain and that being fitter, helps you to focus on having a healthier lifestyle Duke can be very inspiring, when he speaks to you, so it helps you a great deal and it makes you feel really good about yourself, we’re in the ring with a world champion just meeting people is that, that’s a great thing and you don’t really meet people when stuck indoors, staring at walls. You can forget for a while that you’ve got mental health problems for a couple of hours, you’re just in the gym with a group of other people. sort of a safe environment, non-judgemental environment it helps people to know that people that are supporting them have mental health problems of their own. Inspiration is a bit too stronger word but I can’t think of one that’s slightly less that that, but yeah, yeah at least give them sort of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and they can sort of get on with things When I first come to Sport in Mind, I was really shy Well, I’m a lot more confident now, which helps with my work. I’m happy to do anything, oh it makes me feel proud. it’s good to do sports it makes you feel really good afterwards, the benefits for me is not only do you end up a lot more healthy, ’cause I used to be quite overweight by doing stuff regularly, you’ve got stuff to get up for, you’ve got to be there at a certain time it gives you something to aim for each week, to improve When I first started I was a member and now I can run some of the sessions on my own. As a volunteer I do football, badminton and yoga. I really like to help out with Sport in Mind because I want others to be able to achieve what I’ve achieved.

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  1. Excellent video this, highlighting an innovative way to deal with people suffering from mental health problems.

  2. Thanks Sport England for helping to create this video about our work. Hopefully it will inspire a lot of other people

  3. Loved the video and thanks Sport England very much!
    Just been recently diagnosed with Diabetes and have asperger syndrome and gave mental health challenges and after watching this its reminded me how good I felt after my last exercise one to one session!And just gotten my Be Active card too which I m planning now on using towards swimming etc?

  4. Enjoyed this video. Hope this article is helpful:

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