How Boxing Outfits Were Like in the 1904 Olympics | Fashion Behind the Games

How Boxing Outfits Were Like in the 1904 Olympics | Fashion Behind the Games

This is Past & Present, the ultimate challenge to see
how fashion has helped sport
move forward to this day. We travel all around the globe
to challenge six athletes and six designers to make
an old garment and test it
under today’s conditions. Let’s see what happens
when past and present collide. (PAST & PRESENT WOMEN’S BOXING) She is Sandra Camacho, a multifaceted
Colombian designer based in Bogota City. She is a mother of three, an owner of a very cute
fashion showroom and a true coffee lover, but what brings us to her is that she is a costume
designer for film and TV. So, we are confident
that she will be able to join the right team to face
this episode’s challenge… ..recreating the epic clothing
used in the first approach to the Olympic Games’
women’s boxing. Of course, Sandra will not face
this challenge alone – a very special Colombian boxer
will help her to see what happens
when past and present collide. Women’s boxing has always been
hugely controversial, although girls have been
in the ring since the very beginning
of the sport. In the St Louis 1904
Olympic Games, there was
a female fighting exhibition and their garments were
really something. Due to the era’s restrictions, the clothing was big,
long and heavy. Now we have
this incredible opportunity to travel back in time and feel
what the girls in this picture experienced in their first
Olympic exhibition. (THE CHALLENGE) When I learned about
the challenge, I started researching. Everything costume-related,
and its research fascinates me. Well, here we are.
Facing the challenge. (THE ATHLETE) She is Ingrit Valencia,
a Colombian boxer who has built her career
from the bottom to the very top, when she
reached the podium in Rio 2016 with a Bronze Medal
around her neck. It was our dream to go
to the Olympic Games, and we achieved that, with him
in the corner, helping me, and me, happy to get there. She’s the first Colombian woman
to win an Olympic Medal in the sport of boxing. Lots of young girls
want to reach her place. What she accomplishes
in the ring she also does as a human being. (THE FABRICS) Sandra knows very well
which steps to follow when recreating
an ancient garment. She has made it plenty of times for different TV series
and films, and here is where
all the magic begins. I’m looking for black cotton
to make this costume. I think back then
they used poplin, which is a kind of
very rigid cotton. Right now, poplin is
rather hard to find. I like this one because
of the black hue. It’s not as black as this one. I think this is
the right fabric. (DAY #1) Although creative designers
are growing in Colombia, fashion is still
a developing industry. That’s why you can find
many tiny studios like this one with extremely talented tailors
working there. Sandra usually works
with Claudia, especially when there is little
to no time to get things done. Maybe that’s why Claudia
is also known as “the patternless girl”. Claudia works on top
of the person’s body, it’s amazing,
she never makes patterns. She has that peculiar thing
about her and she’s very good. Well, down here I’m missing
some buttons, ironing… and ironing is super important.
When finishing a piece, ironing is
the most important thing. Is the belt
more or less finished, Claudia? I’m satisfied.
And you? Satisfied? (DAY #2) My name is Rafael Torres.
I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I was a professional boxer. Nowadays, I produce
boxing equipment. I met Don Rafael because
I worked in a series called Pambele which told
the story of our champion. And so I went
to the boxing league, I asked many boxers… and two people
recommended me Rafael. Turns out Rafael had made
gloves for Pambele. So I met Rafael and
he helped me with the period gloves and boots for
the series I was working on. All done. Now I just sew it up. A great find. She knew my work already, and it’s been two years
since the last time she came. Now we’re back in touch. Surely, because of
my TV experience, I was used to everything
being ready immediately. Never had much time, you know? Tomorrow night I’ll be coming
for the gloves and the boots, and he will have them. Here’s what you asked for. They turned out great.
They look identical. (THE EXPERIMENT) Today’s the big day. – Hi! How’re you doing?
– Hello. – Sandra, pleasure to meet you.
– Hi, Raul Ortiz. It was so nice.
We’d met each other… once you break the ice,
she’s a warm, unique woman. What would you like
to see first? The boots! The boots? Look at them. Look at that!
They’re not ugly! Looks like a kid’s glove! I doubt the bandages will fit. The dress! Look at that! When I went to get her changed, she said, “I can’t believe it.
How could they fight in this? “This is so ridiculous,
I look so weird.” But once
I finished dressing her and told her
“Come, look in the mirror,” she goes,
“Oh, I love the way I look. “I thought I’d look bad, but
I’m great, I like this look. “Sandra, look at
the waist you gave me!” That’s because of the belt.
And she was so happy. She really enjoyed it too. Having never felt better,
Ingrit shows us why she is a great champion. She can face any challenge
with grace and charisma, but always giving her best, no matter where, what or how. We performed an exercise
with the gloves. (TEST #1 FAST MOVEMENTS) Where a trainer starts
going over some techniques. It improves precision
while clashing, and while reaching perfection,
we are also working on the physical aspect. – How does the outfit feel?
– Awkward. The sleeves and this part,
because of the trunks’ elastic. Look at this. So awkward – and the gloves don’t fit right. Inside the ring,
while training, it bothers me
when stretching my arms – and, obviously, it’s so hot. Now we asked Ingrit to try
an actual boxing uniform to see the biggest differences
between the past and present. Wow! Now it’s pretty obvious which
garment fits better to her. OK, let’s see what happens
with the old uniform when hitting the sandbag. We can see she’s having
a hard time with the sandbag. Same with the moves.
They become difficult because she’s uncomfortable. The dress is too long,
so her arm feels awkward – her legs, too, she feels
a pressure on her knees, and her waist, too,
feels too constricted, and she even had
a hard time breathing. I think every punch you throw
will be as awkward as with the sandbag,
so the garment’s annoyance remains the same. Finally, let’s see what happens
when doing one of the most classic boxing
exercises – jumping rope. (TEST #3 JUMPING ROPE) It is a great opportunity
to see in a split screen how the past
and present collide. Jumping rope feels
so uncomfortable. It is so hot, and when I jump
with this old hairdo, my hair comes loose. Don’t worry, Ingrit, it’s just a game,
and it’s already over. What we’d like
to know now is… what about the weight? Let’s see. The past is 135g heavier
than the present, and much more uncomfortable. It’s been an amazing
boxing experiment and it’s all thanks to
these three lovely people. That’s why we want to thank you
and we hope you’ve enjoyed it just as much as we did. Olympic boxing is still
one of the few sports that still has an etiquette
on clothing which has very little room
for fashion to do its job. Through the years we can see
that the changes have been significant, yes, but always within the margins
of what is allowed. The shorts have been shortened and the shirts have been varied
in their design. Even so, between the red
and the blue, the design has managed
to sneakily improve the performance of the sport. Lighter and
more comfortable fabrics and better protection are just
some of the changes that over time
fashion has been introduced. (PAST & PRESENT)

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