How Betty Heidler received her silver medal after a seven-year wait | Take The Podium

How Betty Heidler received her silver medal after a seven-year wait | Take The Podium

I participated
in four Olympic Games. All of them as a hammer thrower. Today, I am receiving the silver medal retroactively from London’s Olympic Games because the winner, it turns out, tested positive. Whether silver or bronze, it wouldn’t have changed the course of things. I always wanted to be the best and that has nothing to do with the color of the medal. There are cheats, there are athletes who doped, they were stripped from their medals. The medal reallocation for that fair sport, for that clean sport. This is focused on the athletes who haven’t had their opportunity to celebrate. In February 2018, the International Olympic Committee approved a new Olympic medal Reallocation process. Following disqualifications due to doping, athletes would now be offered a range of ceremony options in order to best recognize and celebrate their achievements. This is the book where I collected newspaper articles, from 2012, glued in with certificates and memories from my neighbors and friends. Representing Germany, Betty Heidler! A lot of memories that I have kept perhaps for my children later on. My race number or name I carried back then is of course included here as well. I don’t feel that I’m some sort of hero or a role model, it’s very weird for me that young female athletes are looking up to me. But I’m also proud of it, that I created a role model with my career and my personality. Of course we know of Betty Heidler. She was Germany’s best hammer thrower. Of course she is an inspiration, because we want success and to throw far. Okay, not bad. Only the very first push has to complete here first and then to the left and not immediately like this. My first encounter with Betty was I was sitting in the bleachers, in 2003, and I saw this red-headed woman who had an incredible fire inside her that you could really see. Our real work together began in 2004. Then we tried to pinpoint how we could improve Betty’s performance. The collaboration between my coach Michael Deyhle and Regine and Eberhard was really important and was the basis for us to throw even further. We started with women’s hammer throw at about 70 meters distance. And, working with Betty, we ended up at almost 80 meters. I have never before seen an athlete that trained as hard. Betty was the face for track and field athletics. This is the analysis of her world record throw. 2011 in Halle. The throw was 79.42 meters. We have various curves. That is the speed curve, hammer velocity. Body stretches, and throw. Wow, world record. Of course, young athletes gain from the expertise that we gained from Betty’s career. That is obvious. Winning an Olympic medal in London, that moment was indescribable. Although, the competition didn’t go the way I’d imagined it. At first, my attempt wasn’t measured then it was measured after all, and then it was shortened by a centimeter. So, my coach told me that I must protest against it. It had to be a mistake. They said they had to measure it again. They had to use a coin to mark the hole where my hammer landed. So, they knew afterwards which impact hole was mine. There was huge turmoil. Then about half an hour later, we saw the display and that I had won the bronze medal. I didn’t run a victory lap, but I did go and get the flag. And then to stand on the podium, that was really great. That’s a dream come true for an athlete. It was for me. Every medal is always a highlight for a coach. But an Olympic medal is something really special. That was one of the most beautiful moments. But now, it’s thought she could have won the silver medal back then. So, there’s a little sadness in the story. The potential is simply much wider than with a bronze medal. If I win a silver medal, I attract different sponsors. And that’s a bit of an annoying thing to look at, in hindsight. I am really looking forward to the moment today and to the people who will be there. I am pleased that Thomas Bach will be there to hand me the silver medal personally. We hope that this event today is a small form of redemption, and that the medal, as the saying goes, will prove much joy for the rest of your life. I do not remember all medal ceremonies but I remember this one very well, and I think so do you. Because this medal award was the beginning of a unique story of a medal. Congratulations to the silver medal! I think there are two main messages. The one is that the athletes should enjoy these moments. And the cheaters, they should know that they can be sure that we’re doing everything to guarantee a fair sport and to have every athlete enjoying the medal he or she deserves. I am really impressed how different the color is. I really like it. I think this is a good trade. Betty is and was a poster athlete, an absolute role-model for resolve and determinism. I want to sincerely congratulate her. The silver medal is a clear confirmation that Betty is one of the biggest athletes in the field of hammer throw to this present day. It would have been nicer to have it happen right after the competition in London in 2012. And so I hope it will not take too long until a correction is made afterwards. That the danger of being caught outweighs winning so that no one would want to play dirty to win.

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