[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] [EP 461-2] | Kwang Su, Experience indoor Skydiving!(ENG SUB)

Say “start” before you answer. – Okay.
– Start! Here’s the first couple’s chat. (Honey, drive safe.
Tell me when you arrive.) (I’m sorry. I tried to be careful,
but I scratched your car.) (I know how much you care about
your car. I must have been crazy.) “Honey, drive safe.
Tell me when you arrive.” “I’m sorry. I tried to be careful,
but I scratched your car.” “I know how much you care about
your car. I must have been crazy.” “I’m so sorry.” Start! Start! – Isn’t it too early?
– No. Okay. Honey, don’t worry about my car. Scratching it once is not enough.
Go scratch it a few more times. It’s okay. (Scratching it once is not enough.
Go scratch it a few more times.) – That’s so lovely.
– That sounds… – a bit sarcastic.
– I’m trying to be humorous. – I’m just being humorous.
– In 1, 2, 3. – That’s sarcastic.
– Oh, my. (What do the female judges think
of his humorous reply?) (All X cards) – It was the worst.
– It was the worst. – Oh, my.
– Wasn’t it nice? – It was so sarcastic.
– I’m making her feel better. Here we go. – Don’t worry.
– In 1, 2, 3. Don’t worry. (Flying) (She spreads her arms out
like wings.) (I’m flying today too.) My goodness. – I know.
– Hae In, why… Why did you show an X card? It sounded like he was mocking me. It hurt my feelings. – It hurt her feelings.
– Wait. What about you? He was telling me
to have an accident. That’s not what I meant. He asked for an accident. – Okay. Start!
– Start! – Start!
– Let me answer! – Jae Seok.
– Let me answer. Please call me. (Why does he want a call?) – It’s a messenger.
– It’s a messenger. (Were we talking about a messenger?) Use a messenger. He doesn’t use a messenger. Use a messenger. – I’m sorry.
– He doesn’t use a messenger. You must have been surprised.
Are you okay? You must have been very surprised. Try to calm down. Don’t worry too much
about the scratches. Maybe you should just call. This is not… (Is this not how you message?) You should just call. How can you write… How long are you going to write? You must have been surprised. Is he sending this long message? To read that,
you’d have to click on “See All”. – I hate it.
– It’s too long. You have to write short. My answer is,
“You must have been surprised.” But… “Calm down.” “You must have been surprised.
Try to calm down.” In 1, 2, 3. (2 O cards and 3 X cards) (Jae Seok failed to win a majority.) – So two O cards.
– His partner has to fly. (His partner, Jin Hee,
has to fly off her chair.) I’m sorry. (Flying) (It looks somehow stable.) She didn’t fly so far. She didn’t fly very far. (Relaxed) – Let me answer.
– Let me answer. – Let me answer.
– Start. (Haha gets the chance.) – Give me just one chance.
– Sit down. I figured it out. – Just one chance.
– This actually happened to me. I have the perfect answer. She sent those messages… because some of it is dealt with. So I replied, “My car!” – What?
– With crying emojis. My car! (What?) You said that first? “But are you okay?” – What?
– It’s, “My car!” – It’s not even worth to find out.
– In 1, 2, 3. (Will Haha’s answer be right?) – You only got two.
– See? That wasn’t the answer. I needed just one more person. Shall we move on
to the next question? The females can go this time. – I definitely had the answer.
– Good luck. I got this. Good luck, Jin Hee. – I’m confident I can do this.
– I think you’ll be good at this. I’m confident. It’s the same for you guys. The females have to answer
the questions… which the males would be able to
identify with. Here we go. I’m sure she can do. (Baby, where are you?) (Do you know what time it is?
Where are you?) (We were supposed to meet
at 2 o’clock, it’s 3 o’clock.) (You’re not even answering
my phone call. What are you doing?) (I’m so sorry, baby.) (I lost track of time
playing games.) (I’ll finish up
and leave right after.) This makes me annoyed. (Her boyfriend is late
as he was playing games.) – This will make you annoyed.
– Let me answer. Take it slow! (Let me answer!) (Why are you so impatient?) Let me answer. (It’s a difficult situation.) “You can come
when you’re finished.” “Or should I go to
the PC cafe you’re at?” You would say that? Stop lying! You would never say that! (She’s being criticized
for her fake response.) (He’s still rooting for her
as he’s on the same team with her.) That’s very kind. The last, “Should I go to
the PC cafe you’re at?”… could be the giveaway for them. It sounded a bit scary. Because she’s only going
so she can check who he’s with. – Wait a minute.
– That was her answer. In 1, 2, 3. (What will the panels say
about her answer?) In 1, 2, 3. (She got 4 X cards and 1 O card.) – She has more X cards.
– Why? (She failed to get
the majority vote.) I want to play games
with my boyfriend. It’s because they haven’t met
a girlfriend like her! That means she’s coming to see you. I wanted to play together. It sounded threatening. It was a bit threatening. – You sounded upset.
– I told you not to go first. In 1, 2, 3. (He’s flying in the air.) (With a stabilized pose
and a calm expression,) (that was a perfect example
of Flying Chairs.) That was really amazing. You guys don’t love her enough. It’s too threatening
for her to come. – It’s frightening.
– Yes. – Let me answer!
– What are you doing? You don’t know beans about men! (You don’t know beans about men!) I do know men. Let me answer. “I only have one last game left.
Can I come when it’s over?” I say, “All right, Baby.” “You said it’s one last game,” “so promise you’ll play
just one more.” (“Promise you’ll play
just one more.”) – I swear if she got those texts,
– She would never say that. she would have replied,
“You little punk.” Hey! (“You little punk.”) – I would never say that.
– I can imagine. (He’s framing her
for her fake response.) In 1, 2, 3. (What will the panels say
about Ji Hyo’s unusual answer?) (She got 3 O cards and 2 X cards.) (Ji Hyo succeeds
with the majority vote.) Okay! This is unbelievable. – I did good, right?
– Ji Hyo actually got it. I did well. – Ji Hyo actually got it.
– Let me answer! (Now everyone wants to
say their answers.) Stop it! Let me answer. Don’t be too cheesy. “I see, Baby. I was worried
since you weren’t calling back.” That’s a fake respond. (That’s a fake respond.) (Booing) That’s a fake respond. (They’re all booing
for her disingenuous reply.) – “Call me when you’re finished.”
– That’s good. That’s good.
It’s not uncomfortable at all. (What will the panels say
about Ji In’s reply?) – In 1, 2, 3.
– Her reply was so innocent. (She got 3 O cards and 2 X cards.) – Yes!
– She got it. (She succeeds
with the majority vote.) Wait a second. Don’t think about it
like she’s your actual girlfriend. It has to be from someone
you actually dated… or the one you’re currently seeing. That was a good answer. Start. Let me answer. Let me answer. (He cannot hide his anxiety.) Do well. Imagine that we’ve been a couple
for a few years. She can’t go up to them, can she? – It’s cool out here, isn’t it?
– It is. “Okay. Come when you’re done.” She’s so cute! “Okay. Come when you’re done.” (Giggling) – She’s so cute!
– What I just did was an emoji. She’s just trying to make it
the right answer. That was great. Our lighting director laughed. – In 1, 2, 3.
– In 1, 2, 3. (She got all X cards.) (So Min failed
because of too much cuteness.) – Why!
– Stop doing that. – That’s enough.
– Why is it okay for them to do it? Why is it okay for them to do it? Why won’t you give me an O card? Go look into the mirror. Just stay put! So Min, stop doing that. (So Min, stop doing that.) I’m sorry. (He flies in the air skillfully
one more time.) (This is the class
of a Flying Chair veteran.) – Let’s switch males and females.
– Yes. (They switch seats for the males
to do the quiz.) – Ji Hyo.
– Good job. Here’s the next question. (Will the male group succeed
this time?) You have just found out… that the lottery you bought your
girlfriend won the grand prize. “This is awesome.
I won the lottery.” “I can’t believe this.
What should I do?” – Let me answer.
– Let me answer. This is quite difficult. “It’s dangerous for you
to be alone right now.” “Trust me.” You sound like a fraud. “Trust me.” – You sound like a fraud.
– Hey. Is this a thriller film? (Who would trust you?) It sounds like
you’re going to kidnap her. I’m sorry, Seung Hee. (His partner, Seung Hee flies
into the air.) (Goodbye, Seung Hee.) Let me answer. I won’t be too cheesy. This is my not-so-cheesy reply. (She’s anxious.) “Congratulations, Baby.” “Just give me 300 dollars.” (“Congratulations, Baby.
Just give me 300 dollars.”) – Did he say, “300 dollars”?
– That wasn’t cheesy at all. – That was cute.
– That wasn’t cheesy. In 1, 2, 3. (What will the panels say
about Jae Seok’s reply?) (He got 4 O cards and 1 X card.) (Jae Seok succeeds
with the majority vote.) That actually worked? – How did that work?
– Let me answer. Can we listen to their thought?
Shouldn’t we? I would be willing to
give 300 dollars. See? – Let me answer.
– Let me answer. I said it first. I’ll be calming the minds
of the panels. “Wow. Amazing. What? Good luck.” “That’s amazing.” And lastly,
“We’re splitting it in half, right?” (“We’re splitting it in half,
right?”) (It made her sigh.) What did he just say? “We’re splitting it in half, right?” – In 1, 2, 3.
– It sounds relaxing, isn’t it? Is this it? (Indoor skydiving with a top speed
of 360km per hour) (The first runner is Se Chan.) He’s going. You can do it! (He gets uglier because
of the pressure for being first.) (He enters the range with
assistance from the coach.) (But…) He looks so ugly. (Kwang Soo is shocked
by his appearance.) – He looks so funny.
– Just look at him. (His nose starts running
as soon as he enters.) You have a runny nose! Please close your mouth. You have a runny nose! His snot is reaching his lips. (Screaming) How does his mouth look like that? He’s going up. (He shoots up vertically
straightaway.) (Like getting sucked
into a black hole,) (he shoots up to 20m high.) (The higher he goes,
the wider his mouth opens.) He’s spinning. Where’s he going? (Jaw dropping) Look at his face. – He’s smiling.
– He made eye contact with me. That was frightening. (After Se Chan’s skydive that might
appear in your nightmare,) (Seung Hee and Rothy try their best
to maintain their looks.) Off she goes. (Seung Hee shows…) (an example of a perfect skydive.) She’s good. How is that possible? Why doesn’t her mouth open? What’s this? It looks easy right?
Just wait for your turn. (It’s finally
alien Kwang Soo’s turn.) He’s starting. – He looks pale.
– That’s what happens to your lips. – You’re right.
– That’s what happens. – His mouth is opening.
– He has his mouth opened. He’s too tall. What’s happening? (He hasn’t even entered yet
but his expression changes first.) What’s wrong with his face? My goodness. What’s wrong with his face?
Did I look the same? – Yes.
– Did I? You were worse. I think you looked similar to him. (He tries to rely on the wind.) I think you looked similar to him. (An alien of 2m falls down.) That’s hilarious. Look at his lips. He’s about to go up. Doesn’t he have to get ready first? This is shocking. His face is shocking. (Why am I sinking?) (Look at his face.
Did we look as bad as him?) – Was I that bad?
– Well… – You were worse.
– He’s drooling. He’s drooling. I feel bad for the coach. He’s about to go up. He’s going up. Off he goes. (He shoots up.) Weren’t you scared up there? (Screaming) (His face tells us how scary it is.) (Thankfully, the 2m-tall alien
seems to be doing fine.) Did my mouth look like that too? What’s wrong with his mouth. (The alien makes
an emergency landing.) (It’s a complete gift set
from the ugly man.) Goodness. He keeps doing that. Why am I not done yet? (The coach will give up soon.) The coach is going to
give up on him. (Why am I not done yet?) Look at him. (Why are you laughing at me?) He seems more relaxed now. (Kwang Soo just managed to
complete his flight.) (Gosh) You have to watch this episode
to see your face. – You have to.
– You just escaped your aquarium. What do you mean by that? – That was scary.

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