Hope Solo vs Brandi Chastain

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watching t whites he starts we have a lot of thought that said the united states women’s soccer
team is seeking their third olympic gold medal but a lot of controversy has come
off the pitch involving the highly controversial uh… united states goalkeeper hope solo
and one of the true pioneers of women’s soccer when she won the world cup for
the united states in nineteen ninety nine brandi chastain who’s currently a
analyst on n_b_c_ now this is for sports illustrated what
to bring the chest and say exactly to be criticized from hope so uh… sports illustrated was quoted as
saying have quoting chastain racial buehler with to give away their as a
defender your responsibilities are defend when the ball and then keep
possession and that’s something rachel buehler needs to improve on during
mister mandel hope solo follow this up with a series of tweets to her five
hundred and thirty eight thousand-plus followers here’s the uh… here’s a few of them
firstly it’s too bad we can’t have commentators who better represents the
team and knows more about the game anti tweets at brandy chest and then she follows up layoff
commentating about defending and goal keeping until you get more educated at brandi
chastain the game has changed from a decade ago it’s important to our fans to enjoy the
spirit of the olympics it’s not possible when someone on-air is saying that a
player is the worst offender i’d feel bad for our fans that have to push a new
especially because that arlo white is fantastic at brandi chastain should be helping to grow the sport now it should be also noted that during
the olympic qualifying the united states out for their opponent’s twenty-seven tend not playing and she criticized brandi chastain this
hope solo through uh… it tweaked which also read he bring to you find
anything positive in our game curious minds over here now as i said before brandi chastain is that has always been a soccer legend and women’s soccer and again a true
pioneer now many questions are arising is this going
to be a distraction for the team uh… is it bad timing for these
comments uh… this was afew days before they played not the north korea they
wanted a wanted nothing everyone back at the game-winning goal but just thinkwrap criticize racial dealer and if you noticed do ordain say anyting hope solo was
sticking up for her teammate but is this the right thing to do is this the right
time for all this to come out so my ass you guys but i also ask our
women’s soccer correspondent john at a role sitting in the director’s chair
john with them uh… i’d definitely not the women’s
side sacrifice uh… done not in a separate line after
obviously not look i’m not good at the moment speak too much about the validity
of the criticism those initially launched by either the commentators you can you can say he was wasn’t accurate was
it not antique hope so there’s a lot more about the evolution of women’s soccer but i do
but i do think that the points you brought
up about the timing into being a stretch that includes both
the points and i think that the olympics are about more than just a competition is it a few other issues that i will get
into right now where i think that people are forgetting
that it’s a battle something more to dot all
these countries coming together it’s about spirit the other competitions the necessarily
have like the world championships various sports you not like this i think
that it’s fine to criticize the commentators but if you’re an athlete and you have
the podium that she does i think that you need it sounded better weasel afterward and criticize her she was also quoted as saying on media
day prior to the game against north korea it’s not about what made me unhappy it’s
not about one game i have my belief that the best commentators and the best
analyst to be analyzing connell index com world
cups it’s only my opinion you could take you to leave it to be
honest so it’s my opinion i think they listen commentator’s for bring energy
and excitement passion for the game and a lot of knowledge and i think it’s
important to help build the game and i don’t think brandy has that this is my opinion and nothing else
really matters to be honest on that is a small team of october at
the end of uh… mean have you noticed that it’s
somewhat of a slippery slope when and it’s a sticky situation when age for
player and again they were team it’s pretty chest and hopes all of the former
teammates and as always it’s slippery slope when you you have to be on somewhat and i think
ivankov soul is expecting brandi chastain to just be a homer which is
obviously the worst way to go about it you have to be critical you have to you have to have a good perspective on
the game to be fair and jost and again be critical of
what happens in the campus a are warwickshire b was really trying
hard even though she had a giveaway know it’s like collette associate again always a giveaway hope solo also very opinionated as you
can see issues also kicked off the two thousand seven world cup team for criticizing for coach ben coach greg right show always be controversial but we want
to hear your thoughts will be those in the comments section below and do you think that it was just you think it was fair of hope solo
tu attack for former ctv brandy testing on
twitter or shouldn’t just be thrown out she should keep all these discussions
private and leave it at that

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