Honor Magic Watch 2 Hands On: Born for Sports Enthusiasts

Honor Magic Watch 2 Hands On: Born for Sports Enthusiasts

Hey what’s up everybody? Sami here. This is the newest smartwatch from Huawei honor, the honor Magic Watch 2, which was just released two days ago and I’ve been using it for almost two days since then. In this video we are gonna have a quick look of what’s inside, what’s special about it and my first impression It’s not going to be an in-depth review, we’ll do that later, please subscribe to our channel if you haven’t. Without further ado let’s get started. To connect the device, first you have to install Huawei Health from Google Play or App Store, then click the Devices, add the honor Magic Watch2 and pair, this should take less than a minute. Once connected, we are ready to check out what’s inside the app I gotta say the app is the best I’ve ever used for smartwatches, the interface is clean and intuitive, most importantly, it analyzes your data professionally Let’s take Sleep for example, it records every detail of your sleep, like sleep time, deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, I don’t even know what’s that, and all of this, and even your nap time, and it gives suggestions based on your sleep quality. Anyway, let’s move to the watch, for the basic gesture operations, it’s basically not a big difference from other smartwatches Long press the home interface to change different styles, swipe down get access to shortcuts like no disturb mode, alarm, settings etc, swipe up is the notification, swipe right or left you can see heart rate, stress, weather, music etc, Press the up button on the side, you can see all the features this watch has, the down button is for the workout, it has 15 goal-based fitness modes including outdoor GPS tracking and swimming, what impresses me most is it even has 13 running courses, these modes are really in-depth, much more than simple step, distance and time tracking those. Perfect for those who exercise a lot. Beyond all that, it comes with a voice assistant to guide you through your workout, check it out. It’s surprisingly loud. Alright, those are all the basics of this Magic Watch 2, actually there are lots of interesting highlights I didn’t cover, like it supports customized watch face, you can upload your own photo from the gallery or by taking one I know it’s not handsome but unique And it has this music transferring feature, bc the watch has 2gigis of storage, you can move music from your phone to the watch directly so when it’s not connected you can still enjoy your music. Sure, I will cover all of that in later in-depth review video, stay tuned. Now my first impression of the watch. I actually have no feelings at the beginning for smartwatches as such nowadays, bc you know they are almost the same, nothing special. But as the more I dig into the Magic Watch 2, the more I like it. First is the 14 days battery life, I’ve used it quite heavily these two days and it still has 90% left, comparing to apple watch, the battery lasts only one day or two days tops; second is it has 50m water-resistance and the built-in speaker and mic; Last is those unbeatable fitness features, which makes it a huge difference from simple fitness trackers, it’s genuinely impressive. If you exercise a lot and look for a great new smartwatch to track your workouts, this honor Magic Watch 2 could be the best device for you, it will give you more than you’ll ever expect. So that’s the video of the first impression of this watch, I will put out a detailed review later, please stay subscribed. BTW, don’t forget to check out Geekbuying’s black Friday promotion, there are tons of coupons and deals going on, you don’t wanna miss that. I’m Sami, see you next time.

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  1. Everything is fine but it is a bit odd that sport watch doesn't have option to auto pause or lap option. This is must need option for watch like this. Another problem is that there is no option to sync workouts with strava or any other sports based application. It does sync with Google fit but that is worse data sync I have ever seen.

  2. Ive heard that notification are showing only few seconds after they get to the phone, which means they are coming late on the watch. Is that true?

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