Hong Kong BMX rider changes perspectives – Red Bull Illume 2013

Hong Kong BMX rider changes perspectives – Red Bull Illume 2013

My name is Sam. I’m seventeen years old. and I’ve been riding BMX for three years now. I prefer riding street It’s all about the challenge of overcoming obstacles like fences and stairs It makes you think about how to hit it in a way no other riders have When working with a photographer, I always try my best to perfect the tricks beforehand so that it’ll be easier to complete the shot for both of us It’s not always the photographer’s fault if we can’t make the shot Sometimes, it’s just me not nailing the trick So maybe it’ll take us four to five hours, but I do what it takes to make the perfect shot I believe Red Bull Illume will have a great impact on local photographers It is a platform where they can challenge themselves to capture that perfect moment in action sports photography

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