Honda Africa Twin / Adventure Sports 2020. Prueba y opinión

Honda Africa Twin / Adventure Sports 2020. Prueba y opinión

Surely you have already seen the photos and you might think it’s a simple restyling, but the truth is that
the amount of news that the new Africa Twin 2020 makes there
taken a big step forward in innovation and especially in the behavior of the new motorcycle
Stay in this video and we explain all the news and how about
the new version of the Honda Africa Twin The new Honda Africa Twin is packed
of changes.
Although apparently very similar to last year,
few things hold regarding the latest version, the 2018.
It has a new chassis, new sub-chassis, new display, new engine …
it’s a completely new motorcycle To talk about the news little by little, the first thing we have to highlight is ergonomics.
For me it is one of the main novelties of this motorcycle, it is the
height above all and reducing the overall width of
the motorcycle what makes it much more manageable and a much more accessible motorcycle, much more easier The driving position is the first thing you notice that has improved a lot the previous one was not bad but
it is true that the concept of the Adventure Sports that we had in the last edition was a concept that mixed offroad and trips and for my liking I think they have
more successful leaving the offroad to the standard version that is simpler, and
giving a more travel character to this motorcycle, to the Adventure Sports. We also have the adaptation of the motorcycle to the new euro5 regulations with which we have a
new engine that has grown in displacement specifically up to 1,084 cc.
We have a new exhaust for comply with the new regulations of
emissions that is very successful
they have moved the catalyst to the front part of the motorcycle and they have included some improvements so that the sound
despite having to cover it a lot at idle on the go keep
noticing a very vigorous motorcycle Another detail that I have most
liked of the Africa Twin is that still being euro5, notice how it sounds It’s not bad at all The next most important novelty that we meet is the electronics
Not that I have taken a step forward is that You have probably taken five steps.
It has mainly incorporated a 6-axis IMU with which they have connected
all the improvements that already existed and it and added other new improvements, so now the motorcycle, all the electronics share information, let’s say through the IMU We also have a new
display with lots of information and a new left-hand and
right controls to work with all these new possibilities
The truth is that you have an authentic world of configuration
totally new that you should get used to First of all we have to talk about the
Africa Twin let’s say, the standard We have tested it especially in offroad
we ride a Continental TKC 80 that can order and ride from
factory to try really well this motorcycle in offroad conditions
We have tested the normal version with manual shifter and quick shifter, and then on the other hand the the option with DCT.
Both bikes have been super handly I especially liked the manual version because I really like being in control of the clutch but on the other hand
I was very surprised at how well the DCT version works, because year
after year he interprets better what do you want to do in each situation
even in offroad is able to know, in general the motorcycle for example when you want to lock the rear brake clutch well and you can block it even if you don’t have clutch in your hand, it does it all for you also the DCT, is maintained
when you want to throttle in a curve It fits very well, stretch when you want to stretch, you can switch between modes D or S and adapt it a little to itself
do you want more aggressive driving or not which is, year after year more
smart and this time again it has been overcome again thanks
especially to the inertial platform another highlight of the
motorcycle, it is again ergonomics and especially especially it shows in offroad where you will gain a lot of confidence while much closer to the ground especially for
the narrowness that the motorcycle has in the central area, which allows you to get well
with it with you legs on the floor so far the motorcycle is freaking me out it’s super easy to ride in spite of more than 200 kg 225 kg that weighs this version but is allowed to ride really well it doesn’t feel that it weighs that weighs as much as it weighs Now we have started an area that we already passed before over here we have to go very slow and are the places where the new motorcycle economy gives you
a lot of confidence because you arrive very well to the ground
if you need to plant the foot and right now going up
with that level 1 traction control that extra help also gives you a certain level of security otherwise the touch is spectacular
I like how the electronic throttle responds the
amount of things you can edit from electronic way also like the
traction control or abs work also very well in offroad where you can
help you a little and have an extra security at the lowest levels of
electronic intervention Right now I took the opportunity to, in this second round, activate traction control at level 1
you can skid but more controlled here I will do a little … I’ve done a little slide
and the bike has left me, it doesn’t cut you by bring traction control, just you
it makes more controllable, which is very well developed, it’s very good
thought-out You don’t need to just change
I go all the time in second gear practically in the slow zones and third gear somewhere a little faster but
from very below it goes perfectly and stretches a lot so it makes your life super easy another thing is that the suspension
it works great swallows everything for sure the weight of the motorcycle is going to notice but the suspension works perfectly I haven’t even capped on any
moment another of the highlights of the Africa Twin in offroad are the brakes I really like the feeling of the rear one
it has a very good touch on the brake lever
maybe the only downside i think is on the front brake, because ABS is not disconnectable
and it’s not a problem because the motorcycle stops very well
the downside maybe is a little touch that makes that you have in the ABS
what does that give him brake feeling somewhat leathery it’s not that it works for us but it’s more the feeling that seems to be costing you to stop
even if you’re really stopping it is clear that one of the great
attractions of the new Africa Twin is in the new electronics and in the new
TFT panel but also in the Adventure Sports earns much more thanks to the incorporation of the electronic suspension which works alongside the
inertial platform and that we can set from menus to
adjust the hydraulic, the hardness of hydraulic, independently
even in the rear one and in the front the roads that we are
taking curves they are making me see the
good poise you have the motorcycle especially with the suspension
electronics that adapts super fast to road conditions notice the state of the road
is not the best we have been through It’s not the best road we’ve been through today at least asphalt
but honestly how well the suspension works
and the tires are giving me enough trust then notice that we are going
at a rate that by the way the road looks
would not be normal In general, we have a motorcycle
obviously travel oriented we have a deposit larger than the other version
of the Africa Twin we have the new five position adjustable display
with these tweezers we have all the part rear adapted for standard already for
put suitcases remember that both versions is incorporated the cruise control and ultimately we have the greatest electronic capacity all in this motorcycle the computer taken from NASA that we have here in front
it’s a pass but we have the left controls with a number of buttons that
right now I am not able to count so you have to
get used as I said
we have six riding modes in total Four predefined modes. Two are for
road, two are for offroad we have two more modes apart from that fully customizable
Here we are going to stop for a moment I will take advantage to show you what the anti wheelie is
is this setting of the W that we have here we can download it in three levels
if I put the third level what it does is slightly lift the wheel and you
keep a little height of first all these
electronic solutions overwhelm a little especially when you start the march and
you see all these buttons all the amount of information that allows you to
screen and the amount of things that you can do but little by little you leave
doing to her and when you start to see how well it works especially the
electronic suspension with which you can hurry the braking you feel the road
Super soft touch is perfect you can take them in a hurry
even tilting the motorcycle with total security and with a lot of poise all
these solutions make the new Africa Twin work for you so
electronic and make your life very much much easier and give you a
security so far few motorcycles they can give you to give you an idea of ​​the
amount of information we have had to process these days to understand of
true of what the new Africa Twin
get an idea of ​​how much things that could be done with the
more equipped version if we used a different setting every day
imagine with a little more than … a clip more traction control another day another
thing and so to cover all possible combinations we would take I think
that over 300 years for the calculations that we were doing so I’m going to
try to move a little more detailed in the written test
the sensations underway and all the information we have had
today I hope you liked this video that you have understood
first impressions of what of what is the new Africa Twin and if
you want to have more information I invite you to read the written test in
don’t forget to subscribe leave us your comments we want
know what you think about the new Africa Twin or do you like electronics we like that
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5 Replies to “Honda Africa Twin / Adventure Sports 2020. Prueba y opinión”

  1. Muchas gracias por el vídeo!

    Dos preguntillas más que quería haceros:

    – El control de tracción, al margen de funcionar mejor en curva por el IMU, ¿lo has notado menos intrusivo o más fino de comportamiento en off road, en su nivel más bajo?
    El modelo anterior también tenía 7 niveles, pero no sé si ahora estarán más "ajustados por lo bajo".

    Es verdad que a partir de 2018 mejoró un poco, pero en off road, si quieres ir fino, sigue siento demasiado intrusivo, y subiendo trialeras puede dejarte la moto muerta en mitad de la subida, en lugar de afinar el gas como hacen los controles de tracción más finos de otras marcas.

    – El ABS sé que es desconectable en la trasera (como en los anteriores modelos), pero también sé que ahora existen dos modos de ABS, dependiendo del modo de conducción seleccionado. Pero, ¿en qué consiste realmente el ABS Off Road? Y, respecto a eso, ¿alguno de esos dos modos de ABS afecta también a la rueda delantera, haciendo que sea menos intrusivo?

    La verdad es que es una moto que frena muy bien pero (hablo de los modelos 2016-2019), precisamente por eso, en off road a veces el abs delantero salta con demasiada facilidad y te da algún susto por alargar demasiado el tiempo de frenada.

    ¡Gracias de antemano!

  2. Hola, he visto que en el video se centra mas la atencion en el off-road con la Africa twin standart y explicais muy bien que es bastante versatil y agil. Me gustaria saber si la adventure sports es igual de ágil y manejable en off-road a pesar de estar más enfocada para hacer viajes. Gracias, un saludo.

  3. Buenas! A la “pequeña”, más orientada al off road, se le pueden poner maletas como a las del modelo 2019 y anteriores? He visto los soportes en la adventure sport si que los tiene, pero en la standard no me queda claro…. gracias!

  4. Muy interesado en adventur.mirando las pruebas en todos los idiomas menos en español que somos los últimos.
    Ahora tambien te digo, chapo tu reportaje,y el contestar al personal,que casi nadie lo hace.+10

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