HistWar : Napoléon : Gameplay#1

HistWar : Napoléon : Gameplay#1

Good morning General and welcome to HistWar: Napoléon. In this first video dedicated to getting you started with HistWar: Napoléon, I will help you get familiar with the basic commands of the game, the terrain and your men. Here we are General, at the battlefield of Bagolino, you are Napoleon commanding the French army. Your army is composed of 60 thousand infantrymen, 12 thousand sabers and 250 canons. Facing you, are the Russian forces under Bennigsen. Our intelligence suggests that his forces are almost identical to ours. This battle won’t be easy, but I have full confidence in you General. Let’s not waste any time and head towards your high command. I just selected the unit for you and as you can see, it is now highlighted. This will be the case for every unit you select during your many campaigns. It is now time to see the different views of the battlefield that are at your disposal. You are currently in the symbolic view. This view is ideal to quickly assess the position of your troops, the position of your foe. You can also issue orders. If you scroll up, you will switch to a 2D view. Like in the symbolic view, you will be able to assess your men’s position and issue orders. Each regiment is represented by a NATO symbol or by the number of battalions or squadrons it has. Let us go back to the symbolic view and move closer to the ground. Here we are General, you are now in the midst of your men. As you can see, this view is ideal to get yourself immersed in the actual combat. You can take tactical decisions and lead your men personally to the front. Now that you are familiar with the different views, let us get acquainted with the terrain. As you may have noticed, the battlefield is hilly. Be aware that your men will progress slower going up steep slopes. It contains many houses, farms, villages or castles. These structures, that can be manned, offer a distinctive advantage over our enemy. Similarly, forests could be favorable positions for your forces. Let us go back to the 2D view to discuss a feature of key strategic importance; the lines of communication. Present at the edge of the map and represented by flags, these lines of communications allow your army to remain supplied. Protecting your own lines, while trying to capture your enemy’s, is key to achieving victory. You are familiar with the terrain now General and it is up to you to use it to your own advantage. It is now time to inspect your men. Let us go back to the symbolic view, and show the names of the marshals leading the 7 corps that are at your disposal. I will select for you the corps of the Guard lead by Bessières. As we saw earlier, Marshal Bessières is highlighted in yellow. You will also notice that the regiments under his command are highlighted in green. Also the commander of the army is highlighted in white. This is you, my General. Let us get some more information about this elite corps made up of the best soldiers our nation has to offer. It is 4670 men, 2050 horsemen and 28 canons strong. Its sheer presence on the battlefield will galvanize your men and its judicial use will bring you, my general, victory. You will see in the top right panel, a lot more information about the units that you select during battle. Let me now introduce you to “The Book”. This book will give you information about your mission, a detailed view of the composition of your army, and the organization of your corps. It will show you the status of your regiments, as well as many other information crucial to leading your men to victory. You have now General a good knowledge of the basic commands of the game, and a understanding of the terrain and your men. Thus ends the first video dedicated to the gameplay of HistWar: Napoléon. Soon, General, a new video will be dedicated to issuing orders, scouting the terrain and forming a strategy. Good luck General.

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  1. Je pense pas que sortir un jeu du style est un bon début, je suppose que vous êtes un petit studio. Il y'a des Wargames et des RTS qui remplissent déjà très bien leur rôle :/ 
    Juste pour dire que vous avez pas très bien choisis votre terrain. 
    M'enfin bref, un jeu à caractère historique est toujours le bienvenu, bonne chance !

  2. How do you want to promote you game if most of your videos and sites are mostly in French? I've found your game only by accident. You need more advertisment. All The Best!

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