History of The 1936 Olympic Games | Hitler’s Olympics

History of The 1936 Olympic Games | Hitler’s Olympics

Well, of course you don’t remember, unless
you are over 80. But he did! Adolf Hitler was no sport’s fan, after-all
he was really just an art school failure turned writer. But Propaganda Minister and ancient vampire
Joseph Goebbels convinced him that the 1936 Olympics were the best way to show the new
Nazi Germany to the world. This was just three years before the invasion
of Poland, and although they were up to some pretty heinous things, many in the world saw
the Nazis as more “controversial” than “evil.” Many prominent Americans, including the pilot
Charles Limbergh, and even members of the British Royal Family were openly pro-Nazi. There was a call to boycott the games, but
still 46 countries, including the USA sent athletes to Berlin to compete. The Nazis wanted to use the Olympics to introduce
the world to Aryan superiority, so naturally banned all jewish athletes. Jeez what a bunch of… Nazis… The only non-aryan German athlete was Helene
Mayer, a fencer, who allowed because just her father was jewish. Wait, the nazis gave a jewish woman a sword?! Hitler and Goebbels even hired Leni Riefenstahl,
film maker of their blockbuster ego stroking Triumph of the Will to make a movie about
the 1936 Olympics and for the first time in history, broadcast the games live on television. If you think NBC is bad now, imagine watching
in black & white on a 4 inch screen. Being ones for the theatric, the Nazis started
the Olympics by having an aryan man run into the stadium with a torch, a tradition we still
hold to this day – though not exclusively blonde white dudes. The games that followed were some of the most
dramatic in history, with Hitler’s plans famously dashed by a young African-American
man from Ohio State University named Jesse Owens. Jesse won 4 gold medals in track & field,
shattering world records along the way, and winning over the mostly German stadium crowd. All for the USA, a country which still treated
his people only slightly better than Germany did. Adolf was, of course, not pleased. But, it’s not like Jesse Owens won every
gold medal then punched Hitler in the face while stealing Joseph Goebbels Bratwurst. Germany won the most gold medals, even sweeping
gold in Horse Dressage. Lost to history, Nazis were really good at
making horses dance daintily. Weirdly, because Hitler wanted to bring the
rich man’s game to the people, he was VERY into adding Golf to the Olympics, something
the Olympic committee wouldn’t allow. So, created a separate competition the week
after the olympics where he awarded the winners (two British men actually) the Hitler Trophy
and a Pine Tree. Golf wouldn’t return to the Olympics until
Rio in 2016. So remember, when it feels like times are
divided and at their worst. Life is unpredictable. Hitler hosted The Olympics.

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  1. Funny, Jesse Owens's personal account begs to differ from yours. Owens was not banished to white-only facilities in Berlin, unlike back home. He became a rock star at those games. Owens went on to say that President FDR snubbed him, not Adolf Hitler. FDR didn't even so much as send a telegram to congratulate our Olympic hero.

  2. The video in Youtube:.." Hitler racist?" (Jesse Owens 1936) ….:" It's hard to imagine how happy I feel. From a moment to another it seemed to me that while I ran, I had grown wings. All the Stadium was so festive, it was contagious, so I ran with greater joy and to me it seemed I had lost all weight of body. The sportive enthusiasm of those German spectators made a deep impression on me, particularly the gentlemanly attitude of those spectators. You may tell everybody we are thankful for the German hospitality." "When I passed the Chancellor (Hitler), he stood up, waved me and I returned the greeting in the same way, I think the journalists showed their bad taste by criticizing the man of the moment in Germany."
    𝒥𝑒𝓈𝓈𝑒 𝒪𝓌𝑒𝓃𝓈

    When Owens, He came back to the US as a great champion, where he was not received with a band, trumpets or tributes, nor did he receive any handshakes from President Roosevelt.

  3. Please do a video of the Zionist invasion of Palestine in 1948. It's important that all histories get a fair hearing.

  4. its scary because there is still war in that era and whats more scary is great britian particapated in this event

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