Highlights: Liverpool Legends 5-5 FC Bayern Legends | Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt and more

Highlights: Liverpool Legends 5-5 FC Bayern Legends | Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt and more

It’s Liverpool against Bayern Munich, two of the greatest names
of European football, and while a few may have
piled on a few pounds, they’re both out there
wanting to win this game. DOMINIC MATTEO: Oh, most definitely,
once that whistle goes there’s that many winners out there, they’ll want to perform
and get the edge on the other team, and they’ll wanna win the game. JOHN: You’ll Never Walk Alone rings
around Anfield, the scarves are up, the supporters are joining in,
as they always do. And it just makes you realise that no matter
who’s playing or what the game is, the fans live for these moments. DOMINIC: Yeah, most definitely,
it’s absolutely brilliant, unbelievable attendance here, great to see, and listen, this is a great game to come and watch for all the families. This is the starting XI for Liverpool today, Jason McAteer will be delighted he got the call, he was sweating a little in the build-up this week, Jamie Carragher and Daniel Agger are the two centre-backs, and John Arne Riise, who looks as though he spent the last month
in the gym getting ready. Gerrard, Alonso and McManaman as the midfield three, Fowler, Owen and Kuyt as the front three, it’s a pretty ominous-looking Liverpool side, isn’t it? DOMINIC: It’s a great team, to be honest, I think we might see plenty of goals from that team today. JOHN: Four World Cup winners in this Bayern starting line-up – Luca Toni, Paulo Sergio, Lothar Matthaus and Bixente Lizarazu. Hans-Jorg Butt scored plenty of goals even though he’s a goalkeeper, just great names. DOMINIC: Yeah, like you say, both teams have really stretched it here and got some real legends
involved in this game, as they should so for such a great cause,
and some of the Bayern players, they’ve got a lot of World Cup winners
within their squad. JOHN: And there’s the man
who’s playing for both teams. DOMINIC: Yeah, for me, one of the best
footballing midfielders that I’ve seen, great on the ball, loves getting on the ball, I think today Liverpool will look
to get the ball to him as often as they can. JOHN: Alonso. Gerrard. Towards Dirk Kuyt, little run was by Fowler,
the dummy was by Fowler, the shot was by Owen and it was
very well blocked and put behind. Lovely break and move by Liverpool. DOMINIC: Yeah, great ball
into the box by Kuyt, drills one, little dummy from Robbie,
Michael’s onto it quick, good defending. It’s McManaman with the corner. Agger making the run, doesn’t quite get there. Comes out to Alonso, that’s Owen,
they’re queueing up! Welcome to the Liverpool Legends, Dirk Kuyt. A goal inside five minutes, the man for
the big occasion gets himself another. DOMINIC: Yeah, great ball in from
Michael Owen, little ball out from Alonso, lovely little whipped in ball and Kuyt at the far post. JOHN: It’s a five against five attack. And the ball was by Gerrard… and the goalkeeper’s lost it,
and Liverpool will score again. Michael Owen reaps the reward as Hans-Jorg Butt just lost
his bearings for a moment. And Liverpool lead 2-0. DOMINIC: Keeper comes and claims
and just loses it, and Michael Owen doing what he does best, sticking that ball in the back of the net. JOHN: Klaus Augenthaler,
the coach of Bayern today. You will remember the name,
World Cup Italia 90 winner. Here’s Alonso. Gerrard. That’s Kuyt. Oh, they’re queueing up
in the middle, and Robbie Fowler will score
a very simple goal. Left completely unguarded inside the
six-yard box, doesn’t matter what it went in off, it went in for Fowler. DOMINIC: Yeah! Robbie again, right position, lovely ball in from Kuyt. JOHN: I suppose with the weapons
that Liverpool do have available, they do look capable of scoring
every time they go forward. Ze Roberto, that’s a lovely ball – Luca Toni! Oh, that’s a lovely goal, isn’t it? Ze Roberto with the sumptuous delivery, and Luca Toni able
just to guide the ball home. DOMINIC: Yeah, what a ball, what a left foot. Lovely, well-timed run from Toni and
a great little header, dinks it over Dudek. Look at the weight of this pass, great run. Jason should have got a bit tighter there, should have followed his runners. JOHN: He’s got Zickler outside him. Giovane Elber. Space for Paulo Sergio,
four in the middle, it’s over Dudek – and it’s in by Zickler, and all of a sudden
Bayern Munich are on the comeback trail. Alexander Zickler able to guide the ball home, and look out, Bayern are coming back. That’s Tarnat for Zickler. Surely they can’t make it 3-3. Maybe they can. It’s Ze Roberto, it did open up for him, Paulo Sergio! It IS 3-3! It’s been quite the comeback
from Bayern Munich. Paulo Sergio’s bent that in
beautifully beyond Dudek, and Klaus Augenthaler’s side really
have risen from nowhere in this game. DOMINIC: You’re thinking, is Ze Roberto gonna get the shot away, patient build-up, and a great finish from Paulo Sergio. JOHN: It’ll break for Gerrard. Oh, there’s
so many red shirts waiting for it. It’s come all the way through,
and here’s Fowler. Oh, they’re queuing up again! Owen can’t score from a couple of yards. Paulo Sergio half-away,
here come Liverpool again. McManaman. DOMINIC: Probably should have scored. JOHN: That’s Tarnat. Oh, that’s really careless. And it’s a horrible moment, cos Xabi Alonso
has kicked the ball straight to Zickler, who heads the ball beyond Dudek, and from
3-0 down Bayern Munich are 4-3 up, and Alonso has provided an assist here for
Bayern when he’s playing for Liverpool! DOMINIC: Yeah, he’s celebrating
with the Bayern players! Very unexpected, I don’t think Zickler
could believe it. Alonso wins the ball back, goes square, and straight onto Zickler’s head. JOHN: Think this is Liverpool’s
first free kick of the game. Fowler I think is gonna try and pull rank here. It is Fowler. And it’s deflected, and it’s in, and it’s 4-4. Well, Liverpool who led 3-0, have now
managed to get themselves back on terms. It got a big helping hand on the way to deny Butt, but Liverpool are level. DOMINIC: Yeah, huge deflection, but Robbie will be claiming that. JOHN: That’s onto Kuyt, here’s Gerrard,
lovely little step, Steven Gerrard… Well, he thinks it should have
been a corner, and it was. Just got a little touch on the way. How about this for a little sidestep? DOMINIC: Yeah, lovely football
from Stevie G. JOHN: They’ve won the ball back here, that’s
a free kick right on the edge of the area. Conceded by Agger on Misimovic. Alexander Zickler is the brave man
who’s standing in the wall. Surely there’s no-one other
than Alonso who’s taking this… and scoring. Xabi Alonso could be having the final say
on what is perhaps his day at Anfield. The man who has represented both clubs
with such class down the years, with the classy free kick. DOMINIC: Great technique, so much pace on the ball, beats David James. JOHN: Here’s Luis Garcia. COMMENTATORS LAUGH Poor John Aldridge. That has actually brought the house down. The crowd shout “shoot!”
at Jamie Carragher. It breaks for Gerrard here. Oh, ho-ho. That would have been rolling back the years, that may have been better than anything
he scored during the halcyon days! DOMINIC: Carragher to Gerrard, for a change. JOHN: Well, Ian Rush has got
a big grin on his face, no doubt giving John Aldridge
plenty of stick about falling over. Witeczek loses the ball to Smicer. Luis Garcia is onside here. His ball won’t come to Kuyt, it might come… Oh, what a strike!
It’s Bjorn Kvarme who makes it 5-5. Talk about the big superstars
of the goal-getting for Liverpool, rolling back the years, well, Bjorn Kvarme’s just pulled something out the top drawer here. DOMINIC: One of the nicest guys
you could ever meet as well, Bjorn. JOHN: That’s for Kuyt. Might come for Luis Garcia here. Gerrard! Wonderful save, and Kuyt… In by Garcia but it won’t count, the flag’s up. Liverpool very nearly turned it round. And the referee says that will do. As Pflugler went hunting
for another pair of legs. The 58-year-old had the final say
on what has been a really great game, a couple of meaty tackles towards the end,
it was full of drama, it was full of great goals as well, and ultimately the sides managed by
Klaus Augenthaler and Ian Rush end all square, fittingly, at 5-5.

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  1. 4-4 at half time with some beautiful goals, and that el tornado from gerrard. true football legends

  2. Cool to see all great players like Zickler, Matthäus, ZeRoberto, Elber and many more. As well the LFC players.

  3. Gerrard at this age is better than hendo,milner and wijnaldum….i will take in liv team anyday over these average players..

  4. Can i say my question? Why Xabi Alonso in the first half at Liverpool, but the second half at Bayern Munich ??? I don't understand , where is the real team legend of Xabi , and Xabi Alonso is the legend of what team , hope is Liverpool

  5. Can we please sign one of these legends for Man Utd please they are more creative than the garbage we currently have

  6. i don't know what u call legend. Those Liverpool guys at the time of this game were still playing professional football

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