Highlights: Huddersfield 0-1 Liverpool | Salah strikes to maintain unbeaten start

Highlights: Huddersfield 0-1 Liverpool | Salah strikes to maintain unbeaten start

Much has been made of the friendship between Jürgen Klopp
and David Wagner, but it counts for nothing as Liverpool look to bounce back from the international break. James Milner has
come back from a hamstring injury in an astonishing ten days. A first Premier League start
in 11 months for Daniel Sturridge, and 10 months for Adam Lallana. Shaqiri, in space, looking for Salah, Salah’s shot… Lovely Liverpool goal.
They do click through the gears, and the mini goal drought
for Mohamed Salah is over. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah ♫ Running down the wing ♫ Salah-la-la-la, la-ah-ah ♫ The Egyptian King. ♫ Comfortably away by Robertson,
only as far as Hogg! Decent strike. Huddersfield still looking
for that equaliser. And Pritchard looks to get in! Flag’s up, it’s not gonna count. Screams of “shoot” from the stand. More sensible decision is the cross,
and the header down, it’s a simple save really, Depoitre couldn’t quite get the power. Sturridge, Salah… Whisker away. Ultimately, once again it’s not enough
to get a result against Jürgen Klopp. They needed a win today, they turned
to their main man to get it. Huddersfield Town 0-1 Liverpool.

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  1. Our Egyptian King ? Mo Salah was great!??⚽?????????
    Please get more ⚽⚽⚽ on tomorrow at our home, please????????

  2. I said it before, playing "bad" and still take the 3 points hell ya i take it YNWA/Sweden Tomorrow the goals will come of that im sure

  3. Sorry my accent english not good but please ? fan's liverpool suporte salah & wait him be with him good luck liverpool ??

  4. Mohamed salah he is the one given sources for happiness to Egyptian people really I’m proud to you Mohamed thanks a-lot ???????

  5. I don't really know if the news is true or not that LFC has opened talks to sell Salah. Whether it is true or not He is a great footballer and more importantly an amazing human being. May he get the best in everything. I just wish he gets a trophy with LFC before he leaves. But I think from the way fans have treated him when he was down it is unlikely that he would stay. He is an emotional person and his non-celebration with the goal says it all

  6. I thought Liverpool fans want to sell him. hhmmmm, have they changed their minds.

    Won't walk alone in good time and in bad time. This sounds better to me, how about you?!!!!!!

  7. Even much before we played you Mr Wagner I wanted you to do well because you're like one of if not Jurgen's best friend, but I never want you to do well against LFC, nor do I want any other team to do well against us. Sort your team out Mr Wagner, I do hope you do well, both for you and Jurgen having his mate here in England. Thanks for the video LFC, I appreciate it, I do think you could give non paying fans a bit more on youtube to be honest. Extended highlights etc, please do consider this, you'll still get your money regardless wouldn't you?
    I forgot Huddersfield fans, I want it for them too, had to edit for that. Not too familiar with the area tbh but yeah don't get relegated.

  8. This doesn't really reflect how much Liverpool were hanging on at the end of this game. If Huddersfield had strikers of any quality (our two main strikers between them cost about the same as you sold your third choice goalkeeper for!) the result would have been very much different. I was also amazed at the difference in class between defenders Christopher Schindler and Virgil Van Dijk – one costing £75M, one costing £1.8M. If you didn't know, you would think it was the other way round. People around the world may be surprised at the stat that on previous encounters, Huddersfield had as many wins as Liverpool. There is a reason why!

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