Highlander Warrior Guide And Gameplay

Highlander Warrior Guide And Gameplay

Welcome to another video guys! Today I will be giving you a Highlander Warrior
Guide and Gameplay. I have to say, the deck feels really fun to
play when you start understanding it a bit and you can climb a lot of easy ranks with
it as well, so sit back, relax, get up and get your pens and papers, cuz we have a deck
to learn. With the inclusion of the 23 wild cards on
Tuesday, I’d say Bloodhoof Brave would be a perfect inclusion in this deck and I am
looking forward to play it with him. Sylvanas might also be pretty good in it,
especially if you get to dupe her with a mercenary, so I do believe, that this would be a pretty
good deck to try on day one of the wild invasion. Here is what my version looks like right now. Highlander warrior is currently sitting at
tier 1 and a lot of the times, people will not be sure if they are playing versus a highlander
or aggro warrior, which is in your advantage. The deck feels a lot like aggro warrior, but
you have more control tools and less early game aggro consistency. It feels a bit more like a mid-range deck
with the possibility to have a great early game. The goal of the deck is to apply face damage
over several turns which eventually stacks up, so you can start threating lethal with
one of your many high damage finishers. The fact, that the whole deck is built around
one single card – Zephrys, shows just how powerful this guy really is. You could think that it’s a handicap to
run 30 different cards in your deck, but in reality, it makes it all that harder for your
opponent to predict what he needs to be playing around. There are so many good warrior cards to put
into this deck, that you will have a hard time fitting most of them in. In my particular version, I’m running the
bomb package and I’ve had pretty fun wins because of it, either negating other highlander
deck’s synergies, or just straight out blowing their face. Let’s see the matchups now and we will get
back to more cards you can put in to this deck. As you can see, the deck does more than great
against the most popular matchups. Secret hunter is a close game, but you don’t
even see that many of those any way. Control warrior would be your worst matchup,
but that is a very rare sight nowadays as well, and I had no problems against those
too, so it’s not even that bad of a matchup. Anything else would be slightly or heavily
in your favor. Mulliganwise, you always want to keep your
1-drop minions with town crier at the top of your list. Zephrys should always be a keep as well and
you can even use him as a tempo play if you don’t have a good curve. The 3 berserkers are also great keeps. Curving out is very important for the deck
to be consistent, so keeping even 4 drops won’t be bad, if you have cards to play
before it. Keeping Lance is also pretty good. Generally speaking, keeping flunky, especially
when you are going second, wouldn’t be the best choice for your early game, but if you
don’t have a good mulligan to begin with, keeping him will give you options to curve
out with a 3 or a 4 drop taunt, so I’d say it would still be worth the keep. Now let’s get back to the cards. If you are missing cards like Grommash and
Darius, you could just run the deck without them and you will have more room for other
popular inclusions like Crystallizer, Improve morale, Upgrade, execute Injured Tol’vir,
Captain Greenskin, Raging and Rabid Worgen, Brawl or anything else you feel would fit
you well. Even though the deck is pretty expensive,
it is also pretty forgiving if you don’t own all of the niche legendaries, since there
are so many cards you can fit instead. Siamat, Zephrys, Zilliax and Leeroy are pretty
safe crafts anyway and any player should own those, so do what you can to get them asap. It seems like all versions of this deck run
Octosari since it’s such an amazing hand refil in the late game, but if you don’t
own it, maybe try running Akali for a fat rush draw and see how that goes. There are a lot of possible synergies in this
deck and it’s up to you to figure out when you need to hold a card for synergy and when
you need to play a card for the tempo. Inner rage and Cruel Taskmaster are great
for buffing your own minions but sometimes it’s better to use those as a ping against
enemy threats. Ritualist can give you a lot of value, but
if you don’t have anything to play on turn 2, you probably would want to throw him in
there. Bloodsworn mercenary can be quite devastating
for your opponent, so make sure to use her well. She is exceptional on throttling berserkers,
reborn and rush dudes, but you can even use her for tons of damage on a Leeroy or Elite
with an inner rage. The way you use zephrys is also pretty important
and you really need to know what he can offer you for what mana. You can use him for tempo, for board clears
or for finishers, so choose wisely. That’s it for the guide part, now let’s
see some games from my climb to legend this month. I will play the deck onstream tonight as well,
so I would love it if you drop by and say hi. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I started using the deck before it even got to be top tier 1 😀 Nice video (but I already saw those games in the stream 😛 ) (I love the copying Siamat maybe lethal play 🙂 )

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