High Speed Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

High Speed Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

Woo! That was so loud! Oh! My! Let’s go! We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to High
Speed Sports Battle. Here we go! Sorry about that. Dude Perfect. First round, high
speed ramp jump. Shortest distance
will be eliminated. Looking for another victory. Unfortunately, starting off with
something I’m not so great at. My goal here is just to
not get last, obviously. Really looking forward to
the second competition, to be honest. That’s going to be a fun one. Tall Man Codes
checking in the game. Just got a rare win. Let’s see if I can
make it back to back. Twins need to pick
it up, all right? Honestly, I’ve been really proud
of my performances recently. I’ve had a lot of
second place finishes, putting myself in a
position to get a W. Just don’t get last here. We’re going on. Here we go. That was nice. Dude! That was a good first jump. Garrett Hilbert, 21 tires
official measurement. In first place. All right, bearded man. Car’s ready to rock. So am I. Let’s launch her. Judging by the
reactions of the crowd, I feel like that was
a pretty good jump. Ty, welcome to round 2. OK. Nice. I said before, I just wanted
to make it to round 2. That was the goal today, and
I’m there, it looks like. Official tire
measurement, 30 tires. Wow. Well done. That’s the new mark to beat. Hold onto your hats, boys! Cody is the driver. Official measurement
for Cody’s jump, 33. Oh. OK. You got nothing
to be ashamed of. Garrett is on the
chopping block. You got two twins left to go. And I’m up next. Let’s do it. Good luck. Yee-haw. No joke, your car landed on
this tire in front of Garrett Then went all the way past Ty. Welcome to round 2, Cory. Yeah. Feels good. I don’t make it to
a lot of round twos. Get up there, Cobes. All right, Coby. Here we go. If Coby beats me
right now, me and Coby will conquer these dudes
for the rest of the battle. Just so you know, if you
beat Garrett right here, he has officially
joined Team Coby. Oh! I passed him! I mentioned to the
viewers, I not only would stop making the bold
prediction about you– No way. I would join your team. No way. What? Let’s go! Wow. It is time that you na-na-na
me, and I get out of here. Nice. Na, na, na, na. I won’t do it. I won’t do it. I want a harmony. Na, na, na, na. Oh my god. Hey, hey, hey. I’m walking with him. I’m walking with him. Goodbye. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to round 2, the High Speed Super Bowl. Woo! See what I did there? That was nice. Yeah. This is something we’ve
always wanted to do. 91 pins. Heavy ball. Fast car. Let’s see what happens. Sup, guys? Ty starting us off. Don’t feel phenomenal,
because Gar started us off on the ramp launch, and,
well, you know where he is. Here we go. That was so loud. It was. OK. I feel like that
was pretty good. It was amazing. 16 pins standing. Very nice. So 75. Sweet. That usually takes
me, like, nine frames. That was pretty good. You know what I’m
excited to see? Ty set up all these pins. Oh! You hit them, you
put them back up. That how it works? 75 pins for Ty. That’s the score to beat. Gar, I don’t even know where he
went, but this is for you, man. Let’s do this! 73 pins. 73! That’s phenomenal. All right, Cory. I think you’re up, buddy. Let’s do this. OK! What do we got? 71 pins. He is on the chopping block. Coby is in the finale! Let’s go! All right, gang.
the stage is set, I need 72 pins, kick Cory
out, head to the finale. Stunt driver. Let’s roll. OK. Stunt driver. Let’s roll! Yee-haw! 76. Oh, Cody, you’re in. Wow! Yeah! My goodness! Finale bros! OK. Welcome. I think it’s that time. Yes it is. Where’d he go? Na, na, na, na. Hey, hey, hey– See you there, Cory. Goodbye. Adios, amigo. Codes, Coby, and
myself are headed to round three, closest
to the pin challenge. Here we go! Woo! We got our putting green,
and the flagstick behind us. Got our giant ball right
here, and closest to the pin is the winner. I feel like, in the past, we’ve
done Cobes a little bit wrong. What if we try to digitally
like him to victory? And just give us a
click of your time– A click of your time. And just like Coby
into a victory. You boys ready for the finale? Let’s do it, baby. Here we go! Oh, goodness me. It’s a stick. Ha, ha. Oh, it’s been a minute. Got to hit the ball, hard,
go for the flag, and let’s just pray for victory, baby. I feel really good about
that launch from Cody Jones. Well, that turned
out pretty poorly. So winning the first two
competitions meant nothing. The door is literally
wide open for Ty and I. You guys liked me to
victory, which means a ton. I’m doing it for you guys. Really appreciate that. Here we go, folks! Woo! Let’s go! Oh! My! Oh, I’m out. That’s it for me, baby. OK. Guys, your likes did it. Oh my god! Cody Jones is
officially eliminated. Oh, man. I do not want Ty sailing past
the pin, hitting in my ball– A banker. –and settling in. I would take that. I have brought a
nickel to mark it. Wow. If you don’t think this guy
wants to win, you’re crazy. Hey, do you want
to mark my ball? No. Cody does not need
to mark your ball. Oh, man, that’s hurtful. Last shot of the finale. Here’s the two outcomes– I lose, or I win. But I still lose,
because everybody is mad that Coby didn’t
get his victory. But here’s the thing–
the likes are against me. OK? I feel like everybody’s
on the Team Coby train. The inner ring is still open. See you boys on the other side. What a shot! What a shot! Oh my god! Folks, you cannot
make this stuff up. I could do that 100 times
and not put a shot together like that again. I played well. I put a good ball out there. And what a good man does is,
he says, game recognize game. That was one heck
of a golf shot. Hey, and today, I will take
that game recognized game. Well done, Cobes. Hey, let’s head to the
trophy presentation, baby! Tyler Nathan Toney. It’s not my– duty, honor,
privilege, whatever you say– here’s your trophy. It’s absolutely amazing. Thanks, Cobes. Means a lot. Thanks for watching, you guys. If you’re not already a
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  2. Poor Coby, he's had to swallow his pride and congratulate the winner and take a tough 2nd so many times…..what a sport…. Got to love him

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