Hello Neighbor: What’s In Your Basement [by Random Encounters]

Hello Neighbor: What’s In Your Basement [by Random Encounters]

AJ: Top O’The mornin’ to ya Neighbor! Peter: Hello, neighbour. (*Shutters click shut and music begins*) Beard: OOGH? Hey, stupid! shut the freaking door! Bonnie: Yeah, seriously, we’re in the middle of a hand right now! And I’m winning. At least I think so. (How do we play this game?) (Russian accent) I open with sandwich! Hey-J guys! Thank you so much for watching this video! If you liked this song, you can download it from iTunes, down there. Also check out another musical we did for the game HuniePop! If you REALLY like our work, you can help support us on Patreon. And if you’re not one of our Encounterers yet, please subscribe and maybe even click the notification bell below this video. BEARD SALUTE! OOGH! Thanks to Patreon Encounterers, like Randy L.

100 Replies to “Hello Neighbor: What’s In Your Basement [by Random Encounters]”

  1. My neighbor when i poke around their yard for mowing their lawn “i dont want to be your neighbor cuz u are a bot and u r trash at fortnite”

  2. I loved this channel when I was into Professor Layton and now that I'm into Hello Neighbor I remember that I still love it

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