Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

[EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] SENUA: This darkness is a
disease, a rot that takes hold and
spreads to every part of me, and I fear I will follow in your
footsteps. I’m alone and scared. I beg for your guidance… before the darkness takes me. I see you. [THUNDER CLAP] No. No! MAN: Few would brave such a
desperate journey into darkness, but it isn’t bravery that drives
Senua. WHISPERED VOICE: Senua. MAN: Only those afraid of death
would use such terms. Senua’s fear runs far deeper. DEMONIC VOICE: They know you’re
weak; get up and fight. You’re pathetic. CHILD’S VOICE: Control the fear;
let it pass through. Remember his words. SENUA: They’re coming for me. [SCREAM] [EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] [WHISPERED VOICES]

100 Replies to “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. The game should really be called 'Senua'. Hellblade is way too generic sounding, and could be the title of any hack and slash game.

  2. I hope they make a game of samurai x.. with today's evolution of graphics, that game could be made great… just hoping

  3. OMFG! Guys, She isn't Kai. Hellblade isn't related to Heavenly Sword (not directly at least). This isn't an AAA game.

  4. trump that why everbody in try keep me out kown ing what was going on every body look at like they hate me but donot care any more what ever going to happen I am god he open the way. and that really hate Mexico china family and friends

  5. trump that why everbody in try keep me out kown ing what was going on every body look at like they hate me but donot care any more what ever going to happen I am god he open the way. and that really hate Mexico china family and friends

  6. it's weird how I used to draw stupid stories and stuff like this and never tell it to anyone because I was afraid they'll hate it and make fun of me.. well maybe someday .. but not today.

  7. If this game succeeds I hope Ninja Theory can have the money and support to make a sequel for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West because it's a good game and very underrated.

  8. I'm actually really excited because Celtic mythology is an extremely unexplored genre. Add a goddess of wisdom suffering from mental illness and you've got potential for something really special.

  9. Looks interesting but really not psyched about playing as a chick. Getting sick of how many games star some Xena warrior princess clone these days.

  10. KAI Is back baby!!!!!!! Even though Sony owns the rights & characters to Heavenly Sword we all know this is Heavenly Sword 2 just different names & a different mythology but we will know the truth ^_^

  11. oh my god…. why consoles have so many great exclusives! FFS… not starting console wars, may just get one to keep playing on both pc and ps4 neo when its out.

  12. Now this is interesting. I'm willing to play this, also a dark look into Celtic Mythology, this is promising. Can't wait for it to come out! It's on my Wish List.

  13. a game that he isn t come to both consoles in this generation
    is a game that i can t expact more then a simple story
    im saying this generation only
    because you can see god of war and darksiders

  14. ▪Hopefully the game will be like The witcher 3.
    ▪Hopefully the game will be like Horizon zero dawn but with more hours.
    ▪During game the Camera should not be that close to the screen, Hopefully zoom out.

  15. Hopefully we get a release date at this years E3. I really like these character driven stories with intriguing female leads. The Tomb Raider reboot was well done and Horizon Zero Dawn was epic as well. Hopefully this game joins that list of great gaming experiences.

  16. Will just have to pray and ask Jesus to keep me protected from this kind of pagan/devil content in this game and most others. And anything that viewing this type of stuff might draw the attention of. Since I obviously will have to play this game, lol.

  17. Where was the gameplay? I've seen this game getting good reviews and wanted to see some gameplay, but can't find any. All official trailers only have cinematic scenes. For now, this is Ryse, Valhalla fem version. Nothing special, nothing good, nothing worth buying or looking further into than the few 'cinematics' with repeating scenes I've watched.

  18. Man, you look at this now and you can see how rough it looked compared to the final product. Always give devs more time, always accept delays.

  19. It's crazy to see how this game evolved to what it is now. A finished product. So happy to have this gem on my X and to have Ninja Theory backed by Microsoft

  20. Now, I've finished the game, it's interesting to see that the final product had nothing that is in the trailer. The outfit, the graphics, the setting that is shown along with almost everything in the video was changed in the process. And it turned out be a very freaking awesome game eventually!

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