Head To Head With A Battleship | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E5

Head To Head With A Battleship | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E5

[Music] what’s up guys I’m hoping this is is one of the final swims that’s gonna actually get as out of Lyme Regis Bay as you can see came out at Margate which was around here everything was going swimmingly Isle of Wight picked up some great tides around there absolutely cruising and it was around here where we passed Portland bill and the goal was to just swim directly across which as you could see as the crow flies would have been pretty efficient but what happened in reality is it was about two o’clock in the morning trying to swim around there in complete darkness and the tides and currents were so bad they forced us into the bay so we could have come back out and tried again to cut across but there was no guarantee that it was actually gonna work and we could have just wasted so much time just trying to swim out here so instead me and Matt decided just to suck it up basically swim all the way around hugging the coastline which is added so many more miles to the to the overall journey and then also as well I mean we were just eating waves constantly throughout here which you can see from the number of X’s the X is a where I stop and feed and it’s just so dense around there and it’s only just now after four days just eating waves that I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel [Music] finally we’re out the day the Battle of the day is won it was just like mother nature was going you’re not you’re not gonna move like right now so then I think that was the thing goes no there’s no end in sight he didn’t know he was gonna finish what I means when I was training for strongman swimming and they told me look when you are suffering from extreme fatigue you probably have the cognitive functioning so like the mental capacity of the five-year-olds you just need very clear instructions and you have very limited capacity for anything else so you just need to focus on the task at hand and for me that is just paying one hand in front of the other but after battling just waves and tides and just just being stuck in the bay we were just blessed with the most unbelievable few days yesterday as we came out of the bay firstly the Royal Navy decided to rock one over they heard that or how it was quite low I was just basically taking a beating from Mother Nature so they rocked an over the hms biter hms charger which were amazing these kind of like oh maybe was just rocked I’ve got to go aboard I’ve got to chat to the guys about you know seasickness and kind of coping with all sorts that the sea can throw at you I strapped to the Royal Navy on social media and morale is is such a big thing that they freaked so all jokes aside I know this looks like fun over there but we’ve already locked up ten miles today so this is just basically just a nice water to wind down and I think like for all of a hundred days of this just motivation and actually just like stop again what is gonna be key so that’s why as much as it just looks like a good laugh no no it’s just a good laugh he’s actually keeping up around as well that’s that’s the theory right okay yeah so we got 10 meter race which they said they’re gonna be easy on me which is kind of them Tom’s gonna be the finish line [Music] [Music] oh my god now the draw is the tiger shot with a trident so it’s quite quite a fitting cresting of you I reckon I made about half a mile going so yeah okay that was pretty awesome Royal Navy just dropped me off after my bad grades needless to say I came second [Music] ladies and gentlemen you join us at a critical moment at the great bracelet my neck is healed I’m now a fully certified rhino neck check that out but as you know me and the jellyfish are friends my feud with them continues the literal which is why we’ve all consulted as a team and we’ll Matt Matt thinks he has an idea that’s that’s had a lot of ideas this is up there with one of his best I’m gonna let him explain it’s really a cling film with flecks on it they were molded that to his face we’re gonna take this snorkel device off and then I’ve the kind of breathing hole and then I should fit his space really gonna stick it under his Wesley hood or up over the top impression ninja tiles I so sick thank you [Music] Aria claims issues paddleboard and she’d stop and check to this dude it’s amazing I’ll actually think the blue is good huh no I’ve had one it’s hard to eat if to post it okay that’s it we’re gonna redesign okay this is a big moment in the great british swim that’s because this is the first time since Margate that I’m attempting to swim without duct tape or plasters just Luba [Music] it’s been an amazing week clocked up many miles Devin’s been amazing but Cornwall has come out in force I’m reg Lee and this has been [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Tomorrow we are getting a live update from Ross #Rhinoneck Edgley! Tune in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlArmODOO0o #TheGreatBritishSwim

  2. Doing awesome Ross!! Meeting you at body power was inspiring and you have motivated me to plan my own adventure "the great British bike off" to raise money for charity! Keep it up dude!

  3. you are still the craziest guy i ever hear about ! thanks for being such an inspirational source! (all song and footage are amazing too)

  4. Ross, I literally can't put into words how incredible you are! Every time I check your tracker I think "Dang, he still has such a long way to go, even though he's already been doing this nonstop for x amount days!" The amount of motivation and positive attitude you keep showing though is really something special. I honestly have no idea how you do it. Just know that I have a MASSIVE amount of respect for what you're doing. Keep it up, Ross! Stay strong!

    Also, have you considered getting some swimming headphones for when you're out there?

  5. Do Ross set himself some restrictions like not using a face mask? Because using one of those full-face mask with a scuba on top it might end the medusa's problem

  6. Good luck with your challenge in this scorching heat. Gonna need all the luck you can get my brudda. You can do it ???

  7. Yesterday, i struggled walking up a hill and nearly gave up but then i remembered ross is swimming around england. I then had the motivation and energy to make it and i am proud.

  8. Keep it up rhino neck! You are doing amazing considering everything that has happened so far! Best of luck on the rest of your journey.

  9. Ross you are an inspiration. I just hiked 40km in 24 hours over mountain sides in Greenland, because of you. If you dont give up, nothing can stop you. Keep going we are cheering for you.

  10. Top effort from you – Glad to see you with the P2000s, mostly students on their summer break! I'm sure they were as chuffed to see you as you were to see them

  11. Holy shit m8 this is fucking amazing, like fuck ahahaha. So bloody proud of you for this, just being so motivated and happy with what your doing – something that people would never consider in their lives to commit to. I'm going back to the gym tomorrow morning, because if you can do all of this with a smile on your face, then I can get up and change my life too. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation from your contagious positive attitude to almost anything and from committing to this journey. Good luck m8, sending love from NZ ?

  12. Why do I feel like he's gonna be knighted by the queen after this I mean this is insane how much he's putting into this

  13. I'm trying to think of words to describe the feeling I get when I watch your videos. Inspiration, motivation, strenght, compassion… None of those words are enough. it's much more power than that. I cant explain it. All I can think to say now is, you the Man Ross. You the Man

  14. Ross with the biggest respect for what you are doing, but will you do a separate episode of how you suffer? Because those positive videos with only some of the painful moments doesnt really describe how much you have to go through to swim something like this and it is also will help understand people what kind of inhuman will and dedication you need to have to complete Great British Swim 🙂 Cheers, keep on making history 🙂

  15. your doing great keep on fighting 🙂 my question why didnt you start in the north isnt it an harder swimm there?

  16. Hay bro can i just say im am sooooo inspired by you and so impressed with your will to do it thx good luck #rhinoneck #YouCanDoThis

  17. You are simply a beast! Also a nice guy too! Keep it up! You make me appreciate doing my swimming in beautiful Michigan. The unsalted fresh coast has no jellies, but swimming in it is no small feat either, to do what your doing is freaking amazing!!! Go rhino go!!!

  18. Do you have a filmer/editor on the boat 24/7? Or is the footage sent to land

    Wicked series, following it all the way. I live in North Devon (where the Knights are from) hopefully he’ll be passing soon

  19. You can get a jellyfish cream, a bit like suncream but for jellyfish. It was invented for someone who did a similar long distance swim like this. I can't remember what its called as I read about when I read about the swim which was in america. I think free divers sometimes use it? It might be called safe sea??

  20. Hey Ross I am one of ur biggest crazy fan.. I love u and do complete the challenge… ?
    #India, following u from a part of a big world!! All the best may god be with you!!

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