He Broke My Leg At KSI’s Soccer Event (serious injury)

He Broke My Leg At KSI’s Soccer Event (serious injury)

Yeah. No, Will’s not nasty guy– [laughs]
That is … that’s amazing. Boys and girls, we just landed in London,
but before I start my vlog, I really need to get some food.
During my 11-hour flight this was the only thing on my mind.
First place I had to pull off, you already know. Oh my– Guys, I just dog the joint. Off Camera: Are you RiceGum?
RiceGum: Naaah. Yo, guys, I’m in London for two days. I just want to see if I’m international or not. RiceGum: Hey, yo.
Passerby:Why you in England? RiceGum: Cause I’m out here.
Passerby: WTF is this? You guys are confusing me. RiceGum: No, no, but I got a question:
is man’s global or not? Passerby: Yeaaah.
RiceGum: Ayy! Passerby: What is this though? Why you just chillin’ there? RiceGum: Bro, we’re on the run. Check the news in America is bad. Bro, yo, drive. Drive. We’re on the run. RiceGum: Nah, but a lot of you viewers are part, like, this guy… Yo, look at these guys. What the — yo, man’s is really international. See that kid there?
I’m wondering if man’s is global / international. Can you ask him if he knows who RiceGum is? Am I international or not?!
Or are all my fans in America? Like, I need to know. FaZeKay: Do you know RiceGum? FaZeKay: Do you know RiceGum?
Passerby: What the hell? RiceGum: I think he knows–
FaZeKay: I think he knows RiceGum! Passerby: Yo! Really?! FaZeKay: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you know RiceGum? RiceGum: Yo, come here.
Yo, you want some free candy? Passerby: Yeah, sure. RiceGum: Yo, hop in the back.
[laughing] Alright, guys, this is kind of weird because I started my video yesterday when I went in London and I ended up, like, taking a lil nap. I woke up and went to the club because, you know, I’ve never been to a London club and I just wanted to experience it but, like, I couldn’t vlog in there so that’s why there’s, like, really not much content.
But, guys, tell me why this club had a random midget just serving drinks?
It was kind of lit, but look, you guys know how those kids on the street were, like, mad confused and just surprised that I was in London because, like, you would find me in L.A. You guys are prolly like, “RiceGum, why are you in London?” Well, my boy KSI, you guys know my boy KSI, man, he has like, some charity soccer event. You guys know me, man, I love that charity positivity. You know, doin’ something good, you know what I’m saying? So, we’re here in London, we’re actually about to go right now, but before we get to the fun stuff, let me actually show you guys my, uh, hotel room what we’re working with: okay view, not bad, we got a little wooden table going on.
Look at this flat-screen TV! Okay, yo, KSI making sure we’re good! Bed lookin’ nice. KSI taking care of us in London. [chill beat playing] Yo, that shit’s platinum. That shit went platinum. Yo, we out here, man, we on our way to the stadium No, charity work, sorry, no man we — Alright, guys, we just got here. Last meal before we enter the battlefield.
DramaAlert: I’m scared, I’ve never played before, but you know, I’m s–
RiceGum: You need to score a touchdown. DramaAlert: Yes, 100%! RiceGum: You need a three-pointer, he needs a home run, and he’s getting a touchdown. Let’s get it! Alright, so I believe the fans are outside. Yo, do you think the fans know who I am? DramaAlert: Dude, I don’t think anybody knows you. RiceGum: Yeah, cause we’re in another country. I just feel like they won’t know me. DramaAlert: Film in front of the fans, makes them crazy.
RiceGum: Alright, go, go go. [cheering fans] Fan: Please, can I take a picture? Please please!!
RiceGum: Alright, fine. I love you guys. [cheering fans]
RiceGum: Man, these guys are showin’ love. Damn, yo, we really on the field right now. I don’t know what’s going on over there…
Hey, I see that. We need to zoom in on that. DramaAlert: Should I start a chant: “F*ck the Pauls”? RiceGum: Do it, do it, do it. DramaAlert: Nah, not in front of kids. Homer: Boooring! Alright, guys, I’m here on the field right now.
The weather’s dope, the fans showing love, it’s kind of a packed house. I don’t know what’s really going on here. I think these guys are like warming up. I mean, I think I should just squeeze in. Once again, I don’t play this sport, but you know, I’m always about trying new things. Yo, we was just practicing and someone really gotta sprinkle up the place. Come on. My man’s from Dubai is out here.
“What’s up? What’s up? Boom!” We in London, baby, we in London right now! Yo, the game’s about to start soon, we’re warming up. I did not fly here to lose it. I did not fly here to not score a goal. Boy, you ugly. Hey, if you make this, you can have my YouTube channel. comedygamer: Seriously?! …Ok. [tense, dramatic music] Oooh, oh my god! Nooo. Yo, bro, are you about to go swimming?
You about to do a science experiment? [laughing] comedygamer: No, I’m wearing these like this. RiceGum: Why, you about to go underwater?
comedygamer: Yeah 11 Minutes Later Alright, guys, we just got done warming up. We ’bout to get in there. These guys still warming up cause they need it. I don’t know why they’re wearing red, I’m not sure what set they reppin’, but I didn’t fly all the way here to lose. I just really didn’t. And this guy is on live TV or something, I’m trying to sneak in… Hi, momma! RiceGum: Alright, so what’s the game plan?
“Score more goals than them.” RiceGum: Okay.
“That’s it.” RiceGum: Good shit. Here we go.
“Opponent’s starting goal. RiceGum: Boom.
“Gonna have Josh, Harry, and Ethan…” RiceGum: Boom, boom, boom.
“Sorry, Ethan, Harry…” “Toby and Rice playing, like, attacking.” RiceGum: So, I’m this guy.
“Yeah.” RiceGum: Alright, let’s get it! Let’s get it!
[cheering] [indistinguishable talking in background] RiceGum: What are you doing?
“What happened?”
RiceGum: What are you doing? “I’m getting ready. I gotta get into the zone.”
RiceGum: It’s not that serious… RiceGum:Your phone’s not even…they’re not even plugged in. RiceGum: Bro… It’s for charity.
“Why you showing it? Chill out.” Broadcaster: Oh and there’s a miss. Broadcaster: Swing and a miss from RiceGum Broadcaster 1: That is… Broadcaster 1: …that’s amazing. Broadcaster 2: I hope he’s alright to be honest. Broadcaster: Oh and it’s RiceGum Broadcaster 1: My God. Broadcaster 2: Beautiful disguise pass there. Broadcaster: Oh, oh no. RiceGum: We got an easy W!
DramaAlert: Bro, I’m tellin everyone, and I proved it today, I’m fast as [censored beep]. Easy. RiceGum: Yo, go to the replay, he’s fast! Fan: Uhm, can you sign my shoes? RiceGum: Which ones?
Fan: These. RiceGum: Bro, look at these shoes.
DramaAlert: Oh shit, the off white? RiceGum: Bro, these shoes aren’t cheap. These are off white! Wait, how old are you? Fan: Uh, 12.
RiceGum: A 12-year-old has some expensive shoes. I’m confused. Passerby: I’m confused… RiceGum: And he wants me to sign it. I don’t want to ruin it though, bro. Fan: I don’t care. DramaAlert: The youngest UK flexer of the century! [indistinguishable talking in background] DramaAlert: Daaaamn.
Fan: Rice! RiceGum: Young as you can, flex it.
DramaAlert: Wait, you didn’t want me to sign it? Fan: Huh?
DramaAlert: You didn’t want me to sign it? [sad melody playing] RiceGum: Yo, what’s your Instagram?
Fan: Uhm, it’s _rocco.evans. Everyone go add it. Word! [censored out] [electronic beat playing]

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  1. If you broke your leg than how come you played the rest of the game also carrying your team wtf you didn’t even score one goal

  2. Omg willne broke your leg?

    Sick! Go do some more soccer matches with him I wanna watch him break more of your bones!

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