Harvey Weinstein: Sexual assault in 2017 | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Harvey Weinstein: Sexual assault in 2017 | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The fall of Harvey Weinstein and other celebrity
sex monsters feels like a cultural turning point. There is a new resolve to make the workplace
a more respectful and equitable place for women—for everyone. But there is also a bit of panic in the air,
which could ruin the moment. That’s coming up next on the Factual Feminist. In light of the recent scandals, companies
everywhere are updating their harassment policies to bring them in line with 21st Century standards
of dignity and respect. This is a welcome development. But there are a few worrisome signs. Remember Vice President Pence’s rule about
never eating alone with a woman? That was widely mocked as prissy just a few
months ago. But now, in the aftermath of the scandals,
many think his rule–intended to protect women from men, and men from false accusations–has
been vindicated. But whatever the intention—these rules take
us backwards. And everyone loses—especially women. Young women need the support and mentorship
of male supervisors, and in many industries this means the kind of late-hour collaboration
that have always been there for young men. But calls for instituting the Pence rules
aren’t the only manifestation of a new puritanism. Christmas parties and happy hours are now
under a cloud. According to the New York Times, in some workplaces
“open bars are being replaced with game zones.” Politico labor policy editor Timothy Noah
suggests we could limit sexual harassment by making meetings with anyone behind closed
doors a fire-able offense. Such suggestions are silly and infantilizing. We need rules to rid us of creeps—not a
sex panic. A quick reality check is in order: There are
about 151 million men and women in the US workforce. And, despite recent scandals most of them
appear to be working together in relative harmony. They manage to hold meetings, plan product
launches, attend conferences, travel, and even attend parties where libations are served, without incident. Occasionally they do fall in love. According to a Stanford sociologist, between
16 and 19 percent of married people met their spouse at work. Most of the sensational cases in the media
involved high profile men working in unusual environments– with little or no accountability. Companies with strong leaders who encourage
civility and respect are far less likely to have a problem. They do need to have a clear policy against
harassment, and a system for reporting bad behavior. Federal laws against sexual harassment were
enacted to protect workers from pervasive, severe bullying, coercion, or extortion. They are not meant to be social purity codes. Our current great awakening should not devolve
into the Great Sex Panic of 2017 Speaking of panic—I’m also worried about
male bashing and witch hunts. Soon after the Weinstein scandal broke, an
anonymously sourced “Shitty Media Men” list began circulating on social media. The blacklist accuses more than 70 male journalists
of sexual harassment. But the charges range from “weird lunches”
to rape. The informants collapse important distinctions
between criminal predation and unwelcome flirtation. The men couldn’t defend themselves- and
anyone who tries can be accused of not believing victims—even anonymous ones. The blacklist received criticism—especially
from leftists who pointed out the dangers. They can destroy innocent lives. But some prominent feminists dismissed criticism
as “backlash.” Writer Roxane Gay disparaged “all the hand-wringing
about …the ethics of anonymous disclosure.” She suggested all men confess to “how they
have hurt women in ways great and small.” Now this male-adverse feminism is not mainstream, but its influence is growing. Not only is it wrong to tar half of humanity,
but condemnation of all men will hurt a necessary and worthy cause. A recent NBC/WSJ poll found that a majority
of men say they are now more likely to speak out if they see sexist mistreatment
in the workplace. Let’s not squander this moment, which is
a profound opportunity for women and men of good will to speak honestly and work together
to begin to write the next chapter in the quest for equality
and dignity. I welcome your comments. If you appreciate this video please subscribe to the series, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

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  1. Innocent until proven guilty? Let's just do away with laws and courts and find people guilty because they are accused of something.

  2. This is the result of exageration of women, by confusing flirting with harrasment, men losing their jobs and careers for old ways to flirt is not fear. I wish all that women speaking easily for an event of a hug or a sligth touch loose the support of men in their career…extremism in femenism is so dangerous. I'm moderate, and not agreed with the current events

  3. Too much risk, too little reward. It’s simply easier to have no interaction with any woman for any reason at any time.

  4. Laws didn't change? women continue bashing and confusing things that are natural? you still want equality? No thank you, i prefer christian women that don't want a single life and understand that house wife is a job that makes the house of the family look good and presentable and makes great impressions. No more of this equality bullshit, we're done, it's irritating, equal opportunity on work, sure, but everyone is equal my ass, we're different and that's a good thing, because there's beauty in diversity, until every stops with the equality bullshit, it's not happening we're good

  5. Western Women are not women.They are mentally ill creeps to stay away from. Any guy in his right mind won't mess with them.He should either go to a more traditional area to find a life mate or stay single. If a man intends to love his wife and keep his self respect and pride in taking care of his household just STAY AWAY FROM WESTERN WOMEN. Let them rot away and die off.

  6. i donnt know if you made a video, but i would like a video about facts and myths on rapers and sexuals assaults, by the perspective of what we known about the psychology of the criminal, i heard in some feminist that the problem of rapes are patriarchy education, but as i know, the raper could be an eucated male, who know that rape is against the law, and is a crime that affect the victim, in fact it is the drive that he encounter in rape, the satisfaction of submission of the victim and suffering, so , how are the facts today and what we know about , rapers and sexual assaulters?( sorry about errors in grammar or spelling im not from a native english speaking country )

  7. Notice the examples she uses are all Democrats? Weinstein, Spacey, Franken. No mention of serial groper and Peeping Tom President Donald Trump, Fox News executive Roger Ailes, or Fox's former top show host Bill O'Reilly. Where was #MeToo when those guys were being called out?

  8. miss summers is the most acurate and reallistic feminsit.. i cannot understand that this women isnt listened to by most nowadays "feminists.." (in quotes because i doubt those are the same form of feminsit as miss summers.)

  9. Funny i can respect a older logic speaking sound minded female with valid concerns n points versus your a male so your a racist, rapist, sexist, biggot by birth alone.

  10. You can look on Harvey and interpret his actions as using seclusion. THis could be interpreted as closetting his own actions, implying that he knew his behaviour was inconsistent with social norms. And alternative way of looking at it, is treating it as entitlement. The obvious how of his entitlement is that power means that men and women try to get in your favor. I'd note Ellen Pompeo indicated when she met him, she batted her eyelids a lot. This is minor obviously, but acknowledged that some women out of the hundreds of actresses would have flirted (ie. signalled sexual interest) as a means to get industry action. It's got to warp his perceptions of humankind if everyone (lets say 98%) seems interested and sycophantic. To care about consent, you have to be rejected to need a model of other people's desires being real.

    I think we're only partially examining the structures of meaning, circumstance and effects that produced HW. I think he was living in an artificial world where a lot of people enabled him in small ways that built up the social environment. I additionally think he's a function of a sex obsessed culture. A lot of his power can be reduced to a) glamorous wives ie sexual success b) spent time with people who are professionally attractive.

  11. Just whip up a fake Media sexual-harassment shit-storm about the man at work whose job you covet, but can't get through your own merit or personal effort….and bang! Almost guaranteed ostracism and/or dismissal for the man, and promotion/victim status for the woman. Great. Perhaps men should get together in similar corrupt little conspiracies…..and get the favourite obnoxious, entitled, and mediocre Feminist fired for….sexual harassment. Just once….just so we can watch the garbage tsunami that follows!

  12. 1:30 "Making closed-door meetings with ANYONE a fire-able offense". Sounds like the complete absence of trust. Would make for a very paranoid world.

  13. I respectfully disagree with the notion that we should try to avoid having the Metoo blow itself out of proportion. I think we should have a massive catastrophe simply so that people, including and especially Radical feminists can see just where their actions and beliefs lead.

    Then perhaps, with this horror in their memory, people can finally calm down and realize how important it is to get along by understanding each other instead of making mountains out of mole hills, redefining words to include lesser crimes in greater crimes (eg: unwanted contact being the same as rape etc) and claiming that we should all believe women regardless.

    In other words let it burn and perhaps the scars left will remind us not to let it happen again. Yes I am being a misanthrope.

  14. Feminism is puritanical. That much is obvious. I'm sure it won't be long before women have a curfew for "protection", and require a male escort at all times for "protection". Pretty sure that it a curfew for men was actually proposed by somebody at one point.

    Soon women will be liberated! /s

  15. Puritanism is intrinsic misogynistic.
    You cannot have a Victorian Puritanism withot women being putting down.

  16. I am composing a "Stupid Twat List", comprised of names women who have acted in any sort of oppressive/prejudicial/sexist manner. If you know any women guilty of this, please send {names, pictures, emails, addresses, phone numbers etc} along with a brief anecdote of the situation(s) where they have acted oppressive/etc to email: [email protected] In return for your contribution, you will receive a free copy of this soon-to-be coffee table book, as well as a picture of my wife's breasts and/or penis!

  17. There are plenty of feminist I refuse to listen to on social media simply because they tend towards the radical side. I find your channel to be a breath of fresh air. Subscribed and will continue to watch/listen. Thank you for your positive advocacy of both genders with actual facts and sensible arguments.

  18. The media always sensationalizes these stories. After 9/11, the terrorists were going to poison our water, engage in bio warfare, and nuke us with a dirty bomb.

    BTW, I love that the left doesn't get to claim the high ground on this issue. They're not the great defenders of women they claim to be.

  19. We millennial are afraid of each other. So we need to be treated like little children at a daycare by our companies that we work at

  20. Thank you for your voice. From the time that I was 12 and I'm 51 now I work to support my family I have never been racist never hit a woman never raped anybody never done any of the things that they are accusing me of today. So tired of hearing the hate dialogue coming at men. I would like to see them throw those nasty opinions they have at themselves, I have four daughters five granddaughters and they've all been poisoned by these lies

  21. Too late. Men are rapidly waking up that this is a "shell game", and are walking away from it. Minimal interaction, on an as-required basis. Other than that, enjoy your cats, ladies.

  22. On this #InternationalWomensDay, I've forwarded a few of the Factual Feminist's video to Twitter, Minds, and Gab to bring a more balanced and realistic perspective on sexual harassment and the gender pay gap

  23. Sorry, the Pence Rule is common sense for all men and boys. I have two boys and they are taught the Pence Rule. I fully accept your thesis, but men have to protect themselves. Sorry that's the 21st century. Oh by the way, don't be surprised when male small business owner's won't employ women for the same fears, the threat of "accusations" is very real and cannot be ignored.

  24. Girls, If you show your cleavage, your butt, or your legs, or you wear makeup, perfume, or camoflauge yourself in any way, or giggle, talk, or move in any way to attract the attention of males, you are GUILTY of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT, even if you think it wasn't your intention, or you just think all those are necessary for your self esteem. It's all Biological imperative, Female Human Primate MATING BEHAVIOR, and is at the core no different than prostitution.

  25. So is the solution that men are supposed to wait around, like the women used to, until a woman expresses interest? How do people feel about this idea? Historically women tended to let the man make the first move. Are women even comfortable doing that now?

  26. I'm Japanese and very uncomfortable with the American tradition of hugging, unless I'm involved romantically with that person. However, being born and raised in America, I realize it's an American tradition so I accept it. Like kissing, I believe in only kissing people I'm involved with romantically. On first or second dates, I perfectly fine with shaking hands. However, I find women wanting a kiss goodnight though we barely know each other so I'll kiss them on the forehead or cheek. I went to visit a friend whose wife told me he had already gone to work. The wife wanted to get something to eat so I agreed since we were all friends. While I waited for her to change, I read a magazine. I hear her speak to me and looked up. The bedroom door was open and it had a full length mirror. I could see her reflection. She was looking at me stark naked. I thought, "Boy is she stupid. Doesn't she realize if she can see me, I could see her?" and went back to reading. After dinner, I dropped her back at their apartment and left, just in case. An ex-girlfriend called me to tell me she had a birthday present for me and to pick it up. She was married and I helped her husband fix their car. When I arrived, she was in bed naked and said, "Here's your birthday present". A made the excuse I wasn't feeling well and left. I never felt I was sexually harassed or offended in anyway. I thought it was kind of funny.

  27. The problem is victims not speaking up when they are assaulted. This allows the predators to have many more victims for years.

  28. Condemnation of all men necessarily hurts many women: the men's mothers, the men's daughters, the men's sisters, the men's wives (when they're not the accusers), and, in general, straight women's mental health, for their internal conflict of being attracted to alleged monsters.

  29. My dad used to say you can smell a Conservative scam before you see it. My nose is twitching. She is getting paid for this tripe by the American Enterprise institute. A particilaly far right Trumpets lobby group funded by the worst sort of Republican views. Dont believe a word this Trump Monkey says. And thats from white guy.

  30. New feminists are full of shit…
    and women want equality only in the areas they want it… not on everything!! They should be forced to enroll and finish all the hard courses and hard jobs, and same long sentences for the same crimes, perhaps they can commit suicide in the same numbers as men do and not just make more attempts at it that fail, we men demand it to be equal too (of course this is hyperbole and sarcasm, so don't faint new feminists!!); and equally men should be given custody of their children, etc etc etc….. then we'll see how much they want equality.

    Most women who start careers with 80 hr work-weeks quit and decide they rather be "balanced" and have kids… this is clearly seen in a study (?) with female doctors who work a lot less, and are less available, for emergencies than their male counterparts… is it wrong to have a more "balanced" life?? Of course NOT!! But the situation's disparity is a result of the very very VERY different evolutionary demands between the two sexes, not the so called "social construct", which if it were true would be faded out long before now!!

    I own a business and if I could hire all women for 80 cents on the dollar to help the bottom line I WOULD, but of course I can't because it doesn't happen, I cannot hire a man to work and do a certain amount of work (especially physical work) and a woman who CAN DO THAT SAME PHYSICAL WORK and pay then differently, but if the woman at the end of the day does NOT have the numbers the men do what am I supposed to do?? Men are saints here with this issue though, because most of them will "understand" she's a woman and if the disparity is not too great they won't say a word, they even help her a bit; but women are fucking this up with all this new bullshit, I hadn't heard a man say Screw them, its everywhere they want equality, so let them be as productive as we are without help if they want equality… the women, mostly, in this job are pretty strong charactered and will not faint if the men say Hello or flirt with them a bit, they are pretty good at telling them to fuck off playfully and most most most men take the hint, so that is a plus there for women, but the disparity in wages is as it has been explained, most of the male workers are available and willing to stay for a few hours more to get the job done, women a lot LESS willing with their home demands and kids' demands, I don't (DON'T) hold it against them but this leads to them making less money, OF COURSE!!! I can't pay them for going home to take care of their kids or make dinner, or whatever they do while the guys stay behind finishing up!! So there the disparity right there!! I don't know if it is the same in other jobs like offices or factory production line situations, I am just talking about my situation…

    Should society be re-arrenged to fit these female demands and get paid for it?? Again, if that were possible, all my men would go home too if they got paid for THAT "job"…. the men I see are very clear that they stay and work longer to make more FOR TEHIR WIVES AND KIDS— it's always disheartening big time and demoralizing to all there when it happens that one of them discovers that his woman is fucking someone else at home while he is working overtime!! And I can promise you there are no jokes there from the other guys, like they KNOW it could be them or something, we all shut the fuck up about it and it just gets a bit tense and more quiet for a few days… In one occasion the guy stopped coming to work and his friends went to his home and got his ass out of bed and out into the world, back to work since it is the best thing anyone can do in those situations. I am always impressed with the friendships they form in those close situations, I am their boss so I really can't do it, it's kind of uncomfortable for both sides, tough I tried it, and the next day is sort of weird at work taking orders from me, but I do notice it and admire it.

  31. Segregation of the sexes is the way forward in the workplace. Men must not be able to see a woman at work.

  32. And islam has always said that a man and women should not be alone together as the third would be the devil. So when men and women dnt shake hands together some cry 'sexism' well here u go u did it ur way and u got Harvey weinstein. Women have lost their mind

  33. I work somewhere it's 75% women, who constantly promote far-left ideas and their twisted view on "equality". Yet they call guys for "fuckboys"(equal to slut shaming), drool over some handsome guy who entered the office, shit talk behind people's backs, can't take a joke about a woman – while openly joking about men in a sexist way, and so on. If a guy even did 10% of their bad behaviour, he would be a "sexist pig", while their actions just goes on unquestioned and is all "ok". It's just so much hypocrisy.

  34. Penises like vaginas. Vaginas like penises. We just have to get the where, when, and with whom, better sorted.

  35. all I see is a massive movement dedicated to kill , destroy , tortured ans enslave men, especially white men. the evidence are clear. just imagined conversations like that about all the manipulations and the lives women destroyed completely for some minor things or by the family court or by preferring women in jobs , you will think all men are hating women, but the truth is that you have endless conversation, tv programs , articles , laws , movies , books and what not just having "conversations" about how men are so bad and evil. and when you say that , you are being accused that you are a misogynist, that you are a white privileged man, that you are oppressor and worse of all , they will demand you to tell them "how you treated women badly" as if women treating men with kindness. I have seen a lot more evil and cruel women than men. all the the news stories make women think that a man is a walking rapist or killer or a women hater or a chauvinist. this world is so fucked up, but soon there will be a backlash and it will be justified

  36. I think a whole lot of people don't stop to think about the unintended consequences of making a new rule. Most of time, when a new rule is based on emotion rather than thoughtful, honest, objective, and methodical dialogue, the rule will end up causing more harm than good. That is exactly what is going to happen with the #metoomovement

  37. Dear fuck… I was going to say.. I wish you'd look back at this video given recent happenings…. and talk about them, but oh my it's been such a short time.

    Though, it honestly worries me that it's been less then a year and this has gone almost nuclear.

    while I may not see eye to eye with what ya say from topic to topic, I will say I have only respect for how you carry your self & your words, & yes I would lie a full retrospective more about the 'worries' you brought up, and just what you honestly think about that path to get where we are.

  38. I oppose BS. I am so discouraged, depressed and angry about the feminist gender propaganda that permeates mainstream media especially TV and popular culture in Canada & the U.S. That’s why I love and support the Factual Feminist. Telling it like it is with facts. However, I think we’re losing the war. These feminist myths and propaganda are relentless and never cease. I share the “Factual Feminist” on Twitter but nobody seems to watch the videos or care about hearing the facts. No one ever likes my Factual Feminist tweets or retweets them. More women like yourself need to appear on mainstream media like TV to counter balance the overwhelming relentless flood of Feminist B.S. and that’s not happening. Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared himself a feminist. What kind of feminist? I think he’s officially bought into all the gender propaganda you’re trying to oppose and correct with facts. What do you do when your Prime Minister buys the B.S.? Keep doing what you’re doing but I fear it’s a lost cause until more people in the mass media and cultural institutions buy into the facts and begin to speak out in support of the evidence based conclusions like the Factual Feminist.

  39. This creep offered actresses progression in their career for sexual favours. They either accepted (basic prostitution) or told him to f-off! The ones who agreed and entered into this secret contract panicked when the cat got out of the bag and it went public, so decided to shout out loud that they were hurt also. This was their attempt to deflect from them the fact that they had basically accepted this guys behavior for progression in their career and were in effect, women with low morals willing to do anything to get ahead. What a shocker eh?

  40. I'm not sure it's a sex panic. For as long as I can remember the rules were (1) NEVER be alone with a female in your office with the door closed. (2) if you had to go to her office, stand in the doorway if at all possible; if not, then stay in plain sight of the doorway. I don't ever remember working late, alone, with a female, only other males or in groups. (3) DON'T TOUCH. (4) don't compliment her person only her work related actions (5) no jokes, not even squeaky clean ones and (6) treat her like another guy except watch the language, no war stories and only engage in work related discussions.

    As for having dinner with a woman not your wife, I never thought about it before Pence brought it up, but I realized that I've never had dinner, alone, with a woman not my wife. The one time I was on an overnight business trip, alone, with a woman of comparable age, I didn't even go to dinner. I ate in my room.

  41. Factual Feminist – You are a voice of reason and I salute you. If our western civilization is going to turn back to reason, it will only be through the voices of women since men have been effectively silenced. Unfortunately, reason is not getting funded. As an adult male, I have opted out of the dangerous arena of being social with women. The air is charged with fear, and the teeth of our system is mindless of who it devours. Perhaps we could make a safer environment for everyone if 1. It is made illegal for women to wear make up – 2. new laws mandate that women and only women can initiate romantic protocol – & 3. all other laws become unbiased on the basis of sex or gender. Until these things happen, I myself will be more safe practicing the philosophy of MGTOW. To hell with the future of our civilization by coupling & procreating, its just too dangerous. Its bad enough to bring another soul into the hell that this earth is, let alone if that new life happens to be a male – who must be utilitarian, disposable, and a 2nd rate citizen on top of it all.

  42. Some common sense  thank goodness. Harvey Weinstein was sexually  corrupt around so many available women.The women knew what was going on, but went along with it. Why?

  43. Most feminists tend to always have an angle to keep a more watchful eye on male action and therefor continuing the trend of focusing the bad energy on men and the positive energy on women. Ergo, women are victims and men are monsters. They like statistics if it serves their feminist overlords and their cause. I think tht feminism creates or at least pushes an "us vs. them"-mentality. At very least the modern kind of the movement. Such a mindset is toxic to both genders.

  44. Harvey is a horrible Human Being. But if a women only comes forward 30 years later…it is because she wants to destroy a person. That is not being strong that mean. There is true sexual mean spirited men and women. NOT all are guilty.

  45. The way you speak it seems that there is a rape culture in the workforce with newly enlightened men more than willing to dob in a pervert. What no one is willing to admit is there are women who do use their sexuality, the casting couch, if you will, to get to the top. What about them?

  46. I know what you're talking about here. I've been a supervisor for a few women and I've never had a discussion with any of them behind closed doors. The fear is always there, they could destroy my life with just an accusation. It's hard because I can tell they don't get the benefit of my experience as much as my guys do which makes me worry about favoritism which makes our interactions even more awkward. It's a death spiral of negativity.

  47. you know the word feminist used to leave a bad taste in my mouth but ever since I've seen your work you and videos you have reminded me what respect I used to have for the word and I thank you.

  48. lets face it, we as males have it in our genes to get attracted to a woman, and make advances to her, and women have it in their genes to take a liking to it, or not, and as nature demands, we are all out to find a partner, but for men now to have to take the risk of being demonised for exactly doing as nature demands, just because the lady does not like you? that sucks, at the same time, I must say that the advances by the males should be dignified, and nothing else, but as a man, you just have no idea anymore do you?, I tell you, it really sucks nowadays, and personally, I would stay right away from women, if I were young again, I would rather pay for sex if that is what I needed

  49. Rape and sexual assault are crimes that should be separate from gender politics. These crimes can happen to any gender and should be taken seriously no matter who it was committed against. The issue is that they aren’t taken seriously in the judicial system, that’s what needs reformation.

  50. You spoke very little about the HW accusations- are you using it as clickbait?

    If a woman chooses to have sex to further her career or gain advantage, how is it legitimate for me to stop it? Her hody, her choice etc…who gives me the right to make decisions for her?

  51. Did C. H. Sommers say "shitty"? I do not know how to feel about that.

    Just kidding. I am actually really bad sweating anyway so I cannot tease her for it. Jokes aside, I loved your video. Keep it up!

  52. The me too movement is nothing but the same women's movement rehashed over and over and over. Women will always be in second place when it comes to intellect, physicality and relational skills so they will always be having these stupid movements as regularly as their bowel movements.

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  55. CHS has missed an extremely important part of this whole topic: punishment for false allegations. Any woman can destroy any man with just an unjustified claim. This is ethically and morally wrong. I'd go so far as to call it evil. There can be no forward progress in male/female relations as long as unpunished false allegations are allowed to continue. The cost will be men retreating from anything to do with women. Note that men are net providers of resources to society. Women are net takers of resources. Men retreating will not end well. Women/society/government will find themselves starved for resources. Unfortunately, men's trust has been lost and won't come back any time soon. I don't see any good solutions.

  56. You forgot to mention that it has been positively rumored that many of the woman who slept with Harvey (and other influential men) did so willingly, happily and knowingly to get favor and/or parts in movies. This would not be an isolated case. Why has toxic feminism been left out of the video…..just sayin ?

  57. we are reaching a time now where its just not good to have opposite sexes working together.just hire one or the other

  58. Might want to mention that many small business now are very very scared to hire a woman unless it is absolutely an emergency. I think it’s horrible that’s happened. I think I saw this coming and now it’s happening and hurting the whole nation as a result. All because of a tiny percentage of women, has put on businesses on such high alert, that only a fool would not acknowledge the increased risk of a lawsuit. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or false, just the sheer mention of a lawsuit now sends the whole place a running. It’s a very real risk and a costly risk as well. With a wife and two daughters it saddens me to no end. Well, In closing I am just stating facts. Like it or not doesn’t matter. I would suggest that the way less than 1 percent of the radical feminist is costing the ENTIRE nation to bear a cross much bigger than it ever deserved. I know, certainly sexual abuse happens. Additionally I know that false claims are made and then settled prior to court due to cost. I have personally seen two of such settlements, by innocent people, to people that well, let’s say they certainly aren’t innocent whatsoever. I wish the law would step in here. We need a culture of valid cases with the false ones not being rewarded but instead prosecuted. Others see how this works and I sincerely worry about the opportunist will seek to capitalize on such. We should walk a very fine and taught on this, less the whole nation will suffer as a result.

  59. The problem with Hollywood specifically is that people who go to Hollywood are damaged humans with no self-esteem or self-respect. If you're a star, the line of women who show up, willing to be whoever you want them to be, is virtually endless. It's impossible to have respect for people who have no respect for themselves. And if you're a damaged, low self-esteem man yourself, then the willingness of women to do this for you makes them disgusting, and you become misogynistic. Fucked up people meet fucked up people, are we're surprised it goes bad?

  60. Although I applaud these videos by Christina Hoff Sommers, as usual, I have my own, hominist take on these issues. It is based not on the ideological inclusion of knowledge, but on the ideological exclusion of knowledge.

    In all of these cases, women never include all the women who benefit from male sexual advances. They just include those sexual advances that misfire.

    Yet the exclusion of facts is as much a lie as the inclusion of false facts. Thus the well-known jury oath, "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." The operative words here are "the WHOLE TRUTH."

    Feminists never really address THE WHOLE TRUTH and to that degree they are counterfactual. It's as if a person accuses another of hitting him, but omitting the fact that he mugged the person before he was assaulted.

    The fact is, there must be far more numerous romances started by men in the workplace that women benefit from without doing anything except wearing a short skirt, stiletto heels and batting painted eyes. Feminists ignore these instances, based on the feminist premise of female entitlement. That is, women are entitled to be sexy, to attract men, to date the more aggressive or most powerful man in the organization whenever they feel like it. After all, they're fulfilling the CEO's dream to date her, so it's really the opposite of harassment.

    No it's not. It's still harassment, because it compromises both men and women, in what hominism calls intersectional sexism. By dating her boss, the woman is compromising other women in the workplace both professionally and sexually. Less desirable women are overlooked for promotion, for one example, so the boss can "reward" his mistress with that position instead.

    In addition, if one woman is compliant to a boss's sexual overtures, it compromises other women by normalizing such sexual transactions in the workplace. In this way, other men think to do the same thing, such setting up a mimetic code in the workplace where all male superiors lay claim to the next female employee in the same way, down the male pecking order. "The boss is not interested in her, so I'll make my move."

    This is true of college romances too. When a co-ed dates her prof, other profs get the idea that all co-eds are potential affairs. Feminists never mention these affairs. They only mention the one co-ed who was "harassed." Never mind the thousands who exploited their sex to get a crash course in sex and the humanities or the sciences.

    The "intersectional" impact of these affairs are similar in any organization or institute. The male students lose out as the male prof favors his co-ed, less desirable but more intelligent female students lose out with lesser grades or less extravagant reference letters, and, of course, intersectional sexism impacts the older, multiparous wife of the prof or the company CEO, who, after giving her husband 4 wonderful children, is tossed aside for some 19 year old who appeared in class in hot pants and sat in the front row.

    In one highly publicized case, Julie Chen dated the married Les Moonves at CBS. Moonves was president (or Chair) and CEO of CBS and Chen's career almost certainly advanced through their relationship. Yet Moonves was married at the time. Both committed adultery. Fifty years ago that probably would have ended both of their careers, and certainly the woman's career.

    Feminists ignore these relationships. Yet how else do men in the pecking order get the idea that women are fair game in the workplace or in universities? If women were not complicit in these relationships, they would not exist at all. Surely Harvey Weinstein didn't come up with the idea by himself. He was raised in such a culture where female promiscuity in the workplace, in Hollywood, in universities, was the rule rather than the exception. All men had to do was risk rejection.

    That's why hominism insists on banning all GENDERED ATTIRE IN THE WORKPLACE. That means no more lipstick, no more mascara, stiletto heels.

    In radical hominism, the constitutive principle is GENDER BINARIES. All gender binaries inevitably lead to sexism.

    Women understood this when they protested the marital distinction for women, as Miss and Mrs, but not for men. Hence they proselytized the use of Ms. instead.

    Similarly, we have abolished Girl Wanted or Girl Friday ads and some try to balance the generic "he" with a generic "she," or variants, such as s/he, etc.

    So how is it possible that feminists put all their effort into abolishing gender binaries in these areas but ignore the gender binaries of dress, which is far more visible and tangible and polarizing than the use of the generic "he" or addressing a woman as Miss. No man gets an erection by calling a woman Miss or by using the generic pronoun "he." But many men do get erection when they see stiletto heels, a woman's painted lips, nylons, a slit dress, cleavage, or exposed thighs.

    Yet feminists ignore this far more important gender binary. The reason is consistent throughout feminism. Whatever gives a woman power is ignored. Only what gives a man is power is considered sexist. Hominism intends to change how we view these issues.

    Finally, ALL ROMANCES IN THE WORKPLACE SHOULD BE A BASIS FOR DISMISSAL OF BOTH PARTIES, the man and the woman, regardless who started it. That would do more to achieve the eradication of sex harassment in our universities and workplace than all the feminist pretensions of the #MeToo movement, when many of the woman in that movement still continue to paint their faces in absurd dollface minstrelsy and pedomorphic or pediomorphic affectations, presenting as a naughty child or a painted doll, unsteadily ambulating in stiletto heels like a toddler and batting heavily painted eyelashes like a doll, even while discussing the #MeToo or #TimesUp hashtags.

    One of these hypocrites, even after the Harvey Weinstein allegations, appeared at an awards show in a see-through dress. Years later she justified it by saying that was her way to show the producer what a piece of meat looks like!

    That kind of hypocrisy will no longer be tenable under hominism. All romances will be banned in our universities and workplace, and all gendered attire will be banned as well. If a woman is serious about her studies or her work, she doesn't need painted fingernails or stiletto heels or painted lips and eyes or miniskirts and nylons.

  61. No matter what you say or think about Mike Pence he was right & men will be wise to at least take a note of it, whether they follow it or not is obviously then up to them.

  62. I have been following the Pence rule for about the last 20 years (I'm in my 40s). No closed door to office with anyone, especially a woman. And no private meetings or dinners, etc. I love Christina Hoff Summers, but she seems to be missing a key point when she says "Millions of men and women are working together no problem." And that point is this: All it takes is one BS accusation to ruin a man's life and take away everything he has spent his entire life building. No thanks. I prefer the Pence rule.

  63. It is easy to say what she says when no one would accept a sexual harassment charge against her as credible. A man is never given the benefit of the doubt, and even when cleared, his name has been dragged through the mud enough to permanently tarnish his reputation. The Pence rule is the only logical conclusion. It is easier and safer to avoid a landmine field altogether than it is to try to deal with the aftermath of walking through them. There is a consequence to having all sorts of sexual harassment training and laws. You don't just impose laws and regs and then tell everyone to carry on as normal. The perps have been found, you are left alone at work, and feminists like her still aren't happy. This is feminisms fatal weakness, it rejects the notion that women's actions should have consequences. Try having your life ruined, try having to hear every single year that you better watch your P's and Q's around the opposite sex (because SH training is really aimed at men), and see how you might respond. I'm betting a video like this would be redacted.

  64. regarding Harvey Weinstien I can't help but think that for women "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". I may be wrong but Harvey did not Rape a single women.
    I wonder if the Casting Couch stars did not partake in the transaction of consensual sex with Harvey.
    Also I love the quip by Joan Crawford when asked about the 'Casting couch" — she replied " It's better than the floor".

  65. Unfortunately, you’re being too optimistic. I do not see a good outcome from this game. Women are trying to put men in Zugzwang and those same men are now refusing to play. With very good reason.

  66. I just couldnt believe when feminist say they get rape/catcall/harrased/etc very often. Who the fuck willing to flirt or even rape a feminist. They're unlikeable at all. It's either (1) our definition of rape and harassment are so different, that may be they perceived greetings as rape, or (2) may be there is actually a man with such low standard willing to rape a feminist… unbelievable….

  67. I like you alot, Christina. But on this subject I have to disagree. Men need to be neutered at work. Leave your balls at the office door.

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