Handcrafted Ping Pong Paddles – Why Not?!

Handcrafted Ping Pong Paddles – Why Not?!

I’m starting by cutting veneers for each paddle These are cut with ease on my fully restored 1925 bandsaw The veneers are cut to a thickness of 3/32″ I’m using my wide belt sander to smooth the veneers and remove the saw marks from the bandsaw You can also use a hand plane or cabinet scraper to do this I use 3/16″ plywood for the paddle core This is a two part veneer glue made by Unibond 800 The tape helps hold the layers together so they don’t move during clamping The paper is used to prevent the two paddles from being glued together I made this template from 3/16″ plywood I use my spokeshave to clean up the edges Now I’m cutting out blanks for the handles, I’ve picked a walnut burl for this material The bandsaw marks are removed using my low angle jack plane This plane works exceptionally well on figured grain I cut the blanks to length(not shown) and then glue them on the paddles Here I’m trimming the handles to final length The handles get shaped using a rasp This is a card scraper which I use to remove any tearout or tool marks from the rasp Finally I sand the handles with the following grits 180, 220, 320, 0000 steel wool This one is Texas pecan And this one is mesquite Thanks for watching!

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  1. I find this very interesting but not for his workmanship which is fantastic. But I see a country boy aka red neck (texas boy) making an Asian game paddle. Beautiful! Caint play but white man caint jump or dance either lol.
    This white boy caint either lol. But I'm making them too.

  2. Best quality ping pong paddle


  3. I dunno why but i wanted to drink that brown shit he made in the beginning after he ran the wood through what i think was a plainer lol

  4. Everyone in this comment section is either an admirer of his woodworking or a triggered table tennis player and I love it cause I can relate to both.

  5. How much did you pay to get all those wood (not joking) because I want to make this btw by all those wood I mean all those. wood in your warehouse

  6. I have been playing table tennis for 17 years now, if you just add some carbon fibers and different wood composite I might be able to use your blade professionally:D

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    I have a slight intellectual disability
    I do tabletennis
    I have no money for bat you could send me 1 free
    address is wilgenlaan 10 middelstum 9991EC jeffrey kremer
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  8. Nice shop. What a great place to relax. A few questions. What are the woods used to make the blade and the glue mix you use to laminate them together. On the handle it seems you used a simple wood glue instead. A beautiful product. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Хуйня полнейшая,с такими станками и такую хуйню сделать, видно руки из жопы растут

  10. good job, it could be better if you pick up the correct combination of the materials. the materials for ping pong paddles are not just those random woods….. and your paddles need rubbers.

  11. Are you the guy out of Beorne TX? I believe my son watches you and he met you at Nordstroms at La Cantera one day ?. If you are the same guy my son loves your work.

  12. Hey great work, congrats.
    What glue did you use to apply the veneering? That brown one
    Thank you for sharing!
    And once more, congratulations for the work!

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