Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Special Episode~ English Sub HD

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Special Episode~ English Sub HD

August 15th, 2007 You! Hey, you! Stop right there! Don’t run! Stop! You! Hey! What is this? Ah! How nostalgic! I, Ashiya Mizuki, dressed up as a boy for one main reason to transfer from America to this school full of hotties known as Ohsaka Gakuen. And the real reason was for this high jumper who was hurt while saving my life, Sano Izumi, to jump again. But even though Sano’s injury has fully healed, he already shut off his heart and didn’t want to high jump again. That’s why, I, Nakatsu, Nanba-senpai and our other Dorm 2 friends joined school activities with three dorms competing on one hand, while protecting Sano with the other. Not before long, my big brother, who wanted to bring me back to America, told Sano everything. Soon after, Sano was determined to high jump once again. After that, Sano worked hard to redeem himself after his long absence. But on the flip side, I found out I actually do love Sano. But, because Sano successfully made the jump, I decided to return to America because my purpose was fulfilled. Just as I was about to leave the dorm, Nakatsu and Sano persuaded me to stay. So then the summer vacation school day has arrived. Thank you. Thank you! Yay! Yay! What is this? The ultimate boy school where only hotties can attend. I’m the only one who’s selling Ohsaka Gakuen hottie pictures! Moreover, today’s the only day they’re going back to school, so I’ll be out of pictures soon! You’re making money without our permission again? That voice… St. Blossom’s Hanayashiki Hibari with… Hibari Three! Eh? Isn’t it four? Be quiet Komari! Ah! You guys always piss me off. Our mission is to bring happiness to every single one of them… So cute! Eh? You’re so cute! Eh? Wait. Hey you… your e-mail address. Let’s exchange e-mail addresses. C’mon! Give it to me. What’s wrong? Hey! Senpai! Oh yeah! You guys haven’t heard this story before, right? Let’s see what happened during the last week of summer vacation. Anyway, I welcome the new school term without incident. I became a model, and I was also involved in Nakatsu’s cheating incident. Just like that, I spent precious time with Sano and my Dorm 2 buddies. Sano also broke his rival Kagurazaka’s record and won the district rally. I believed that this happiness would continue forever. But finally, everyone found out that I was a girl. Consequently, they felt that I betrayed them. Yet, thanks to their friendship, our ties were restored. Finally, I made the decision to return to America. After that, my Ohsaka Gakuen friends cheerfully sent me off. February 14th, 2008 Valentine’s Chocolate Contest! King of Hotties Battle Yes, yes, yes!
Today’s Valentine’s Day. Please give your chocolate as a gift to the boy who won your heart this year. Now, the contestants please enter! Tsubaki, the school principal will now make her speech. Tonight’s event, will be counted as final tallies of this year for our school. Your precious chocolates will be a vote. It’ll determine who will become the most popular “King of Hotties” this year. So, let’s start. It’s unbelievable that you would participate in this kind of event. Quiet. Get out! Get outta my way! It was destiny at first glance. Sano-sama! Ah!? Move! Non-standard chocolate is rejected! How can this be? How can you just reject my enormous love like that? Sano-sama! It’s impossible to escape from the hunter. Tennouji-sama. Kanna. Tennouji! Let’s go, Kanna. What are you waiting for? Aren’t we going out? Right? Eh? Is that right? EH!? How can you say that? Then I’ll give this to Semento-kun. It’s Sekime! You did that on purpose! Blushing? (Sekimen) I told you my name is Sekime! Thanks! I’m so happy! In reality, despite all these chocolates, you really want chocolate from only Mizuki, right? Not really. I don’t like to eat sweets anyway. You’re cool as usual. Ah. Come to think of it, I always wanted to ask you this. When did you actually realize that you loved Mizuki? Huh? It’s none of your business. You idiot. This IS my business. Was it when Mizuki’s brother came here? No. Then… When we were separated from the Home of the Sea? It was definitely when you asked her not to go back to America then! It wasn’t! It’s not hard to figure you out. Your nostrils always flare up when you’re lying. Flare! I’m just joking. Flare! I see… so, it was during that time… I haven’t made the jump… in front of you… on the official stage. So… Don’t go. No, wait! Maybe it was the time when Sano… Why didn’t you stop him? Mizuki did so much for you! So what if I had stopped him! He decided already. I don’t have the right to do anything. If you didn’t want to stop Mizuki from leaving at that time… Huh? So it was because of me after all! If you didn’t stop her from leaving… Mizuki and I… Mizu… I need to calm down. The topic this time is… the moment Sano fell in love with Mizuki. When the new semester began, he did say, “Don’t let people put their arms around your shoulders.” “We’re not lovers, idiot!” or something like that. He probably already cared for Mizuki at that point. I’m acting like a detective. I can’t possibly spend 2 hours on this kind of mystery. Sort of like famous detective: Nakatsu’s Household Account Book. If that’s the case, I don’t even need to be a famous detective. Back to the topic. Based on famous detective Nakatsu’s reasoning, the moment Sano fell in love with Mizuki… should be between this time and that time. The last week of summer vacation. At that point, I still didn’t know that… Mizuki was actually a girl. I’m Nakatsu Shuiichi. Somehow, somehow… I feel like the protagonist! Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
(Hottie Paradise) ~Graduation and Episode 7.5~ Translation: Kai200X
Timing: slaw and amrayu . Episode 7 Okay. You’re a really harsh guy! Nakatsu! Can you… stay here anyway? I still… want to enjoy… my high school life with you. So… don’t go. Thank you. But… Ah! Really… What “but”?! No “buts”! Sano… might have jumped, but… I… I haven’t jumped. I haven’t jumped yet. I haven’t made the jump… in front of you… on the official stage. So… Don’t go. Episode 7.5 Is it really a good idea for me to stay? Of course! I’m really happy. Yeah. So he IS the protagonist after all? Huh? Eh? Oh, nothing. This time we have a practice game on the last day of summer. So why don’t you come see the game? He didn’t even ask me to go. I-i-it’ll be alright even if you don’t come. But I think I’ll come to see it. Really? Okay, I got it. I’ll win the game on your behalf! He’d do it for Ashiya?! E-e-even though I said that… I meant I’ll win the game on everyone’s behalf. You really love soccer, huh? Yeah. You’ve known, that it’s my dream to be a pro, and to play in the World Cup. I didn’t even know that was your dream! Let’s head back. Scram! He’s scramming! Is that right… You broke up with Komari-chan. Well, you win some, you lose some. See you. Oh. I’m back… Ah! That’s… “For Sano” Thank you… Ah, I was hungry. Uh… What about the letter inside? Hm? Oh… How was the cookie? Ah… No taste, no scent. It had no taste at all. I see… But I don’t like sweets so this is fine. It’s too late to backtrack. But it’s kinda disgusting for a guy to be baking cookies. Disgusting…? Students of Ohsaka Gakuen. Please gather in the dining hall at once. Everyone! How was your summer vacation? Such a loud voice! Excuse me. This is my first appearance during summer vacation ever. Speaking of which, you didn’t show up at the “Home of the Sea” and the treasure hunt. That is correct! I will now announce the event for this time. Here. Baby! “A Summer Custom! Take Over Position Battle At The Pool!” Alright, alright, alright! And the prize for the winning dorm is… This! The MVPs will win free okonomiyaki for one year! We will win this battle. No way! It belongs to Dorm 3! No, Dorm 1 will win! Hey, Sano… Why… did you stop me from leaving? Looks like he’s asleep. “Infirmary” So you’re here because Sano stopped you? Is it really alright? Hey, help me. Who knows. Since you decided to stay, you better start looking. Eh? Look for things you should be doing at this school. Be it love, or be it studies. As long as you don’t give up halfway. Things I should be doing… That’s right. Nanba-senpai, what happened to you? Seriously… Sit down and let me give you some treatment. No. What I really need treatment for is… love sickness. Huh? Actually this morning… I met the woman of my destiny. She was blonde, daring, and packed a powerful punch. Don’t take me so lightly. She spoke weird Japanese. Ouch! But… she was so cute! Don’t reminisce and bleed at the same time. Blonde, weird Japanese… I want to see her again… RA… YA… SA… NO… O… NA! What is it? It got into the bed all of a sudden and it sounds like someone’s chanting a spell… I’m scared out of my mind… Whoa! What does the spell sound like? RA… YA… SA… NO… O… NA! RA… YA… SA… NO… O… NA! RE… YA… Are you Sano or not?! Someone bring him over! Yes! Hurry! A perverted rascal who likes Sano!? Come out! Come out! Come out now! It’s you! It was destiny after all. Get lost! A girl? So cute… Ah! That was painful! Sweat stench! Squid stench! Yuck! Hey! How did you get in? From the skylight. Wow, just like Spider-Man. It’s common in America. Don’t instill us with your strange culture. You night walker, you. Who are you talking about? Don’t speak weird Japanese. Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just because you’re cute. I’ve brought Sano here… Julia? Hi! Mizuki! You know her? Whoa! What’s going on? I was worried about you. Could he be… Sano Izumi? What if I am? Eh… So it’s you. Huh… say… What kind of relationship do you have with Ashiya? Well… We’re lovers. Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? EH!? Julia! Hey, Mizuki. Huh? You’re in love with Sano, right? Just as I thought. I can tell by your reaction last night. But you said it before. Once Sano made the jump, you’ll go back to America. That… You stay in Japan because you love him. Don’t you think this is not wise? I’m here to bring you back to America. Huh? Think about it. Sano thought you’re a guy. Not someone to fall in love with. Even though that made sense… I understand your feeling for wanting to stay by his side. But why stay here if you can’t make any progress? Even though that made sense… Do not hesitate. Then, If Sano think nothing else of Mizuki… Will you give up? Huh? I just got a great idea. Hmm… Oh. Sano. Hey. You’re still have no energy like usual. Mizuki. How about introduce me? Oh. This is Julia. We’ve been going out ever since junior high school in America. I’m Mizuki’s girlfriend, my name is Julia. Oh. That night walker. Don’t get too close. Oh my Julia! Do you still remember? That dream we had together… Nanba-senpai! Nanba-senpai! Could it be you fell in love with that night walker? Because that was the first time someone had bad first impression of me. I must make you mine! Say… If that’s what you want… I think that’s good too! Nakatsu! Senpai! Yeah! That was unreasonable. Pretending to be a couple to see Sano’s reaction. Listen. If Sano is somewhat jealous, that means he’s interested in you isn’t it? What~ Don’t get too close~ Aren’t you hot? Ah! C’mon, you spilled the water. Sorry. What? Are you jealous? That towel… is mine. Sorry… What? You’re jealous after all. That bottled water is mine too. Sorry… For us Dorm three, we’ll use those inborn brains of ours to win this capture battle. You could say this strategy is… shocking. Oscar! It’s done. Ooh! The pole that uses in the battle… connected to an electric current… Oscar’s electricity. Shocking, Shocking. Shocking, shocking. Oscar’s cape. Shining, shining. This way no one would be able to get the flag. You okay… The power… Masao… Don’t… call… me… Masao… 999… 999. 1000… 1000. Fast… like the wind! Stand… like a tree! Invade… like fire! No movement… like a mountain! Listen. What we need for capture battle is physical strength. Yes! Don’t come back to dormitory until you reached 20,000 count! Yes! Begin! 1,001 1,002 One thousand… can’t… You can see it now, right? Sano think nothing more of Mizuki. Oh. But… Likes or dislike is a different matter. That is good isn’t it? What’s wrong Mizuki? Oh yeah I got it. This night walker forced herself onto you right? No. So you guys are breaking up. I’ll get my chance now, right? No way. You guys! Don’t you need to prepare for capture battle? It’s okay. I can’t participate because I’m allergic to Chlorine. Eh? Is that right? Yes, yes. So I’ll leave everything to Ashiya. If you lose. Julia will be mine. I don’t want to. Ashiya! Do you have any muscle? Sexual harassment! Julia! Ah! Could it be… It count as sexual harassment for a man to touch another man in America? Eh? That’s right. Eh! I… Sexual harassed… I’m going to buy some juice… You can harass me any way you want. It’s totally fine. I’m only interested in Mizuki. This girl… do those kind of things and these kind of things to Mizuki. This girl… is exchanging eye signals with Nanba-senpai. Hey! Um… Huh… Hey! AH! What are you doing? Masa…OH!!! Nakatsu! Nakao! Impossible. Sano’s feeling is no longer relevant to me. I can’t leave you to stay in a zoo like environment. I’ve decided. Once the summer vacation is over. I’m going to take Mizuki back to America no matter what. Eh? The story up till that point. February 2008 The truth is very clear. Clearly, the moment when you fell in love with Mizuki is… When you eat those cookies that Mizuki made! Huh? You, the one who don’t like to eat sweets. After you ate those no taste no scent cookies from Mizuki, you begin to accept those food. That’s why I love her. Gets! Gets! Gets!! Yeah. Right. Go back if you are satisfied. No wonder I’m famous detective Nakatsu! I just know that must be it! Must, must be it! Mu… Ah… But I didn’t even get to eat those cookies! This year’s “King of Hottie” is… What the… You again? Youjirou… Julia… Eh? When did this happen? Episode 7 and a half Continues… Once the summer vacation is over, I’m going to take Mizuki back to America no matter what. Ah… What should I do… Eh? Did you make it yourself? Yeah, it’s my cookies. But I don’t even eat them. I can totally understand. Huh? Ah? Nah… is he not feeling well? Huh? Youjirou is not feeling well? Are you alright? He’s not feeling well? Please step aside. Really? Really what? The taste? What is it? Youjirou is not feeling well? No. He doesn’t have any appetite. Maybe he doesn’t have much time left. EH!? Ambulance! Ambulance! Bibo Bibo Bibo! If he’s having operation, please contact his relatives. Youjirou’s wife is… He doesn’t have one! So that also means, he also has no kids. Is it too late to look for a wife for him? That’s right. We can not let Youjirou die without descendants. Descendants flourishing! Hooray! We’re going to fix him up. Fix marriage! Now! Descendants flourishing! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Descendants flourishing! Hooray! Huh? Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Descendants flourishing! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! What a great feeling. That’s call his children Small Youjirous? Not bad. Not bad. Isn’t it too simple just call them Small Youjirous? What are you doing here, mom?? Because you have a female dog in your family. But you can’t have her here without me knowing. I’m Nakatsu’s mother. Thank you guys for taking care of him all this time. Why did you bring the dog all the way here from Osaka? Why not? If not for this, I will never get to see you. That’s enough, you can go now. What kind of attitude is this? We’re sorry. What’s so amazing about standard dialect? No one ever say anything like that. I’m going to practice soccer right now. You sucked at soccer anyway. Be dutiful to your parents for one day, so you’ll not be punish. I’m really serious. I’m going to be a professional after I graduated. What are you talking about? You’re going to succeed your father. What about our company huh? Who care. Hey. Wait! Hey! Ah! Youjirou is peeing due to happiness! Eh!? Wah! This is a very expensive clothes. Please calm down. How can I be calm? You guys have to compensate me. Eh!? Compensate? Yes. I’ll send the bill to you guys. Let’s go! Kanako! Kanako! Kanako! Go! Go! What should we do?! I guess there’s nothing we can do but pay up. By whom? EH?! Those who chanted descendants flourishing, fixed marriage’s Dorm 1 should pay! Youjirou’s owner is Dorm 2! Dorm 3 contacted Nakatsu’s mother! You’re the one who’s responsible! You rascal! What are you talking about? It’s Oscar! And he’s a flirting moron! I’m not a flirt (nanpa)! I am Nanba! In this case! We’ll decide it with capture battle! Good idea. So this way no one can complain. C’mon. That’s battle. AH!! “No. 3127th Dormitories competition! Capture battle!” Sano-sama! Sano-sama! Sano-sama! Sano-sama! Where’s Sano-sama!? Sano-sama! Sano-sama! Where’s Sano-sama!? Sano-sama! Sano-sama! Where’s Sano-sama!? Sano-sama! Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Let me through. Excuse me. I’m allergic to Chlorine, that’s why I can’t participate. Next! Contestants please enter! But before that, please watch the big screen!! Push up No. 1! Sit up No. 2! 3 o’clock’s snack is Protein! We can yell really loud! But we can’t study at all! Come to Dorm 1 for training! “Dorm One” Tennouji-sama! I’m Nakatsu. Dorm 2 is full of hotties. You’ll have your eyes on us. Eyes on us. Where man’s love and fight are fully loaded. So good. You just can’t miss it! If you think you got cheated then please keep watching! This will give you highest emotion this year. I like this kid. You’re so noisy. “Dorm Two” Kayashima-kun! Sekime-kun! Nakatsu! Dorm Three dorm head. He loves cosplay. Recently worried about metabolic~ It’s OK to repeating a year many times! Dorm Three!! “Dorm Three” Then… Let the No. 3127th Capture Battle begin! First of… members from Dorm One! Baby! Members from Dorm Two! Members from Dorm Three! Let’s go! I won’t let you see neither side. Neither… Then, let our school’s exclusive photographer, she’s also a chairman of this competition, Hara Akiha to make the speech. Yes! In this competition, the most active student will be select as the MVP. He’ll have special privilege to kiss the person of his choosing. Ah! There is no such privilege. Don’t just eliminate the possibility. That way we can make it more hyper. Right? Akiha-san you’re almost 30 years old… What’s that have to do with it? Thus, everyone! Let’s do your best to win the MVP honor! Alright, alright, alright! Then Ashiya-kun. Hurry up and change into swimming wear. Huh… that…. My swimming wear disappeared. What’s going on? How come you always acting weird when it comes to swimming wear? Why don’t I lent you my loincloth? No, no, no, no, Tennouji-san. Mizuki never wear used clothing. I already know this would happen. So I’ve prepared a brand new swimming wear for you. Surprise. Who wants to wear such old-fashioned swimming wear? I got turn down again… Even though this thing is kind of ugly, but you should just wear it. Put up with it. I don’t want to. Just take it off and put it on. No, let go of me. Hurry. Live changing show! No! Let go! Stay still! Ah, it hurts. Sano. You’re hurting me. Ouch! Ouch! Let go! It hurts! Let go. Ouch! Hey, hey. What are you doing here? He’s having a fever. Fever? Because he doesn’t want everyone to worried, so he still participated despite his condition. Therefore, please just let him watch from the sideline. It hurts… Then, Ashiya-kun will watch from the sideline. Everyone please get ready! Hey, hey, wait a minute! Hey! Where are you going? Ah, too bad. If I can participate then I will get to kiss Julia. Starting now when I count to 3’s multiple, I will become a fool and faint. 1… 2… 3~ I’ll not give Nanba-senpai up to anyone! MVP can kiss anyone. Me and Erika-chan… Me and Kanna. Nanba-senpai. Me and… Nakatsu! Mizuki! Be ready from life’s starting point! And jump! Hey you! You know right? About Mizuki’s secret. What are you talking about? Stop pretending. Why did you come to Mizuki’s rescue just now? She doesn’t have any fever. What do you want to say? Since you know about Mizuki’s gender. Why did you stop her from leaving? You better start looking. Looking for things you should be doing in this school. Mizuki came to Japan because she wants to help you jump again. You already made the jump. Other then that, why should her stay here for anything else? You should understand Mizuki’s feeling. You persuaded her to stay so you can toy with her. No! Then, Sano. What do you think of Mizuki anyway? You can’t answer. You’re only hurting her with your half-hearted gentleness! Oh? Not bad. What’s wrong? Such a gloomy expression. Nothing… I… trying to figure out what I should be doing in this school. Worry due to youthfulness. To me. I really enjoyed photograph them. But at the beginning, I was just simply doing my job. Without knowing it, it became the thing I wanted to do. Maybe the answer you’re searching for, got something to do with what you seen in this school. Once summer is over, I’m going to take Mizuki back to America. If she got exposed then it will be too late. What she think of all this? If you are not going to protect Mizuki then don’t talk like that! Do you know what kinda frame of mind Mizuki was in before she got into this school? Disguised as a boy! Tried very hard to act like a boy so her cover won’t be blown! It’s all because of you, isn’t it!? Maybe you didn’t ask her to do any of these. But since you persuaded her to stay. I want to see you prepare to show some commitment! Congrats! Nakao, congrats! Hooray! I don’t really eat Okonomiyaki. Oh yeah…? Nanba-senpai! Senpai. I almost forget. Senpai look at this. Amazing. I won! I won! So that’s why I kissed you. C’mon. Let’s go. Alright! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Say. What are you doing? Nothing. I made lunch. I’d like to eat it with you. Take a seat. Why? What do you mean why? That… I got it. Kiss can… make people feeling wild. Kiss? What are you talking about? Are you okay? Eh? You… you don’t remember? That’s mean! That was my first time. Damn you! Ashiya! You looks fine for a sick person. That is not true. Let’s check! Let’s check! Stop it! Leave me alone! Hey! Alright! Is he sick or not… Let me confirm it. Make way. Make way. Hey! Are you a homo? I understand how you feel. I’m not a homo! Yes, it’s normal temperature. Yes, time for punishment game. Yes! Punishment game! Punishment game! Punishment? Let go! Punishment game! Punishment game! Ready… 1, 2, 3. What the…?! Alright, let’s go. Oh, no… Hey! Hang in there! Hey! Ashiya! Ashiya! Hey! “Second Half” We’re lucky. This is not life threatening. I don’t believe people will die this easily. Anyone can die anywhere at any given time. So people only realize someone’s significance until they’re gone. You knew right? Ashiya is a girl. Hi~ Did you hear what we were saying? What? Sano-kun, thank you very much. Because you resume jumping, my return to publishing house is very promising. Ah. Ashiya-kun, how’s your cold? It’s pretty bad, right? What? This fly is very annoying. Where? Where? I’m talking about you. What are you doing!? It’s very dangerous! AH! If Ashiya is gone… What’s gonna happen to you? Wait! After summer is over, I’m taking Mizuki back to America. If she’s gone… I got it. Kiss can… make people feeling wild. Sano? This is…? In… infirmary… Huh? I… S-s-sa… Sano… did you saved me? Eh? Huh? Um… Umeda… Yeah, Umeda! Oh yea? That’s great. Hmm? Huh? Not… nothing… Oh. I thought you’re on your way home? Didn’t you say you want to be a soccer player? How can I just go home like that? Here. Bill for the clothing. Bill for clothing Ah! Whoa! Here! Go back to Osaka with me. Huh? You must inherit family property. I told you I’m gonna be a pro. Who knows? You always run your mouth. Then why not come see my match? Our opponent is national’s habitue. If I apply myself, I’ll win this game for you to see. I don’t know who those people are. How can I take you seriously? Then if I can’t win this game, be it family, be it company, I’ll inherit anything. Nakatsu! If you said so. I’ve already got you on tape. Tricky… I’m looking forward to your match. See ya. See you guys. See you later. Bye! See… you! Nakatsu, are you sure it’s alright to say those things? Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Then I’m going to loosen up right now. Who are those National’s regulars? Tokyo Daiichi. They are very good. They have so many ballplayers. Their coaches are also very strict. I heard they have 3 black ballplayers. 3 black players? Even though Nakatsu is very good, but it’s not gonna be easy. By the way, do you have enough players in the soccer club? Of course. But I’ve already retired from the club. Raise your hand if you are in the soccer club. Aren’t you guys in the baseball club? Some kinda tactic? That’s because you don’t understand. Dorm two’s members sometimes can be a baseball club, sometimes we can be a soccer club. Whoa! At certain time, we can be volleyball club. Attack! Oh! Sometimes we can be basketball club. Whoa! There’s more! Table tennis! Yeah! We can be a hiking club too! Please rescue us! OH!! Our Dorm Two is!! Almighty. Oh~ Huh? So in other words… I’m in soccer club too?! Is Nakatsu going to be alright? Who knows? Is there something I can help him with? You have your own problem right now. You could be going back to America. Sorry. I just heard it from Julia. Eh? That is my bed… Seriously. I love… hamburger… Lo… love? What’s happening to me? Why do I cared for her all of the sudden? Because mouth to mouth resuscitation? That kiss make me feeling wild? Nakatsu. I’m sorry. Now I can finally understand how you felt. Wait. Could this be… felling in love? Love me tender… Love me sweet… Huh… I’m such an idiot. Oh! She’s heavy. Hurry! Hurry! What is this? The transfer student is a dangerous hottie? “Breaking News! Forbidden love uncover! The transfer student is a dangerous hottie!?” Oh~ You guys have this kind of relationship? Eh? I have my suspicion long ago. Somehow I am disappointed. What’s going on? Julia. Nothing happened. What is this? This is doctored. EH?! Bunch of idiots. Mizuki loves women. He is such a technician and furious at night. Let’s go. He has techniques? Now can you finally see it? You almost got busted. Here. This is your airline ticket. Eh? It’s unfortunate. Sano doesn’t have any feelings for you. It’s enough already. Let’s go back together. Sorry, I can’t take this. Eh? I want… to be an Ohsaka Gakuen’s student and graduate with everyone. That’s the thing I want to do in this school. But Sano has no feeling… This has nothing to do with Sano. I’ve noticed. Not only Sano, but everyone here is very important to me. Even though they treated you coldly just moment ago? Yes. They are not going to treat you nicely! They will bully you If your cover is blown. Probably, but… There’s no “buts”! You will wake up from your dream one day! I’m gonna take you back even if you don’t want to! I’ll tell your school principal about everything! Don’t! You have no choice! If you tell my principal, I’m going to tell your current boyfriend your previous 35 boyfriend’s names! Why are you doing this? I’m only trying to do what’s best for you! If you want to do what’s best for me then just let me be! Your mama and papa also worried about you! I know all that! You don’t know at all! Bob. Mike, Jack, Sammy, Stuart! How come you remember my previous boyfriend’s names?! Hanson, Sanche, Cromartie, Ro Ming Soo… Forget it! Do whatever you want! Oh! Julia! Julia! Why don’t we eat Okonomiyaki together? No! Is that right. Why did you post that picture on the board? You did it right? You can only take picture from the skylight with that angle. Are you… going to tell…? Of course not. But… if you want to damage dorm member’s relationship… I’ll not forgive you. Even if you are that cute Julia. You don’t know anything! “Oh! My Julia!” Sano-kun! Where’s the soccer stadium? Seriously, this school is huge. Let me take you there. Is it okay? Thank you so much. My, you have a strong body. Still, the real thing is way better. Let me take a picture. Okay. Cheese! Even photo is looking good. My son has always been proud of you. He always say you’re the man on the field. Even though you’re still in rehab. But one day you will make everyone pleased again. Say. Do you think he can be a pro? I don’t know. But… I want to see it with my eyes. Nakatsu standing in the field on the world stage. I’m surprise that… you are the romantic type. Ashiya-kun. Hello. That kid… is like me. Can only do things to certain extent. But turning pro is very unlikely. It’s time to slowly face the reality. Just treat the dream like a dream. That kid must find his own happiness. Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! Tomorrow’s practice game has canceled. Huh? “Tokyo Daiichi High School” Why is tomorrow’s practice game got canceled? It was our mistake. We scheduled your match and other school’s match on the same day. I’m sorry, we will reschedule. It will be meaningless if we don’t play tomorrow. Please! Please have a match with us! Please! There’s nothing I can do. I’m really sorry. There’s gotta be some other way! Please! Forget it, let it go. I’m sorry. Nakatsu’s mother… She’s really worry about him. My parents are also worry about me, right? I don’t know if I made the right move by asking you to stay. If I go back at that time, I’ll have regrets. At that time… I’m only thinking about making you jump again. But now it’s different. Even one more day, I still want to stay in Ohsaka Gakuen. Of course it’s for myself. Yeah? Hey! What time is tomorrow’s soccer match? Ah… actually, our tomorrow’s opponent make a schedule mistake… So it has been canceled. Eh? What about Nakatsu? He wants to find opponent for tomorrow’s match, so he’s going to other schools by himself. We also have a match tomorrow. We’re having a meeting right now. Sorry. Thanks. Thank you. Nakatsu. Nakatsu, how did it go? I see. Then I’ll let everyone know. I used to do everything half way… But… only soccer is different. I really want my mom to watch me play. It can’t be helped. We can’t let it… end like this… can we? It’s too early… to wake up from the dream. We’ve been looking all over for you! Nakatsu, hurry up and get ready! Huh? Soccer match! Hurry! Wait! What’s going on? Hey! What’s going on? I’ve already told you many times I didn’t find any opponents. Next, the opposition please enter! Why? We’ll be your opponents. Let’s make it clear, this is real. We’ll not gonna go easy on you. This is great, Nakatsu! Everyone. Let’s roll. Alright. Handball! W-W-Wait! What are you doing? You guys are a veteran team, I thought it’ll be okay to use my hands. How can you do something like this? Have you ever seen Brazil team use their hands? Umm. I’m begging you. Here. How come you are using an ice hockey’s goal? Because you guys are a veteran team. The goals are the same size no matter how good we are! Seriously, why don’t you say so earlier? Ha ha. You should know even I didn’t say so! HUH? Hey! Hey, you! Even though we are veterans, but there’s… only one ball? Of course! What are you guys doing anyway? I already know such a thing, Nakatsu-kun. I’m begging you! Whoa! Whoa! This is unusual. You’re not practicing right now. Also, have you think it over? What’s gonna happen to you if Ashiya is gone? Yeah. But that’s impossible. Because I’ll not let her disappear in front of me. It’s good to be young. Mizuki! Are you okay? Mizuki! Pull yourself together! Hey! Do your best! Mizuki, are you alright? Sorry… What about the match? Right now we’re in the halftime. What about the second half? We can’t let Ashiya go back out there. I’m gonna be alright. Idiot, don’t force yourself. I want to play with everyone! But… Minase! Pull yourself up! Minase! Minase! Minase. Hey, Minase! Minase!? He’s probably getting the short end of the collision. What to do… I’ll do it. Sano. If Ashiya and me go out there, it shouldn’t be a problem. Sano is up. Sano! Sano! Do your best! Don’t worry. I’ll protect Ashiya. Eh? Ohsaka Gakuen VS Tokyo Daiichi Oh no. A free kick. Eh? How come the number of people decreased? Yeah. Where did they go? Eh? Yay! You guys are cheating! Making a wall is perfectly legal. Even with that many people? Eh? C’mon! Oh! We’ll rescue Nakatsu from any situation! Eh…? I’m really thankful. Really. Hey! Referee! Are you gonna allow this? We’re going in! Don’t underestimate us! Your team has also increased. Huh? Dorm head! We’re going in! OH! When did you guys… Eh? What the… this is impossible! What’s going on with that many people? How come even grandpas and grandmas are in it? I’m Sekime! I’m handling the ball… It hurts! Nyarome! Why there are 4 balls? Not 4, it’s 10! Ah, it’s alright. More balls equal more chance to score… Are you guys bunch of morons!? What are you doing? Very well. This is turning into a battle royale! YES! Excuse me! Excuse me. I want to apologize for this mess. This is a farce. I’m not going to stick around. This is foolish indeed. But… I really love those guys… for the way they are. I’m going to graduate this year. When I join the workforce, I might encounter 1 or 2 setbacks. Maybe I’ll be depressed. But when I’m with them… I felt I have the power to overcome anything. I am truly happy. You’re too positive. He want you to see him at his best! Please understand his feeling and the fact that Nakatsu tried to set up a match! Please! “Small cubs see children playing hide and seek.” “The child who pulled out the hips will win first prize.” “The day is getting late, see you tomorrow.” “See you tomorrow.” “So envy, so envy. Human’s children.” Everyone… Let’s play ball… I… I’m definitely not giving up! I’ll try my best to be a pro. You can say I’m a bad child. But if I give up now, I know I’ll regret it. What are you talking about? Didn’t you win the match 2 to nothing? Eh? You won. It’s your call. Since you’ve made your decision. Don’t come home unless you’re a pro. Oh! You can trust me! I love everyone! Mizuki! Mizuki! I can continue play soccer! I gonna be a pro! Really? It’s great! Yeah! Hey you! Come over! Come over! Come over! What? I came to Japan so I can take Mizuki back with me. But now I even became a little bit foolish myself. Because I’ve never seen Mizuki this happy before. Festival! Festival! Haha! Sano! Julia! If you’re leaving without saying goodbye, Nanba-senpai is gonna be angry with you. Once we met, it’ll be even more difficult to separate. Eh? That means…? I think I can understand why you want to stay here. This place give the true meaning of the word “hottie”. Julia… But what I finally found out… is that there’s someone who can really protect Mizuki. Eh? Hey! Why did you decide to protect Mizuki? Because I love her. I’m so happy for you, Mizuki. Eh? What? March of 2008 Julia huh? Oh yeah right that girl. That night walker. Next time I see her I’ll teach her proper Japanese! We saw Mizuki on our field trip in California. But we didn’t see Julia. Speaking of field trip. We had such a good time! The airplane makes an emergency landing. We swam our way to America. We were eating hamburger… We hitchhiked. Chased by a leopard. Eating hamburger… Finally met up with Mizuki. Still eating hamburger… You were eating too much hamburger. But, we really had a good time. Ah, I’m graduating soon. Oh yeah, what are you guys doing after graduation? I am going to inherit the Dojo. Yo! Master! I’m going to Takarazuka Revue. Eh? Hey! I’m gonna use my good looks as weapon to get into a university! OH!! But you have to be realistic when it comes to career. Indeed. After graduation, We won’t be able to be this happy everyday. That is not true. No matter how the environment changes, If you do your best you can solve anything. Wasn’t that the case with Mizuki? Right. Right. Yes. That’s right. “California” Morning! Okay, Mizuki! Hurry up and finish eating. Mom’s hamburger is the best! Right? Mizuki? Mizuki… Do you really think you can fool us with that? That seems very unlikely. Forget it. This is good too. Right? Not good! Mi~zu~ki!! Where did you go?! Dad! Dad! Dad! “Congrats on Graduation” Hanayashiki Hibari-san. Yes. Tennouji Megumi-kun. Yes. Nanba Minami-kun. Yes. Himejima Masao-kun. Yes. You guys put a splendid root for being the leaders of a dormitory. Not only yourself, you also make your friends’ flower blossom. It’s not the end till your flowers has fully blossom. From now on, please continue to do your best to make the flower blossom. Congratulation on your graduation. Yes! Tennouji Megumi-kun. Yes! For all the Ohsaka Gakuen’s students to have a joyful high school life, you guys have to do your job with heartfelt sincerity. Yes! Then, for one last time… Hanayashiki Hibari with… Hibari FOUR! Dorm head! Congratulations! Ah! To strive! To strive! To strive! Don’t cry, Daikokucho! I’ll leave it to you. Yes… Ohsaka Gakuen’s Dormitory One! We’re immortal! Baby! Baby!! Masao! Don’t call me Masao!! Thank you for everything. I’ll give you… My most important… Cape… Nah, it’s okay. You can leave it in my locker. Oh yeah? Dormitory Three! Forever! Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Here. Senpai. Thank you for everything… Don’t cry. Nanba-senpai! Next will be… this is no good. Three dorm heads and Hibari-san please get on the stage. Everyone! Thank you! Eh? Make way. Make way. Finally made it. Yes. Hello! What the… Just a 30 years old old woman. Don’t underestimate 30 years old! OH! “In white rays of light” “See the tree in the mountain” “You can fly into a sky far away” “Your heart is trembling in this unlimited sky” “Birds that fly freely will not return” “Put your courage into the wings” “Pasting in the wind of hope” “Entrust your dream to this wide sky” AH! Mizuki. Ashiya. Why is Ashiya there? This is principal’s doing. What’s she doing? Make way, make way. Ashiya! Let us continue. Ashiya Mizuki-kun. Please give graduate students your messages. How are you!? If you have energy then you can do anything! You can also come to Ohsaka Gakuen! Somehow I think this is incredible. The half year I spent in Ohsaka Gakuen… So many things has happened. Three dorm leaders always fight among themselves when it comes to competition. But they will tighten up when they needed to. They always help me out when I need it. Even when I got exposed for being a girl, they still protected me to the last minute. Still, they sent me off pleasantly. I thought… I’ll never return to Ohsaka Gakuen. Because I felt I betrayed everyone… I have no right to be here… Idiot. We don’t care about thing like that. I said it before! This is your school! We are your friends! What’s your reason for being here then? That’s because… I love everyone. Then that’s reason enough. Thank you for being here. You! Let us enjoy this moment! And then, let your eye lit up with pride! This will be… our last support to you. Yes. Next time we meet… should be spring break right? Sorry. This… Thank you. During the field trip… I didn’t say it because everyone were there. Hmm? I love you more each day… I can’t stop that feeling. That is… My letter…! Next time we meet… you have to say it. I love you, Mizuki. Eh? This is how I felt right now. Sano… Hey! Wait! You guys can’t kiss! High schoolers need to have a healthy relationship, right? Mizuki. Your taxi is here. Thank you. Later. Nakatsu, see you. She said later to you. But she said see you to me… You’re really picky. Ah? What was that? Such a happy face. She made it herself. Not sweet but just the way I like it. Just like I thought. Nothing for me again! Ah. UFO. Huh? Hey! Don’t move! This. Don’t you care about what happen to this? I’m gonna eat it. Then I’m gonna yell out “It’s not sweet!” I love… Izumi. Too sweet! This thing… I’m home!

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