H1Z1 – Battle Royale PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

H1Z1 – Battle Royale PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

RYAN: How do you even know
they’re in that direction? SID: I don’t know. TONY: I’d take out the machine
gun and just kind of keep that. There he is.
Yeah. RYAN: All right, Sid. SID: No.
It’s overkill. We’re going to do
this old school. [LAUGHTER] [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
H1Z1 which is coming to PS4 on May 22nd in open beta. Today I am joined
by Tony Morton, the lead combat and
systems designer at Daybreak. Tony, welcome to the program. TONY: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.
Pleasure to be here. RYAN: It’s always a pleasure to
have you here and to see you. And Sid, our fearless leader,
is the one parachuting in. Already I’m very curious about
your chances, Sid. So let’s see. This demo of H1Z1 that we’re
playing right now has kind of been — oh, man. I thought you were going
to splat right on the roof. Tony, we are already operating
in a slightly smaller arena inside the battle
royale mode for H1Z1, correct? TONY: Yep. RYAN: Tell us a little bit
about what we’re seeing today. TONY: Yeah. So it’s going
to be a truncated match. We start, like
you said, you know, in a more confined space. Gas waves are going to
move a little bit faster. There’s less of them. Airdrops are
going to come sooner. And the main reason for this
is so we can kind of get in and show the spirit of what we’ve
reimagine for H1Z1 on the PS4 and just kind of
capture the moments. So there’s a lot of
changes that have gone — oh, flashback. RYAN: Sid, look out. This could be it,
ladies and gentlemen. This could be the fastest match. Sid’s got it.
He’s staying on his toes. So basically the people that Sid
is playing against are the very good-natured and patient
developers at Daybreak who are going easy on Sid today. SID: They may or may not. Tell ’em. We’re in a live
environment here. These are real competitors. RYAN: Sid, this is the first
time you played this game. We’re not going to throw
you into the deep end. Sid, do you have a med pack
or anything that you can use? SID: I don’t think I do. TONY: You do actually. So if you want to do —
down or left on the D pad. Left on the D pad will give
you a med kit which is a bigger heal, but you
really didn’t need it. SID: Just a scratch. TONY: Just a scratch;
just a flesh wound. So you’re good.
You’re good. SID: This is cool. It plays great too, and
it’s got a good feel to it. RYAN: I see someone. SID: I’m going to sneak
in for the kill here. RYAN: So, Tony, when you folks
were adapting H1Z1 and bringing it to console, what would you
say were some of the pillars that you wanted to make sure
that you built on when you brought it to PS4? TONY: Yeah. We wanted to make sure
it was a fluid experience and it was a
familiar experience. And so there are a few
things with — [LAUGHTER] TONY: There you go.
Got ’em. RYAN: They’re being so gracious. SID: Pure talent. RYAN: Sid’s actually just
the best H1Z1 player ever. SID: I’m getting the hang of it. RYAN: Go ahead, Tony.
I’m sorry. TONY: It’s all good.
I forgot where I was at. RYAN: The pillars.
TONY: The pillars. RYAN: H1Z1 on PS4. TONY: So making sure it was a
very fluid experience and it was
a very familiar experience. So some of the core elements in
H1 on PC didn’t translate very well over to console
because, you know, mouse and keyboard interface, controller interface are
much different. So we realize there were some
ways we could kind of refine and take another pass at H1. So inventory management
has been completely removed. There’s no more inventory. There’s no more crafting. There’s no more salvaging. What we’ve done is all those
items that you would either make, you actually
now find in the world. And then we use — I
think you’re full up on that. Better — there you go.
Scout Rifle. So now you kind of find those
things in the world because it removed that whole layer and it just allowed you to
interact with the game and just embrace the feeling of
what we feel like pure BR is. RYAN: And speaking of pure BR,
let’s say one of our viewers has recently emerged from a time
capsule and has no concept of the battle royale
sub genre of games, kind of describe
it to the newcomer. What are the
foundations of that? TONY: So, you
know, over a match, a hundred plus players
will spawn in together. Everybody starts with
absolutely nothing. They scavenge, they loot,
they get the things they need, and then over time, you know, a
big gas wave kind of comes in and squeezes everybody
together, forcing conflict. And at the end of
the game it’s, you know, last player standing wins. So that’s kind of
the foundation of BR, and we wanted to make sure that
we still captured that spirit. RYAN: You don’t
have any ammo, Sid. TONY: No bullets. I think if you — the weapon
in your top slot is an AK which would be full auto which may work out a little bit
better in close quarters. I’m just saying. SID: Good call. TONY: You’re more than
welcome to use what you want. RYAN: He’s not saying anything.
He’s just saying. TONY: A little
suggestion, just a little one. And so, yeah. That’s kind of the
foundation of BR, and we’re excited to see how
PlayStation fans interact and feel about the game.
Nice. SID: That’s doing the trick. TONY: There you go.
Savage. RYAN: The sirens in the
background are amplifying my stress level a
touch, just a touch. SID: Uh-oh. TONY: You’re fine. RYAN: ,So ladies and gentlemen,
strangely enough this is how Sid drives in real life too. SID: Pretty much. Look.
I live in San Francisco. There’s not a lot of space. RYAN: You just borrow
police cars you need to use. TONY: So that was his
car in the parking lot. It all makes sense now. SID: Yep. TONY: This guy is
hiding behind a tree. SID: I’m gonna get ’em. RYAN: Careful, Sid, careful. [LAUGHTER] You placed ninth though. SID: I blew it. TONY: It’s all good. RYAN: That is a much smaller
number than hundred I would say. SID: That’s true. TONY: Top ten, right? You just got to
look at it that way. RYAN: Tony, do we want to give
Sid one more chance and then maybe you can show us
some matches as well. TONY: I think he’s doing great. SID: See, Ryan. TONY: He’s good. SID: I’m a natural. RYAN: Okay.
We’ll take a brief break and we’ll hop right into
another match. TONY: Sounds good. RYAN: Okay, folks, we
are back in a match. Sid is dropping in. Take two. Sid is dropping into another
slightly more condensed round of H1Z1 on PS4. Are we playing on a PS4 Pro? Yes, we are. Look at that.
Playing on PS4 Pro. Tony, one of the things we were
just discussing is that match pacing is important to
your team at Daybreak. Do you want to tell us a little
bit about why that was a kind of fundamental part of your design. TONY: Yeah. So we wanted to increase the
match pacing for console to make it a little bit more of a
familiar experience when you hop into a multiplayer match. So typically on console, multiplayer matches are about
10 to 15 minute sessions, and we wanted to make sure we
brought H1Z1 down to that on PC. It’s about 22 to 24 minutes,
so we want to compress that a little bit so it’s a little more
digestible chunks of gameplay. RYAN: Are you comfortable slash
able to tell us some of the ways in which you accomplished that? TONY: Totally. So the big one,
especially in battle royale, is the rate at which the map
constricts or the gas wave moves or whatever you want
to call it, right. So that was really
the main motivator. And the other thing we did as
well is since we got rid of the inventory
management, the salvaging, and the crafting mechanics, it allowed us to speed up
looting quite a bit. So the looting system for
console is completely different than it is on PC. RYAN: Punch through the grass.
Or use the door. Great.
There we go. SID: Hint number
one, use the door. TONY: Use the door. And so one of the things we did
for console is a cone-looting system. So as he gets close to loot, you’ll see the indicator on the
screen just kind of pop up. You don’t actually
have to look at it. You can just be in the vicinity
and just rail on triangle, and you’ll just vacuum
it all up. So it helps the pace. You can kind of just run through
a building and grab what you need and keep going. Outside of that, it’s a
new airdrop system as well. With the airdrops, what we’ve
done is they are the source of level 2, level 3,
and level 4 weapons. So when you spawn on the
map, you can get pistols, SMG’s, shotguns. And if you’re lucky, you may find a crossbow with
explosive bolts. RYAN: Oh my goodness. TONY: And then if you
chase the airdrops, that’s how you’re going to
get the more rare weapons. RYAN: And there’s a risk,
reward for that, of course — TONY: There is. RYAN: — because that’s going to
be a highly contested point on the map, correct? TONY: Yes. Now we do spawn in a
lot more airdrops. Sid, you may want to get going. That gas is going to be
coming up on you pretty quick. SID: Oh dear. TONY: Just go that way
and you should be okay. SID: Nipping at my heels here. TONY: And so, yeah. The airdrops do drive a lot
of contention and conflict. Now, if you’re a bit more of a
player that likes to kind of search and just explore, there
are rare military caches that spawn across the map, and then
you can find the equal level of weapons and items in those
instead of having to go for an airdrop. And those are usually — they’re
marked by a special audio cue that sounds like radio chatter. So if you hear that,
there’s one nearby. I’m going to find it. RYAN: How are
those spawns handled. Are they procedural? Are there set points that it
just kind of rolls the dice on? TONY: Exactly. There’s set points, and there’s a dice roll that
happens in the background. RYAN: I thought
there were literal dice, Tony. Show me literal dice
flying across the screen, and this will be
the game for me. TONY: Just a huge set of
dice that fly down the street, squashing people as they go by. It’s not your time, sorry. RYAN: You joke, but don’t you
think that would make H1Z1 a more enjoyable game? TONY: I’ll bring it
back to the guys. RYAN: Just bring it
back to the team. Just let them know. Put me in the special
thanks section of the credits, and we will call it a day. TONY: If you see the
dice roll patch notes, then you’re like,
oh dude, he did it. RYAN: The dice roll patch. TONY: That would be amazing. RYAN: This playground doesn’t
look like the kind of place I would want to be. SID: No.
RYAN: I’ll be honest. SID: I wouldn’t want to raise my
child on this playground. RYAN: Certainly not. You wouldn’t just
want to raise the child. You probably want a home as well instead of living on a
playground. Are there aquatic
vehicles in this game? Or is it cars? TONY: Cars and on
foot and parachutes. RYAN: And parachutes of course. TONY: Technically parachutes. RYAN: Yeah.
That is a mode of transport. Sid, I’m surprised you don’t
want to get a tasty sandwich from that cooler
that you just passed. SID: Yeah.
It looked a little — TONY: I doubt it’s spoiled. RYAN: So, Sid, you have 30
seconds before that gas starts closing in on everybody. SID: There’s an
eerie silence here. RYAN: Yeah.
You see it on the map, right? SID: Yeah.
I’m headed for it. What is that? TONY: So that is
some of the airdrops. So like on the PC version,
we spawn at most two to three airdrops at once. But for console what we’re doing
is we’re going to be spawning one airdrop for every
four players that remain. So depending on how
many players remain, more airdrops will spawn,
upwards of 20 or 25 airdrops. And the light beams that you see
coming out of them let you know the rarity. So inside that gold crate, there
should be an MK46 light machine gun; best weapon, most
powerful weapon in the game. RYAN: Sid, do you
want to go for it? Can Sid get across
this body of water? TONY: Yeah.
You can walk right across it. SID: I’m freaking out. [LAUGHTER] I’m totally
losing it right now. RYAN: Isn’t this sub
genre so much fun? Like, battle
royale is so excellent. I love it. And I’m so bad no
matter what I do. I think the highest I ever
got in a battle royale game is because I found, like, a patch
of grass and conventually hid there for an hour. Sid, you got competition.
Get ready. SID: I got squatters. RYAN: Hey, you! SID: Fight him off. RYAN: Oh, Sid.
Sid, Sid, Sid, Sid. Don’t get greedy.
Don’t get greedy. TONY: You’re just
bodying everybody. RYAN: Again — wow, Sid. Sid, there you go.
Get that military crate. TONY: Just stay there.
You’re good. It’s behind you. The yellow ones to your left. SID: I’m dying. TONY: You’re fine.
You got plenty of health. There you go. And then you grab that one. It’s okay.
It’s okay. You got 80 health
left; you’re good. RYAN: Okay. Sid, your health
is ticking down, so just do this with — SID: Expeditiously. RYAN: Expeditiously go.
And then to the left. TONY: Just go that
way for a little bit. SID: I need a breath
of fresh air here. TONY: You’re good to go. So you press left on the —
see. I don’t have to tell him. He’s just good. Natural, natural. SID: I’m thinking
about going pro. TONY: You should. [LAUGHTER] We have a pro league;
The H1PL. It’s in Vegas every Wednesday.
Come on out. SID: I’ll be there.
You’ll see me there next time. TONY: Best of the best. RYAN: Now, Sid, I want
to set expectations. You may want to practice
more before you try and go pro. SID: I think I’m good. RYAN: It takes a lot
of effort and energy. SID: Actually, there’s going to
be a chance for me to practice soon, isn’t there? RYAN: Is there?
For the open beta? SID: There’s a
beta coming, right? RYAN: That’s basically kind of
the rollout of the game, right? TONY: Yep, it is. RYAN: Which is May 22nd on PS4.
Absolutely. But we’re not saying
good-bye just yet. I do want to have one more match
in which either I or Tony plays. Preferably — SID: This is crazy. RYAN: This weapon is a little
bit of a — I don’t want to use the term “overkill,” but
it seems a little bit. SID: I’m loving it. RYAN: Where is — do I look for the number of
remaining players, Tony? TONY: Top left. There’s only two left.
He’s got five kills. RYAN: Including him? TONY: Yes.
So hopefully — RYAN: Sid, keep your
eyes peeled. There’s one other person
in this space with you. They’re hunting you. SID: Or am I hunting them? RYAN: I can assure you. Oh, Sid. Stay on the move.
Stay on the move. What are you
throwing the grenade at? Oh my gosh. The tension is on,
ladies and gentlemen. TONY: Keep the — RYAN: Keep the random
explosive throwing active. How do you even know
they’re in that direction? SID: I don’t know. TONY: I take out the machine gun
and just keep that — there he is. Yeah.
You’re machine gun there. RYAN: All right, Sid. SID: No, it’s overkill. We’re going to do
this old school. [LAUGHTER] TONY: Oh my goodness. RYAN: The generous
Daybreak employee. SID: I got him. RYAN: Take a short
time to celebrate. There it is. SID: Everyone is trying to outdo
each other in these messages at the end. I love it.
That’s a lot of fun. TONY: Good.
I’m glad you enjoy it. SID: I was telling you earlier
it reminds me just a little bit, in a totally different way,
of the Last of Us multiplayer, just a little bit. And I was a huge,
huge fan of that, put hundreds of hours into that. So I definitely know I’m
going to be playing H1Z1 here. RYAN: Wait. Before we end, we’ll take
a quick break ourselves, and I want to do one more match
potentially and have Tony play. What do you say? All right, folks we are
back, and this time Tony Morton himself is going to be playing. TONY: No pressure. RYAN: No pressure whosoever. So, Sid, now you have the luxury
of just being a spectator and enjoying the action. SID: I’ll comment on what I see.
RYAN: The play by play. Before we get into
the action, again, a reminder that H1Z1 is
coming into open beta May 22nd. It’s free to play. And, yeah. And apparently there’s some
goodies if you’re a PlayStation Plus
subscriber. TONY: There are.
RYAN: If you pre-order. SID: So, Tony, since this is
free to play, what can I buy? Is it cosmetics? TONY: It’s all cosmetics. SID: Got it. TONY: So if you want to trick
out your characters outfit or weapons to make
him look different, then we have those
available to you. But from a play standpoint
or a power standpoint, it’s just strictly
cosmetic and visuals. SID: I love that.
That’s great. Makeshift armor that seems good. TONY: So I hear a crate. RYAN: Yeah. You were saying earlier that
the radio chatter indicates that there’s a military
crate nearby, correct? Where is it? Is it on the roof?
Can it be on the roof? It’s in the backyard in
another creepy playground. SID: Oh, there we go. RYAN: If you need to hide
your important military gear, look no further than
your local playground. SID: I was loving that
scout rifle earlier. Super fun. TONY: And the scope really helps
you bring in the visuals and hone in on your opponents. RYAN: So Tony, I know
that developers will always eventually pass the baton of
expertise on to the most devoted people in the community,
in the gaming community, but with that said, before the
PlayStation 4 version arrives, what are some
suggestions slash things, you know, ways that you like to
play that you would suggest to our community? TONY: You know, when you’re
new to the game as odd as it may sound, just kind throw yourself
at combat endlessly because what happens is when you don’t and
you just kind of take it slow you play it safe, eventually
what will happen is you’ll get into combat and then you
won’t know what to do. So you can never actually finish
the match and get the win. So it’s one of those things
where you just kind of throw yourself at it
over and over again, and then when it
counts, you’re comfortable. RYAN: Excellent.
That makes sense to me. Right, Sid? SID: It sure does. RYAN: Just throw yourself into
combat and don’t hide in the grass like your good
pal, Ryan Clements. SID: It’s very serene out
here, kind of a misty feel. RYAN: Certainly there’s no
combat to be found in this idyllic landscape, right? Filled with rotten car corpses. That’s what they
call wrecks, right, corpses? TONY: Sure. RYAN: Oh, there’s
action brewing. SID: That’s a
friendly woodpecker. TONY: Nice. RYAN: A friendly woodpecker. TONY: I’m sure it’s fine. SID: Another military crate? TONY: Oh, man, look at this. SID: Just sitting right
there, neat as you please. RYAN: All neat as you please. TONY: Nope. SID: First aid’s good. RYAN: You know, Tony, I
totally should have asked you, but in terms of the
slots in your inventory, can you only hold — you can
hold how many weapons and items? TONY: Yeah. So since we removed
inventory management, we had to take a different route
with backpacks and whatnot. So when you come in fresh,
you can only carry two weapons. RYAN: Two weapons.
Got it. Oh hello. SID: Oh crossbow.
Awesome. TONY: And then as you get more
backpacks and kind of loot up and level up, you can carry
two, three — or three or four. RYAN: Oh.
What? SID: Awesome. RYAN: Yes, please. If I could just drop into
the battle royale with this, that might be great. So if we could just
arrange that off the air, that would be wonderful. Opportunity?
No. TONY: They’re going
to fight if we can’t. RYAN: This is why this
genre of game is so watchable. It is so much fun to watch. SID: This is super fun. I’m having a great time here. RYAN: Aren’t you glad I
brought you down here, Sid. SID: That was beautiful. RYAN: Well done. ATV, ATV honking its horn,
thinking it’s a big shot. And then there’s a crate. Stay frosty. [LAUGHTER] TONY: I got a scout rifle. RYAN: Where did they come from? TONY: I have no idea. RYAN: Run, run, run.
Tony, run. SID: Slick. TONY: I need a — SID: There’s a nice quick pace
to this that I really like. TONY: Yes. So one of the things
we wanted to make sure is we keep the pace up. RYAN: I put in a lot of helmets. TONY: A lot of
helmets, a lot of armor. There’s got to be an
SMG here somewhere. RYAN: Come on. They’ve looted this quite
a bit I imagine already. SID: Been picked
over by vultures. TONY: I’ll even take a pistol. RYAN: Oh, there you go.
Speak of the pistol. SID: Worked for me. RYAN: I always get so anxious
when I’m in an enclosed space like this, which arguably
you have more cover in there, but I don’t know, there’s something
nerve-racking about it. But never fear,
Tony is on the case. Infallible, undefeatable. TONY: Definitely not true,
but I appreciate the words of encouragement. And then so the
airdrops are also marked. Their color marks there
level or their rarity. So this one’s purple, so it
should have some pretty good stuff in it. RYAN: And as you were saying, the number and
frequency is nice. It encourages a
lot of gathering. TONY: Yes.
It most certainly does. RYAN: Well, it won’t be as
valuable here due to the close quarters. TONY: Swap this out for this. RYAN: Only your footsteps
to keep you company in this desolate plain. SID: Very good, Ryan. RYAN: Thank you. SID: Here we go.
Perfect. RYAN: Here it is.
Did they see you? Hi there. SID: Oh my god.
That’s brutal. RYAN: Just an inch off. SID: Yeah.
That’s what I want. RYAN: If you can’t get
that precision shot, then — TONY: Oh man.
I am potatoing. SID: Is that the term for it
in the battle royale community? TONY: Yep.
You’re a potato. RYAN: Oh, is this it? Is this the end? Nope. You still have a chance. TONY: I forget that they’re
actually going to take it easy on me. Oh my goodness.
I’m so bad right now. SID: Lots of potatoes right now. RYAN: It’s because
you’re, A, trying to talk; B, trying to look
good; C, on camera. You’re secretly on camera. Surprise. This is live to millions. It’s not. TONY: We’re just going to use
that and take the easy way out. SID: I mean, that’s the only gun
I would ever use in this game. I wouldn’t pick
up any other gun. I would just run
around until I find that. RYAN: Good luck
finding it every time. TONY: So good. SID: Now what’s the — are
you guys thinking at all about post-launch support,
things you’re going to roll in? TONY: Oh yeah. SID: Listen to community
feedback and all that stuff? TONY: Oh, 100 percent. So, you know, Daybreak’s
history with games as a service, you know, if you
look at Everquest, I think it’s going on
20 years at this point. So we’ll continue the
content cadence to make sure — [LAUGHTER] SID: Peek a boo.
RYAN: Hello. SID: Bam. RYAN: Oh the helmet came off. What you doing over there, pal? SID: Excellent. RYAN: One more. I feel like in this direction. No.
Am I crazy? I thought that other
person got hit on the side. Oh, is this it? It’s the showdown. Ladies and gentlemen,
could this be the end? TONY: Luckily they were
taking it incredibly easy on me. So they made my job
that much easier. RYAN: You survived. And, ladies and gentlemen,
that was H1Z1 which is coming to open
beta on May 22nd on PS4. We’ve been playing on PS4 Pro. And we have been
joined by Tony Morton, the lead combat and
systems designer at Daybreak. Tony, thank you
again for joining us. TONY: Thank you for having me.
It’s always a pleasure. RYAN: Absolutely. And, Sid, thank you
for joining us as well. SID: I loved it. I am definitely going
to be playing this one, so thanks for swinging by. TONY: Absolutely.
Thanks for getting a win. SID: My pleasure. I’m going to take a
short time to celebrate. TONY: You should do just that. RYAN: Until next time, folks, this has been
PlayStation Underground. We’ll see you soon. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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