GW2 Predictions and Preview w/Jason and Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

GW2 Predictions and Preview w/Jason and Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

, that would enhance that not many games do that again would be happy and staff and definitely not the end for an ulcer want you to end to end on downstream and talk about briefing to tap tap school again and I think which the Ins and the ship yet another for the word out about the interesting for media as governor of herein lies and that seem a just and the huge hole at the open that wants to do the predictions for the corner jays or the told me that said he wants to and be the corner, the dixie games tonight said hospital bed and dusted ivory and interesting conversation about your wand to Wilson positive about Clara bow showrooms and very very interesting conversation about moving forward to the ocean view of the day at any of the money manner that the message century by stacking up about everything and that I just basically something strange and at where we think are taking this and he completely agree with everything is just like everybody just really excited about where is that it has come to the Constantine said very interesting and the right medicine has not meant to harm to rush for me to have a message of the delegate count down 10 and there will be laid at the same element of the music of the neighborly the major and join the music does get behind you will open history as well how will the rule for consumers to stay out of if they are just some of them minor wanted to get an almost 41 4th time is spent that do not I don’t know if there were she was 49 tries to open mind seeing a to announce that the Lloyd Bentsen street from India became the show with us today and he said that he’s been watching us the last couple weeks and we only truly his office Brady archer would you believe he’s actually addicted to us crazy and ordered her identity of the home up but his own chat about and west times for a touchdown and think and an easing that the Dr. As NT and I think this is best to stick with the ad that you are that you’re just they should yet many nodes can then turn of the kind of an tenure of Davis and I just a game of that good evening everybody and welcome to the meat is there any of your poll casting the self and Jason Kidd even Jason update the very very exciting Jayson more importantly a very very excited fans usually because this is the game we too are predictor such preview showing where we of course not only do myself and Jason predicts that this game week we apple said take one of the colas and they go up against the seven Jason Acosta history and participates in medicine to us we will be unpredictable cylinders again two myself and Geis will be going over all Trans world where thing to do with all teams only thing to do the transfer catches in choices,: polls and the one would take short coals once we predict what’s going on for the weather one of our regulars from the morning show FBI defender of Irish and discord he’s played a local already so on and he can’t remind us that it can’t come on line one Wilson, in the disk or read 19th century me Jason leg over its yuan Jayson more imports and the hat as the breakdown of the winnings for the cash immediately gets a happy guy that the city’s 88 minded people participate in Jason bond surged 88 people and guessing and said that in some bottled and then to us and we must demonstrate his point that is after points deductions as and darted in absolutely a complete agree with you to see I said this is the game week two preview by the way thanking old four joining myself this morning and lesbians to be open the joint is pretty much the canceling thank you very much to him we did a very very short stream and this morning reaction to last night’s oversee the cup game shore Mr. Jason Morris talks on the game and predicting the Chelsea and the poll results and Jason I’m pretty sure what he’ll do not want to come and and the data resource and with us and easy that the bill and not know of goals and not as I have attached a St. Louis at all yet I did find jobs over the receiver or not. But no sign of a in a nine to do both. For years but there is the usual essays that many when we’re gonna do is point scoring system incomes 2:00 AM old integrate schools and just let everybody know them last week we have blocked at the helm he was all special guest a predictor and he actually came on top and he got nine points in history or eight points, seven Jason was seven and a breakdown of the point is quite simple really you get one points and integrate I can’t get two points to get into narrow enough so for example if ever to wear to the wall from one company predicted two now you get an extra points as two points, courses you get the school band knows you get three points said is a tiny will be waiting for the law says that you guys known wineries give you a nice little statistic about the specific fixture I also have captured the calculated over the last six fixtures books the more popular captain’s choices have done against the budget proposal against Wilson to study the damage a single up upholding the discord regarding that said just let you guys know the week of the polling discord for your any tapioca men’s team for which capsule and choose I think the options are sell standing more drugs on round effort is made and is in Qatar author of the debate of a bit of a U.N. said that Israel is the reason the And that’s that you’ll be interesting by the history of the body and I know that there’ve been a few people that message us to say thanks to a history of And standing last week and there is someone needed did say that this history comes out on top what he did last week, probably didn’t go with it this week for my captors to pick said stages in history when it comes as Paccar seekers it away for pieces of these are some that of the bar will start of the car at a at the mid are all either the day he can’t join the unknown time and in Australia nominee comes to the evening’s finale is that of any joking that nothing really puts them at welcome up and U.S. surgical visible their 401 into the Dickens, and gained two and I just mentioned the chapters health plan along with myself Jason doonan history and when he won your results are you things can happen: a NAZI rival And expanded of chaos Trailways the lunchtime kickoff between us and then make and I have the league and is when Osman Hassan fund and I do things that I can actually on that person to be going with any cup adults will fix the two also on the two are known Jason do a book by. If he could have been the best just a rowboat that but please me the contents into no way to go to the 6638 up and say 7818, after the balance of 1431 and everyone also remain also revealed in the competition and well that it’s me and just look in the coming through what is she going three to said the history is based on just reading you watch into the mass extinctions that conclude from the zinc include a cup games it doesn’t matter how small I’m looking at the last six fixtures said prior to the previous three and there’s only one goal within the maps and another one that’s an awesome 121 of the last three games also scored MSN goals and even the schools and easy one said he and his two-and I’ll see the popular strategy for all peoples of the hurricane passing the enemy is rebounding straightaway hurricane paid off with his two goals and 3 pounds points will have an engine was history is suggesting absolutely a bounty and actually looks like the best And Seagate this game week he scored three stops in three stops vs. Bernie he scored six goals and what one assists of people that are bringing in the county and you’ll have to be done the strategy was to indicate an end in them and get back And see on the Downey and that one for the next game which is possibly the most contentious games a week and is Aston villa vs. boomers everybody is praying that almost actually do something vs. Boston after that Mr. Lessig disaster again shepherd and I’m very very disappointing returns and we will felt the sting their schools play very very well shall be no will be a citizens’ insights into a Sedona SEC for and I think the kids Ast and it will be brought down to reality I think only of unconnected system on the good two wanted all its or the other happened up at the top of a began the top of a neighbor or not find a dinner at the rate of three sensible move into the bullets and roll call that bullet in a manner that the the sentinel services can you please after being live in the Spanish versions of the game last week you please give us some insight into a similar wide attention to note that the two bible as all that that I use them on shops against a domain name was specified they had only 31 shots against ad which is a-day week Adams minutes past we just enough quality on the beach at 01; a son of thing that was once a right there on Sunday week one and they will be ready for this kind so I add your having one of 14 at least a week eyes when it looks like, retention and killed the deal better the history standards they wanted from Tustin to the KB 73 times and acid and wants once a behemoth would one day trip to now than on two of the more interesting teams of the season so far as Bryson coming off the three no witnesses will take the rap against western Allies were missing a couple of plays a believer an ad and somebody else’s of the other one adjacent as others injured Anderson is an Alpha league and lie and case into the most and welcome into place in the team and missing says brown vs. western Geno while I was caught in a time to go for a rally in a different and lost all and Eric I made up of the benefit of thing is that Joe Collins smash into the end of a handful of wandering at $1.00 and one The branded a two I think a lot of people here are saying that keating and trying them to know which is well beyond again brought in two west and held at the 921215 or well and the history is going with two of the construction of the 19 goals and in the last six races between these two temperature goes west on the other nine been supplied for the last four fixtures Bryson will be some shareware maybe that is the posture for priam after such a good that we can last week from another edition vs. Wilford course will further in absolute to some random and open the phrase day want any matches and since the turn of the year of basic understanding is and said Jason goes for anything that has been the love of your prediction for a limited to 1.2 MIL I just think that’s a I just think that this is the fence that they had been hacked the most clean sheets after the port and announcing team this year and a form coming off the back of last season preseason last week they got a clean sheet I think she was under the fact he’s go: endangering his team double up I think that’s and you could be insufficient the senate turns that the body thinking on this game off 31 of its own or anything to the score some goals being on letters and yet easing some Elias line, in which all some mystery of the ideal ball in the five minus for some full been avoided nothing but a 6 to 12 he’s a scalded recording 70 schools in a speech to sign your an welded it is just go with a high scoring 32 the presents and that the weaving has been a bit strange pattern going on in the last six fixtures said for example has been high school for about one million high school Faldo won the old high school for below one knows that such a strange and bizarre passing that we move on now and two and whether such major debate yesterday about the next fixture rockets and archers Newcastle of the Jacobs-arching cookie and then was in the center of this controversy here when he was an amazing disgusted at the fact that it had deep were considering competing for raising basil Anderson shot now 88 and the and for mime and he actually did his transfer over bringing two key and and that’s your office and do not keep away just couldn’t believe these 34 am jumping on and on action think them digital data Dole vs. Newcastle one person again again 21 Jason too much and that Pannell you and hoping that the fed could keep things quiet on them with a 11 at the cells lining gold and it could unite all of sending he scored an own goal brilliant for the extraordinarily and has been 27 golds involved in the last six pitches down a city and this is the championship metal the mind and is 27 goals involves 16 in favor of Newcastle nine from Norwich City and the histories, going 21832 Newcastle now finally removed or that story and , and says the funding and moved on to the last of three hokey growth of tomorrow we had set aside which is funded captaincy the game itself Hansen vs. and that the port up to them that the than 20 minutes into the news last night and women on the stand 54 that would affect them of actual action to think it would affect them doubts as these to settle for post and I think medal a professional job and that Jason on again two notable and all U.N. Warrior for some last night’s game just as an action and that the memos obtained and Jason just made a very interesting point of county coroner’s use self there’s a lot of talk about a denon just one individual a few people and basically saying bad Simm that people potentially stands patient self enhancement and well well well well that CBS, seven days of calls on a Seoul 11 of the streams and replies stamina: saying a lot from 40 and cannot come off the bench for one wall when I saw points down discord and soon found out he was just joking sign yet of the care-search settle for something to gain momentum for the actually are back up the goals he and his is conducting its companies, the routine win and three Males celebrates 10th goal and two assists draws agreement certainly go with yelled and the own history but Jason Esrey that some of the end of the school of performing calcium of force to restart and the world history we only the history now that U.S. firms on that missing and has won his cell on Mondays history vs. some Hansen said the aggregate score three mailed to the point of the six fixtures that the five clean sheets to the poll and all three occasions and medical scored three golds Jones in the captaincy picture every time a battling sun and some people it might have seen some people take inside form on a unit of cell is play four times and ends at the hands and is all five goals and one assist Monday he’s played as an action on the four occasions he scored zero no attack and returns will serve at his news conference at continental search for anybody to a survey history is null and helping them on a contention captains that’s any selloff for you guys and one to And sell the history is on your side now that as the result of the reasonable bail on our shoulders and live than the ones two and talk and get a prediction because Nancy vs. top enough of a delicate house estimates and well you have to have to have a great month rent from the taste and we will get your prediction first back up all of a ride wide use a dial service and that’s a lot of you at a at a live update the ones Willie Horton ads and was that happened, the accounting and it will come out with the they’ll deal wasn’t me and we’ll know will happen your And hat trick mine just get measly one goal every dozen in math and like encore this game by county seat of IE some difficult to cool its two heavyweights that any and all of ongoing man sitting 2021 argument of the goal of 121 that lets him from the top and found that it’s here from bruno’s then last week he arrives me for that said Nancy Nichols and call them and just like Jason predicted that still sell what you think of a rat 63 state waters, democrat of where you honestly think three think the the high scoring game at yet know. While the game will benefit of the sale of even the chap than jays and-led Allied image of using than that of an mother the project say before we get to that is spread the sat across Davis of Wallace even if the nation’s seven of their nine-foot, a member of the next largest merger in this too much for the U.S. Rhein but its mind can have a comprehensive into the top of it in the history is pretty much going that way when well we have we have a potential special guest going on regarding his ball colony has actually go back later and said he’ll be open for hat trick in history is going with a comprehensive entry into man since you saying that 31 wed in this game has been 31 meal the trees and that one of them is actually the top and said things that what you will could end up one of two man sitting on top and doesn’t have a confirmed in the downswing after about one and to remove on Sunday and shovels and I vs. crystal palace and I think that’s a crystal palace in the continued the wave formats are they and have the facts, enough to enchant a page team is said about that can deploy and hatch insists well into gaps of the season at 43 victory against a tone that sometimes leads and Jason will be arriving his hands in glee in fact from city of Santa ynez crystal palace of the crystal palace and that’s that we’re under two Oscars about this and you first for the evening that can stand in a on well with that and Saturday night and, after correspondent same as a trustee this line more tacky not comment on whether the two male way went on as I’ve just realize someone shot from humor was standings history first off completely from a model to get behind the leader of silly but standing has started six games against top and any school five goals and one assist of course you’re sad that gold and a rolled out for all sides we were holes you remember me not champions league match CF five goals and one assist vs. and top and serve any potential standing captains and that it looks like history like sell is on your side is just in case of the play and play a developer is that addresses the issue of the petitions are found in history for the Galapagos a chance to Jason looks like it’s and two meals too evil and a and an boot may have even know if this is going to want to share for the 19th and within the mass extinctions from those two teams that have been four clean sheets and freedom of action, crystal palace is crowned show that is that those in the hands that any of that was a core set of eyes burning and, on sitcoms: down the line as the one and the challenge of them beating last four and a three story at home to crystal palace and Sony owns a good four shuttle Janata cap Gemini onto the other team playing me see the slides Chelsea vs. last of them before we get your prediction Jason they’ll force and Chelsea unfolding of the lively intersection looks like potentially he could be a bit of an FBI asset are all ages change my prediction on averaging 21 to Chelsea and that’s a eyes now reversed it under 21 semester because I remember last season and every time Chelsea played in Europe before the game they would live in new spending basically said Juan Dixon ms second at Austin Chelsea out here and on the good 212 master that he’ll do not of 1411 points and the pitch at Jason seems the are used by an art yet as any other C’s room you know when the style seating is not to do as well and because he’s on the base of the money comes on using using up against Ivan ensign benefits from not so as not dropped out of respect for the spotlight of the eyes and then not he will the bench and comes out clean to your line while the fact an adult histories going with two of Chelsea there been a full clean sheets and in this game that the mass extinctions four of them actually been playing that are less is grounds that too rich or silver screen that again Chelsea that shows you lost control and said the owners looking for a reversal of the master the overall was an aggregate score and histories in favor of Chelsea 21 for the financially Monday evening kickoff now that surely announcing down Jason we believe the republican agenda lies featuring the welfare system and it and desk as much as last fall’s and that of over if god one don’t want one unseen offensively are under 11 goals man united for I think that’s a tough thing was a Russian plane as the teams might as well for and this is this is what the first match in four of them playing hand and somebody did something like to 19 and against Manual then you’re beginning to against a Stockholm I think is the descriptions in four games and Rohan if one of the one used to contain Jason judges and and and and then me know why you think if a statement also, the city night in its last mod from a school and it even more realistic about and a Sunday to one source and not sit well with is contrary to the end of the chap Jason that some of the holes and did the jay senator ray Moore of the wolverine predictions yet agreed a state , and there were a rape well only people when Jason jury that Wilson and winds well you weekly service tray and the sideboards 212 Wilson factions will serve in terms that would have a sensible step of them returns that any direction defend against united in fact said 22 on the trees anyone one said were barely half of those obligations that history take as we will just want you on the papa And takes just quit as root for the bounty and three stalls vs. Bentley he scored six goals and assists sell all this is our hands and four stops five gold will assist standards: six starts five as a prison cell five goals and one assist which are an end if I just use stop Cameron will have a care of your kid had a heart attack or just announcing Nauman Bliley, then that said yet we have an announcement regarding launched around so when you hear whether the self and Jason Basinger do anything regarding found that transferable regarding its aground on fat seafood we just explodes up and that Collins replaces the basic and estimates that as you guys know who the good friend of ours and down has started as a pall cast that he’s still pops all the show in someone else’s offender laws and everything controls are sold at am about whether it may be and that was all that well that uses scales regarding social medium that pays his job and research and your systems and wants to run up and that he and he gave the idea to me he had said he would like to run into rampage and the salvage a single felony for General Michael Sturges and every known them that down is now getting shorter ones to mandates that all this mean he will be in communication self and Jason and that’s not to 9.9 times at 100 whether you see on its demand is down three downs are as private messaging will see posts and potential and live stream for trimmed down refused affecting own will mean Jason was saying the 94th and stories eccentric Sentra evidence and down so when Downey is cutting back said the speaker and the FBI opened for kids that the money just about now selling at us as does his problem that for Wilson is to run after Anita hill is at the same is true that happens to me that, but that the that if he did all of the 8800 at the box and detergents aboard a coast it that was that it places a favor by a bunch was at the data were just could not play Sunday at 818 that own they’re a a death and again with a single speaking about 20 minutes and nothing was actually broker , the book, but an Indiana anyway and scrap metal that the admin and said let’s just get on with their policy will jump and Jason do a single mom: the weather gets cold: said Humphrey and there are people in the disk or whether domestic political left open the windows right now that the open up test lead in the team’s week President Assad hold much transfer the villain all done to the state bond fund all and more this week and is called if the court against in a recent recordings I football teams in terms of calls Korenstein isolate the town in the get back to the full Moon Guinier reason cited favorite was scored so the state . Mama, on Monday the sidelines for an year out of every kind will copy is walking is a slight seven, but right now is the faults of the dozen, near the EU, and Captain Dennis just a few options some early thinking is that they can you turn into a bit more and no publicity that may be standing territory Ivan Ivan given any consideration in and out of it – have a good for them in a design a 400 pounds states and summon up in a sign said Adam Gallagher 589 to save the auction baht best option in my personal opinion and not some are idle considers common ones but then again I don’t play captains of its points and so would have been fixed interest above Jason a special guest in the waiting room is that he’ll defend a person’s while crossing the redwood teammates in the second and I think again on the morning to discuss why he’s one, two and an board often don’t coordinate and are not well the reason both but I was for schema one posting to too much lost in a combo will sum, the king. Boeing’s table was going nuts, when I watched the beginnings of like all. This is gonna be all climbers but not all transfers knowledge, but one part of the remotely like steel exports to the field and that’s you just picked a bunch of game we won in downloads heroes and then I mean an economic and yet it’s sits above the fine team but I’m making that your previous teams for the Sullivan are you on the one the guns while many need an annual minutes of cash and the but they are men and more more interesting me: without sell all nuts and that’s the thing is that to know we’re talking and the squadron in a league of staff at both the best pick it up, you’d like to influence on other people sold the pick you want to go. On the book but look at the white officers must have a not yet know we’re not a mean this is my first installed so I don’t want to know: Summerall she would reduce student and a part of it. All that. I was in my mind my own name but with a pitch to get a client altars and that within the system and I would take the yield was six under that remains under the wildcard, Walters is terrific course in all but not limited to move or if it does work but I understand that the city from no rock mall because two layers of paper because im in Yemen their legal and that just the defendant out that what ms there’s someone else no cash and in the court to defend a deal at 94 points last week down any use a triple And that fact is that that is usually the only a test of the many others. The violent margin in what you are not just shops that the measure up to you actually played well, the team do while waiting for the missing order the team prior to the wall, is pending goal Roberson Xinjiang gods on Monday of Paris standing self raise a keen and they’ll set of an auto shops defender on kind of thinking while wasted the wall, person if you wanted if any think if you really want to get a player I was just on the popularity of your community and template transfer which is keen to pinky annually for the wildcard and Blaine lacher honestly think the fed official team here that’s absolutely brilliant young will retain your pocketbooks knocked out of but the same players that are all there are one and one else and in the lining of the planning to have I done all the people planning a bill with two NIC 45 in odors and one part installed I don’t think that if I put your people is one of the limo in like two weeks back into the Arsenault I mean it’s a risk of course because an opinion working with the list and other people talking about the battles in been notified and 59 delegates three in 2% of record a loss of up to the Oregon is a pumped looking to pick it apart a new Internet players 44 to 00 and skippers as the starting to look theme Parks are taking all more more structure would be OR premium forward to it, no PCR and I just wasn’t fine wood wrote 31 with mailing out of the climbers were ranked take a look of cuts first, do the same transfers with anyone else has already declining of in the root of the dismissed up EDI, appreciate your argument for the reason as to why you want, but the gist of the two hasty couple of doing here is all this leave got the caption Sinclair and all you can be sticking with that are that the band’s but I think you better understand the soul of them all, to bracelet often wonder because I think it would restore the school sport because I mean not before and am not the biggest as Seoul Interop late in the law, compiled and questioning use in our rotation spot until octopus talking about not that it Allies, state in the stock for a 40% of the listing of the goals of the report you know that the fate of those 18 is common in one of the form so I think that although this, the official personal data: 011 points behind salt 32. Club women in our tradition and others can’t score big and in fish of the numbing reports on on road before you know, nobody ruled that nothing is final until the moment boats, looking up and caught a cold wind blew up Pan Am bombing and robbery wrote the following week for soul will look of console, think of Mana school lobby behind a locked room and ends and the cute little think it’s a battle and a name of someone else to report a moment wasn’t enough to vote on the part bubbling over France Abel select above for a part of a coming up here all the bulk of their books and a figure scoring some of the world this was posted a minute, but the deluxe score 50 goals , below the levels and foremost system with which to urge us to not enough and a ton of the Nile mall because a problem with a lot of little use of metal and that I think he can score for the old enough to its stock pickers that if I see if I see the its small that her body on a number nine, C, one of the face of their swords into personal 60 minutes just wondering now outpatient clinic and to promote another, always can one use it for transfers that if a new ad section of a ceiling like the sale of one million in the back of common at a nearby and maybe even a happening, but the responder unless it under start until well, guess what bottom boat) of the Clinton an aria number of Connecticut. The release leasable chose soul food for them on both too much to perform with both mother and father of Ireland event: even back the one million at one million is enough to do it myself that no more than that of the things that are out of nothing, nothing above and bonuses, black bowl with a number of times that of a newsletter for no other bottles of approval was offered as an abiding of the school of bill is a risk that the risk of being all the other local people estate services with three or four weeks before dumping on a player I mean, schoolmates but disagreements about finding complex finding that are the panels, sixteenths miles and miles low price list, while the sisters , significance of the bottles of the four All-Star solid service for work at random or maybe a little sober either to build up there with one out of a full part of the document calls are being almost missed only if you guys all three is having a defense that of the differential feels that all always been around the clock with no regard for an old Mr. Gilmore says it intends to make the battle its 11 year old beetle to the form but no enough of a rough and the absolute 13 and Mr. Tubes to Jason and does the same inning or 23 minutes ’cause I’ve gotten any been some are Tenneco but said that the DB got a lot of teams regard for all teams may and all goods straightaway with an inside of the state of 3521 was today finger on when to stop Peres warned strong positive and holmstrom it would be the 442 was thinking and your bed of them thinking is not too bold attack as a disaster that are really one of the deaths of the defender and no walks and Lindstrom wide open, a poll for the fact that are at the talk about found no one else on the two of the law is a crystal palace is there a way that was excellent so I reckon that what based on my prediction of the crisscrossing a wing of the videos Peres may be Brennan was discussion came behind volley of parole for an already under the 352 ones still warm hand, and sell as my and safety option captaincy from the from honest that’s a good chance total 24 hours to and make that decision and that you and me going 352 and a view and me for about a transfer on tour and on five Shearson sitting pretty in for Wilson your man and there are no longer on the same and 2¢ for 9,000,004 favorites pages continued that pool for money comes two and defensive and records from preseason of the haven’t kept a clean sheet or two preseason all seem to have disputed the season and are only concerned about some men defensively that’s a I think every offensive football fantasies are just going to wait and really interesting his 47 gaining two minutes or an tornado gangster eight write little room during a great deal of credit and Mel mad dog bit of trust and banking that has been a tendency to track and were leveled as a member of the laundry and then rinsed and operas are anybody used them to tears when I am a neophyte of these events the defense is at its own staff of erickson’s also think a good school of a marvel of five other than an IE five enough is enough info about it, and as we knew at that if it were me, I’m old, but it happened on that than what you did and he was one until the end of the bedlam are what appears on my watch and this is welcoming base ms-related ulcers that was relying for the home or apartment Hungary and his role in her bubbly your freezer are the details, call 44 performs better with blood and longer be the one to slow the city of Seattle area and get into the soil that was all that is a lawyer for that stage will it is often too many for concern has to tell addressed to install as a threatening is a while as new media Ireland has just had to rush in the same as for her dual meets all times and had taken where the satellite will send a seven-day you’re a team screen when you launch the two genial good to go for a resources to be on the issues and that I like the fact that you’re having them well and cover plays playing on the Monday evening and kickoff for think and that is a good team and jack you’ll get together for nothing carefully and finance: Jason and red sea of Tuesday’s offense taken together some of these just off the team and they’re looking very very judged doesn’t start at VOL , canyon and statements came from a to play. I even be standing in the play yet basically, I am not sure all how quickly he’ll settle in an unwavering he will stop ships you’ll often what happened all suite 87 is worried me real bit and byte I would try to get a Woodstock like to think you would have thought of them would be about me and their history when I scored against army in lost three fixtures at a win is standing why nothing. He can get an assist to recall which is good and not of coffee in a banyan could get bit more kids and the sorry state of not having OPS say it’s a windy cap was soon not in my start school in all. The man United’s game and medium low. The three com site of all the more by an easy task. Thank you very much I shall inherit sightseeing on 75 points if I could get a seven TN-life if you’re a site’s eyesight and how long the report by just agree with bad cattle ranch and shops keen vs. Foster staff of the us is the classic individual strikers are attacking players vs. And the oldest the one your defensive pairings to a knowledge again going crazy in the coming of intent and spring Nelson vs. earth and have a second of video services noncompete agreement Jason I think that’s a good to go that just a few concerns about pat a waste all in all for nothing and I am ready has said they said Wayne to see tomorrow to see whether he will be out two stops all I think the party will to the owner of the shooting of the consortium me about and that a comeback as an upfront and I think the three of them on a tear us apart to the owners and the Arabs as if you’re brilliant something to think and events: Jason and are not a matter of the the anyone in lots of masters all of us in the brain might see deer , who the advent of the end of every one it’s a nice time, I think, C his policy after the United Way gains in the stars came on the symphony starts and you know what sounds team is grateful Syria on every + years might be illegal next week I am thinking that you may want reservoir bringing could hear the java or any detail cited the yeti as 5000. The last night who formed on posting them a sense I think the thing and that is no major tenet that more well rounded students review and that highlighted a standing captaincy I think a IE Company not yet an entree, values are you think I don’t think it’ll guzzle our deepest aging and ailing three full five new audiences can be anywhere near our thinking about 21 side, and markets the store called might unite all the scene on it. The combined this depends primarily young unlike in office. The evidence that instead and the envelope as the team is standing is going to actually and do the well, I am just decided about it than that stymies is having fun is confident and that’s all this at all with money on the pitch I just think that money takes a back up central role and and sell just seems to push out why a bit more could be completed on again a base this on highlights and one reads and U.S. senate plan for me and because one is the return knock is on on 98 -0, win on infamy no most of all eight , nothing anyway gamely for ample begin a while, you know it’s it’s used false on doesn’t play on the Peres doesn’t do anything on on every case beyond bodies because you know last week you play on the wane off so yet you know, is abundant supply knob all over the wall, next week anyway are free and will enroll deaf and a recognition that java and others who is coordinating office\seven Allies cares less than a lot of just Nam good morning notes cost 99818, of all decked out in a year on the side write the screenplay by tall women, from points out that they can hide Martinez boxes good lab yet opposite wall has been speaking to the bison discord about monorail conundrum on because I was grandfather’s press conference this often made and the school can all this new strike and ago scored twice last week and 96 and my man on Bonita whether to switch and I’ll this week as switching to reply all this week and four: transfer and hospital grade , Belgrade, filled only Perez tools in and of the loving person me I think those huge poster? In a mud-straightaway I think medicine and he’s that two ads at least at glen Murray infamous reviewer things have gone you know you’re always been a strawberry did yet Murray scored six times and for some ideas out there that are always bought the BBC school of commerce, two fumble on corners of the buyout by did have a little nugget: the rings on schools six times in less time signed well, not even to two on and and not all I have to go home because light of the list of about two to not feel like I’m able to fisherman’s Newcastle -OP report they could get a name and the bonds that will stay , and I’m glad I did not know it sounds and held online bulletin of being a slot blot ways of improving on use of a combined one of the school to go into showing up was the fact is the fact is, as medical use of Newcastle up next to none had not yet been taking that his upcoming fish is a pretty solid base than a month and a rich and he is the stats that’s why I suggested that he did create those, on each said USA Dr. Easiest one man fair enough memory and that we we gonna get you the court is down and just before we let you go about you to tell your kids then about what you begin to the restaurant is now he’s taken over from a yes, I suggest a more to follow this school alleviate off of awnings the ground on Bali SQL and seattle’s keep the ball to a win the streams and began lies on when the streams of the schedules and yet just keep else they were in a stalemate states spent a multi students will drop differentials also suffering from a star 1,000,000,007 good place to play with them as though absolute conduct by the lack of investment in its test you will, and a total of eight new kitchen coordinator of anger and there were four percent from the runner and that that barely one thing carrier planes to look for other Ralston chickens Arab world and good as it is a member of the system for weekend. That prompted and sold: 15 marks were so the names of thinking this section shall read or whatever and MCI all her more volunteers to readers or are thinking going for Wilson were jealous and Perez De Silva Medical civic order to solve the whole medicine far stronger of the year that I have modified plan that’s our number, but for your comment is that calls for more everyday and seasonal and stores all over this is the gutter balls Clinton will stay until the end zone near the standards for over two months of a club and there are two other watching videos or princes are artists have a text of this story home from work to score that as of this quarter hour, channels once a booth at the store where are we to enough of that era of fame and edition of the old and in every body parts of us as we just announced and if you do for also known as socially and we’re now going to the audience to bottle and of that, it consists to kick around the odd and even care of by optics host and down on the Andes mountains around surviving the conference as at any of your files and 20 at the taft the health of course the main qualities of enjoy the streams and odds are he got one person is Becky openness of it does help immensely nasty truth to really does help us a lot and just simply about my boss and of course if you’re used to streaming eventually what you see that we all pretty much a danish and their reaction lives of warfare for things fantasy focal we going to be going on right in saying they live on Saturday and Sunday masses the game has risen to get said your service at a Sunday evening will be maximized to the games Monday and more importantly we are going to be the lush and charitable services 99 games and make sure you get your diary that summer Sundays and will be going live through the polls and of 1990 game and acts that oversee if U.S. is for people to say that I have a combined at the Indiana course the discord as distant as mentioned their descriptions in me and said it is an inscription to everybody is personally in the discord of course you get a chance and live with the people right now after the show’s ended and the discussion of action teams break a server for joining us and we will see you on a Saturday is we’re right people think of that that both under are almost no longer the death of a loss of data were interviewed for our share your taste of about one year to visit own design a hot cocoa at a lower state item in medicine and a loss of group in a sitcom joined an innocent mistake the fuss by Snowden¢ I’d love it is a second on a table and lawful was active sign in not give us : Huffington’s goods in any city wouldn’t even on Tennessee officers across of the people noticed an install doing enough to live in taking away the end of the day of the nation be kept clean anyway so that I did not nothing is quite another thing that hasn’t something to laugh about us up to age is so that’s one death due a side effect of the suddenness of New London. I’m a URK and I think it’s a pretty sad news of a new services and lost 11 inches of them will center. She often passed us crazy about a genuinely do think a lot for the well head of the back of the space of singled in a space along the Colorado eight of the head of the dickey is added to that. But the real as part of the other thing I think if the high scoring game a heads-up and

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  1. My predictions:
    Arsenal 4:0 Burnley
    Villa 2:0 Bournemouth
    Brighton 1:3 West Ham
    Everton 1:1 Watford
    Norwich 2:0 Newcastle
    Southampton 1:2 Liverpool
    Man City 2:0 spurs
    Sheff Utd 1:1 palace
    Chelsea 2:2 Leicester
    Wolves 0:3 Man Utd.

  2. All the history and stats to each fixture was a wicked idea lads .. sterling has blanked after 2 hat tricks and 8 braces though??? And last season after his 3 goal haul didnt score for 3. Praying going KDB gw1/2 Iin hope that he would cover sterling might balance off after spurs

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