GW1 DEADLINE | LIVE | Liverpool vs Norwich LIVE FPL reaction w/Steve-O and Jason #FPL #FANTASYPL

GW1 DEADLINE | LIVE | Liverpool vs Norwich LIVE FPL reaction w/Steve-O and Jason #FPL #FANTASYPL

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If if if if if if if if if if if if if home if a home is as if an that’s a home that that’s life that if if the only council chooses a file for months to try to act on the matter in the production of the border for a reader and it’s real I had actually taken to two days now stalled after all the talking and changing and changing them at the IE lack of values are still smarting between various Schultz armed and yesterday announced in a fall depend on the secret, completely out of the system does the case and just walking itself know the fact that the the the I think that was to be watching all power Friday midfield and it will be some strong got 451 formation there really is and Dole yields 4442 Wilson us he knew that massive idol do a little sad at Adolf Hitler be on the pitcher’s locale so she can he sell for penalty of thing you can become contrasts all get my seat on our street on and ‘4 minutes ago made both as a socially or potentially came on a high of money and has been at the add-on line 2:00 AM just 27-as-T4 and the live around six sole democrat we take away all the demand would be sat down for the game of obsolete now selling for straying from where it yet also made so it’s at the absolutely and a lot about the legally double Ballmer had just bought 198 calls the scrap the pennant in a land that all could do well to go to getting south Yellowstone so I think I think the honorees done the weight of caning is to make a more real difference will captain mike E olive Arnold issue of how the main suspect the calls it a couple import you’re thinking of concord De come back and get a brace, called block an employee has recaptured so F if an act that he had been looking eight now I’m the only concern is that public folder from saint paul’s L. Neal * a role in the southbound swatch before the pope’s and I just sat idle_to make a trend pixel, 6 to 9 minutes I’m sure someone go lower signed by: scored poorly handled at the little defense is something that is eighths in almighty green I had a little offense and since its findings on this team of narcotics and it’s a sealed thing in my mind , balding mapping and I’m quite pleased that to different formations of 43 for many cases we get meals on the one great see Montana State of the sea, Joe cut into clinton’s stance that he’s a master differential of Copley declined under not used use I got me thinking became an arm on a similar for the hunt for Asia could be that displays the 2 minutes to get that the market us lies to use pop out of the added a lot nemesis and honesty of either that ought be something of a national ban on moore’s law has been in an all time of the city and that previously he seems like the one supplied off in benefit from the Denny a knee injury some confidence the stock will compete as does a really have any competition and am right back with only a steel is not any minutes in preseason side IC clutch trucking industry in Anaheim and enemies the Tom Coughlin Elisa Casey then jumped up insisting brilliant preseason and in Europe as a flight back to the three states last night and use taken off offline 60 minutes I think was a Sicilian overlooks quite massively a lot to consider even as is always been escorted by state to four goals in two games not at present I think this is it I think this is a year away at a site in sense that a selection as not to use them to the question of the Siena community is one final decision Vandyke and will compete as will the Miata 5.5 licensing, what you prefer not thus will ensure the relay or in all of the opposite of his team are producing an act, a low as finally I have been a lot sooner CR Roberts, 39 PM funeral nine yes yes no no no no you up and the defeating me and you can’t you can of course we could with a weakening its signing if you like the matter should say there may be trimmed with all in the body like a duck $1.00 and maybe not be able to choose this bowl opponent scrubbing not been given to sell its kind up in everybody’s, do the same soul more like I think this is the best pictures in its ability to sing again but I can I can plan on doing it in all the Fairfield, with scores it would be like a signal that there are a thing that I know that. People didn’t have a copy of it in the problem, but that a lot of the county for instance if it’s a game that’s all I can build toll golds because I think the tool goal season of for me to feel like it’s what it’s not yet accepted me into this happy kids like some but not so tables landlords like you add yet it was OK now maybe we’ll know down, I think that not many Cubans, do with the loss of state are also that I think that’s the motivation on the thick piece of unused sooner, you can build a more aggressive man lying at Meany wildcards we’d like -4 because you know the people to expect once you’re beginning to aggressively transfers at RI think I would be the update the file it was all an icy but I can be submissive and transfers because about the Clinton Health Care, the painful truth non your that at the head of the banking or edition. The fed kind of goods that are still doesn’t have much to like drinking too much in a moment that the blacks love a line in the end in knots , and give me one 2nd login you the picture of what I’m doing a moment. He’s designed in sex acts 22 of the ego was the final lineup for the llama the slums 11 and two tables four to four stripers and the no, not a Korean army at all until we deal I stopped an employee would stop which also allows dear Ann Jason the stock basis in a tiny some as a LAN plus a national plan as a jazz and appreciative all the blame is something sick I imagine some value nine and some facts of them against a missile at the underlying fact it’s the reason I mention is somebody else about us was better known than that used an intensely, CNN and white was tossed it alive and in recent yellow league of cities from the navy often used at routed into a debate end of the data that had been wildcats Nolte hopefully now and offered 11 and a probably going to hold it in week 3:00 AM able to translate drops: one end and longtime one and tapi, something almost killings from been a lot of the than it appears on the French alliance just ordered a copy to lectures are not one, Mr. On the guys are just at the pipelines and all all the best gala, detective in the indictment in July for known as the world just that the supply of thing for Monday that if I can supply options was a third option that two down struggle, twins and 4.5 and then the jury was with the supply of silicon Wilson printers will shun the four for two decades ago hoping the kitchen and blockbusters and fourth to the year future news, August and all the other options like the supply will soon consider pears and apples infant and child 10 seconds when a parish it would be only other option, and cited into the jolt and dental products are piles and ownership of those working in a four bit of luck, with some level for one of Wilson a friend DB and feels that it would be like the right hand side team and bolster that when Mr. Foster the conflict in short year are the accusations well as defined in a just won a chance for a seawall communities like Selma see it because the company wouldn’t say that I think someone and the means of its Allies and Mr. Mussina vomiting and 50 allows us to legal business 50 AM and all of it finds large bowl stadium alone wrote about local councils can’t do what no daughter did you know the altimeter tend to like discussing his second wind , and the silent room and a full plate of the settlement were they not be enough to make the cornea seems a rumor that all the time ago, little more ethics and a lot, target of the deal that look like you’re using kits stated by the first two weeks and local dance company attention getter will always been enough always fighting fall all of the winter storm that’s why we’re saying about the deal were claimed some cost always a bitter winters Leonard lake water or the provision bottle on bridge, listings as I climbed onto an antitrust lawsuit last the monthly bills and missed boxer labels on and we just call small team in the disco fears will bear wheel of ideals, each of the changes you missed from a script and states and the Elsinore resort understand that a gasoline lighting. Gambill are gonna go down a single stroke back at the end of the due at the end of the marine every recall a candidate and it looks like Alamos, stuffed with Schaefer actually just devastating interest than does it was a little too little chronicle of singles pool couple in having the Lebanon NSC only glimmer of hope everyone else has spawned a list of death under the most telling us on nine , and that it’s in the result of a captain in stalin’s and small superstitions will close the middle fund its leg of a cup and celery will blunt and will debate to hope that this was out of the cabs total ban treaty will win again just I get out all right the bulk of the one you are to be run out and not on the front bumper to act without that deliver what was little and our art that was our core rating and a you will wear warm and faster in the region in an attempt to that aren’t those were taught at work , which includes us and our new artistic and the rest were outlined the products are all estimates are being recalled or a row on a desert if that does it yet yet of the little, LAN ought to concentrate out while while Wells repeat of the system in on the facts on the data that the air attack on the chain called designed stinks, getting she ought to loyal installed at the time I think of Lima stock go all the seats and clings in foliage and am I really think I’d Trust laws that affairs label six games I will do really well that none of the ideas of the city, state because not I’m just doing it because of the last season, while last season’s starting a stunning recount cuts in its nest and the need to do nothing and not any studies at the trial because last season nights at all about 10 minutes before the deadline, lee scored at the hatchery is almost time he’s at the trial be on the outcome. Three days old, pleasing outlook for just a Harley any such thing as cost a lot to notice into the seat ending a run Chinese ties up some of the nothing that could have put the focus of considerable owners meet at the aloha August at I decided that I had ID gates at least at least two goals of the eight Jan of the GATT and the upbeat but the edge is 99 minutes 9 minutes to go up the idea at least half a half, working , 152 lunch room are quick and effective that the odds of books are sold on a bit on the train network of that I am a product that on all those new know on hat on competition, all of the defense structure on a lark, FOB death of year when a word about the young fall for one day prior thing is when I get caught 532 93 years and you because you just change from a mark on the on their their yield day soon as Tuesday that add to that as an uneasy lies an equity stake sent to the Chan is missing and instant incriminating get to a confounding glossy new one is a service to crash in annual in ads in the middle of the defense said to me to do about that that’s the start, find out that we tripled of old friends since to stop the release of the game and a lot like Jason wood inside its distance from this tiny seen a starter’s gun seven days of us in the fat lady but if it doesn’t mean the pilots need a strong as either of the does your year, psion one thing in the 541 dollar and 4:00 AM about to drop the checker to 05, would be not drawn here by the army of the bat or a little more garlic and onion from the African Burma Ehrlich said Mr. Broder kids, not now F have some guy used to turn 80 pounds too stupid shaft gentleman’s agreement with triple captains and edited a unit of Gartner passions over Las Virgenes actually meet senator brown couch terra administer the standard P. Earhart source is the state 12 a different market will return to war in an assault was unpopular to work and at the head of the tape, and a lot of ici still open, call me to sleep in all markets are not the working with our log walls, received a laminated and doubt that 40 I set it up, even as an act that. But armies that a slowdown in Chile are not often that the west and Phil Gramm the mottled and 95 and 7-9 to our case of an untenable for tuna and hoping the whole day: Xinjiang go down, the message they have the lowest in five of five employees than a better job that was enough to an asylum on the MSDN is the one hand home alone in the home alone home alone the teams up a really stops the men stuff 90 , as Edison, as are all out that missed a CIA in adding that night-scope of the management of the sweetener in the winter is on the damage mod is also the bench , do know if stealing of the stylized e-mail up, but in the in the 4,000,004 million, and from the stops to nine record that it did for the dns team are: , these are a lot of debt and are signed into law the game in the debugger that given the name of the few if the user clicks and staff wonder and 85 pounds too stupid turned down 54 P is promised to judge and the cynical extra for the Greeks and 🙂 and the hit that the F if highly destructive. Remain on view is that the they either they disagree, the disparities up at this like that, not the end of the Granato said is that of light on its been a silk in a cage. But at that the that that if enough of them of 55978781848 is enough for a few weeks, always been a date sign that the thing of the ordinance year low in a drop-dead as you dismiss for the “the real estate and icing group that if the goal is for me know if we add all that bad loan was the highlight of Los Alamos, and I’ve done, so it’s what I did was nothing about 1520 minutes, stirring up, as soon as of yet offer the constitution is that I had an other CEOs lost preseason and dents the middle of the flu season, cable and one of the joys of the 4.5 was the employer will, Roland I think Brian Mckenzie bills of the bombings, and signals I think that is the best defense of the other projects from the IP, with the help of other needs time to think a lot of those of us who still can’t comment on them, as the cut to a minister, are lots of data that led to the monologue and I have the original 5 to 50 minutes with two points and those people that are contacting well and wealth of that, to come into work announced an example to find somebody walked into a battle , unlawful weekend, she looked into the school goalie Kent Pfaff out of it will that work did you say that if the mother of all I really do think I made a good deal of events are highly sensitive, jazz up in drinking water demand among the set and that no later than eight , was it will be innocent until a distinctly already on the sale of the doing of the tights and the other will on digital titans the year in a late-a small community, so at some of them in the minor changes on the sticker vendors to more Aladdin out of the German will well it as a lot of content and if they have a little and big a deal of the head in U.S. and had lost everywhere in the doldrums and he clubbed and this is the worst offense and deleting surely called an honest it does into the van was in fact the 1433 while the notion year more jobs mentions , Jason Leigh den of a of the-top-10: a man like goals ninth inning James Davis they have enough of that than to say something about him as a member of this was 0.3%, that’s one of hundreds Monday the defense doesn’t have one of the attack is one defender’s office pensions are a lot of your business . And if it did all I can understand aloft living in an ad that the better or had a little, or will they have a bit and then a funny that is just watching it were a lull shyly but nothing that of the the the the east bloc to the mall in state bond funds Richard and a note that the data or know of is that of all 27 London bible says 20 sellouts at a lot of these that it possible that in a state of lower on the seven was that the women online box on a solo record did today and I did my mails and one element year the defendants and not for the OR 0.3% less in law that any one school; that a lot of hyphenated incredible to 9:00 PM sun already about them is one of the state is and though, the ice knowledge of them. And on a weekly basis, and that that roam a suspect in mime and a 30 minutes or the sea off the illusion of an oddity get the ball, and decided that if I decided to reopen on the test earliest world to disarm or four quarters or the content of rows and to promote a last minute decision also made a couple of Austin decisions are arm of silver creek, near Cali arm here think a lot on some loss in the air around work and causing internal wake of their numerous hour drama will choose from Canada and body and in orders or seek a pictorial things would stand in a fixed a virtual connectors for your question, since Armando to see some real norms and interest and rob Reynolds and near the American or other Wilson and body or torched an opera singer in a artificially reduced and arms dealer things weren’t done our marketing released a large torture workers, the captain next week gathering strength and resold works for us your route 430 and also are actually lost more ground as prince, there was an Exe where the handling of the Cali and are working at the Greenwood edged that encouraged to ditch the cute beater or syringes and we’re heard on the aloe dear. Perot get done about publicize and are just too slow start Michael singer is some evidence is upgraded up a monster for underrated online ad to the map -pair of a little weight as it is one of the NEA is all but Yongbyon but none of the store and starting year Blanchet year by Casey Martin and start some now no return. No new unique and eight of the damage to the city and take off example doubles me to call game week one that makes the night of the military and an antelope year and a very different injuries to spot will have to anticipate a limited basis the vice team Jason is an interesting addition there not think nothing of the money has only a few of the applicants to leafy and the beastie boys team in kills people see I think surely shall be choppy and an incident that he can sleep my team the core of redwood and the problem and the 14 other continue challenging, second page yet the income of two ways we read from a store the mission dish and 21 slasher to them, and her the continued until that never gets underway this is more challenge to Mr. Clinton for a citizen of the competition was a new coach the IDs, do just coasting in choppy ages post and streaming committee called the best event where the image that the Ojai a they’re a hospital and it’s a a a a a a a a a SI decide to sell its high-tech company just give me a change of blinders are low old fifth – fifth, at anything about some of the lab and-click of a day for the delay on a piece of cake from some kid says 442 Jason Seifert, and that was less well-worn on a fascinating and land is a least 10 of the it more respect onto the ballot at those speeds in the range of that action directly know when the team is when noses of 442 hands and U.S. fruit trees are not in a row said at a poster of actively you’ve basically went with the teen all I did last night maybe they’ll change him and that and get everybody was so any single last night that are still making the call for immediate unit at the old Cassidy Tobago a guy is I like best about uphold an NSC when Saturday’s java as a third of all thinking toward Jason Vines a certain under the console of 60 votes basically doing anything that’s a data due he’s doing so that’s that’s recently assessed everything cannot live up to 6:00 this morning hours upon hours of worshiping simple there is reset bench and elements and that it had of sweaty umbrellas and yet I didn’t go with actually something one actually more happier with than that of 42 at all but we don’t use to just call the knot at UC-enact the middle of the Spiegel that arise at Paris this team which to display which are we supposed to be your first rider you just dismiss the market would suck up and I get you to not buy the land mobile scenes that is a black and have an yet dead in its name from I am a bit bigger than enough cost of pasta course you for your best, most of the best thing that incident and I just I just cannot quite honestly when a storm the stream of other whales services and what I was and apps in a moment and Jason Ashford and the stream cipher all has been absent that Congress would win again at the age-run lead us to see the cash and indeed not flaming free one four and up and down store and buy it said that just in just two men in the makeup points as been absent from Kasich a memorial service notes that the corners just in the excitement like hats and listing on the way home from work with other way was an absolute nightmare has been up since optional for bases (8:43 the past three months I’ve been doing for the clock stops to 2:00 PM and will not allow a day by action wants to start five report morning finished my manager decides to bring me in doing the most important day the season basically a icon and Tulane’s Jason made a point yesterday in London traffic made no light is impossible to get handed and the reason why when only takes the mound Wednesdays taken a 20 minute is disgusting to one chewed surprise surprise will roughly every other 2 minutes every 5 minutes is today commenced the added cost money and mobile data decides for some reason today to be playing a full day’s work on commission said that showed my own story now in progress and catcalls and cutting and let the edit it was fantastic us oldest team of thinking as my tent half-mile down the side of that in the back of the info: rod bray or your car and phrasing until the last night barring phrase linking all I had a Wesley and Fraser Bassett has led to Paris and killing all I have Fraser of the ways and means that you benches well as the party listed at one of the FBI oh grade stream animal friend and noise actually seeing something as string (but the weather Rican bay the pun I agreed in size and the play all you not worried about the unknown playing Beethoven and then going to bring happy with this and when I usually use about Charlie tape it indicate the NT or to not to limit the number some 0.3 million people are in operation would similarly hours a year and a listing your well do anything with us to make before we can continue I just wanna saying this is back or breaking thing is this is absolutely phenomenal and even house and shot was postponed, 329 everything, get the buzz going and this is been amazing as Jason Beebe and I do enjoy images they are like watchers will free the talk among the 424 to 35 of the time it down and shoot me that everything and it has been absolutely amazing and is this is just that this has been one of the constraint for one of the 44 rows or whether the city would you go there and I never know until I can’t do any better than I don’t think I did at that point is the depending on what happens in this league games are debated before the law people were a little fans and the statistic began to tie the game may think 213 Males and deny the marbled and surprise that leads the team uses it as we expect our competitors Bennett , just make his point of the old and congratulations on logo that sell a defect in a sea and the defense or ESOP site will chart from one from the nice summer reading the game well known again interesting but said it was in merger can hold 171 to 1 previous charges or even feel safer mean that and ¥basically it’s a simple case of rights I was why I have this is what you are saying about say pair is an example is prestigious team striker and then before you know when Jason right now I think the camera deploying are often about wanting to play another as the fact that used to store stick with him from whole season to get returns one thing that sits and within the reason is in a match turned the corner of the next 45 others about oneself and fixes this season the first time a plane fixtures I’m just thinking see that when he first came the preseason stream as the first thing you said Gary fixtures and go with you about a dining on all but 10 I’m just thinking to myself statements and Canada born within these in the senate seats and penalties were for felt that not having demeanor was a massive mess from 19 the fact that all I did have a plane to defend a concern these Wells of going with version of that deal that heavy demands of the trust and that would have to be that’ll be a stitches when the Puck into teams Wesley Clark and seen doing really well I mean is fixes up and up the contentious court is done tomorrow announced itself to the penny in Lebanon, for many of the skull and bones not next and the defense is Shambaugh like that in the home of the again I can see that being the mail detention crystal palace to weigh we’ll make crystal palace actually atrocious west western united defense of the terrible Alsthom they like getting they don’t like being believed I can see potentially a 15 Smith wants to gain the most of his authority on this gap team and sign this season wants to shed us to that when they should be the spanning 20,000,000 handle this upgrade the president the onion while I I’m pretty happy with Wesley idea of the Dominican Allies say could be the next few days but I can see him, Sydney games are no idea of the FBI and the stream that to be honest with you all eight of the lost about weaker one recounts and I was thinking that maybe I’ll get weaker when because he’s a guaranteed stops are the four million and a kid and maybe upgrade Wesley to jolt a booking of fortnum just keep the deficit down to the deal better estimate as to the plane and a wall Wesley is you get a punt we’ve got 2591, five man midfield which an extremely happy that will keep that seems able to keep creators and handguns in chunk and dean your joke that the county to play not one of a clean my own not my issue is punk most tossing and turning around and try and put the phone and go in the county say these are just as can be causing 10 saves for what they actually have the Montoya the senate killed about 40 points and I just don’t have a full of good things about your debt on reading a short break and quo steel and Steven Seagal doesn’t do bonds doesn’t know the local levels is a lot like to go through and the teams in the cast and the needs and Jason let’s go from some of the more regular and chorus contributor is one that I do unless a donor stresses again down upon reading the median joints and the preseason when he a it’s the second episode of this season on the still-action at the health of the Internet that until services and this is the second stream artificially of this season the Jason the work and all backsides or from the hole preseason try to get this will write on now that stream that case is being given the last two when 20 starters and just at the six it to the Nixon in 2 hours ago was absolutely stunning and really getting me and hides for the nominee this game we played for the future and office and the FBI or cash and slashed FBI will forestall I cannot wait and that Jason that’s going through these and reliable rivals of of this is where we get two when take over all things you Gotta believe it’s due a date to adopt two that the islands that the results before reactions to various diseases may want to be nothing left here and you reacting to for example fielder with up to me know And found testing reactions than a human touch it was time to hold my hand and if it can’t install it and a neighbor will rivals that of the year will rivals and I I’m not interested in anything other than my team and try to beat you up as a simple as it gets built a state dinner starts the body going on to lead the way that the majority of the alternate route now that I react to it and began on roe restaurant well know falls outside one is at 11052: I’m a little bit of services of 88 people if he’s went against his feet four communities been married lover of the nothing to worry about what I’ll do that in its announcement of a ball that can harm than the difference itself, Christine Whitman to assume that a local analyst David is fussy and as a longer afford anything and piano clubs only one of a Walkman starter set up to her acting as the number of letters and his mysterious ways this release fishery who live in with a summer seem to be seen every single team following month. The top of the week of other after better as captains and I want to modify the stomach is a definite cause more money than the mistakes in is that which meant acting on the list bonnie Blair a dance team are that that seemed as to do that without actually is on the team hats, is that right balance the became a season. Despite all those steps that while room while your guys store Sunday that people can triple triple captioning that supplied ready to the latest mess up, came a state of it in a critical audit alive like Ali at least eight and all the separate and a gold yet when live until the two of the of the occupied R.E.M., sales reactor accident lifetimes and be ready for a vote of the committee that the band is his as additional terrain is that definite answer, on the switch to more comments and concerts. I’ll I’ll, I’ll come back and, after the game so sure your style 1:00 AM not been an absolute must and will that if he’ll often much she was once the body Jason Wong didn’t do is on the scroll through every single team in this challenge to the defending team pops up where I think well into the net and we’ll bring up a run at USAir and the only on any most people are and going mad about be a low base in this match and taking place to be going nowhere a four: tree looks like on this and that secret shacks is quite extraordinary to be honest with you what’s actually happen the fact that themselves as I read his point yesterday that polonaise and this is turn from needing them live stream of mobile phones 10 viewers to now doing this in front of 400 people on the laptop warheads been everything absolutely extraordinary guarantees as the days is another naming just think how far we’ve come a an oxygen level and we were like R, skis of thousands of seeking with the server Manuel you updated a year just to stream from the moment balderdash on because the details of the cutoff will boil, add the 0.3% F-one of london’s that undoubtedly come and that the undeliverable Martin Marietta was about 20 full well that grew more heaven S medals. Madam of why someone for smaller but the blockage you wonder when the print shack, gander at your own school prediction for the scandal known Jason said the two men on one form mailed from men were you thinking on this game and think it’s the deal to Reno levin’s Arlington boulevard their own and not found enough you will double one model of them are regulars Jordi case team up for a police action: Gomez fair play like that and said no quite Congress a delighted no standing is, deployment from and senior children stand again in the Celtic and this is kept in Hundley and are that many of you a wall of the page work in attacking the larger packet will not finish off of it: the academy is the top of what the top is rounded down one omega and men and women all of their own, but our son and my husband and blow away, to gain an outcry of data jets are some is an interesting team and in all cash and the book that this because people to feel that is part of the OS team jays blocker is that what : 541 and Edison is is goalkeeper for ejected eyes of the top of that, most orders said that does anybody know medical industry in Bahrain again failed as captain anybody does allow for real major differentials are some of the sun capitol day and are many laws enacted agrarian party Lines OK and there are all calls the gate quirkiness, as U.S. Often come out of ozone does not intend to more than one of arms and motor around and doing given away the user, save our Internet may be the number that will all go any ideas as to how many are enrolled are not have the R, that was it done a lot of love and love the net and defense of the one that didn’t fit on the Sydney the bitter battles of the border to things about how they’ll to build someone mention that can arm of addicts at its conduct all of the well straightaway I’m looking at someone quartz hill and found a high enough to be no cash and Amy and he’s got closer than the team as gar reedy and wall as well as got those planes bench boost as well is best boost me is the matter I’d made and I was because more and Calvin knowing that the ones on the bench and his team for Jason would bring up his team info is now known to change urged your hands on Ronald dean your seller rich Olson deploying those who needs and words of Al qaida the gathering, a little older friends are oriented Rochelle and even rows flavor now in its yet in the bench first in game one to a different team and Karen Lunn mail all and all too old may be related to Brian Mullen she’s gone and two U.S. are women and that he has gone a bit different than the 352 that Henderson gold and light: will compete as Paris sell all standing knee was more a captain Phil salt on a while about to install the bounty and in Georgia the captain of when Karen Malone and and for us as they just among them is readable and then I will make an appointment as Maurice And she’s gone with what did he know who that the weekends as I was like to say you will always very very interesting firm any of the media of these teams servants will have you might feel about your own team and terminates an expert witness fine, second or what what you did same question to you, now the thing about the team and that when you read out by the names are bringing of NEC people and it is more captains for me know captain sector damage to the really interesting a secession from a numbing is on appeal, said, will be attacking a mime is coming down from the wings of the listener involve a generally speaking for me nothing in the great fit because of focus is to be on solid because a natural areas to think the meaning is available space the team here and fixed Henrik calling strong from Sweden and 541 formation of the triangle Robertson look cool to dunk Vandyke: moss yelled deploying that sat at a law Standing and is George king as is known to strike a then birdied the first two are hearing this island these names again recognize any of them that, as regular contributors onto the event is in the discord and Colson Jan away any claim to have these people live one that is just the air force and someone them here raffi county has earned all 34343 template that she items is: is below his first ride along with Joel skinner Wilson said interesting that time that chance that are safely for result of them in that has not turned over to work in the snow ways that template Benny anybody place that particular room for an formation well as play area to play here and in the form to an east played since 2070 thousand eights and season I would say is averaging around is about 500,000 and Bess ranking got was back in 20009000010 and when using the top fifth 16,000 and one of the last two seasons has been picking up really well and the top 51,000 of the top 84,000 rank this just quickly that his team in that city and would go a little straightaway pay for the gold , that while the game 442 for nation that they can go listen and I will continue out for the Paris else standing four Holmes all of west and eight were hung up front with George came in on the bench that the Bueno Hayden Greenwood says an arson is slightly different and 442 session with the four nouns and eight-pound said anything things that are Abraham is that nailed Chelsea strike roadsters and new year’s one I just lost and what else you during your been incidents that have the feeling about this and the game we won its last season and the teams are reading down with that could take a picture people can triple Are some of the media was captain knows more we just seem that I think one of the reason, it seems a very common among them is just an information overload screws everything’s coming at the same time zone just relax and take Mitchell bill , only other water heater and his AOL now are trained partisan than one hand really only the longer-already have a lot now-editor of knowledge that I came near an article called announce that they cannot afford to know Maria is getting more and in the years ago. Another show from 30 and it is not as bad as the embattled they were looking at is no issue of lively to this epidemic has been promoted to lead them on the one who weren’t just then was a halt to all be relegated without going down to five and ceo of a thing and go for it to stand down the distinctive river Seine Gruntal Hayes of hours in the sense that was it was easier than the legal and that would be the Brian and Christian way set out not to lose any conceive of a few minutes and it’s going to announce the names were just conceded what we don’t know if the law on all but that , no berthing the oil in a data for a radius of the Fates are yet so close, and a lot of these selfish of the men that I did say that I want to cats and standing as of the history double the node, the safety pick said that in the 60 minute statement that the gift of his arms might use the violence that has been around for long time that has to scramble under the list I think that on a thin on the same as liable and now the Kasey canale against eighth to give it for example seller doesn’t do anything today and standing dozen innings west town of from now on I’m getting pretty much to go with a history because last season history proved that your U.S. and Soviet then the base pay the Reagan chatters Wells user would like a small but tactics of the Federal because if you can assign a team from the stall and you can grab your name is like a storm at one stage he that is 11 of our regulars in there and being in the chapter Brian the solution to the phone with a 352 and a mining gold week of course she’s really any of your community choice defender the Vanguards and chain curbs and are Ryan solution and that is more at the Bel Bruno you where is it true, but that in this city. But then the data and the Bali and keen and on the bench is actually in goal cousin of surprises playing the koran of catching a sense that I was saying to the bench a premium defender will set a play that make the definition of first data’s one chronological order said he just after work the way downwards from a topical data could have run for public use the use by and get their home and then spouses scored as the stun gun murders are low-salt, the man who taught how to get him in a sense identify ministers and 1/2 days of the offing as to the 11- and one of the top of all of her a different embedded in the business side of the disbanding the role of it was, not a typical sidelights I was offside and hard as you are untested but again we’re all going out with old cached and it means that by cutting mastermind off from a anniversary of an actual And indicate that the jurors see a port captain to sell the speaker into the honesty and again revivals and I think it’s when someone like I can add a Fairfield skates to recover deploy an aura that should be no goes and then goes and gets a double what he did against the Nordstrom last on these two played each other I think that the people will see what happened but we’ll just wait for the instructor from your it’s a matter of hours are never know what had looked like the looks fit in a timely online help me how 160 something to send with our fellow creatures are set by some, some of those 45. Before you know, still is insane and all are as the lady went out into school and mehmet points and pulled into and out of the night before dawn and once they get that stain the oldest group one saying is that for me personally I’m not really interested in hiding place from AIDS can be somewhat Wesley that’s when I can be like on an autonomous wherewithal to not Miss Weller said that, as we were sitting in a finger of the people are going right well this is based on the logic of one of the credit given assurances on a stab wound care if he’s the one that was bad about Wesley is the tunnel suggested for 1 minute Wesleyan’s and didn’t score again story think that I’m just a case like a center for an intricate and I’m just making the Point I just think it’s more: to be celebrating and differential and me that after a revised after the saying that said most of his trip to the view of the triple And that is a differential and as a keepsake triple Into double game with us this was intended butts it’s a case of well known that it doesn’t actually pay off but said they likely will also condemned us to get one must stop around because someone they did, that was that all of them to cease- and I didn’t know as of this came under which is the proper job, on some insight about working Johnson, the martial law school guys know what alive a look and lively whenever they were forged mail for defense and statements, six and seven months that I will add to that just to clarify me to bring about some point that brought mostly so she basically say the triple lead the fed has affected near as a means of raising the start of this comes from a stop to consider stuck at the things that get lasted the thing for him that he can go and mats. When they get their clean sheet to market that happens that’s the one wearing white cell stories aside money at that game three clean sheets and possible donors point as well but he’s got to be one less of a experimental there’s just one item in a studio since then that Bennett do not just another player at Christianson eight K or but the coaxed the gnocchi we have a shot of making these and all the school would like that one of the also noticed them that the I think he’ll stop because of the injured valley but by just based on a long time. The thing will go on channel back fulwood societal and invalidate holding the added cost of a field work and banana Erickson and more are with Kmart also running for his price inside a box or a small family sought in a small icon explosive option by six million as best I saw less because it a bit rate out. What are its call to choose this event queue of the * either of those sentiments that they were only about a month and the Forseeable know and love: tech info police or, actually bring up any teams are anything but said any one will do is to go for a few things and chatting 99.9% of average sat at the base that does the tickets and stuff say never will be a snap judgments in shacks and there something agreed not to find that are we on the judge and when it comes to focal dispassionate becomes a fancy footwork to find some of bias towards everything and then yet enabled aloft and Sargent all refs shot from the nose my And fair play you gonna since the mind of the system yet he’d been to a 070 several salads and interest of the last difference when the wind at your butt up at arafat’s I think Amazon Rosa said: defense knowledge will score unlikely is a sheet point revolver and one daughter because of the volume of which only on bass Norwich four shots to afford to shop for fall where they can live with and $2000 a base and Arafat right in saying that run as an almost-of daddy and isn’t allowed the face of the local works susceptible again NAFTA will receive a year old Moses, ideas that is awesome market just the interest is a in his money in the school tonight it, then share and said to someone shouts which dooms says he’s And knowledge that he may get out and play fast aris a stored to 1520 minutes as the teams that you seem to not so far when you’ve got a department that exhausting the question me know because of this as a matter of months in order to across the bottom to the one that 55 dual team for a second issue a just and read out for the distance in this scenario what team is a evidence of us the full force and hoping goal of four: Xinjiang, Duncan Walters and some of the year, Ms., or CS: fixed coming up , and looking very life events very long as on vandalism I can often lead to the state. But what what he did not because it raises the risk of edge of the show didn’t come all resulted defensively are just so there are 78 was right, sir ; you don’t take U.S. space are just purchased a team that is basically why have yesterday barring done instead of a welder Seca and Johnson said a western based pretty much Angeles where the day yesterday is that I have that that the Wilson at the uptrend said essentially is a teen all you have that you know and the reason why would my places because liquor several keys on the set pieces or at just the day if the two that creates the fifth at the highest that’s the gist: picking all events and about the size of their offensive on the line, dates in big board came to replacing just just and stifles assignment is being built as a backup southern cities, states call minutes of state smugglers audit of the stereo economy the replacement: for future years, unassuming, as yet quite simple stylistic areas of this is one of the plan, under the noses of the highest up the house that has the end of the FA-La level lost only the eighth and has said they have a five day was on the next round of owners might envy of the dunks as a single bottle, will flow into the arms-guards at the worst of the box and it needs of the night that his actions event of a yesterday as investors among the top of the love of life, as well as the net income totaled that’s a indy off the fact that this is the second appoint any week and will separate cell but it’s the end for found a child , joy when it has all but out of a haven some of the murders of a massive and have a lot of playing it was a native of the values of the school, like final games now benefit of the Kashmiri version of the locker fanfare for everybody watching the stream right now to happen hit not like I’m pleased to say, but to show support including a Ukrainian joined everything to send him out like bandits to show up is that a constraint is watching right, now that you enjoy the contents is to get better and better bets that I wouldn’t be continue after the medical going to take a course for reaction to the medical knowledge gained the thing that’s the whole state that it would cost of 59 visit from a small a 50 L.a. is, while the Foxpro sat in the roofs and Europe and the two schools, 2000 body in the nightmare students to cut up for the limits as the wife include registering the top yet won’t be used in the court that the greens you what you think that’s a switch in the corner we had we’ll break ink and new territory that with the scoring at month’s end Brett Wallace and minds of the file on an ion channel objects as is back in the desert and on your design a form of being out of stocks were a lot only NFL start a year or forgot or another at the swallow’s have been added care again lot of other side of the guys I think I might get them many Spanish Eleanor 0.3 on the back that up up up up up of many gallons a minute with the government only to Europe and nobody will lead to the fact that a wall and last season and are well and so we’re looking for masseuses surprise performances first embassies in fact I will be up to check exactly worthiness of this is john harris’ first aired this season play fancy footwork BK 8/100 and nights that a menacing confess the season and 8:00 AM and nine and this is his team is: 442 it’s not won a gold Fendick won the second dean your Robertson team owns cell And deploying a marshy held dual skiing and Harry Kane well as on the assignment in no small amount of some of the going with the entry and striking out of the 4 May call this seven got to do certain saying ago I guess that it is all increase business. Ticket sales for priced more guarantee it is demanding to be out of the stories and yucca consulting with an all-tops estimates was a price to modify they have a figure like night and shove on contract was evidenced and the sale just a bright Moses team of high activity like that for 532 and you’ve got to be his and medical defend its roots in shaker in the media accident site and Perez Fraser and wound up from the snare a ballyhooed of Georgia monarch of one like that seem old mulch for thing that’s absolutely fantastic brought with it for triple and defense not gonna sell some fall it is paying all the time is that if the ends three now and you’ll be the absolute the shooting up the ranks tonight’s amount but said that the largest thing beginning of the PRN people at the sinking into the chat him into a store takes the ace and watched network that you did and that it is all over the old who will hold of a bet from loading of tennis and Andy woods crossing and inbox of any shuttle and Jason) 2000 workers the first half of the illnesses of state employees, a consumer people get out own the enlargement is at the AAA a they’re a S a S Anaheim Madison, and his times in the vehicle and as far as the defender triple cabin and Sellers are being used at five times more bottom line got a well known in a brooklyn a sense of renewal that she was year’s event and she was that he was a neat bike just do not know: that the knee after anybody that as missing in order of Saint Paul Robertson did you know, are the democrats and there’s more of an own allowed to see a guy with the state and are out of some stamina a a subnet they’re a lot of serious as 5:00 AM . The original menu-up of tissue donors. The device, this is an and this is alive and bring in a proven guilty by reason of that if those considering out. This year this minute, please pull something and a majority of the reasons for hazardous, the journal of the old at the district already are a lot of risk on the festival will be modified as another seven that that one of the fatty isn’t actually fantastic goalkeeper in what has come for the point that allowed the only side of a militia that report━the local defense, and what you that as a four-hour news was not full ago time to get rid of Robertson, as that of a death of a of a stroke or that the crew are just check now for company one of swimming and the medical school’s PTA is going to be for a couple of a veteran well-author of garden of good , not just a model of the stairs Logos and I’ve got some of the year of Wilson down use our team is in even the game said Maldonado Watergate will charge of about 5.5 to handle as many as a month and has the quality of the data-like 4.5 on the ballot in statistics is good and 10006656 and 6355 and because as she rejected a minion at eight on a lot of it, 6.5 than that of a ride is another statistic for you, which is unable or don’t have any rest between 10 and six and five days for Holmoe got no closer this defense is, in trouble if not Wylie Aitken by the size of problem, seven and has visited sites of the IEEE local defense owners Manual has a simple tools of those of us fairly OAO the days of war server of his company is called a 0.3% of several statistics as a – goods on the state now appears on the wall, identified as general IE is interceptions as is or isn’t saying our consciences variable to appear, breezy line eight patient report academics from a hacker , but is at the office estimates, and it is possible they all start, point stop and think about a dozen of the number in a master last ice to 99 near the solid gold and its sister five plus 38 plus three full parents of them have two bonus 13 year the things updated, spokesman bob Smith and we’re not a lot of head-up of the army has running at the end of the line and resident computers using just over the fair will Rogers going crazy life out here as an added element type and the number , and reel a man days from when he assessed the anyone that home now-that was running the if-hand man who have been the owner of LAN off-topic of 1000 -acre parcel is actually a device as well a wall and come up into multiple to feel safer than go with that one is that the windows and this is about getting out of a safety first well as the model of the seven to be fat and unhappy with government and the lake is guaranteed to play every single minute that trend still that’s a risk and all the singers more shots of tournaments on wrong coming in with more system or tax returns in that meeting for nearly 2 minutes while it’s it didn’t take the listener can one of those with that approach is having fun yet mixes, the seven slasher eight eight, stills label year best of five to play and women not just the committee team doing the right call a lot of that plan, the vote followed an assist you, Mr. Of Federated 11 riyals a safer place you sell for having a little wrong that Vandyke and sell all a very very good and the one supply issues go with a mean this is the data that hindsight is just in general and surprising or spreading the defense session Friday going three and defenders and will strain the crescent the defense are three different teams were made to choose wl general of all I am, Poland for excel and Tigard whether to go find a hike and out what Peters all I could do D a 5.5 in and out of court two really good defenders and at D at a 5.5 came out on top of most people in discord and live chat before a senate before the game confirmed the same decided by the cipher the sock it to have the five-under the banner year here in London and it was a good rule of Michael Allman cannot be in a file would run out of corruption was good enough time in a minute there will certainly the suspect said it started a war that ; that’s well he should get the hang of two world cruises for dollars of that option that is a stream to the lineup, is that have one was there, or are a lot of good as the game is, when doctors saw season of the lights on and Allison injuries mound lost a dozen times that for me to do this sort of them ended a white cells that a decision on who knew well worth recalling all you have to like he’s a liberal people back end is another illegalities that old ideas if for no first of the tunnel complaint last full of all lottery use of reshuffle from solve all the big dog it would be a priest and a low level of able to go and meet the goal of the just let mention selection of your land in Atlanta contributed to the shelling he has found by counsel robin Sellars well said congratulations to you, three billion attacker returns and often appeared the owner of the in- one walks of life for UST the house all going to have one less open or not an issue the sale of one of the 12 and 13 yards, and by the men’s final 101, on June 5 of cargo port Hueneme so it’s a car or van and the conflict or taller than the rest of the etiquette of the public key to the city began my team up in and of the , baldacci yet and we are in a cache of the year were one of the city theater sets of stocks since the old walls no longer were released on bond I called to build a new record, and it’s and stars Mel Martinez, 90¢ Q citizen and most of the Rossini be added that eventually taken off of its room for a slightly to whom eyes on the set is on the second straight Jason Scott top names such as AIDS was only its called tomorrow’s bee. The 60 which were tonight and Haskell and what would you cut by 58 of a time when minus the question is why the market as well that the helicopters want one can argue and doubted silver of our studies of the differently standing not act as turning away from stand into the night was an avid and a 4 to 9, two-and you correspondent for the rest of Oregon and get worse last 18 years to get crushed again I say this, and some don’t include the second quarters inch practically no way of RE-signed a 5 to 61 and the rest of Asia global and because it sidelined the middle insiders and Torres in all of our ad for it that way life is all state and local elegance, with the title written with those manages a LAN bad actor was data to back up that of the off-line up to that and how that is an update of the Rio somebody who can sit in a dns were attractive what will the simple question is what gave you sell it for a 40% to triple capped a chip on that begin with an auto guard of the logs and that there is a bad start so why would you like all the votes coming year aggressive world or as if some people liked it and be in front of people consider not some people a chance and cited a lot near the strait line or in the body is the best of one of the road and also some object seals on store and guarantee the list of tips Sellers company with a blunt the debate that the defense as its low IQ, who have a foothold report titled an automatic spending cuts install them to take their have a way similar bootleggers happens to Karen E that the people that share of the when the half-a break in the menace-joined the stream and sit down like banks that were not just the data shows to support the fuel operandi to this individual is seen to take things simply hit at subscribe and is trying to 2000 subscribers by the end of the evening of the great beyond taking coals for street after this the game finishes to the script to get your reaction two at the end of a lifting of the overseas notch game and will solve like cats call from four and the mode of liberty until the Ira and deals a right way I might have been the golf audio and get the hang or in the middle and really gets a culture which is good that now I did in game one end of war and tyranny get an early members and york’s really dangerous start on that one of those are your fears on line of athletic writer Graham. Stiles store and get some chances but also a week, falls which is why were 40 or more in respecting anybody but you know and like a cell on a beach the label each piece of the potentially stop line now working for free. But rabbi and he’s not 103 different market. Britannia so working that will come and say no. In the file you happy with teammate you selected that those role for the a La base into this season the IR that will hang out what was done for reform that period, while much they would start on your mail to report child star in the shipment for the team then you’ve gone with similar and Thompson Meserve Satterfield a differential plan to consider ways to deliver them to the sixth basically that you’re happy with that of the off-ramp of which is not have been really play a star out yet I think you’ll need to play that has our also any he looks to be an earlier that he can’t, ferry and I’m pretty excited and warmth and crypts and at what time is adamant about not a fine of Oregon for a four or their mouths puts telescope and the Russell from a and the seller was out of the current holiday held editor of the suppositions of the veterans, were less of a sudden I was a superstition thing about peppers captain old miss marple of the Calypso audits of the novel of the setup as an incentive and IC there are a thing. Bandai. For the season in amounts of older women. Highlight of this one and one of the other because of the city’s strong and falling a-year coach and Physicians will send you the two islands, a flaky two that cake and just donated two primary depreciate a friend he joined me a few days ago is really enjoyed the streaming through the shape of an FM) mushers from the senate has come a an e-mail the witness makes all the debris joined hands subscription is still climbing is a great strides, india’s next a couple weeks of our city, if you really want to help the stream and everything we’ve been chasing got the kids did insist that this channel into the Watergate growing to Walt disney’s does and the idea is this just get that we didn’t have the GATT of the out of that: fish and the protocols and Citigroup own and rolled they’re the row selected us to give a chance of a modeling feature of this can now are often I think we’re running out there with, and then like 7 minutes before the hour I think, in the same volleyball sledgehammer to deliver bench is only half the body of an auditor for what are the Indians are in all the white wines risk and get to deduct the cost of living in tents about owls that he was an M P’s like one of the reason why our defense was so because he’s a new facility in Orleans just extraordinary seminar battle the ability to submit a habitat into a good part of the season else get your honor, the disaster able to find an ensemble of a new, high as it’s not a possibility or stocks into thick ones that pits that it’s the bulls annual Oregon side by side of the stocks you will get your out to one of our fantasy qualms about sites and wild and it becomes outside network in order to allow health know your ball and get caught up and get a lot of a thing as high as 10:00 AM accident unless to be fair, was a holiday, as is the editor like the things that it is because of fine. This PC one of the only at because of the records and lighting and have won one such a list and all right, or benefit of the night of the regular mail at the highest prices are 69 B-all and a row with disagree at the meeting and I’ll concede that just until 1003 that are being offered as for all of the Tanana said to be opening it realty’s played well enough possible 30 PM after the ms-DOS and very light of the super cup cheese a endurance of time to make some of the I think he completed sometime Tuesday year through two or a look at the DMV the question isn’t pitching the team that we can to do as well as the painful for the fixture the media that the the working as test to a team of those not defections, to grace the fact that some of them part of the lights dimmed. Next week in mind also\one trick people and their white was speaking in a prepared statement, after many meetings and I mentioned to build some of that, I can’t control of the museum of modern and more as the number in the least of them are another man and a problem with anybody that the end of the the ninth player with a Wilson and I had won the second guessing here know, and he added that he had killed three, will Simpson will serve as a handsome doesn’t get into 3:00 and women have them like action is 3:00 players to committee standing vs. top and what will be history save a lot of old as well as people and ended up data and the second was sentenced , often applied close, the area, but I did points already, and the Caribbean or of the declines, and the postcard to Italy and many of the IN 19 right now for 33 points or 26th at some things to all women are eight, and having given Robertson the Kremlin by forming a tree farming towns U.N.: on this picture on that the web sites and version usually include: the actual school and come up with the data regarding bonus points and shooting stopped doing that now I was just sort of right and a bit by bit of course you’re into the root of our brand of this interesting article things, and beans, soaked comet, not by Clemens, being an unassuming and I have noted some of our work as hard or in which the big names on the set and a fine in a state hearing about backwards. Below the line will not. It denies our work. Or your call your team in just 43 ways of the treaty was to bring she wasn’t enough as it is very unique praise live in chat now, that we know we just talked about his team will briefly anyway percent disagreed and different than interested she was forced into the air to the chats and when we bring up his quake was a way of thinking that the source said second page and interested by your five and the fed said she was very very interesting singer Coleman and Dina are low towards I just I just 47, and can’t figure goal of the day saints one can say that some prison hasn’t run as a year can someone to come in at any one know can delete the night before print one that Friday’s expression minute Jason for lyra ministers on the Severn Dusen special band and does not what is known for an hour for conduit conduits and a poignant scene and switching the corner menu no one in a shooting that say I could be bringing up six special in the second possibly work that’s a galley of 1300 years fighting something year and a assist to destroy the final 0.537, 5,000,000,000 million instances, the 5.5 of the aisle seat being five million for: a modest goal to be a mere 5.0 and 5.1 to the city if he does come in six of them to the games just taken it basically is an oral role where is that the problems identified that of burke’s the library’s alike stop working for the same virtuosity then fix of the NLRB scuffle the second half of the device have well no 86. And we’re about to get underway now are signaling your history history when 51 and that’s no, 61 and all the distinguished there was enough renewal of the Galveston former nice for no of south and are all going five for economic and added 450 said and added that Wallace to do a lot of these are wanting to look at a very knowledge 4:00 AM so it’s more for a term and a contributor to the because climate that teams and I think you’re dale top toque was managers and we all know who you are fielding is make some options is he’s the kind of acting performance has to say about half of fanciful start crying about a great sigh and that Molson’s teams of 343 and is pretty much everybody you expect that that do not use: a year where they left and then get a kick, really don’t spin on the benches got two plane to defend as a midfielder defender in that game and dump sevenfold for keeping order just made as potent as all around and go like Kenya Paris else standing room and a keen to Wilson and shelter students and very very interest to two and five knowledge a few of the teams and to see two and New Zealand lookout for a guy and just to get a general idea that people are gonna pretty confident with one of the GOP holds the main presenters the stunt casting south and he’s going with any of 343 on lied on slum libraries for the crops are pretty well for me in a wide an idea worth Sergio Fiske outcasts last fanciful skies: Ryan Robertson: 19 and was more a truce of the bride’s and sell all outstanding job so far the Wilson interesting that very different Pisa, Italy, stick off words, the IDs of coal CIA that will allow the NBA’s talk of PLO’s: refineries and steady stream now that he went with the weather 4442 of the game than doubled its an 8000 weld they may then they would conserve energy for Wednesday that went from the garden next game Saturday the Mages would just can’t quit when laps for a bit of his own favorite restaurant, forest and service possible unease feeling that there is cause an issue like Jason year to what until I’d like to happen now is it I want a one cell to get me one sole goal because that means that the cap was standing And there’s one thing that’ll get as good points return for standing as stocks and bonds and now is a case is now wanted a differential pay to come through because it means that cell can get free bonus point and actuals across east and getting that the total score of two goals and assists plus free bonus items in the heart of about 15 updated no stigma that until the early eighties 13 with 42-and third year by two and I commend from Boston exchange in sum, three out of record is all just gorgeous realist again Jason scope and all I can this really annoyed me that’s what we avoid a crash of a specially when the other 12 when we’re being that when the your baseball at the moment is forgetting bonus points against a classic oldest in encountering an ad that said its industry a sister against just really frustrating to be another year of the chasing plenty of getting the annoying as you talk about it so much aware that sent an that’s the end that most of the teams in the descent into tomorrow as Unix central districts and little distance on my porch and sleeper Jordan plays are actually pretty some of them have a cease and therefore sufficient friend figure we’re out of the best track of every time a fully exploit these domestic, that an change that stood to integrated camera writers change rows into great sense of the real story were out of his works for what some of the things actually going off is actually works from own flower show off, richer scored at least these committees committees, but dropped for one of the reduction is for one, chills of comet that they’re a united Europe via terms and the but that the Jason up a birthday you, as the rest either, as they went off in court or a a they’re a young age. The F and what than aware that strikers pretty back and when it comes to this it’s a question absolute as for the worst permits, as the greater sort or forehand return was just an in if if if trim something which accounts for his room that of any action that is now live on the appeal stuff all 4.5 walks in the world as a two people are satisfied the strongest of which are best for his 4.5 yet his 4.5 that are to cement the role of us there wouldn’t be too dangerous to just because of fort bend and Vandyke and the name of the vote was taken from another one of one of eight 38 demanded that the bush off of it modest upside in row 4.5 we need to hear from inside the print shack, more question as saying that, Snyder from one is a guaranteed end if you’re completely agree with nothing to serve the fallacy is thrown out in the bitter parts and 96 to 8 weeks some of the firm may be on the radio talk and next week as the comeback vendor Searcy is the majority of the most value of 4.5 you I agree that they’re on the same six weeks while that the restless lot of maintenance of effort into it , 7 pounds faster kill several of the limousine injuries are, feel sorry for them spoke for your local news , your editors will fill the field who lives in a political three of the local commission, the aging ones will no, no one ever, and it fits this anywhere in the world trade and then bought the car panel of jurors really interested in, in and out of the perspective that a gift of sight, none john anderson’s favorite well these are very likely arrival at the outset that generally seems, to . If Hillary and tipper that its 1. Behind when Phillips is likely to weaken in a row, sees on a new fee was another. But the two -run rally that the use of Austin memorandum questioned and the senate candidacy to brew predicted a bill that the data fed each act plays the cedar creek addicted and he please tell me if you need to lock your results that you pick in the game will you just leave it as you just pick customer to make concerned that a one the screen is turning into milk is schooled I just can’t see why not be an issue because he just picture the results and not sit down snappier and marketer which the data that directs a center for example for example key ways: Stephen Chapman like addictive form into the pool idle or anything and does that mean I’m not gonna get anything from the minute I have a little too said bill that Nigerian saying the Balkans school and Gaza City of La Grande in action gets an invalid headend and a rarity a typical friend were no notice that Iraq and a third over resets the thing that Celanese to get minimum of one goal may be another assist to probably do better than waltz and state level senses that main crater bay and today is a service to squish of question of where you have to pay not just you know whether hands and file a large hole are inserted laptop young and old that correct all owe that one of them and a requisite of the land grants and loans than he can bring a great steam Jason different people and Chapman & credit in a fiber roberson’s plane was on the market that is challenging for CNN and the second page will actually signaled in a party that a user the air, ruled that is to be the PM for disobeying the bandwagon of game two key and 4¢ really and well be the ceo is a, garden and the exactly your the cash for the days that then the second and second grades that are still be a head in hands are on a tandem and march and four never really been a favorite in a troubled teens industry Benes at cedar point that it’s costing Stanford white wine and beer were 80 stores in the view that your interest and one which despite losing 41 Ukraine and missed the shop before Reminds me of a law firm and will first of all season that the lottery with, this is no political clout in the U.S. course you are sitting in a free preview of the gays issue of reelections fixtures and where only a march and the end of the greatest just also see them using them and four walks into the porch of nexus Newcastle ahead and is Chelsea home and the west runway man city-to-factly the Newcastle and could be an 6.5 feet too expensive for many of them out of the dangers and we would take taken -16 gain root one that will gain too soft that Steven Lai Jason lezak the same points and I will concede he’s got the same as we are several are there many just to find out who would be as those are going to have every key is to does anybody know what day the FBI when within the end of this of course he is your hands for nine Chevy the second and david’s have concerned that the international arena second page from the refined it , they said Dexter amendments and swirls coliseum in the literature and register just check on 20 sure a script to rally the other for the quicker than a minute said the FBI was team’s goal of the 4422 nations, riding goal dean you’re at a robertson’s in Shankar Peres deploying the cell standing in the Wilson keno for the how can that true destination for shade 83 , the people see that would transfer rules meant no as nearly as severe as two points in the CY young girls only 1/2 ago about old told the antiques and then the media and Jason the senate quick well as Benny the event and some pretty an esprit apps in the usual suspects in the middle of the site that anything let’s see if he’s being used in firmly into the streams and see if somebody’s gonna be the FBI will and standard team in the lancers this wealth is a bit risqué said Tuesday that certain priests Olympics aside any of their friend of arsenic and gold and icons on ronald’s straightaway, dean your aunt or the 343 cent of women standing cell Barkley and not from Wesley king and the shawl and that is that the link in that which accorded such bench and Lindstrom drink water and frederick’s while we’re almost all of the summer none analysis of the system. The winning goal against you should get some backs from a foray into earn credit from Spain and the fed dale Bellamy and the 451 formation pretty much into the facts that is the team that you have yesterday Jason call from its dead if and that the students and bridges were immediately have you had deployed in a maze: 451 formation eyes on Rabin is intriguing and the like Paris six instead sell Fraser and George can call friends tell the bench: the playing and defender inches deal of noise of 17 on what the chaotic and Darren Monday he’s only some of us very very well in that fat that the guy for the port to the the the city’s to the pitch to the doorway of the jeep, which for the 42 that is as his staff in there with the Martin county since strained to his team is Edison gold and dikes and shaker require mauling Kenny and then Barkley standing six and sell all the actual showings at the fall of the and Wilson interesting picks are very shady get paid and only does pretty well, see the four that led to to death that the the the French doors of court to do that via the door is interesting to look out of the day that is the tearing it does back to traditional Ira berets tenants and some teams like the ward says really what facet of the war that the the the the the idea of what is it a go-round and buckets and the chain model that phase a team of Seattle so that all force and the ship and the deeds are on the bench get this is bench Barkley recovered deal to deliver down the first in professional gambler as well as that very very interesting Tina Bennis Floyd Dixon ruses team should only terry’s brother of Spiegelman sculpin there is a given no wonder some city doesn’t care for sick for four to lost their ways on injury to seize upon us and gold bugs on wrong with quiet dean you’re deploying a cell bats and bottle cleanup from the tecate well as after the data is calling on is that reveal where received your routing can of this city and its two-to this sometimes as little feel like some people attacked rolling and the cells that this is the undersea injuries: pope and sell and won the second keeper for media cell opened the week up two hits each only god team that came in and reference that on the benches call Kenny field that Mr. Willis and handing the source said built on the initial Wells’s to the rotation parent to that descend a fifth of the gene that was a guest on dissent is staffed was interesting says Steve Townsend season and the massive medical fat for the warnings chooses triple in the polls straightaway and this season is: wcom defenses: Federal arson logs on drama with his attacker schools being sell all their kids very different team in the Edison [email protected] Kennedy and the debt could release the welby end of the silver sell the Downey and vaulted and Andy Carroll well known the bench charity open target for the coffee extraordinary absolutely ensure the safety that and the Kelso back until 42 percent end up due to lack of matchsticks with the believed almost a crazy and what the guys Internet or Brian 0605 saying these teams a stranger mean diesel friends of Boston to yell the army and taken aback by and that we all have looked as if it meant that all wise to do it can you explain why back to basics like you recommend is as alternative is that no two servers will as will change and grow near are two should she should shut down if you want clean jollity creams now that’s the ticketing that said that that Arafat and the broad spectrum of only got us in gold straightaway that says completely filed in the one that is, backup keeper nope says the fact that the beginning of the new cases, the umpteenth again and Vandyke Mcguire cast cults and how can sell all Fraser that Cora students and and then followed the Alabama and a top hall E was really fun is that when it did when we turn this really really serious thing last season for these place on talk about you she stole from what every season reading really well manages table from tradition that this emerges that its place just extraordinary person shoot me know when the former first part where some of his team , occurred; with Edison Mcguire Robertson Alda of lundstrom than going to stiffening Monday from the search at Bowie and in Russia and why last saw her to pull it back to live on Schultz said Jason to the others bank and yank and this evidence that the field but you’ll see me that no one does a really where facet of the Texans are some signs of setting goals to straightaway that’s an income from the only goal of 352 dollars and a cable computers and five on food fielder since and sells soft all dressing pick team owns deploying that the frame king interesting that the network was going on in this direction and seems to be acquired and seems to have since they scored a goal and directions: gonna get a medal for her to stop you and a main artery ascendance of toll free kick as we speak just outside Beijing oddball while any of the Sunday Times of an experiment was there and had a tough enough and fresher wear a uniform for one of them both, but they can afford a better year as expect elegant as a point now where cedar group briefing the predicted that is, then but now where a and unpredictable to four nailed for them to a small and & for them to the port 41 to nine cities as Britain and I will see for 1 hour for them to 62 people eager to a lone dissenting. So loud sounds right back to March 4, I is played really well below is gonna get big move away at some point and made it in the season guarantee that have been looking very wide at 1.5 and he found a team that owns a Guerra said this is a former manager of my Andrew rich bell and this is his team sent a survey city be any of your community seems to take a break and be told by any meaning since it began house and save Allison gold cheek when the second wire in a standing team owns rich else seems all hall the choir and Rashid and key in the middle of the benches go playing there was not Ryon Winston dreams tower and means and purposely wins interesting different send different or death and started a similar to the death of a monitor. Are the award is a longtime partner says others can end up being 419 met Monday may get a goal for basin, so you’re saying Russian kids can end up in a hurry for 41 now just maybe Norwich may get core out on the end the counterattack by the pool of cherry Garcia-news for kids and that was as well as that for three or 4 minutes, 10 minutes 10 of its yet it was 8 to 82 minutes of delay just off the October that mike issue as 8 minutes plus pockets of senate amendments that I can and on bonuses for two years on the one above 0.5 share june second, four or more for a kicker I only the aging of Altadena, replace knoll can’t read while some Allies in taking, the trend could be the one that that the , one on either from school and up to use an opposite of what in the body doesn’t run off the server for the return a reporter’s call to , too, but others: because the money’s human damage from a stunning mores minimal absolutely yeah I think that said it all down to what standards, part of the only about the triple And some of nothing. In my ear , suffix two, estimate in fallout trend data and go up, ballast until the story from inner city has been some commanders of nine years and now people are pouring off money than the peace as interest calling for the stars into one of our more and more coffee and muffins are often office and follow to see this: how much will you be anointed itself of cain does do really well tomorrow and that will act on your saying that the caption came when you go watch the game live and a few have even going to take where are they would be for Strachan, seven markers for money and to score two close calls that are cover to cover the yen and the support of the national beverage of that year of cutting edge off by an ID with ABS and block and captain bud Nuys, as a token state of fact, you predicted that if it passed the projected three e-mail Jason their histories go 41 ongoing 41 that the sounds about right then I saw nothing to be cagey I think we’re in a nine-up call Michelle starting 0.5 are not yet baseball hall family on ice that in order to be three no ice near his seat one male things we close game a will that breaking news to the self and Jason 31st and second in this are challenging so far the teams often looked up and going from law school with downwards mean Jason Allred-53 points since most cases said Jason mean you are an event that he and math of business people and culture mailings on ROMs and northbound on kissing saying MSN name: reason as to why does the case of enemies. The way Americans as an arm and the settlers say that and Jason Malone half of the month and he’s and 33 points and like buttons on Ronde summer banners may and comments on with some of the collection, handling the wholesale mission: draft was a week and as if we have seen very few from one of the Tarzan and chairman of the downturn and are now register that you guys known basically we’ll be taking a course after that the game ends to see how you feeling after and fueled your points and everything and-forward and wishes to take and gain week but some that the games and is coming to an enemy 19 minutes left 4561 minute class stoppage in stack Monday GL Kevin a decade of the package or decaf Kevin Huntley than any other name that we can think of and he’s he’s got Gomez and bolts and and sell all season 24 points and then to have the youth in Jason officer of this size game of its many five points of the Rangers, of the Celestine Boone and you could actually be one of the guys tools told me that the right ¥of the defense than seven weeks Sellers box and clustered indexes eight years on two minus write a brilliant to anyone who can walk into an American who says he will the maximum give and take it because , and I of course you’re a look and online. He had a military college to charm school band like someone from you and to pick up and show no A year which you don’t have that had when he will. A URL that the parties of 4 hours of the students not yet up in a limited number of 15 people about their will or the use of the year after year and then of course six points coming to sell all the other 43 am so I would be a kid told of the very disappointed than the U.S.. The head of the I think when you look and say doing this for example disconnecting the condition at the 38 points do not after a 737 you’re gonna get handcuffed in Moscow, say that’s a guess that that that isn’t the 43 and in the city and then uses triple And I’ve been very very disappointed in a school for identity but upon getting a triple kid and triple And ride that placing but I think the grand scheme of things other games for the 741 per capita than any of it and medical four much one with the goal scorers coming from the death of an delay game winner reekie sell all and a handy and that allow one to keep getting much does and then go with me and the Wendy at the system and medical assistance was Trans on rom from mean and a reedy and that’s some are saying about two and defenders team as a triple And a and the person the party of the annoying and I’d use to defy the face of 19 IBM would argue to triple And while you were reinforced one of 5 minute minded falls into that you love me know Mary Alice looking for are like maybe one more system, Coulter, and but of course I was excited the beginning because I mean at least one call was like a minimum you know it from the sublime dislike o’clock in our U.S. OI mean none of OK with it, Caywood it’s a win. Having me a little bit more oh points by nightfall, without the funding and capital for native format like you and the boast of corporate coordinates of course I would be sitting there and bothered me, people are anticompetitive and the national rifle with more piano valley us know is that not one of the all be out by mike Foster as object to close off… Yeah that’s the thing Seahawks to bed and uninstalled and furthermore that nothing happens is that shoots that it made a modest rationalism afternoon she could get a much more generally not have such a case but I didn’t keep the company to post near rainier called back because the June, 2 of the roughly three . In the story are over, one of the company so that’s what you and all you happy go with your typical picks now we’ve just had the first game you actually happy moving four were you thinking: formality DNR to that end up on updates on, state and often without a meaningful cable bonus right on the book on the political campaign included black you wouldn’t let started are all on the cake or get out of the switch coming, so more people become more common to call up or move out of the stars will monitor box of saltier things can change . Governor Locke and less likely to nine, I’d like to offer triple catching some of these funds sign in a 12 points and all afternoon all be in the world of the knoll is that it couldn’t not another dilemma that went off in the opening up its weakest What are we about that than ever for a stroke will catch up to that decision without, as Monday suggests oh, you know if it’s passed away, call since then all, who are, traffic or of taking orders from structures that is nothing will go for an hour ago for between 10 and 11 Mr. For many courses week and this time of the subscription to this and then tritons many course you can talk about tonight’s game and had a field in 41 and print server one our guys and is galloping to cross noise quickly shop and to discuss station going to sell file an appeal by the fed also like a promotional exam Ronald so you’re 29.0 and that will save us all season to cap and still in Seoul celery and 12 points up in Altadena Wilson recently stumbled there was more of them Roberts and it was enough to only get two points by bike. H costly gamble of some of the level of general populace of using the wife thinks that said you should be quite quietly confident because standings history vs. west and is excellent seven loyalty to I think you need a simple and Goldie should be a pretty happy and a noble goal I think you you break even or something that I would think said Colonel Roche and the fact that maybe he can complain or from his own well as anybody can be a foursome and on Nike that’s even more wonders why I can see honestly I buy a 74 will say again I think that standing and some of which is cancel each other out the set to take again made your point here with me that I think that used on the right thing for them with hindsight now and that you’re too well, that a good luck with a static absences in a sense of water doubles titles you’d be a dumb I was in the upper middle of the prefer them to decrease you know that we not next row 1011 points closer to 50 from three or deny Staubach contemplate 2:00 AM defensible options kept up so you’re apt. The yellow explorer Robert Solomon Trent Jones sought to protect it from firewood one caller says maybelle wolpert flopping more in outlook, but not when that now let until feel this settlement. Not having out not to protect on the facts are some of the police action or her and they are ominous an item of compact and seven of a little of that to let you go without our daughter, and the fixture on so and community shield and summer have no chance of arm march led to the girls are that they are in the last two decades and on and on paper on the phone that CR Roberts and you ever wanted to four months of what you now regressing using a triple captains and now an American upset with 30 points and in for an economy and a lot worse, but I’m around the world know a lot of months or more dollars and one penny happen with 30 points you’re on the feeding set for next couple of the bottlenecks, games for the next couple of days ago the match is going on the pretty confident with and doing quite well in all near nothing wrong and unfair and can play with fails home, john Wilson of firms for more than 1/4 Korean own role with Pratt and cutting edge case a file on solid and has always been that Robertson was a bit disappointing anyone needed and returned to you and that his party rules were speedboats I can’t were yet acted so that your work for watching your books and watching the game translators might be working made quite a few defensive mistakes are in the begins near you look out for dinner for changing just of interest and he made a mistake to prove he’s gold trends but was struck by the county assessor as interesting as I did not attack of them are in line or takes all these probably be up all the way until it cannot be able to really dangerous Americans seem being quite and so he could have some of the thieves, and holds on to our the air market actually connect us to question those avoid your folks on the air force an entry in the 4.5 only have the luxury of the incidents, thousands of foreign fees and the four were a few weeks to do to prevent thievery after a few clicks and you can’t hide or would you call release of the frame to address a mushy that night I was there a better as time has gone as Walt Harris back to an end and transmit to the Rockingham from memory so I think this will really let our team stakes will . More violence is pretty good traits distances and defend these really be selling days of work as a matter . It didn’t hear me lo offered all the line was and also a pretty good call, so you’re the Rev. been near one of ours have as little will find quite low of 10 Mexican import quotas about its plans to finding just he’s not very good thing he’s truly desperate act as the team’s party like that signs every time because she’s not he’s not backed offensively sampled site of as it from the form and when we could see image of an issue of the short end of the 41 at capitalize on these attacking the new colleague Connecticut’s a lot about livin’ he’s not very great defending their Halloween sort but we’ll see the things we still bright spot decimate the event included in other games that that that was back up and appear again. It also got an old and on a wall and that’s all our captain states on and off worried about Robertson and not an aunt Sunday literally walk begins out and runners F if ordered brilliant but the insane that’s always seen a candy 90% isn’t from Norway is facing devil and uniting the past and she ordered and how many points as he owned and sorry rally was was just a moment and think this is Andy was on a result in less than a step, unacceptable And any sort of work toward an open house you what you’re fortunate people that recaps and then sell run your me a call about its televising account choice else I can win was nice summary a better chance started part of a pin on a remote that I think that the figure will be their chances because as I mentioned last time a win at the format with the fishery had good steamers bad team and back: everything we said the deal form to go with its own as financial problem but at IDC Chinese world and not the retail Currie testified as long as Ignacio was someone risk there anybody are you confer with short report or with word that history suggests invite you all you can one yesterday to help reduce and the school’s history suggests in the shuffle tonight will actually a guy: full U.N. still: your trip working for that matter, but have yet on the deposition messages about the the players that have clearly suggest a different story number also be at this point worth of bad game that the Argonauts all that caused any way called on the sitcom about Roberson and housing out, I think they will find that might promote adoption of a season when everybody had them install I think the zodiac defense only the night yellows and she tested its aim of the install that in our guild arafat’s elite having chooses to as an upgrade me to the Z2 as an able to meet for the delay our core exams and writing a novel brothers and next to the commission of his opinions and also gives us a good sign to an brilliant that block of you and for the fourth before we let you go remote corners on and not just looking for to the board game ever been a record for me but that’s to know the name of the cleanup like a set so hopefully we’ll put not that Wilson Fraser announcement and Smits afterward, that the media after a hefty profit of anything else 435 if there is a box of 21 is ridiculous that a government that : the end of that and $2.00 $72.00 207 from that and the and saying the cells And 129.9 percent of manages the interviewers $2.00 to us about my friend F thank you for the information and thank you for being a contribution they go over his face and says into the street into this are set up some tricky say much about age and an that’s then and there are the other one of a little until 730 a month for you and your good of a average loss if you and an 85 pounds too stupid shaft on 37 points and for all students and community parents Mr. Hoffman prepared for the P’s and fish and add a card, and and that the GATT would work was the admin and ex: Jason is to get into three businesses that will augment works own layout and cranny of armed bands present arm star capital arm and the rights and some rain drenched of an and it’s causing the Federal debt to the fact that Norse conceded in the march addiction for no wind and then went down the drain, died when I signed the deal would do what the secret is one of the fact that to me down the stretch exit last season and is just a typical thing for the team actually are the scientists are still assert that money down for a always fair will surprise surprise search for at R.A. : Arnold was an embarrassing that has just been contacted by think there are a rotator orbit martin’s breakups and floors of arm ourselves and our are soaring the way the fed has allowed and end this way magic words in the long run may be better than are that the navy said, is it: from the: volcano, but they said questions you love your instructions for the composer: barker said Sharon tan to the men he made the changes that would seem to train tickets to about 50 well as the restroom the toughest the gaming world of I’d like to know and from anybody that’s either in shacks wore a fist and come live on fish and has anybody discord envoys you something like we said that the ways: barker regarding that insane teams change options interested in any other voice we’ve gone from college and go without talk to the media player that and that you are considering bringing and maybe someone that suggested to get rid of Allison and that’s true Mazzola the benefits and that can’t find them are the journal and said Raymond all pick where first plane season playing of your frozen) simply thank you guys and these have this will send a donation served if missing from the hundreds of thousands of some very very good Norwegian cruise through stupid shaft my first season, PM on 37 points thanks to this community banking parents that changes in state and was first and then to a Laker and a light switch teams: a little about 10 people to go to Edison of Allison and five of them agreed and spending or now fountain share of fair play some of them from and hash out where he’s at this ms and nobody from string of the case and take them to agree with two of them, and are dated snapshot of the light from wider field which I think the standings of close our eyes that is the find it burn care to share the district of this club offer up. There are one as captain stock markets and nine and nine wounded people put that this is the messiah of them for unlimited to the prison and a muzzle give up said Dumas 10th joints and an UN-Christian Jason in the top 23 and 34 points and seven RBIS are not wishing down button on the acquit him up and are as good on this and the scandal corps and Jason * entries do something chiles and the winner for condos in what it is the proper for that is that there is a government report. No dearth of the tank for a coming alive and that cliche that made the breaking of five files between NT or two out of your young and I’m quite happy as of yet. . Jose of clinical evidence of winter months. One charge is logged on all to what you bought stock in jail. On our store on still climbing $2.00 because policy on EL cielo policies, or if you do not lock is being issued a lot of calls policy could stage of cool one of the chancy honorees the index of all young has got the Irvine; airline economics, startling are just the best of the MN are still talking of young and idealistic sinologist Linus its site near customers as well as for any of it be accurate to one like about being that screen shot here is that Harry and his borders 0.8 people in on a caption in the air for triple And sell tonight and of course that the inroads using the bench boost self-numbering a member of the TV on the bench by the senate, Calvin in that and that happened before forget all three of the opening minute but said games since any about it all elicited from his car near these gloves any doubts of four teams are still small, it’s more busy all Merriman, a snitch of the man and some consider economic committee session of lost time of it and the apps this year , and one for us and still is still quite busy SQL and limiting our policy out quite recalls wear out: mark states wants Israel and goals are grateful for defending and I’m crossing a few women may be too with the reporting on to school with Cousins morning and was taken him in our choices and lightning just us from years of mountain of women to make it possible policy still will point as archived and 38 state Marion ali’s arrival of knowledge-a fact of living stage in treating your indoor track that you have that happen, but it is complete release. That’s or that of a bit of it is not as its case and even to Jason even the ordeal to do research on notice that it can see my eye on the design got not in any chance of the what-have also whether a user during close week dog barking up the string sorting out the front of a complete lack of it . Later on been easy for a relief for state market, but a lot more boxcars and an old girl was going to go up and those that you’d like a year nine. Is the time, school but a lot on one night I am a nice installer of litter is the danger is costly to this, the students come one, and most of these cults and is that you’ve got come on to send you a black. Not fun is obligated to defend is making to date by two defenders are not an explanation as the right things for me as somebody to society since this is an accord on shaky debate than the rest of the game gear on Saigon may just before the as season kicks off like gates say about the fact in preseason poll have been conceding crime of goals and may be true to cool shin regarding their defense and the thing that she that preseason defensive frailties of action coming to your baby in the game of the season , possibly year. The city has been awful for TTL main event was awfully of the reporting second, but this only because of that organization and never have lost for the reality is that they wanted for one sister was certainly does sell off again hatching or something that you’re always on an NT and an integral to our audience member, such attack in common a defender’s so inclined offset saying instead that I would find in 10 yes Stephanie led up to decide on a charm said Robertson offered: are already called year just to follow down our guest list of the Seattle as you can start by up to a close our eyes open until I heard you have you get the answer: assistance as they say some critics of the saltwater as is its value in what is the question what you are sure they’re worried about phobia upcoming games, deploying a row Burton and one of the will and the will to do what does he think the system that Tehran that you think this can do really well vs. west and Yasin coffee by media set target for estates of summing out the Erm and from what you grow is there anybody you’re kind of worried about the band and moving forward after tonight’s games on this concern, Wilson will school. So far as does the reason why going Wilson itself because I just see Wilson well as are seen as a fact Wilson is that name striker for thinking that’s the most reliable to the rotation of the sea anemones in a moment Wilson fed to know what you’re forcing the many plays with the word of the den and now that again the staff is a first meet on black box in the women’s tennis team on state route understand its second day on deploying a state court gets on the divided one to have more stunning. Yesterday. And Jason we have a special guest is that Brett moss and he’s about to cover the world you can bring in live on that front of roe , good morning off older build version of a fifth of the com or $2.00 and eight : in the third from a public hearing that his role as a name yet it is the prettiest clean sheets around it was a statement when I made the team on those backing the second postcard and when not to 10 states, but the moment about the various court treatises are named Mr. Duncan state makes kind, citing a principally on the Bonners so I met some are yet to abide said Julio one diamond was round schools to which the low and single and in . If that was the result of the state of composition of this is not to recommend getting stuck to her, but that the 30 30 score because the U.S. and head out of hand that feeds us in the service instead when it was for nailed had called for the worry is that said you wouldn’t get triple and defensive returns from now when you close the four process of having euphemia ensuring that the game because if I had triple and medical defense for any team where I feel like they should be else get a clean sheet items in Tokyo that some grief property knowing that any second that they can concede a year ago with the things like to work for bill in dark, the folder marked patrol from a warning that this is what’s on a personal staff of four storm the typos comes of age on the income of units, or four Olympian word, holsinger in the global sure about the period for the year , your name on the data was one of the gamut of all five of a of the space of 50. did win this effect me on the part of its 537, three, in one of my head of a loss in line with a car . Does that is our but that of the offing the stories never think the thing can pull the trigger. Just world. Our chests beach , false old recall, is open , a student at and I was just been a statement in a recent state, some said services from the local artisans said he felt like years it’s been a call for a small good sign of improving the system oldest reading, after seeing a lot of time a bus carrying about near Basra resign their anxieties are not from time-out an online and out of a of the above and I just it’s the largest decent context of this day and night at the base of users and oftentimes there are many games they must evolve that double, one unit investment in my sport and into a burning a little details. Bob Toledo law are bused in from four possible to find something to an agency that it seems crazy alleys of the new one. I was an awful year-year in buffalo colleges are displayed the farm policies and I offer a Federal lawmakers are on the CD and all are only outlet for use of windfall for the awful eastern time tonight and a daughter or 20 minutes left in Coles and says to another: rich and our bombing that often it’s an art from just a kid to win the fact that if it meant that many postings either all or even the animosity as a year , cut up quite known as a decline in services committee because you haven’t done yet at a tiny minority of eight. And there’s yen Fridays and the justice and you install a base just off the basic question this is as to guarantee that any of the GSL triple A mature and single triple that single And some of medals and defense lawyers and continue after the end of this chemical purchases that’s the role of the burr under a number oh and nearby residents , regional region of the top, but that did that and then go only to bind arguments are star who were quietly on long-term shortfall born losses the underclass in my cab file eagles (LIBOR from all come under attack at Sylmar 41 to cancel the park are German marks zero 12, just follow them on a three com park for real world war one and windows two triples four riots were told in middle school for war world war one returned to Fresno formally possible Serena starts the rates were told itself should build it is a ballroom opened the firm’s wildlife artist who will be an arm or friends went out for review was 5.5 were sold via exactly what censure points burning arms wrapped and if you’re a lot of talk that got little Charlie was just so are the big unit of the first computer records, started unions from sultan some sort of toss all of the saints yarder ago arts them for the arts in the market for a shot through the eyes when Marshall who knew for years that it was a little trust and an up at the head of hope that with the help of a roman services in an era of your own role of her naked blue and ago threw out the year or more and more info with five or 10 41. , Send the Johan Van Dyck and tripled in june of another combination, but board the train near the very young or where : old and reach out world war were working for a warm boot camp are all working near four or one or more or were , called our means for whom had to be something on the armor row or cool or were recall that are returned to rent a alcohol level of filters are you were seven million cases are much com or on all borrowers or you think all about millions of much use or a George Karl war or coach bob V I think anyone can beat scoring calls for new opening its markets. More word of mouth guard and army company or so before world war or were yet and we we as a free market might be a bug in French and soul of saint john’s links to grow in the chain, the storm is preset more months to a year are or are called called for a seat on the part of being a week or maybe still writes about not, and the repeal the right ring inquiry or sobering thing or think he’s a head and arms are more to boot up and near war army and for one or more of a wrong to let it ride to try block all court seat of the upper deck of a repetitive and that double banking and the Deconcini’s are ready to cut back on a low and a gray Otis, ceo and spices and Roxanne Rogers market and the most relevant redwood city was to stop that cannot be watching things about six reported in Mars, if they’re not good enough for the bank in the supporters actually amazing that some of the added time had never watch what’s been like having your few were few most enjoyed about some of the recommendations were grounded, more often, sponsoring. And that although as an employee feeding it and maybe two or seven people refuse triple Internet, BU his arrival you actually quite happy that they have used a triple And injuries you still got that she I’m not a noticeably that Mr. Altman of ours. On a standpoint of row crops: now writing checks are 11 in a category some quirky world unfolded from perceived causes some are Vandyke and Trent isn’t truly an excellent three agreement all U.N. dollars with those three players you cant and moving forward with an update on the diskette us further off your reflections on the offing-chairs the senate already on an RBI, searching because they can just as the drug war two and one from this now I’m a little and condominiums and bloody well cards are no stinking were mentally light at the end of the others all say it’s yeah, schools and it’s nonetheless 09 and the answers may when of a length of time so we all be upheld again, as costly as it your rival Serbia do you boil, Freddie Mac address, at page with state’s legal please than 292 winter reporter for a few bits that the air on stage and is any idea how the largest and steps Stephen Maxwell was said there was so close to punting on every guy for a fictional and it’s a stadium on the same as when those things and on liable and we have no I was thinking of doing one thing go through this jaywalk readers apparently one of the idea to say this is one of thousands of the west in just one week of gaining but the thing is not in the waste transfer mixture of us can manage core Jason as we are the directions for our team and scoring because he gets a clean sheets instead saw on the kids standing game day that goal and assist or two goals weathered I think that stands to get maybe just a couple of extra points and possibly if history repeats itself records will own role in the nets, that’s one of your own row because of the Golan of cancer for some good news for 14 from our reviewer for this can reduce for that CIA as differentials then this would reveal that are in a pinch, and the trend that pretty grim and 29 points and that home Foster’s Partners different from what I did a year when of the bits is history security wise men than women summary of what are the two most apparent, and yes vote, marking the transfer to be more workers transferred Foster departments to show the plan is for CNN and even then you get 0.5 as well as what hits as a bus and light truck plants at midday, finally, referring new local or are not forced out new dump them for the new and Internet to the four back to the full board as part of our Randall wood and roll back with that of our reading at the glen Murray and does was looking at them as the rate we’re not in the template that can make you can love the venerable date net income of the road and I dared up for a different guy and then system deploying to relocate you can’t do not pay the our work that was watching streaming and the keyword record of eight are in that knob car or that succeeds we’re seeing a new round or two season and , will bring your comments will were already are own and with that. That could well as the SMS many others. Im as a receiver, they will not see section more cycle crop is that these stuff in a coffin. Any obstacle year semites on my cell wall, so the time of the bit less serious than correct that said if the defense initiative enjoyed the strangest about what the intensely tree a split second had been a pound and just to show you supporting the preset winning 200 likes and Serbia to show you support amending for and if you have enjoyed a stream is a Manual on subscribed to the subscriber markets and we’ll bring you cant and virtually every single day get things off the chest or things will confess a couple such as the close of live rock is among the 199442 Jason Dunn V jays guards and we’re winning, but was straying five, as I slowly ) of garden state Atty. Are still a speech to churches guys that he said that seattle’s-one might own newest market, yet: grandmother militants tears and much more prominence as the sunlight into a kind of Foster , But that a altar call on a sloppy and 1/2 with terry 21 nominees from this court tomorrow so the family against the rest of the inland and an inability to seek them out of time and on an assist us in, and I still say it’s too good to two and yell for the reviewer of stafford designed which brings against a look and small now see you tell us that of the long file will on Marshall we need we used as we recall two wings and one of Owen is calling. He’s also about six months are 912878 or NT backup basically I’m getting a weakened slightly below the only a few good ones year bond, which will unleash a lot when used his influence to the report states ought to be, but if that would add a versatile at

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  1. Really good shift boys, particularly Jason constantly trying to solve all the technical issues whilst hosting for 5 hours. Doesn't go un-noticed/appreciated. Bring on the next one!

  2. Thank you for joining us on the GW1 Deadline stream. A monster 5 hours! Your continued support is appreciated so much by myself and Steve-o.

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