GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (2nd January 2020) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #19

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 2nd January 2020. All of these are gonna be available for 1 week until Thursday
9th January. So first of all the RUNE Zhaba was released
today. It’s in the Off-Road class and can be purchased from the Warstock site for 2.4
million dollars, or 1.8 million if you’ve done the Casino Heist finale as leader with
it. It’s not something that can be used in races and wouldn’t be any good even if it
could since it’s pretty slow, but it can float. So that’s something I guess? This will be
tested eventually but since it can’t be used in races I can’t test it yet, but if you haven’t
seen them already check the description & pinned comment for lap time & top speed ranking videos
for the entire Supercars class as I released the 2020 version of those videos last week. The podium vehicle this week is the Comet
Safari, which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Sports class
and normally sets you back just over 700,000 dollars. It’s certainly better suited to off-road
situations as the name implies and can be quite quick as it has a low off-road traction
loss stat, but there are already quicker vehicles to use in that respect (such as the Issi Sport).
It can be fun, but it’s certainly not something you’ll need for any races. The Premium Race this week is Art To Art,
which is an old style point to point race for the Motorycles class. As always with motorcycle
races you want to focus on using the Shotaro or Hackuchou Drag to have the best winning
chance. Also, the Regular Time Trial this week is LSIA II, with the RC Time Trial being
Construction Site I. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, this
week there’s discounts on almost all previous Casino DLC vehicles. The main standouts are
25% off the Emerus and Krieger, bringing their prices down to just over 2 million dollars
each from nearer 3 million. As you might have seen from the aforementioned 2020 lap time
and top speed testing videos for the supers class, if you don’t have one of these already
it’s a good time to get it. Although the Emerus has been on sale for a lower price before
and has a good chance of being a Casino podium vehicle in the future, and the Krieger has
already been on the podium. There’s also 25% off other Casino DLC vehicles including the
Zorusso, Neo, Paragon R, Locust, Rampant Rocket, Peyote Gasser, Zion Classic, and Caracara
4×4, as well as 40% off the Issi Classic and Issi Sport. None of these are particularly
notable in their classes for racing though, and you can of course find out the lap times
and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by checking out the playlist
links in the description and pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, it again doesn’t seem
like there’s anything when it comes to big discounts on specific vehicles, but as usual
you will get the extra 10% off the regular discounts I mentioned earlier, for example
making the Emerus and Krieger cost around 1.8 million dollars each instead. Also if
you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t already make sure you’re giving your free subscription
to a Twitch streamer each month as well. It doesn’t have to be me, but make sure you’re
giving it to someone as you’re basically supporting them with a $2.50 donation without any extra
cost to you. I’ll be back with another video just like
this next Thursday, the 9th January, where the new vehicle will either be the Sultan
Classic Sports car, or the Imorgon Sports Car, and we’ll go through everything that
has changed (after I’ve done the testing videos of course). Feel free to subscribe and turn
on notifications so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see
you next time.

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