GT Sport – Lewis Hamilton Reference Laps #1 – Nurburgring: Extended Version | PS4

GT Sport – Lewis Hamilton Reference Laps #1 – Nurburgring: Extended Version | PS4

So now we’d like to have you drive. Yes. The car is the Mercedes AMG GT GT3 car. And this is the car. The ABS is now on, and TCS is off. Ok then, would you like to adjust your seating position?
Are you ok? – Good.
– Ok. So Lewis is driving GT Sport. This is his first experience of GT Sport,
his very first lap. Only one corner in and he’s already starting to
grasp the limits of the car. Wow! First I think it would be best to get used to the car. I think it only has about half the grip. Compared to a formula car
the response and grip are much lower. The rear end just slid out but he caught it right away,
even though it’s his first time on GT Sport. Just let off the throttle for a bit. – Ah nice!
– Ok. We’re just happy to be able to see your driving. It’s not every day that
you get to see Lewis drive up close. Wow, incredible. Getting a two minute lap
on your fourth lap is incredible. Oh, gees. It makes me happy to hear that. I think you drove very clean lines,
but the part where you go wide and come back in, in an F1 machine you can go all the way out. But because this car is heavier
you might not be able to go that wide. You can go flat in a GT car too
if you are using a soft compound. But right now it’s hard on tires
so you need to let off a bit. There’s no particular brand to them. But just watching you like this,
you can really tell how incredible your driving is. For me it’s really educational. I’m glad to hear that. Really it’s incredible that
you can get right up to the apex. It’s the obvious action but still… He said he likes this position. So this is Lewis driving on day two. Yesterday he recorded his best lap, but we failed to capture the replay
so we’re having him drive again. Yes, already fast from the beginning
compared to yesterday. Aggressive but very careful and thorough.
His movements are very careful and thorough. These cones are placed on the apexes
and the outer clipping points. Yes but yesterday you got a 57. But really you are really good at
how you apply the throttle and steering. Your best time yesterday
Lewis was 57 something, and that’s pretty much close
to the best time we’ve seen. So yesterday it was like you set
this incredible lap time on your very first try. Should we switch off the ghost? I think it was about a 57.8 yesterday. You were 0.5 seconds up
so I thought you’d make it. How he turns at the exact moment
where you need to turn the steering, and how smoothly he returns the steering
and starts opening the throttle, this is something to pay attention to. On the entry it looks like Lewis is overspeeding
but he brings the car to the inside. It’s incredible that he can bring the car
to the inside here. How he opens the throttle, it’s a form of art. But really seeing you shaving lap times
in real time like this is a real treat.

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  1. Gran Turismo is a masterpiece… Mr. Yamauchi stay strong and passionate , you are doing incredible job delivering to us the best racing game…

  2. This is a great video from PlayStation. I find very motivating for all those who are somehow intimidated by Gran Turismo that even Lewis Hamilton needed time to adjust to the car and track, get a feel of the handling and finally achieve good times.

    You don't need to be a professional to grasp the basics of how you stay on the track, understand how your car behaves and shave off seconds, it's all incremental knowledge that comes naturally lap after lap, and then "embeds" on your movements.

    When people asks what's so great about getting a good lap time on a racing track, it's not only about the time, but the process that got you there, the knowledge you acquired, the understanding that made you tame certain dynamics and became part of your instinct.

    The tarmac strip is not just road: it's a challenge laid down before you that talks about you, your limits and your resilience, and I find it beautiful when a game expresses such things. This is what GT does, maybe not as accurately as some other racers but it does.

  3. Thank you for the real racing lap… what the "top10" guys are doing is just stupid with all the helping systems, full abs and track limits!

    I did a 1:56:9 myself with the mercedes and a 1:56:7 with the jaguar

    To bad his lap is only a video and not available as a challange ingame

  4. Great video! It is fascinating to see Lewis' process of getting to know the car and track (yes he drove there before, but a long time ago and in a f1 car). He is not only fast, but he also has a very technical approach to his driving, which you don't always get to see during a formula 1 weekend. Thanks for this, GT

  5. I should ad that the sound is impeccable, with only an apparent audio sample overlap humming, when a low powered car is in high gear on an incline or approaching top speed slowly at the same rpm level for a few seconds. Other than that i can find no flaw from an spectator viewpoint and I'm inspired by that to put fort my utmost greatest effort in the work i do, that is uplifting education and i guest just existing as a testament to GODS greatest love JESUS. peace after all is said and done, in this cold world, his love is all that matters

  6. It would be nice to have real world racing drivers publicly holding video-games racing events more often so that common people could beat them in simulated racing.
    I'm pretty sure everyone would love to beat a real world racing driver in racing video games.

  7. His inputs are so smooth and precise. I mean to watch it is…beautiful. His driving is…just pretty to look at. And his sense of perception is just great. Some of those turns he braked really deep and he still manage to cut the apex and blast out the corner. He’s aggressive going into turns and he does in a very finesse way. Very polished driver. No wonder he’s back to back to back to back world champion. Kid just has a gift man.

  8. This was Great just Great… Lewis Hamilton one of the Greatest to ever race formula 1 ever to to do GT SPORT… GREATNESS, AWSOME PLAY…

  9. I'll like to see Seb. Vettel take a turn on the wheel. Same set up and no BS. I want to compare styles on a format I fully understand. I did notice after the last reset. Suspension got a Little softer and the LSD a bit weaker or traction control was turned up a notch or both, it gave it away after he said "set up is betta"… Still an amazing line to learn.

  10. Please add support for the Logitech G27 steering wheel! I would like to play the game in vr mod but my G27 is not working with it.

  11. It seems to me that in version 1.10 this time it will be difficult to reach … although it's worth trying .. I'll try again …)) If I exceed the time of the Maestro, then I'll post the replay to the network)

  12. Well, after 30 Minutes I achieved a 1:56:785

    I hope this was the Challenge:
    Stock AMG GT3 on Racing Hard Tyres
    Beat 1:56.890
    No assists

  13. The time itself wasn't that special… I done a 1.56.30 with all assists off, manual transmission, same car, same tyres? Anything else I'm missing?

  14. I really hope they make an update with the new Bentley GT3. It's such a sick car and would complete the GT3 group of the game. Come on gt sport haha!!!! Please!!!

  15. I wonder how long the session was supposed to run? He kept pushing himself harder and harder to do better laps. At the end you can tell he was concentrating by the way he was fluffing his shirt to cool off ( 48:15 ).

  16. At the end Lewis mentioned “the setup is better”. What do you imagine he changed compared to the basic setup?

  17. Here’s an interesting point – what degrees do you think he’s using with the wheel? Doesn’t look anywhere near 900 degrees to me. I just got a wheel and tried this car and track and I had to whip the wheel around a lot on the tighter corners which I don’t like, whereas watching Lewis his wheel seems to match the way the wheel moves on the screen. I know f1 drivers use a much lower setting for the wheel in real life and I think that’s what he’s doing here too. Anyone else think so too?

  18. Lewis went from 2:04 to 2:01 in like four laps. I went from 2:06 to 2:01 in 35 hours… the government should do something about that!

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