GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience – Launch Trailer

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience – Launch Trailer

what makes GT racing to the real car experience maybe the pure beauty of the cars or the authenticity for perhaps above all the sense of leadership

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  1. スマホでここまでできたら文句なし。最高最強のレーシングゲーム迷いなくインストールすべし!!!!

  2. Gameloft please release a mc5 demo or dev diary that would be great and the price shpuld be 7 or 9 dollars thanks for reading this

  3. Can you please tell me, why Gangstar Vegas isn't in the app store at the moment? Please answer and put it on the App Store again. I bought it, and now I wan't to play it!

  4. WOW! This game is INCREIBDLE! I can't beleive what you guys were able to fit in a mobile game. A must buy! Keep up the ggreat work!

  5. Tienen muy abandonado a gt racing le ponen mas tiempo a asphalt 8 no digo que asphalt no sirve asphalt esta chingon pero si a esta aplicacion le meten los graficos como a asphalt 8 GT Racing estari chido y asi Gameloft no tendria competencia espero y mejoren mucho mas esta app

  6. Real Racing 3 is way better this game kinda sucks.
    They also lie in the launch trailer because I can't find a cockpit view.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying gameloft is bad at all because I love the gangstar and asphalt series, but this game doesn't feel very realistic
    because the cars have impossible levels of traction.

    Mabry GT racing 3 could be an arcade game.
    But I know that this is a simulation series. My only real problem with this game is the traction. But there are other issues like having to wait for the mechanic to upgrade car. You need a lot of patience to wait

    This is only my opinion. 🙂

  7. Real Racing 3 reste tous de même le mieux fait ! Mais s'en doute le dexième jeux de voiture le mieux fait avant asphalt !

  8. I do not think the graphics are as good in GT racing 2 as they are in asphalt 8, because the cars in asphalt 8 have more depth to them (meaning more detail)

  9. Amazing game, awesome graphics, beautiful cars, great tracks, pumping soundtrack……..however, Im on lumia 1020 and the game constantly shuts down mid race which is annoying as hell, another 'little' thing thats all annoying is having to buy IAP's to progress in the game, Ive spent around £25 and Im upto the Chevy Corvetter, Ive made a complaint to Gameloft and Im only expecting the usual dribble of we apologize for any inconvenience, well it is an inconvenience because im loosing out, cant wait for what Gameloft have to say

  10. add a new update this year r&d with nemesis one 77 saleen s7 and gta spano mclaren p1 and evoque fx50 glc 63 amg

  11. O gameloft o jogo fez muito sucesso e agora n tem mais ele porque vcs tiraram? era muito legal parecido com Real Racing 3 🙁

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