Growing BOLD EP02 – That’s The Problem

Growing BOLD EP02 – That’s The Problem

– That’s the problem, because
nobody can get results because they’re lazy and they don’t wanna change their business model. Those agencies will go out of business. (light music) Here’s how passionate I
am, here’s what I know about your business, this
is why I do what I do, this is what I see as a business person and expert in marketing, and
why I want to talk to you. Let’s get on the phone,
let’s have a discussion. You gotta write paths, man. Wrapped up sales summit, which was good, it actually was really awesome. Met a potential client
who’s very interested in what we do, also to
really connect with people afterwards was fun and it was great. We went over and did a meet up and we had some people show up, which was awesome. People that I’ve connected
with and talked to on Instagram, on social,
that I would’ve otherwise never met in person. – Brian had a story up
where he was saying, “Hey you know what? “Any entrepreneurs,
people out there starting “their business, if you have any questions “hit me up right now in Dms.” And I said, “Hey man,
we’re working on sales, “we need to get our sales
up, I don’t know what to do, “what are some steps”, and he got back to me in fifteen minutes, and I was like, “This guy’s fucking dope.” – Everything that we’re
doing now, the power is, dude it’s on your phone,
it’s in Instagram, it’s on Facebook. My sister lives out here so she came by, it’s awesome to always just get to spend a little extra time with my sister. I only get to see her a few times a year. It’s just fun, I love Santa Monica. (light music) I was at DigiMarcon speaking,
I did a keynote there, and at the end I opened
it up for questions and there were some really good ones, but there were a couple
of people that genuinely were stuck in their ways arguing. – [Woman] So like, if the
story is good then people are gonna watch the commercial. Or if the story is good
they’re gonna listen to that commercial. – Are you gonna watch
the commercial that’s four spots in cause that
one was interesting? No, as soon as you know
the break’s coming up, you go and you do something
else, you check your phone. That’s the problem. – [Woman] And if the commercial
is interesting enough you stop checking your
phone and you pay attention. – You might. – [Woman] So wouldn’t that
be saying go for digital? Isn’t that what you’re saying though? You’re saying, for digital, if
the ad is entertaining enough people will pay attention
on YouTube and stuff. I mean isn’t it just the same in general? Your ad has to be a good story? – The theory is exactly the same, the reality is just that
the intention is moved. The theory has been the
same forever, right? If you’re putting out good content, if you’re telling a great story, if it’s interesting, if it’s entertaining, if it’s educational and it
really connects with me, I’m gonna watch it. Substantially less people are watching TV, and substantially more people
are watching, or paying or watching a video on their phones. If you’re still focused on
that consumer that’s still “consuming television”,
cause they’re 50 plus, dude they’re dead in 20
years, and then you didn’t do any marketing to the people who are actually not paying attention
to the stuff you’re doing. – [Man] The way Facebook is going, that’s what interests me the most. – What do you mean the
way Facebook is going? – [Man] Facebook, you know,
you’re supposed to be able to, on Facebook, be able
to get what people need in terms of sales, and
there is that happening. Facebook has massive fraud
problems and so does Google. – No, it doesn’t. Not to that extent. It’s not massive. – [Man] You really disagree? – Yeah! We do, because I see actual results. We sell shit for clients in scale. Like, what do you mean, right? So that’s the problem,
because some agencies can’t get fucking results, so it makes our industry look stupid as shit. And then they just burn
capital by buying a bunch of banner ads cause it’s the only way they can deploy that level of media. That’s the problem. That’s the problem, because
nobody can get results because they’re lazy and don’t wanna change their business model. Those agencies will go out of business. To think that today, in 2017,
that brands and agencies are thinking that, “You
know what, maybe this “digital and social
thing isn’t working out, “we’re gonna put it all back
into traditional media,” that’s how you lose. That’s how you end up bankrupt. That’s how your company closes. Sports Authority has a huge legacy. It was amazing, when I was
scandalous in the 90’s, right, Sports Authority was it. Like when you have such
an incredible legacy and we’re not telling that story, you’re not connecting with
me any more emotionally than you did when I was a kid. And so I chased them down for over a year trying to get a meeting
with the CMO, and finally after being pretty brazen he was like, “Fine, I’ll give you ten minutes. “Just tell me whatever it
is you’re gonna tell me “so I can not talk to you again.” I said, alright sure, no problem. You’re spending the vast
majority of your money on traditional marketing:
print, TV, radio. You do very little in the way
of digital, and what you are doing on digital and social,
you’re not storytelling. He said, “Listen, Brian,
while I agree with “some of the things that you’re saying, “we’ve actually tested this extensively. “We’ve spent millions and
millions of dollars testing this “using data and analytics. “And for Sports Authority,
Sunday newspapers “actually outperform
everything else by far. “Substantially crushes any result “we’ve ever seen on Facebook. “What do you have to say about that?” Who the fuck is doing
your Facebook advertising? (crowd laughter) We didn’t really stay on
the phone too much longer. 48 hours later is when they
missed that bond payment that kicked them into bankruptcy. That adjective, that thought of, “We’re just gonna continue to
do it the way that we know, “and we’ll literally even
prove ourselves right “until we go out of
business”, that’s scary. This is one of the biggest opportunities in the history of the
business, in the history of the marketing, right now. Because when you know what
you’re doing, it works. We have clients who are
selling millions of dollars of stuff online, successfully,
in a positive ROI just from one or two of those
digital or social channels. If you’re pulling your budget from social and putting it on TV
or putting it in print, you’re gonna lose, man, and
I don’t wanna see you lose. I wanna see everyone be successful,
because this is the most opportunistic time in the history
of business and marketing. It’s exciting, it’s incredible,
and you can have it. But you gotta get rid
of the way that it was, and accept the way that it is.

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  1. A wonderful video. It brings home the real issue of old school marketers. You said it's the opportunity.. I have a question.. How does one become an authority in social platforms and then sell it as a brand building service to generate sales to companies?

  2. Dude I am pumped to be here while you have less than a thousand subs. I believe in you man. I have an eye for potential. You are GOING TO MAKE IT BIG

  3. Agree 1000% with everything you're saying but so far doesn't sound much different than what Gary Vee talks about. I am new so maybe other stuff is to come but my initial reaction. Good luck though either way, this message does need to be spread!

  4. Finding my entrepreneurial spirit literally saved me life. I lived for the fail, learn, triumph mindset now! Keep pushing everyone! And don't be afraid to change to achieve victory!

  5. Excellent Video! I disagree as well. Facebook has too much Fraud! F***ck you talking about man!!!! lol….great response Brian! Smooth seas don't make skillful sailors. PERIOD!! well done!

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