Grossed out Superstars: WWE Top 10, Jan 29, 2018

Grossed out Superstars: WWE Top 10, Jan 29, 2018

[MUSIC]>>What the?
Whoa. Wait a minute. Fell down.>>My God. No, no.>>The pit stuff,
the pit stuff is on your way.>>Mark Ming has been to the pit stop. [SOUND]
>>Now, look at this. She’s confident that he won’t stop,
I can’t believe that. She has complete mind control over, whoa.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I can’t believe it!>>My goodness! Look at this. No! Look at this. She has been slopped! Sunny has been slapped. That pig slop all over her. [SOUND]
>>Bulldog’s now up.>>No, Rock bottom. Rock bottom. No, not into the dog poop!>>Rock bottom into the dog poop. The dog poop.>>No!
[SOUND] No, look out, Booker T. You know you’re about to
get some smelling salt.>>No.
>>[LAUGH] Man. [SOUND]
[COUGH]>>How disgusting.>>Booker T is
>>My God! I’m about to hurl! [SOUND]
>>That’s the most hideous smell I’ve ever smelled!>>That’s it,
mop the ring up with her, Steph! That’s it,
mop the ring up with her, come on! Put her head in it, come on! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!>>It smells like a urinal! [SOUND]
>>No, no, no, no, no, no!>>No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No.>>Yes, yes, yes.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Drop him.>>Please no, please no. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH] no.>>First in the slop. [MUSIC]>>And he’s laughing, man. [MUSIC] Everything brown in there is not mud. [MUSIC]>>Who!>>Hunter Hearst may have won the match. Look at this.>>[COUGH]
>>Vicki’s coming in to check on you.>>Stephanie, I have [INAUDIBLE]. I’m so sorry.>>[COUGH]
>>[SOUND]>>[COUGH]>>My. My God.>>How the hell are the worms
in Santa’s bag?>>No, look at, my-
>>[LAUGH]>>Look at these worms.>>My God.>>No, no, no, no.>>Don’t do that.>>My God!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’m the Boogeyman and I’m coming to get you.>>My God. [SOUND]
>>Allow me to toast to Dolph and AJ with the one thing
that you are full of. No!>>My God!>>No!>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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  1. Im in Thailand and when that women got stuff on her something wrnt on my face too

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