100 Replies to “GRIP: Combat Racing – Launch Trailer | PS4”

  1. We have more people working in this industry than ever before, yet we chose to recycle and remaster the same games again and again. Pathetic

  2. This game changed so much since alpha. Caged Element I salute you. This is the combat racer I waited for since Wipeout Fury and I'm glad I could support the early access because it was sooo worth it.

  3. Jak x but with multiplayer since the PS4 port was just an emulated version wooo.

    The real question is


  4. Why do I feel like all the positive comments on this game are coming from the devs? This game has been made 100’s of times, nothing new or unique about this game that will make it stand out from the rest. This looks like it should be a free game or no more than $20.

  5. That one racing scene from Spy Kids 3 finally gets a game about it.
    Now we just need a surfing on lava game and a giant robot brawl game so is it all complete.

  6. I had a remote control car like this when i when i was a kid. One was was a blue truck and the other was a red sports car.

  7. Rollcage stage II on PS1 was so underrated and my fav racing game for a LONG time. Rubble soccer was super fun and way before Rocket League. So glad they brought this out! Having fun on Steam so far

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