14 Replies to “GRIP: Combat Racing – Exclusive FREE Alienware Vehicle Giveaway”

  1. Holy crap! It's Rollcage!
    Honestly Google Rollcage Stage 2 and you will see what I mean haha loved that game on the PS1. Might have to get this game for the nostalgia feels

  2. Hey!
    I have a Alienware r5 17 and I am looking on how to. Clean it from the inside and outside I am wondering if you can help me
    With a video on how to do it

  3. You guys should seriously (and I sure hope you already are) look through your new update on the Command Center. Its been 2 weeks and Ive had LED problems with my entire keyboard and everything else thats meant to light up. Ive already been through customer support meaning ive already done multiple methods including bootups, re installations, and downgrading to previous versions of the CC and the only way to go now is for YOU guys to fix your command center. Im really hoping for a quick update.

  4. Only 4999 keys left. Yet…you can't give me one? Hmmmmm. Was this just to get people to sign up for accounts, I think sooooooo.

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