GRIP: Combat Racing – Delorean Trailer | PS4

GRIP: Combat Racing – Delorean Trailer | PS4

Meet the all-new Delorean with a smooth ride and
a gorgeous body you could look at all day. This is the perfect car for you and a friend. [RECORD SCRATCH] DeLorean 2650. Metal fused with more metal. the iconic car like you’ve never seen it before Armored, flippable,
and jet-fueled. Blast through opponents with
the most souped-up DeLorean ever. Drive with wings or wheels
to dominate races in Deathmatch. Get online and play now. DeLorean 2650

75 Replies to “GRIP: Combat Racing – Delorean Trailer | PS4”

  1. MK using The Terminator, this game using a DeLorean from Back to the Future. Where is creatives people to do something original?

  2. Stop blacklising Colin and Chris Ray gun and their podcast sacred symbols… Expected a bit more professionalism from you Sony… Can't even reply to an email…. Shameful

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