GRID AUTOSPORT iOS REVIEW – The best mobile racing game till time!

GRID AUTOSPORT iOS REVIEW – The best mobile racing game till time!

Hello Youtube my name is Pxelguy and we are
having a pixel perfect day today. I just found out that grid autosport was released
to the iOS platform. This game is really really amazing for quite
a few reasons. It has super amazing graphics, you have all
the cool and crazy race modes and it has a much better A.I. compared to real racing 3. Grid is advertised as a simulator so it’s
control system is much more advanced it’s not as easy as a Real Racing 3’s. The other super big plus compared to real
racing is this game has a much better damage system so when the car gets damaged it looks
much more realistic. The elements on the racetrack can get damaged
as well so you can break through cardboard signs or even hit the Tyrewall and a tires
bump off. This game has so many options, that you can
configure it to your likings. you can set it up the way you want so if you
want arcade style gaming then you can set it up like that if you want similar simulator
style gaming you can set up that way. this game supports 3D Touch and you can set
up it’s responsiveness as well. One of the biggest advantages in Grid is that
there are no micro transactions yes you hear that right no micro trsnsactions. You pay it once and the game is yours. However there is a missing feature: multiplayer. We don’t have multiplayer in this game but
I don’t really think that we are missing that because in real racing 3 it was just unusable. trying to race in multiplayer was a waste
of time so maybe I can say that I’m glad that they did not try to implement that. OK that’s cool but how many cars and tracks
are in this game? 100 cars and 100 tracks. insane! on several tracks there are different
layouts so those count as one separate track but still it’s absolutely mind blowing. This game is what I was waiting for! it has
almost everything! it’s not free but you got a whole lot better experience for your money
so I fell in love with Grid and I will upload a lot of content from this game. Please hit the like button if you enjoy this
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friends who play Real Racing 3 because this game is next level! Anyway guys thank you for watching see you
in my next video bye

20 Replies to “GRID AUTOSPORT iOS REVIEW – The best mobile racing game till time!”

  1. OMG, just a few years ago I played this on my PC! It is amazing how much technology has evolved! Please make more videos on this game!

  2. Can not believe , fucking YT remove my sub to you even I watched more than one video , Google what the hell you doing , I love this guy , I wanna be hes follower, WTF you doing. My friend here we go again and will checks again to see if they do wrong job again . Sorry believe me it was not my action, however if it is my action why the hell I would be here again .

  3. Hey! on Play Store there's a new phenomenal game — check that out!
    Its really dope — with themes, variants, multiplayer online and innovative modes! Try it out!

  4. thanks for the video and also i think that grid Autosport mobile is best ever. i hope feral will keep improve this game overall.

  5. There’s no online for a good reason. iOS gamers may know that your device gets really warm, and the battery dies quickly. Well, adding several people playing over a high-demand internet connection would overwhelm the phone and potentially fry your phone.

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