Green Eggs And Ham & Gameplay

Green Eggs And Ham & Gameplay

I will not eat them Sam-I-Am Green Red Pickles Have a slice How about green eggs and ham Back to town Sam, you see Anywhere Subtitles by the community

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  1. Betcha on land they understand bet they don ,t reprimand their daughters bring young women sick of swimming ready to stand

  2. Ah my childhood! What I say was clever about this game was how they make up more rhymes for more with Sam-I-Am asking "Would like/eat them…" and the stubborn unnamed main character always replying "I would not, could not…" along in rhyme with "not if…". I recon Dr Seuss himself would've been proud of the makers of this game.

  3. After playing this game a lot when I was younger, I never really appreciated how they came up with more rhymes for the extra parts in this game until now. I'm also glad to see some other Dr. Seuss characters make appearances like Mayzie from "Horton Hatches the Egg", Horton the Elephant, one of the Wickersham Brothers and of course, the Cat in the Hat.

  4. Sam-I-Am: "Have some hamburgers…in white! They're easier to see at night!"
    Mr. Krabs: "Great Barrier Reef! That patty's spoiled!"

  5. There's two references to the 1973 special "Dr. Seuss on the Loose", which "Green Eggs and Ham" was featured in. The Cat in the Hat pops out of the box and he introduced the story in the special; and the hunter looking for the fox is reminiscent of the fox hunts in the special.

  6. Here’s my fan made quote.

    Sam: Would you like them in the apartment?

    Grouchy Guy: Take those eggs away from me, before I call the police department!

  7. Fan quote:
    Sam I am: would you eat them with a clown? Would you eat them upside down?
    Guy am I: I would not eat them with a clown, I would certainly not eat them upside down

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