GreedFall – Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4

Welcome to GreedFall the core roleplaying experience by Spiders studio. Explore the uncharted island of Teer Fradee which holds promises of secrets, treasures and adventure. From the very beginning, you’re given the freedom to make your character unique. Decide on your appearance, from a range of options before diving into your starting skills, attributes and talents. Though you can specialise, you’re free to mix and match between all disciplines ensuring you’re prepared for all that lies ahead. Combat styles are varied. Quickly rush in and out of the fray using magic hold foes in place with stasis and unleash devastating spells before your enemies can even land a blow. Armour up and knock down enemies with slow but deadly two-handed weapons or parry your way to victory with a fast flurry of your rapier. If you really don’t want to play fair an array of traps, bombs, poisons, pistols and rifles serve to offer even more control of the battlefield. During particularly intense fights, you might want to utilise the Tactical Pause option. This gives you unlimited time to select from your Actions, Spells, Techniques and Potions to use on the target you wish. All styles of play benefit from the use of fury a potent resource that lets you unleash some of the most powerful attacks in the game. GreedFall features hundreds of pieces of customisable equipment, armour and clothing letting you delve deep into creating your own look and playstyle. Many of these are specific to the island’s distinct factions and may double as a disguise if subterfuge proves necessary. During quests and exploration, overcome challenges using stealth, deception and combat or a mix of all three. Struggling to gain entry to a guarded building? The obvious solution might be to just kill all the guards in combat and loot the key but that kind of decision-making could have messy consequences. Over time you’ll develop skills that offer alternative solutions. Knowledge in the sciences might allow you craft explosives to blow out a wall while a talent for lockpicking can gain a less destructive entry. Remember. Using force is not always the best way to defuse a situation. Diplomacy is often an option though be mindful in your choice of companions. A poorly-timed outburst might ruin your chances at a peaceful outcome. An ever-growing cast of colourful characters, from a diverse range of factions, joins you on the island. Who you bring with you into quests and combat is up to you as you compose your party of three from the companions you’ve met so far. Develop your relationship with each party member undertaking personal missions relating to their unique backgrounds. The strongest of friendships may even lead to romance. Thanks to your party’s different, often conflicting beliefs and motives it won’t always be possible to please everyone. Ignore someone’s needs for too long and they might not stick around becoming antagonistic in the worst of cases. Political diplomat or battle-hungry warrior zealous hunter or champion of the natives… No matter what you choose forge your own destiny in GreedFall

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