100 Replies to “Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.45 Update | PS4”

  1. I encourage all the hackers in the world to attempt to make the vr-mode available in the whole game. Shouldn't be too difficult…. I'm sure there's an on/off switch in the code somewhere.

    ? 350 GT
    ? 5-95 Zagato
    ? Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversario
    ? Aventador S
    ? Aventador LP 750-4 SV
    ? Aventador SVJ
    ? Centenario
    ? Countach QVX
    ? Diablo GT1 Stradale
    ? Gallardo Superleggera
    ? Gallardo Balboni
    ? Huracán 580-2
    ? Huracán EVO
    ? Huracán Performante
    ? Islero
    ? Jalpa P 350
    ? Jarama GTS
    ? Murciélago LP670 R-SV
    ? Reventón
    ? Silhouette
    ? SIÁN FKP 37
    ? Sesto Elemento
    ? SC18 Alston
    ? Urus
    ? Urraco P300

  3. Talking about the Classics:
    Aston Martin V8
    Aston Martin Lagonda
    BMW M1
    Ferrari Testarossa
    Ferrari 308 GTB
    Ferrari 400
    Ferrari 412
    Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer
    Isdera Imperator 108i
    Lancia Montecarlo
    Lotus Turbo Esprit HC
    Maserati Khamsin
    Maserati Merak SS
    Maserati Quattroporte III
    TVR Tasmin

  4. i want trial mountain back, gran valley speedway, deep forest, and trophies for GT league because without psn Trophies GT League isn't enjoyable is boring this GT sport don't have the same inspiration of older ones

  5. Is very cool to know, gran turismo still work on new cars, new circuits..
    Congratulations for the effort the make the fans happy and enjoying even more the game.

  6. In every new patch i hope to see the Alfa Romeo Giulia, a beautiful and powerful car, she definitely deserves a place on GT Sport

  7. That has got to be like the ugliest Ferrari ever, only partially saved in the Cabrio version, and because Don Johnson and Phil Collins gave it a major kicker.
    They could have chosen easily a better one.

  8. Im seeing this and I'm just reminded again so many times

    Fh4 is the and will be the greatest game in racing evrr deal with it

  9. Wow, this why I quit this game, same things really, haven't change a bit. I recommend people who are still playing this game, to quit too. Wasting your time goes by, wasting your life.

  10. Digital Polyphony come on and add Silverado 1500 and RAM 1500. So we could have truck off. Because currently there's only the F150 and Tundra.

  11. 車メインのゲームだから仕方ないけど



  12. N'importe quoi que des voitures qui valent super cher il faudrait un an avant de pouvoir s'en payer juste une ! Mais bon il sont malin pour faire payer avec des vrais sou bravo

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