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  1. I'm just waiting for the update for a cockpit view without the wheel and hands in it then I will play this game again until then still garbage. Assetto corsa all day

  2. Finally GT Sport is actually worth the money I spent on it…
    On the other hand, I feel for any of those players who have no connection to the internet though.

  3. Most GT sport fans are only into this game for nostalgia, way better sims on thr market GT needs to step their gsme up

  4. We neea more cars like kia stinger, dodge charger 2014 srt, genesis g70, bmw 7 series, x6 i8 m5 m3, hyundai veloster, and more sedans car 🚗

  5. I can't wait if Gran Turismo Sport add it the real sound of Sauber Mercedes C9. In the previous GT6 the Sauber had interior but same engine sound from GT5.

  6. Add EK9 Type R, DC5 Type R, JDM DC2 Type R, FD2 Type R, S2000, 22b Sti, blobeye Sti, Evo 3, Evo 8/9, and Nissan 300zx

  7. Maybe I’ll buy this once u actully add some cool American cars like a 69 Charger or 68 dart or 68 firebird a super bird a barracuda roadrunner challenger mustang maybe some 50s cars some caddy’s? point is ADD MORE AMERICAN CARS

  8. GT6 BEST GT All Cars old Eclipse 3000 GT , LANCER 92, GALANT – AND Own Music In game – on PS4 add to GT7 sport MUSIC from PS4 USB to game 😉 update And PSVR online

  9. These cars in GTS !

    Lamborghini Terzo Millenio
    Lamborghini  Egoista
    Mazda 6
    Mazda RX7
    Mazda RX9
    Mazda MX5 RF
    KIA GT Proceed
    KIA Stinger GT
    KIA Forte
    Porsche Panamera
    BMW 640i Gran Coupé
    Audi RS5
    Ligier JSP1
    Peugeot Instinct
    Ferrari 812
    Renault Trezor
    Toyota Supra
    SCG 003
    Appolow Arrow
    Mercedez Benz AMG Vision
    Mercedez Benz F 015
    Mercedez Benz C111
    Mercedez Vision Van
    Mercedez S Class Vision
    Maybach Ultimate Luxury
    BMW Vision Next
    BMW 320i
    BMW Z4
    Porsche Mission E
    Huayra Roadster
    Carbon Regera
    Fisker emotion
    Lucid air
    Faraday Future FF91
    Lamborghini Zerouno
    Hennesey Venom F5
    Ford Mustang Hybrid
    Mclaren 720 S
    Mclaren 570 GT
    Toyota Supra
    Toyota Avalon
    Toyota RAV4
    Toyota Chaser JZX 100
    Toyota Corolla ae86
    Dodge Viper
    Volkswagen Arteon
    Volkswagen Jetta
    Volkswagen ID Buzz
    Lexus LC 500
    Lexus RC F
    Lexus UX 250
    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
    Genesis G70
    Honda Insight
    Nissan Murano
    Nissan Maxima
    Nissan 350 Z
    Nissan Silvia S15
    Nissan Skyline R33 GTS
    Infinity Q60
    Infinity Q70
    Lancia Thema
    Hyundai Sonata
    Maserati Quattroporte
    Lotus Elise
    Lotus Exige
    Lotus Evora
    GTC 4 Lusso
    ATS GT
    Nio EP9
    Lykan Hypersport

  10. To all the guys who got gran turismo sport at release!
    What is the game like nowadays are there really game improving Updates? And I also heard there were 150 cars and 6 tracks at release what are the number like today?

  11. Also to play online, I have to pay for it??? its all BS really. The game should have come with a serial number so I could play for free. Make no sense paying 60$ for a game and then I have to keep paying to access to features I should be allowed to play for free. Also kids dont have money, you adding a monthly bill to parents out-there? its insane the Greedy world we are living, soon they will start charging for the air we breathe.

  12. I got the game now. I played the beta and deleted it after it ended. Will I be able to transfer save or do I have to start over with the beginner cars?

  13. Everyone, it’s down to £13.00 from £50.00 on the PlayStation store so if your gonna get it get it now!

  14. Great game after all the updates. I hope they add the classic GT tracks soon. I miss Clubman Stage and Trial Mountain!

  15. Bruh I bought the sauber Mercedes C9, and got another one in the daily gift right after buying it like seriously

  16. And there's that salty Forza fanboy who always trash talks about why GT sport is trash and those stuff should have been at launch.

  17. Can we please have more customizations or more power modifications i wanna go fast and have my car loud so we can see whos car really the best on the best driving simulator or the little things new exhaust that have different sound or headers that make your car a bit more noticably sound when u arrive ??

  18. Could yall add a drone mode for online or something so nice photos and a follow cam for the clips or a go pro cam ??🤔

  19. Thank you for the update but if you could since the cars are so nice and everyone has a custom character they create with a suit and helmet could we get out the car and walk around online for a photo mode with a phone of some sort or something while on the freerun tracks and you park the car get out and even if other people are still driving it would be cool just to see it in that way to take a picture and post it

  20. Please add tracks like azerbajiani f1 circuit and Russia it would be a perfect for the new update And PlayStation fanboy if you play f1 2016 or 2017 on ps4 you might know what I'm talking about

  21. ازبده الي نزل يدور اخر مقطع من بلاستيشن اهنيه صراحة تعبت ونا انزل مررره 😂💔

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