50 Replies to “Gran Turismo Sport – March 1.15 Update | PS4”

  1. Please get more new cars on this April here's the other cars in Japan and America even one car in Europe

    1 Toyota Prius 2016
    2 Honda Fit 2014
    3 tesla model s 2014
    4 Nissan Leaf 2017
    5 Subaru BRZ 2017
    6 Mazda demio 2017
    7 Honda nsx 1996
    8 ford get consept car 2017
    9 Mazda rx8 2002
    10 Nissan farlady z 2017
    11 Nissan Leaf 2009
    12 Toyota Prius group b and grope 4
    13 Toyota Prius 2009
    14 Honda S2000

  2. I dont like this No Man's Sky approach of releasing a bare-bones game and then adding all the features in patches rather than at launch.

  3. Good job Sony!!! The game feels more natural, more real and I love so much the new cars that have been added especially the BMW M3 1989 which is one of my favorite cars from childhood and the Ford Mustang. This game is incredible and it gets better with each passing month !

  4. GT's YouTube comments section is so much different than forza's

    People aren't always whining and complaining here

  5. Yeah the trailer is in 4k, but the actually PSVR game play is in 240P , when sony will use the real power of ps4 pro? stop making us suffer from using 33% of the PS4 Pro coz of the old ps4.

  6. I don't know why everyone's getting excited about the patches. It's their goddamn job. There is literally no content in the game and they add the stuff which should have been there.. at release! I'm not going to pay for early access patches because that is what these patches are. And even when they patch the game they add more and more bugs – it's ridiculous how unstable and buggy this game is.. yet it's still fun to play.. when I don't get stuck in the starting grid, or while entering the box, hearing no tire sounds, don't know sector times or get angry about the broken penalty system 😉

  7. I am the only one Who wants the r8 lms ultra to return? (i know that the 2015 lms is in the game but since they added the 07' r8 i wanted the og R8 lms or the ultra to return)

  8. Polyphony I cant use my T500RS with GT sport after this update 1.15 please fix this and no tire sounds in the game 🙁

  9. Carros fictício que andao mais que um fórmula 1 estragam a franquia Gran turismo eu jogo desde o GT 1,2,3,4,5,6 sempre odiei a loja Gran turismo e os carros fictício principalmente os vision Gran turismo os carros da Redbull que andao mais que F1 pra mim estraga o jogo o resto tá tudo ok

  10. I love playstation so much please Please playstation don't stop Making video games you're perfect i don't care playstation fan for life

  11. I'm having problems with a white flashing in my left eye on my VR when driving the merc F1 car round brands hatch!!!is this a VR problem or a gt sport problem?!!!

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