Gran Turismo Sport – Lewis Hamilton Reference Laps #1 – Nurburgring | PS4

Gran Turismo Sport – Lewis Hamilton Reference Laps #1 – Nurburgring | PS4

So now we’d like to have you drive. The car is the Mercedes AMG GT GT3 car, and this is the car. The ABS is now on, and TCS is off. Ok then, would you like to adjust your seating position?
Are you ok? – Good.
– Ok. So Lewis is driving GT Sport. This is his first experience of GT Sport,
his very first lap. Only on corner in and he’s already
starting to grasp the limits of the car. The rear end just slid out, but he caught it right away,
even though it’s his first time on GT Sport. Just let off the throttle for a bit. Wow incredible. Getting a two minute lap
on your fourth lap is incredible. It makes me happy to hear that. I think you drove very clean lines, but the part where you go wide and come back in, in an F1 machine you can go all the way out; but because this car is heavier
you might not be able to go that wide. I’m glad to hear that. Really it’s incredible that
you can get right up to the apex… it’s the obvious action but still. He said he likes this position. So this is Lewis driving on day two. Yesterday he recorded his best lap but we failed to capture the replay
so we’re having him drive again. Yes already fast from the beginning
compared to yesterday. Aggressive but very careful and thorough.
His movements are very careful and thorough. Yes but yesterday you got a 57. How he turns at the exact moment
where you need to turn the steering, and how smoothly he returns the steering
and starts opening the throttle, this is something to pay attention to. On the entry it looks like Lewis is overspeeding
but he brings the car to the inside. It’s incredible that
he can bring the car to the inside here. How he opens the throttle,
it’s a form of art. Very nice! But really seeing you shaving lap times
in real time like this is a real treat.

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  1. Always fun to see one of the world's best drivers and driving simulators together in the same video. Thanks, Sony!

  2. Lewis goes much more in detail of what real life situation would be, like about the exit of sequence of opening corners, the rear tires would be too hot at this point. Driving on the limit can really be a form of art.

  3. I play real racing 3. Yes. As he said, braking should be done in the straight road but not while turning. While turning the steering, our leg should be on the accelerator. He is such a technical guy not only just a sprinter.

  4. Gran Turismo Sport seriously needs to add more in depth force feedback settings it's way too strong. Driving is not like that in real life at all

  5. Brake whn in the straight and thn turn… dont brake while turning… nice advice… thnx champ 👍

  6. Yoh imagine if you get a special addition of the game that has hamilton's best ghost lap for this circuit
    I would love chasing after that ghost car

    Sony, this is my idea so if you are gonna use it atleast send me a copy if you do😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Does this mean if your really mustard at this game then you can be a f1 driver.. does it go that way too lol

  8. Je suis le seul mongole français qui comprend rien qui a pas les sous titres sur son téléphone ? Ptdr

  9. What's that thing on Lewis Hamilton's head…looks artificial as heck — and it is. Lewis Hamilton is boring…F1 was exciting when Michael Schumacher/Ferrari was champion.

  10. The fact that he started sweating after that lap shows how seriously he took it and how accurate of a driver he is. You can see he has that prowess of always improving/beating himself. Amazing to watch.

  11. please do not release PlayStation 6 on 2020 release it on 2021 please because I have buyed ps4 yesterday

  12. Chissà quanto gli hanno dato per fare sta cagata di spot…. GTSport è l emblema della merda…

  13. 日本人からするとルイスが何言ってんのか字幕無しじゃ分からず、外国人からすると山内が何言ってんのか字幕無しじゃ分からないという。

  14. Gran Turismo : am sleeping until Japan made new car, like the Supra

    Forza : we get all cars 4 our fans in the world

  15. Puedo jugar en Ps2 y Ps3 que va hacer las mismas pistas, mismos autos solo actualizamos los gráficos. Aburre

  16. I'm surprised Lewis didn't start talking about how he has the best fans at the end of the sim run.

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