Gran Turismo Sport – Join The Human Race PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

Gran Turismo Sport – Join The Human Race PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

[BUZZ] [BUZZ] [BUZZ] [BING] MAN: We first met along
the straights of Grand Valley. We’ve been racing ever since. We are the sons and daughters
of chicane and chassis; card carrying members of
the 200 mile per hour club. The haters dismissed us
as armchair racers and said our game
wasn’t a sport. Then, we filled
a podium at Lamont. But something changed. The game became
less about competition and more about
collecting cars. Today we say, “We want change.” Let’s burn it
to the ground. Start from scratch, build something
worth racing for. Manufacturer, nation, pride. This is real racing, Driver versus driver; human against human. This is a chance
to get better, stronger, faster. Because we don’t want
just another game, we want sport. [CROWD CHEERING]

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  1. I play this 4K 4 surround monitors and a Beats Surround sound entertainment audiophile fidelity unit
    It's ok but i prefer Madmax better

  2. Really like the new ideas, racing game that had tons of cars and the reason it had an edge of the competition and people liked it? Nah let's scrap all that and make another game like project CARS or assetto. Great idea ?

  3. I don't want to see my G29 wheel and another wheel in the TV, is there a way to zoom in the interior view camera???

  4. I remember playing all from zero every time I read start my ps2 cuz I didn't had my memory card lol I'm very exited about it can't wait no more

  5. I know GT is the best. Problem is I don't have a ps4pro. Once I give GT Sport a proper beta I'll decide if I need to upgrade or not. It's all on this game.

  6. I think the reason the car list is shorter is because of the fact it's gonna be pretty difficult making a interior for like 1000 cars.

  7. I will get GT Sport, but based on the amount of cars this game will have (140) and watching this video, I just confirmed there will not be as many options as the previous GT versions and that is sad, no Supra, no R33/34 no Silvia, Civic, RX-7, there are a few car models with lots of variations of the same… you get NSX GT3, NSX Gr3, Gr4, base model, etc, and that is count as 4 different cars when it is not ??

  8. But.. but, I liked collecting cars..

    Still excited tho! I would still like to see at least a few odd, unique cars that you'd never see in other games. but I'm sure the new focus on gameplay will be worth it.

  9. This game looks amazing…
    Just feels like they missed out on a catchy title like:
    "Gran Turismo 7th Gear"

  10. PS4 Exclusive Cycle: New Ps4 Game comes out not even similar to the Xbox game —-> People compare the 2 —-> People say ps4 exclusive is going to beat the Xbox exclusive that already established itself —-> Ps4 exclusive fails, Xbox exclusive left untouched —-> cycle repeats.

  11. So is it only going to be vs. human or is there going to be a single player for those that do not have good internet access

  12. Aww…. but if I wanted a sport, competing against real humans and being all serious about it, I'd spend hundreds of dollars on a PC racing rig and iRacing, but I don't, I want the next instalment of my favourite car-collecting RPG and hotlapping game.
    Oh well, so long as the hotlapping's still great (no reason why it shouldn't be) I might get it one day. Otherwise…. Enthusia?

  13. real racing? you need to make it where you have a setting to turn on real damage like on need for speed pro street how you can total your car lose a wheel basically demolish a car if you wreck and also have a setting for people that are not experienced to turn damage off have engine damage transmission damage suspension damage tires, rims , radiator also be able to modify the cars like you can in real life that's why forza is winning against you. you removed being able to modify your cars and make them your cars you were only able to buy pre configured cars which is BS i used to love playing gran turismo i will not until these factors are made at least make it to where you have modifications to the cars with boundaries of what is possible in real life until than i will stick to my real driving simulators that i play on my pc or forza because they at least meet almost of those needs for racers real people that want a real track or street simulation

  14. astrick reporting for duty already preordered gonna record ever moment of this amazing game and givit back to you i hope that there is coming another GT sorry for anny wrong speld words

  15. yep they're starting to copy Forza less cars 17 tracks completely sad I actually liked Gran Turismo they completely ruined the franchise

  16. if it has a animated put crew its already beating forza.

    like seriously am i the only one that wants just two little things in a racing game
    1.Animated pit crew (this is why i love nascar games)
    2.Accurate Sounds

  17. How about you all join the real race. The PC MAST- jk i'm gonna buy a Ps4. Its simpler and cheaper up front (in the long run Pc is cheaper) and I dont wanna have to build one myself.

  18. I like how gran turismo are doing something new with the track racing genre. They're taking a big risk but if it goes right it could be the start of a new era of track racing.

  19. I grew up playing gran turismo, i love forza as much as gran turismo but gran turismo will always have my heart

  20. I only know one of the guys in the video that got selected to be an actual race car driver. Will there be any chance of that in gt sport?

  21. "The game became less about competition and more about collecting cars" but that doesn't mean 150 cars will be enough. It's very sad that there will be no 90's Japaneses cars…And without them this game won't be gran Turismo anymore…

  22. I'm preordering and I'm buying the advanced edition of gt sport and I never preorder but I am because I have ultimate that gt sport will be the best racing game / this year/ of all time and I don't even need the demo or even play it to see that it carries incredible greatness with it and I have one request – that the camaro Ile zl1 would be implemented at any cost into gt sport – thank you and polyphony game revs I hope that you see this – I am making the devotion to go pro at whatever takes and I'm serious nobody believes me and I'm not just some kid – I'm not a kid -I'm 14 and I know that makes my plea un – credible but I'm going pro and nobody thinks I can do it – but I will and I will do the one thing I have incredible passion and love for , racing

  23. Looks awesome, will definitely buy it… but I am sad there's only 170 cars. Like most people, I'm sure, I could do without 20 slightly different versions of the same Miata, Silvia, etc. BUT I always really loved buying all the weird cars that GT included. I'm never gonna get to drive an LMP car in real life, but I'm never gonna get to drive a Subaru 360 either! Both are crucial elements of Gran Turismo IMO.

  24. Kann mir hier jmd sagen wie man beim 1. Teil der Fahrschule auf den Weltrang 1. Platz kommt oder annähernd an die Zeit ?! Gold ist ok aber das ?! ?

  25. DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU DON'T HAVE INTERNET I won't buy it, this sucks! That's sad from SONY! the game will lose a lot of money

  26. its a complete failure instead of offline play its DRM so if your server goes down or no online connection you cant play the game except arcade mode ok im sorry you fail I was going to buy a ps4 just for this game until I found out the facts nope bought a copy of GT6 and ill stick with that

  27. I'm playing these days, and never slogan was more guessed. Join the human race, the feeling is wonderful. Best community for online competition.

  28. "Let's burn it to the ground." "We want change."

    Then they end up bringing back the original career mode and car collecting gameplay via the "GT League" update after they discover the hard way that the silent majority of GT fans DON'T want "change"…

    I guess all those angry Facebook comments and 1 star Amazon reviews got to them. LOL!

  29. and the moment you change you also kill the franchaise. GT its about to "colect cars" 70's. 80's 90's 00….. this is gran turismo 🙁

  30. 360 chase cam … p1 ,, challenger 2015 ,, ferrari f430 ,, ferrari f50 ,, viper 2003 ,, ford gt 2017 ,, konegsegg ,, Lfa ,, Z8 ,, Porsche carrera gt….weather /day night

  31. Gran Turismo : am sleeping until Japan made new car, like the Supra

    Forza : we get all cars 4 our fans in the world

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