Gran Turismo Sport | Drift Tutorial (Wheel&Controller) / Montage

Gran Turismo Sport | Drift Tutorial (Wheel&Controller) / Montage

What’s up guys this is Naklemore, today I
will be showing you guys how to drift in Gran Turismo Sport, a lot of people said
that it’s very hard to drift in this game which is true because of the
countersteers and the physics of this game is very realistic, let’s say if you
over the angle or you’re doing a reverse entry or any crazy stuff like that you
will definitely spun out and I recommend you guys to use a Mercedes AMG GTS 2015
and the credit of this car is a hundred eighty four thousand, I chose this car
because it’s very easy to drift in stock and I won’t be using any setups
at all and as you guys can see on the top right I have over 10 millions
credits and m points and you guys wonder how I do it you guys can go check
it out on my last video I’ll be showing you guys how to do those stuff and yeah
basically is that I will be using a wheel on this one, which is I’m using a Thrustmaster T300RS, 540 rotation degrees I won’t be using 900 or 1080 because
that’s too crazy looking for me and I can’t do that but this is my driving
options I will be using comfort hard and event settings for the controller
will be 7 for my feedback for the wheels one one alright and also one thing if
you’re new to drifting I recommended you to use a sport hard, not comfort hard
right after you get used to the car the handle of it you’ll get lower and lower
to like comfort tires and the better you at it you will go to comfort hard
so if you’re new to drifting don’t go to comfort hard because the oversteer of
the car will be too much for you and you can’t handle it so I recommended you to
try with sport hard first then comfort tires
so right now be showing you guys just some of my drifting like right here on
the entry this is a very big turn this is a new track in Gran Turismo which I
don’t know what’s called but I just liked it because it was just like Tsukuba Track, which we don’t have in this game sadly
but yeah let’s say all right if you’re new to drifting I recommended you
to get used to doing zig-zag on a straight first you know going left and
right right after you get used to that then try to do on one turn you know get used to the throttle control and try not to spun
out if you if you spun out you need to go back to one gear let’s say you’re
drifting on third gear you go back to second if you didn’t come back yet go to
first and then break all right if that doesn’t work out then you go
spun out definitely because this game is again it’s very hard but right after
you get used to the physic of this game then you will able to drift it easily but
check this out though like a BOSS, yup I just did 360 but
basically I’m saying is that if you about to spun out okay you can hit the
ebrake if you want to or you can go back in one gear or break alright and for me
if I about to spun out or lose control I will definitely go back to one gear and
give a full gas and revved it and then i try to come back at the same angle again alright
but you don’t need to go crazy about the angle about that much but you just go
easy with car first get used to the car you know get you know how it feels about
the car and then you’re gonna understand what I’m trying to say all right
there are there are some so many cars out there that are easier than this car
but I chose this car because if your stock is very easy to drift with, I also
recommended a Mustang one which is good and there’s some other car like the FRS
one which is pretty good but the horsepower
is not that great I like to use a car which is around 500-400 horsepower
so I can give some of my style into drifting
and when you come into the first turn you can also use a handbrake which is
the e-brake, for me I’m using a wheel and I don’t have the e-brake which is I need to
press a button R3, which is hard for me but later I’m gonna go get an actual e-brake so it’s easier for me to tandem but
yeah so basically when you on side way use throttle control
all right don’t gas it all the way let go of the gas a little bit, don’t get too
much angle right away just just get that one turn right and then go to the
second turn go easy, slow and steady, you
don’t need to rush shouldn’t go to that high horsepower car, use like maybe 200-300
horsepower car and then go higher but I’m normally used 500 and that’s what I’m trying to say and some
people that’s crazy and they go like super high horsepower and then they
asked me why they kept spunning out and I tell them that, you’re using a
high horsepower car, of course you will spun out if you are new to drifting,
you know and this game is not that easy to drift and the first day I remember I
spun out first when the game came out and spun out, I thought the physics in like GT6 but they actually not and but do I like it get in this physic? yes of
course is very fun in steering wheel because I get the feels of it and
you know like but the only thing I don’t like is that when I try to tandem
it’s very hard for me to e-brake, maybe because I’m on a wheel
if I was on controller I might be able to tandem much better than this
but for me right now I think I need more practice but I know how the drifting
works in this game and yeah if you use a controller I think it
might be easier for you right now to like drift it but I heard that Gran
Turismo will come out with the new updates where they fixed their drifting
physic much better than right now which is good for those who love drifting and
to become better because they said they will update their drifting physics which
is good and um, yeah just use this car get used to it, huh again if you are about to spun out you know lower your gear and try to come back on the road again
also easy with the throttle control, don’t gas it all the way you know let off the
gas sometimes, if you need to brake, brake alright you don’t need to like you know
gas it all the way because if you do sometime you will
spun out, the GTS is a very fast car so when I’m like BEHIND* of like FRS
or Mustang, I will be very fast car behind them so I will be using a lot of
e-brake so if you are in a fast car you will
definitely use a lot of e-braking and if you are in FRS then that’s good for you
you’re gonna like pissed somebody off that’s fast behind you like me but it’s okay
it’s good practice for me so I know how to do door to door alright and yeah guys
that’s basically it just get used to the car and if you guys have any questions
just let me know yeah the drift setups and drag tunes, so many
things, montages whatever that is coming soon will be out later in next
month and if you guys have any suggestions about the drift setups on any
car just comment down below I will do it for you and yeah if you guys have any
question just let me know all right and yeah guys this is it, you guys enjoy the
rest of the video and yeah should be it, remember you don’t need to
go to comfort hard, you can go to sport hard if you want to alright and yeah
that’s it guys, you guys have a good day. PEACE OUT! ^_^

75 Replies to “Gran Turismo Sport | Drift Tutorial (Wheel&Controller) / Montage”

  1. New updates has been updated. Controller steering sensitivity has been increased in order to improve drifting. The drifting will be much better now than what you will see in this video but the all the tips and tutorials are still the same. I hope you guys enjoy the video. Don't forget to share this with your friends. Thank you so much for watching, more to come! <3

  2. Have you had success drifting gr.4 cars? I really want to get better with the m4 gr.4 but it really doesnt like angle! With stock cars i can get lots of angle

  3. Just set your cars up properly and you can drift all day long, it was all about the setups in 5/6 too. And if you glitched to get that ten mil, you suck bad. If you grinder for it then fair play.

  4. It helped by a little but I’m using a g29 which is a 900 degree wheel and is quite hard to control the car from over steering. I tried to tune the anti roll bars stiffer to make the car understeer more. Are you using a shifter by the way because I’m using pedal shifting. Can’t wait for your reply nacklemore, thanks.

  5. Can you please annunciation your words better? Your mouth is usually very wet, and smacks a lot.
    It's rather annoying, and for a commentary/tutorial it really helps if your voice is incredibly clear, and annunciated.
    Practice just speaking in general, it takes time.

  6. You’re one of those “drifters” who barely even gets sideways, goes really fast and always bumps people in front of them.

  7. The I learnt to get the grasp of the driving physics was by going round the last corner of dragons tail in an m4 over and over again

  8. I normally drift a rx7 407 hp or the 86 gt with 170 hp just like Takumi do…

    Edit :You 're so bad at drift (my nikname is LikeManu_) Nice 360

  9. I use the skyline for a t150 but that’s only car i can drift in can someone help ? Or is it I don’t know how to drift

  10. The only reason gt is hard to drift, is because there’s no focal points which makes you feel slower but your actually going really fast,

  11. this game is fucking stupid been trying for an hour all the car fucking does when i gently tap the peddle harder it fucking spins out, i dont even turn the wheel much and yet the stupid thing just throws me into a wall and when i stop i sit there for 10 mins because the fucking car wont go

  12. Ebreak and brake when u are about to spin out? If you do that in real life, especially braking, you change the weight of the car to the front, and guess what, you spin. This is a great game, but has 0 similarities with real life. Also the understeering in the game, is horrendous!

  13. Is there actual drift races like a drift cup or something in GTS..? Just got the game and cant really find anything other than the lame ass short drift trial..

  14. When you first try drifting you realise that physics are really really bad, and force feedback is even worse. I'm not saying that i'm some super drifter but i can hold a drift with my car and this doesn't feel anyway near no matter which car i choose or how i tune it. They should look up to assetto corsa, game doesnt have that much content but feeling of driving is hundred time better, much more realistic and intuitive

  15. So what I did is I drive to 3rd gear, in the corner I will shift down to 1st gear, after corner shift up.

  16. You got it backwards with the tires. Comfort hard is not knowing how to drift and using a slippery tire to make up for it. The softer the compound the more skill it takes the more grip and faster in drift you’ll be.

  17. Youre all trash. Its not hard. Just start with a low hp car. Dont hop in a 650 hp car when you are new, spin out over and over then say" i hate this game the drifting sucks" when in reality its you're fault for wanting to start at the top.

  18. hi, i have a question, if there is a turn coming up what do you do to initiate a drift? do you brake first and then turn the wheel or e brake first then turn?

  19. You dont need hp take everything he said and throw that out the window if you cant drift a car w 150 hp then you just cant drift

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