Gran Turismo Sport – Advanced Matchmaking | PS4

Gran Turismo Sport – Advanced Matchmaking | PS4

matchmaking system and the realistic driving
standards that are going to be required
in GT Sport, I think those two together are
really going to change the game. JANN MARDENBOROUGH: To compete
against someone on your skill level and have a really solid
race is really enjoyable. RICARDO SANCHEZ: It’s kind of
like going to school with people that you actually
like. BRYAN HEITKOTTER: I think it’s
going to make the game a lot more fun, a lot more immersive,
and a lot more challenging. JANN MARDENBOROUGH: It just
takes it to the next level in terms of realism. BRYAN HEITKOTTER: It’s going to
have consequences for bad behavior on track. JANN MARDENBOROUGH: When you go
online, you don’t want to race against
someone who is constantly crashing into you, cutting the
track and then winning. It’s a horrible feeling. You don’t want to rage quit; you
want to stay in the race. LUCAS ORDONEZ: Before, you will
spin and you disconnect PlayStation, and you go back and
no problem. But now with Gran Turismo Sport,
it will be like in real life. BRYAN HEITKOTTER: Everything
matters and everything counts, so there are consequences to
failure, but there’s also great joy and
success in the game because it will actually mean a whole lot
more. LUCAS ORDONEZ: That’s the point
of racing, to challenge everyone, to say “Hey. I’m the best one.
I’m faster than you.” JANN MARDENBOROUGH: Competition
is going to go up big style. BRYAN HEITKOTTER: I don’t care
who it is, I want them all behind me.

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  1. finally takes to a new level online races , i grow up playing gran turismo games i remember playing gt4 split screen with 4 players races it was painful but so much fun i hope this game has split screen probably have , but anyways i always love to show my friends whos the boss , just kiding

  2. will this game look good on the ps4 ? or is it really only goodlooking on the ps4 and does a steeringwheel cost much money? or should i play on the controller0

  3. Actually this sounds really promising. That's what I want. That it is very competitive however in your own league. Playing against some pro every time would be really frustrating. Can't wait to play this.

  4. I understand their focus to have a robust online experience but there is a huge fan base who just rather play the career mode or offline mode. But this GT does not cater to that crowd there are only driving test from the little they have shown and not actual AI you can play against like all the other GT. This is a huge mistake in my opinion that will lose GT their core fan base.

  5. Now for the million dollar question… Will it suport Ps3 wheels like G36 and Fanatec GT2? If not is just another ps4 game that i won't buy, and keep playing Project Cars and Dirt Rally 🙂

  6. Will it have controller only and wheel only settings? I don't have a wheel and don't want to be forced to play with people that use a wheel

  7. What if I dont want a single human player playing with me? What then? Just endless mini games/tests/training for online?

  8. cant wait GT SPORT
    NI NO KUNI 2
    SIMS 4
    hats in time etc and many more falls games is completed baby. hurry up NOV/DEC thanks.
    KNACK 2 on sept too baby cant wait.

  9. I own every GT game to date, but I only play offline so I'm unsure whether GT Sport will be worth my money.

    Can we get a video showing us what's on offer for offline/career mode focused players? (which seems like the majority of GT players)

  10. so based on this its going to have safety rating system like Iracing? If it can implement it and be good. This would would be a way cheaper alternative to Iracing

  11. When I played GT5 online, everybody just crashed into me, everyone was like a crabs with joysticks. Do developers actually tested their game with average class of players? I guess not! If they came up with this idea..

  12. Hopefully this is the esport Mode cause i want to make my own Lobbys like Drift and Drag. Just chill with other players on free drive.

    If I cant Do this i should buy one of the other racing games..

  13. That's all well and good guys, but for those of us who don't want to get into hardcore online competition and like the aspects of building up in career mode this is all kindof a buzzkill, especially on the heels that they've announced there's no intention for a GT7 at this time and it's just progressive tweaks to Sport.

  14. Between the FIA and VR Gran Turismo Sport is re-defining the Simulation Racing on the same level as the Original Gran Turismo did. This is the next generation of gaming, and the foundation to legitimate and respected competitive gaming. After 20+ years of refining games from the PS1/N64 era, it is very exciting to see games moving to VR, and veiwed on the same level as traditional sports. It is exciting times, and the future looks limitless.

  15. This will be like Prologue OR is full like the old complete ones ??? If is like prologue, i'm not interesting. Can someone reply ?

  16. To all of those that hate GT Sport for the lack of offline career mode when the game was advertised from the start as a spin off from the main series and a heavily e-sport oriented game… Gran Turismo 7 is still gonna come out. You're still gonna have your car collection game 😛 It's just gonna come out after GT Sport.

    So hold your hating horses, no one is abandoning your collection fetishes (I'm guilty of that myself… sort of xD). Put yourself in the shoes of those people that were waiting for a truly competitive Gran Turismo game. They've been waiting for that since the age of the internet. So give them some slack 😉

  17. The one thing they need to make sure they get right is that if you see the gap and it is actually there to go down the inside and make the pass, you don't get penalised. Too often has it happened to so many when playing online or offline will you get turned into even when the pass is on and they shouldn't yet you're the one who gets penalised. I hope this is not the case in this GT…

  18. Maybe mention dedicated servers? Or is it peer to peer connection? Oh, I forgot, it is all aboit 4K and 60fps now and having Ferrari the perfect shade of red. That's what really matters. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue had terrible lag. That's the last I played Gran Turismo series.

  19. I hope they added an option in matchmaking where if you're using a controller you'll go up against players using the controller and only that. Because as much as I love Gran Turismo I don't want to buy a wheel because I have nowhere to put it and I'm broke. What sucks about it being mostly online is that if you want to be winning races and performing well you will need a wheel. There are players out there who are god like with the controller but I'm not one of them. I know someone will say to go play Project cars and wait for Gt7 but I already have Project Cars and while it can be fun sometimes it feels empty for the most part. Also I'm not waiting 800 years for GT7.

  20. That is one thing that always annoyed me about Forza, you couldn't get in a race that didn't have people purposely crashing into one another. Thank god GT found a way to counter this.

  21. i just want the jay leno tank car… why did they release gt6 on ps3 only? they should've released it on ps4 too… now i dont get to play my favorite escudo, the early 2000 camaro, and jay leno's tank car

  22. Now fix the physics and optimize the game for steering wheel controllers. Is catching slides like catching slides in a boat? Like GT6 was.

  23. I really want to like this game, yes I curse the fact it doesn't have a GT mode and no I don't want to wait another 5 / 6 years for gt7 . For me, my enjoyment of this game will solely depend on how other people play and of the matchmaking works. Fingers crossed I grew up with gran turismo ( and tourist trophy) but skipped 6 in favour of other racing games . But would gladly play this if competitors race properly.

  24. So basically they looked at iRacing and copied their licence system and player rating system. I hope it works just as well, because iRacing is amazing.

  25. Absolute worst system for punishing bad drivers. Your rating gets worse even if you get rammed from behind at a corner. Definetely needs to be fixed and also punish rammers much more severely.

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