Government’s Pre-Super Bowl Seizure Of Sports-Streaming Sites

Government’s Pre-Super Bowl Seizure Of Sports-Streaming Sites

city officials gave a list of feliz
sports streaming websites they had seized in advance of super bowl sunday they also defended their actions saying that each year as sports leagues
and broadcasters lose millions of dollars from a legal streaming really really do they were really do they how do they measure that uh… for instance hi on occasion have been known to watch
the patriots on my computer or because i cannot watch them in new york
city cannot watch them in new york state it’s
a black to keep me go away from the patriots would i by dishnetwork no but that’s not even the point why is this is my favorite you ready for this uh… i can i wish we had some so i
don’t know what music to play for this note the name of
the operation to seizure to seize it these sites is operation in the our sites this idea of fists and indeed do you think the guys that
u_s_ immigration and customs enforcement art taking over web domains that are alleged used then there’s no conviction here this is not like you know the draconian
you’ve been a convicted of drug-dealing we’re going to uh… take all your stuff
this is just alleged so these guys are you know judging jury in seizing this property do you think these u_s_ immigration
customs enforcement guys girly were you working on operation in our sites yeah pretty good when you working on operation i’m not
allowed to tell you that secret i wish i could see is working in
operation in our sites i was working on operation frank exhortation to come up with a gun
other poland what they do is they have the they start
of the operation started out with seizures are websites harkin counterfeit
goods okay selling knock-off watches your dvds but now they moved into character that included
a bit torrent search engine music blogs and now sports training site but these sites do not actually stream content these sites simply aggregate lancs to where you can find this content which isn’t just starting now this is just if you or information this site is
disseminated it is not in any way disseminating anyone elses copyrighted material you understand now how remove this is now theoretically if i tell you the name of these sites
these aggregating sites why couldn’t they take my domain away why couldn’t they take majority dot af
am if i say to you and frankly why are they not shutting
down paid content dot org because campaign content dot org goes on to list the names of the site and then talks about how one of them raha director what led dot organ dot com moved to a different uh… freesat something else it’s been lena at what is temporarily half down because
sticks in me stream problem well well that’s a coincidence but that
would’ve been a little more disturbing if they’re so it seized all provider all all the
websites is provide a variety of links to streaming sports content but avoid boarded actually hosting any video
themselves instead the video is hosted by so-called
cyber locker services i don’t know what that means i don’t
like ur but i know i’m going to check it out now now disputing think growth director is out of the spain use uh… spain rather director supposedly won a cop a
rape case brought against it and spanish courts and two thousand nine and according to
israel being the broadcast of streaming sports to be fair use under the eq
countries copyright law as long as a streaming was for
non-commercial purposes in israel you can actually stream this
stuff on a site nevermind have a site that is an aggregator of links to a place in nyc israel justin tv was uh… was a subject of a legal battle they
were sued for unauthorized remedial timid file fighting championship flights but if at a religious continue shutdown
sites on behalf of copper right owners content companies might be able to
bypass like the court fights required to prove their case so what we have here is the government
not in forcing this is not understand this is not
enforcement of patents or of inventions thirty three this week on station
section either const section eight uvm section eight of article one to promote the progress of science and
useful arts by securing this is what the congress should have the power to promote the progress of science and
useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the
exclusive right to their respective writings and discovers first of all of your stricken structural
ist if you are stricken structures there’s
no way you can argue that in any way the government has the constitutional
authority to protect stuff like tv nobody’s were or or or t_v_ sports
nobody’s writing nobody’s written a football game this is a saving the constitution by
t_v_ and it also says only to promote the
progress of science and useful arts well is a sports a science is sports are useful art and even if it is doesn’t need any more progress they could only promote the progress
what what progress could we have from football which team people are going to have jet
packs in fly-around float esp but aside from that understand that these are that this agency is not
in forcing any laws here because no one has been proven to be broken and so what they’re doing and the only thing they have the ability
to do is to shut down in sees these domains because these domains have been sold by an american company there only a specific webbed addresses none of which appear to be one have
outside pr of of the u_s_ because federal agencies are only able
to execute these kind of cedures because certain web addresses are under the control of u_s_ companies
like very signed which controls internet addresses that
end in dot com so what these sites are doing is u_s_ agencies wrote raha directed dot com and raha directed
dot org and the companies already see the gun
operating it services and roll hall director dot andy and row hot director dot he s so we have government agencies essentially unilaterally seizing these
sites when it’s not clear what they’re doing is in violation of our any
american law all they’re doing is aggregating the sites to other sites period and the u_s_ uh… immigration and customs enforcement is
making determination we don’t like what you are linking to
you that’s problematic that’s fucked up the

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  1. Thx, is now in my favorites and I can access lots of live sporting events around the globe! Very cool site! Intercourse ICE!

  2. they should stream every game on… even if they litter it with ads i would still watch if i didn't have a game on local tv

  3. how is streaming different than watching it for free on channel 10??????? besides no commercials…? So I won't watch the commercials and be brainwashed to buy shit I don't want…. Lame Lame Lame Lame!!!!!!!(I have an old tv, no hd tuner, no cable, no antenna…)

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