Gooey, Squishie Slime Monsters vs. FGTEEV Sheriff (Slime Rancher Farm Gameplay / Skit)

Gooey, Squishie Slime Monsters vs. FGTEEV Sheriff (Slime Rancher Farm Gameplay / Skit)

“Howdy! [I’m] Sheriff Franklin Garfunkel Teev, and when I’m not out chasing bad guys– –I’m at my farm, planting some vegetables and raising some chickens.” “But I just got a little message here, from my wife, saying that there’s some strange shenanigans going down at the ranch.” “10-4, I’ll be there in three minutes. Let’s go check it out!” “Well, what have we got here?” *Crunching Noises* “Got me some Vermin!” “Aw, these guns ain’t working! Hey Maw, throw me the vacuum!” “Ahhhhhh!” “Yeahhh!” “You suckers ain’t ever getting out of this sucker!” “Oh no! What’s happening?!” “Howdy FGTEEVers! We’re going to play this Slime Rancher game.” “It’s a game based upon my life as a rancher.” “Except, it takes place in the future, where little tiny Chase heads turn into slimes, and my little tiny guns and dustbusters, turn into slime guns. I’m gonna shave real quick.” “Okay, this is what I look like when I’m shaved.” “Franklin Garfunkel TEEV.” “Alrighty now! Let’s go ahead, and start ourselves a new game.” “Franklin Garfunkel TEEV.” “We’re going to play the Adventure Mode. Let’s go with this guy as my save icon.” “Alright, so here we go! This here is my ranch. Here’s my home. My wife is in there. Hello, sweetie!” “Gosh, she’s a darling. She’s the one that threw me the old Dust Buster.” So, this is where I grow all my vegetables and my fruits. But these pesky, little slimes right here, look at it.” “They look all cute and adorable, but they eat all my vegetation!” “So I have to [right-click], and suck them into this gun. Now, I’ll shoot them in there, and they can’t get out.” “Now, I just got to go through the rest of my Ranch, and search for these little, pesky slimes!” And we can upgrade them beat them is off of that thing There’s a pink [port] those [give] us the money I could use my [monies] to upgrade boom put those guys in there now Take my pink floor over to this machine here And shoot him in and gave me some more money [I] can use my money to upgrade get a bigger play paying for my little slime buddies I can go in there, and I’ve got some other plots of land here We can do things with but first we need to make some more money and get me some slime So now I’m over here in the dry [reap] part of town look at out many plots. We got here. Oh I call myself Twelve Thirteen slimes oh my goodness look I got some carrots and pogo fruit some pink quartz and take slime snorts There’s just so many of [them] now. [I] can actually see these little guys Oh at a box shooting boom I found these guys But I don’t have any room y’all stay here. I’m coming back and found myself a new tweet. See this one [I] got a little aslam candid get in there slime Yeah, Pink Floyd Look at how I got 315 money now check this out. Let’s see what happens when we be one of these loud the pogo through ready He’ll act it room. He got bigger. He pooped out a [pork] I did that floor boom there you go eat up see if they like [Carrie] they like carrots I knew they liked harry, but you know what I’m gonna keep one [Carrie] I’ll show you why a little bit once they eat give that money. Oh, no. I’m stuck in the bathtub now I got all my money put the slide back [haha], I go over here to the port money transfer machine. Shoot my lord get my money now. I got [414] money, haha [press] key to activate we’re going to start [ourselves] on [Garden] so right there, shoot my carrot and I’m growing a carrot [and] [I] can use those tears to feed my fly ah Hello, little do that. What churning. You got a little a bunch root? But fruit [right] [sing] kidding, [ha] there we go. I got a heartbeat Cook some more pics [lime] more than other slimes over he got away See, I only have enough room [for] some of these things time to empty my my containers eat up little buddy eat a fart [see] I mean a heartbeat. [I] got my cell phone ping [port] Another pig for now. I don’t know if Tabby slime is friendly Let’s let’s mix and mingle this do they do y’all like [tax] time? They’re getting along nicely. [it’s] time to find us some more than slimes What’s going to be in this [crash]? Oh? Oh lots of coin? Yes? Now? What’s down this way There’s more. Oh my goodness. There’s a whole new species of slime over here. You know why don’t he declines? It’s time for [old] [mile] [our] [goal] [our] [slimes] are like five – I have to hold on to this one I got me a large spot I can barely see [where] I’m going let’s see this [lime] like [pinterest] I got them it works no He could send people out All that not good no That’s it. I really need to give me some more than quarter I’ve got upgrade their living quarters I need to get quarters to do it to trade in its importance counting upgrade so you can’t get out Tammy Tammy is rascally one [alright] here. We go and eat Is that [what] we could do high walls purty whoa look at the size of that y’all ain’t getting out anytime soon? it’s more [slime], whoa look at these guys ah I got a nuke I got a phosphor flying. [oh] my goodness Look at this one this one’s a huge one kick in your new home ha ha ha My carrots ready now. I can go ahead and See these mines and get some more money dinner time flies They love them carrots look at all them. Lord. Thank you whoa, oh It got out. It’s getting dark out [are] we’re going through a new part of town ah What is Dead [I]? got you, oh What is that? Autumn I found something here. I’ve never seen this stuff here e to carry another carry ah whoa, I just got a new cut a Rock Clora, what is that thing? He’s a and everything I gotta say these little creatures. What do I do? oh He just bit me he’s killing me you can’t hurt my little squishy. [I] gotta get on my little squishy safety Then go mop squish Pop squish I’ve got another Rock [plumber] And another rock for our rock floor how much you work [19]? found a [5-4] floor Let’s go see how much [it’s] worth how much you give me further spot for floor 17 I’ve got an idea. We’ve got to get 350 money And I know how to get rid of those little stinking tar slime Going home I’d like to sleep until the morning. I’ve had a long day All right, it’s morning returning to the Ranch All right, always got to get myself a good sleep before I try to mess with some tar flying Even though I’ve never seen the tourist line before My [mansions]. I need some sleep to do it I’m afraid he’s going to get it. Don’t you work [line]? I’m Gonna Go see if I can stop that tar monster. [oh] tar monster. You’re still here our monster left. Oh yay, oh Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute. What is that? Oh? I caught a rostrum Well, it looks like that problem Sorted itself out. It always does on the ranch Still need to get the floor roads everywhere Look at all the money [411] y’all like roosters in hand dollars cake Alright now we’re ready to get ourselves an incinerator Yeah, purse Now I just throw whatever I don’t like in there, and it’ll blow up Let’s try it on a on a little chicken [dude]. Sorry little chicken dude and oh smells like fried chicken Why I waited so long [-] Bobby one of those oh, I don’t know more crops grow Oh, I’ve got to remove them remove crop ten money now. I need to find some more crops to make a crop plant hMM Thought was the crop where would I be it could be in my editing software? and edit crop ah Not that crop. I’m going to find me a pogo through I’m trying to make a pogo tree you do why else would I need a pogo from tree if I wasn’t Gonna make a Tree man I don’t mess up my song where’s the [tote] go through tell [me] the plan? At a pogo fruit tree its pogo fruit tree um it doesn’t look like those hard things are gone Get down in photos off Toggles on ready There’s no sight of the tall signs, and there’s no photo [fruit] listen here What’s in this cave [woo] more areas? What in the world is this? Kaddi Gordo So all-knowing slime [whoo] What’s that treasure pot is locked. There’s too much epicness for one day I was trying to keep me from car if pogo fruits is ready. It’s time for you to innovate hair Yeah, got my pogo fruit are we going back to the side shores you can come with me you come with me little man all Right how do we how do we get home is it home? There’s almost here. I never told y’all this, but I nicknamed my ranch [called] blue cheese [that] [say] my ranch blue cheese, right? This is no bad guys. I’m sorry the guy you must be [Ah-1] Cocoa fruit tree up in here. Let’s see Over fruit. Yeah, [I] grew a pogo fruit trees Literally he’s not be dragged back everybody, and [I’ve] only got one pink. Lord that was bad once in What is do you think so like I should be throwing something in there, so weird I never seen that one before all laughing. That’s about it for today y’all oh Sit back there barking. I got chopped. Are you didn’t dig [olive] butter? What oh? ma’am You’ll table any time then you can come in here and eat all [of] my people it Was all these these oh No, dude is just like the most the most epic ending ever I was ready for you I went down there bada-bing whereas our Maestro but now they made my house, so if you say Hey, all my babies here dead man I’m just gonna bring even though he’s going to chop me alive. [I] just want to speak Cut up [the] rome in this thing, right? Can you go in here no and oh oh? Did I do this is that destroy them – who is anymore? No your sir for your own protection get in there. [I] feel so bad I’m like the horse blue cheese rancher ever we couldn’t see them [I] mean, I’m like the worst blue cheese Ranch river I put it saved it because I am frankly our fossil [feed] Not good. Sorry things got well compute entire Maybe throughout, but anyway, you’re safe here, you pink rock largo Well thank y’all for watching now here lately Buffalo another tar clap. Thank you male [dias] gun [rolls] discuss your mattress I’ll picture [these] [ain’t] [worth] it [ah] [keep] [it] [all] fight get it [over] fight. Oh Leave wait what holy what oh? the Freezer [oh] cold poopie That’s sick. This game is gross where else were there all those poop in a drawer get it oh This is so Dead [hahaha] No poop to do

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  1. Buy the thing that lets the slimes not see the sun cause if the slimes see too much sun it will turn into the tarr slime

  2. Those evil slimes you got to buy an upgrade for your gun and collect water and throw it at them or if you don't want to you can just throw them in the water they're mean and they deserve it

  3. You can actually keep the tarr slimes
    Make a cage for them and a air net then get them and put them in there

  4. Dominic grieve the same way to get it in the same time and I are in the process is that is the case of a little bit of the process of time to make it a

  5. Facts about the tarr (black & rainbow evil slimes):
    Tarr eat slimes and when they eat a slime, they Make another tarr! Also, they disappear if they touch water, inciorater or get trown into the sea. Thats all you need to know about the tarr!

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