Golden Goal – Skråningsfotball – Playing football/soccer in a hill (w/Eng subs)

Golden Goal – Skråningsfotball – Playing football/soccer in a hill (w/Eng subs)

Welcome everyone to a game of
football in a hill. You look calm and ready. Are you? Erland, you’re getting a watch for playing this game. Yeah, the golden watch. Finally. I’ve
waited a long time for this. Many of you already have the gold
watch. Is it worth having? It’s a golden watch.
– Is it real gold? Not everything.
– Figures. Lars isn’t pleased with his gold watch. Ole Hermann Borgan is todays ref. Welcome.
Can you explain the rules? Penalty kicks are played with hockey rules.
And the ball has to lay still when there are
free kicks. Good luck. We’re only up by one. Don’t start with the
showboating just yet. Penalty?!? For fucks sake! Fuck. Fuck. Shit. I can’t stop the ball. We have to follow their runs.
– Agreed. Penalty. Shove in the back.
– Great refereeing!

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  1. Slutt lol. I was impressed at the quality of the players and the camera work. Although it's a farce, it goes to show you can enjoy a competitive game of football even if you don't have the proper facilities.

  2. To everyone who is not norwegian, slutt do not mean the same thing as in english. Slutt = the end/ end of the match. Here they give you the end resault

  3. Hi, this is Mike from @433 and we would like to use this video on our account. Can you give us permission to post this video?

  4. Can you even imagine just how enerving it is to be the poor neighbours of these "crazy" and "hopeless" Norwegian people? 😉

    And they speak nearly the same language, as we do in Denmark, so we can even understand most of what they are saying (singing) / shouting without any effort… :o)

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