Goldberg’s Missing WWE WrestleMania Match! | WWE Backstage Expose

Goldberg’s Missing WWE WrestleMania Match! | WWE Backstage Expose

Despite being one of the biggest names in
professional wrestling, Goldberg has only ever had two WrestleMania matches – both against
the same person. But in 2003, he nearly had a Mania moment
with someone else. I am Luke Owen and this is Goldberg’s missing
WrestleMania match. Goldberg was one of the many WCW stars who
opted not to take a pay cut when Vince McMahon purchased the company in early 2001. Goldberg has said in interviews since that
he was asked to take 50 cents on the dollar to sign with WWF and be part of their Invasion
angle, and he wasn’t willing to do that. Several journalists noted that WWE attempted
to negotiate with Goldberg after the WCW acquisition, but he only wanted to work certain dates with
certain stars – an offer he was getting while working in Japan. In late 2002, it was reported that WWE were
again looking to hire Goldberg to help with sinking ratings and WrestleMania business. WWE were reportedly concerned about star power,
as The Rock was making waves in Hollywood and there was reports Steve Austin wouldn’t
be returning for a match at WrestleMania 19 following the disagreements he had with the
company at WrestleMania X8 where he wrestled Scott Hall. In his autobiography Austin wrote, “I was
on the third or fourth match – it wasn’t even the main event. It was just some match on the card, the way
I looked at it. And I wasn’t happy about that at all.” Pro Wrestling Torch would write, “WWE, in
the midst of decreasing fan interest and media recognition of that decreasing interest, is
looking for a way to boost interest at WrestleMania. The biggest ace that WWE has yet to utilize
is Bill Goldberg, one of the biggest stars in WCW during its peak run in the late ’90s. WWE has begun discussions with Goldberg and
his representatives about joining WWE in time for WrestleMania.” These rumours were furthered when The Rock
appeared on a Dallas radio station and said he was working on something with Goldberg
but couldn’t talk about it further. Torch sources told Wade Keller that the plan
was for Goldberg to face The Rock at WrestleMania 19 as one of their marquee matches. Keller would write, “Since neither Rock nor
Goldberg are full–time WWE wrestlers, it would be a one–time match to make WrestleMania
seem like something “special,” and worthy of the extra five bucks WWE will be charging.” According to other reports from the time however,
one of the plans for Goldberg coming in was to work three matches with The Rock – the
first at WrestleMania XIX and then culminating in a rubber match at Summerslam 2003. The following week, Goldberg confirmed on
No Holds Barred radio that he was in talks with WWE about working WrestleMania XIX and
how he wanted to wrestle The Rock, but was worried about the backstage politics of working
at the company, stating he wasn’t sure how he would deal with Triple H if he played games
with him. This was a common mindset for many ex-WCW
stars following the Invasion angle in 2001. Sting revealed in a TNA-produced documentary
that the reason he never signed with WWE was because he saw an episode of Raw where The
Rock looked at Booker T and asked who he was. “That one little comment is it all took to
bury someone, in my opinion. It was a way to let everyone know that, ‘you’re
a WCW guy, you’re a peon here’.” Booker T added to these comments in an interview
with The Boston Herald saying, “I was mad I had that confrontation with The Rock because
I had to build myself all over again. The WCW guys were supposed to be buried. None of us were supposed to make it” In January 2003, it was reported that talks
between WWE and Goldberg had slowed down, but there was still hope that a deal could
be reached to start a program with The Rock. This seemed to be moving forward, as Goldberg
wrote on his website that he was happy with the current deal suggested and the ball was
in WWE’s court now. The following week The Torch reported that
The Rock had told an extra on the set of Helldorado that he was going to face Hulk Hogan at No
Way Out, and confirmed the match with Goldberg at WrestleMania XIX before he steps away from
wrestling for good. However, Bruce Prichard refutes that claim
on an episode of Something to Wrestle saying “[That is] such horses***. Made up from somebody who’s an extra on a
set.” By early February, however, the reported planned
match between Goldberg and The Rock fell apart due to negotiations and WWE began to move
forward with Steve Austin vs. The Rock instead. Wade Keller wrote in the Torch, “The maximum
number of dates Goldberg is willing to work is less than the minimum number of dates WWE
wants him to work, and no progress has been made. WWE’s concern is that investing heavy TV
time in a wrestler who only is going to work two or three PPV dates might help TV ratings
and PPV buyrates, but it would hurt house show attendance.” In March, The Torch would report that negotiations
had stalled to the point that WWE were working on a WrestleMania without Goldberg. In the No Way Out 2003 episode of Something
to Wrestle, however, Bruce Prichard claims that while negotiations were ongoing, there
actually was never any plan for Goldberg to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all
and was always set to make his debut on the Raw After Mania [9-screen]. “Goldberg was never considered for WrestleMania. Yes we were negotiating with him to come in. We had Goldberg for one year. To bring [Goldberg] in, you had to be able
to build him up for that year and get the most out of him to build to that WrestleMania. If you’ve only got a few weeks to build Goldberg
for WrestleMania, it’s not enough time to get the bang for your buck. And then you’ve got him for a whole year,
and you don’t have him for the next WrestleMania.” We’ve got other WWE Backstage Expose episodes
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  1. Its so funny that during that one year Goldberg had not faced undertaker or john cena…..God please I want to see Goldberg against Cena and Roman

  2. I’m expecting the undertaker to show up tonight Daniel Ryan will turn on Shane McMahon. I love AJ styles but Nakamura will get the title

  3. So wwe were hesitant on Goldberg cuz a part timer would help buyrates but hurt attendance but they have lesnar be a multi time champion during a part time contract and buyrates went up a bit but houseshow attendance has been down. Anyone see a trend here

  4. Please don't post any spoilers of Mania in thumbnails in the next few days. Won't get a chance to watch Mania till Wednesday because of work dies inside

  5. Vince Mchahon screwed himself he could made a ton of dream matches in that era but he couldn't get over his own massive ego so he pretty much told the fans you don't matter you like who I tell you to like.

  6. Its a shame. WWE could've had so many dream matches and made so much more money if they could've taken their heads out of their asses instead of being so determined to make every WCW star look like a joke. We get it, you won. Don't have to remind everyone about it 17 years later.

  7. I was at wrestle mania 19 Austin’s last match I wish seattle could get another big ppv… id absolutely love a nxt takeover accompanied by a rumble or another mania

  8. Goldberg doesn't like wrestling, he's lazy and doesn't like the fans. Did I mention he is also greedy and selfish. WWE was desperate for Star Power for WrestleMania last year or I doubt they would have paid his rediculous price. I hope I never have to see his ugly face again 🙂

  9. Off topic n just throwing this out there but Barron Corbin and Big Cass the next Undertaker n Kane. Dream with me it could be done with the right booking listen to barons intro lyrics sounds familiar does it not???

  10. they lied… Brock Won… and retained the title… at mania…
    6 f5s… roman kicked out 5…

  11. Tell me wrestlemania didnt prove that creative reads the "dirt sheets". Lol. A lot of those finishes seemed last minute and forced

  12. I use to be a Goldberg fan till hearing his Hall of Fame speech
    He was totally arrogant and disrespectful to the staff

  13. So what the intro says. "We are copycats and take other ppls work and information to stick it to you people and get money from you morons" ? fuck you and fuck this channel you fucking morons are pissed off that mania didnt go the way yous wanted it. Because all you inform is fucking lies!!! DON'T SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL. THIS CHANNEL IS TRASH!


  15. So to sum it up WWE didn't want to give Goldberg the same deal it has given to Brock Lesnar and now John Cena, because a part time contract isn't good for business. That's why Goldberg has a missing Wrestlemania match and didn't resign with WWE back in the day. Yeah that makes so much sense WWE and the two names i put here explains my sarcasm.

  16. 3:06 That's why I never criticized Sting for waiting so long to work matches for WWE. He was smart to stay away for so long. He was a legit superstar without WWE's help.

  17. I found your female missing wrestler she been hiding in Melbourne Australia Victoria Thomaston I think you have to be in my location to find that a dress otherwise cumputer tappers will give you false locations and information her mobile number she is using is 0478713880 I think for you guys it's 0011961 +61478713880 or +61421871816 ?

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