Gold Theatrical Trailer | Akshay Kumar | Mouni | Kunal | Amit | Vineet | Sunny | 15th August 2018

Gold…British India! Our country has a
record of three gold medals… But, as British India. The British flag fluttering
over our heads, kept telling all of us ‘…you are not free!’ Soon India will be independent. And I will take India to the Olympics. Our team will defeat
the British in London …and avenge 200 years of subjugation. What a wonderful dream! Pity, the dreamer is
lying in the gutter. Move aside! Just like how you have
to pass the ball in the games, … sometimes in life
you have to pass on your dreams. I have quit Hockey, who should I play for?
These Brits? We will defeat them in their own country, …on their home turf,
and in front of their own people. You see when I was born… …the doctor took
one look at me and said… ‘Congratulations…he’s a
Centre-Forward.’ In our home, we begin the day with
“Long live the revolution” I had such big dreams, my friend. Our team will play for free India. Now India is free, …but there’s no team left. This flag here from Berlin I have kept it close to my heart,
do you know why? In the hope, that one day our India
will be free. And then we’ll win the gold. And our tricolor will be unfurled. And under it we won’t be singing
“Long Live the King”! We’ll sing our own Anthem! Vande Mataram.

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