This video is sponsored by Onefootball What is up guys welcome to a new video.
Today we are doing something very special. We are going to open packs on FIFA 20 and then, we will indeed travel to the first stadium that we get in one of those
packs.. yeah we’re gonna start up right now with
having a look at a few stadiums we wanna get the most of course and then maybe
discuss you know which countries we want to visit the most and you know just
see we can get in these packs because you never know we can end up in you know
the United States we can end up in.. Turkey we could end up in Germany
wherever so..remember to subscribe guys this is gonna be insane. Just
looking off this first page… Santiago Bernabéu! I am a real Madrid supporter so
and I’ve never been to an actual game at Santiago Bernabéu I’ve never
seen Real Madrid play. So if we pack that it will be absolutely mental..ooh the
park the prince yeah going to Paris would be insane
that would be a trip! watching Mbappe.. Neymar.. di Maria all those guys play
football that’ll be absolutely mental and obviously Paris is a..it’s an amazing
city so that would be great the fifa points are added we have 2200
fifa points and we’re gonna go for this one so let’s get into it first pack
you can open it and let’s see if we can get a stadium I
mean if you get a good player that’s good but we’re here for the stadium..ooh that could be a good sign there’s probably gonna be a lot of rare items here. okay don’t
touch anything now there’s probably stadiums in this one. two rare
contracts okay… I’ve never been this excited in my life I’m nervous I’m
nervous where are we going we are rolling the
dice of where we’re going to go No stadium! no stadium, no stadium in the
first pack my heart is beating fast.. Okay here’s the next pack pack number two
oh we are getting a rare player at least it’s a Netherlands player. are we going
to Amsterdam? haha oh my god okay nothing here three rares come on we got an Ajax
player as well..is this a sign is this a sign? come on..! still no stadium? second pack no stadium next pack is opening now please and it’s
time to get the stadium come on EA let’s see the player.. Coates. former Liverpool
come on Anfield! Only three rare items here, could be a rare Stadium
here we go 3..2..1.. Still no stadium are you kidding me? it’s like EA just wants us to keep opening
packs they know we’re making this video oh my god come on we almost don’t have
any fifa points left come on EA..give us one now Who’s the player? it is gonna be Raffael they have their
stadium in the game is it a stadium only two rare players
here and both are from Germany here we go could be a sign Signal Iduna Park? Let’s find out.. We’re going to London! We’re going to
London! Tottenham! I’ve been to London, it’s an awesome city I’m so looking forward to this dude And we’re going to watch Spurs while they are having the worst month ever! I’ve never been to London..we’re going to an English game guys
Tottenham Hotspur it’s a brand new stadium probably one of the best ones we
could get to be honest in terms of like the stadium’s quality I’m looking forward to
see how such a modern Stadium is yeah wow that’s gonna be quality..the
boys are going to London. Let’s go! Just came back from Sander
and yeah I gotta say going to London is going to be absolutely perfect really
looking forward to go out there you know see Spurs in their brand new
stadium yeah London not too far not too expensive either anyways I think I need
to get packing and yeah we’ll see you at the airport (few days later) We just met up with Peder he’s gonna
be joining us on this trip of course he wasn’t able to be in the FIFA part of
the video but he’s here now and we’re ready to go boom..flight leaves to London in one
and a half hour I think so gonna look at some things in the tax-free right now we
are really hyped even though we are a bit tired but should be fine we’re going to the game tonight
we’re gonna give you a hint it’s a Champions League match but we’ll let you
know in a couple minutes which game we’re going to none of us have ever been to a
Champions League game ever before so we’re all really excited for a match and
yeah..stay tuned! we’ve arrived at the hotel had a bit of
a nap and getting ready for the match now it’s time to reveal the game we’re
going to tonight’s it’s gonna be the Champions League game
Tottenham Hotspur against Red Star Belgrade I’ve never been to a Champions League game I’m a Liverpool fan I’ve been to Liverpool games Premier League games before but
never Champions League games so that’s gonna be a cool experience today so this
video is also sponsored by Onefootball and we are very grateful that they are
actually you know sponsoring this video we also thought it was very relevant to
you guys because all of you who are watching this are football fans and
would like to watch you know news about your favorite football team I have just
pulled up an article on Onefootball which says that Pochettino admits his
job is on the line after the recent Spurs run so you know our game that
we’re watching today is going to be extra intense if you want to download
Onefootball the link is in the description works for both Android and
iOS so feel free to download it one of the best football apps out there It’s big! I’ve never seen such a big
stadium it’s huge. So modern everything is glass curved We’re here! We’ve arrived! This started from the FIFA packs and now we’re here let’s see who has been the..Heung-min Son
has been the best player so far I think I’m also gonna vote for Heung-min Son so
far and yeah you can see he has two goals and I also think that Ndombele has
been really good he also had an assist so..Erik Lamela
also with two assists very nice who will win
obviously Tottenham will win at least now and yeah let’s look at some of the stats 60% possession
and you can see by the shots on target 7 vs 2 Tottenham have dominated the game and
yeah it shows in the scoreline and singing here you have the breakdown of this days UCL we could go on to matches and yeah I was right
Heung-min Son was the fan vote for best player we can see the other players that did really well
Erik Lamela two assists and one goal and also think that Ndombele was really
good he had two assist as well so yeah After the game they serve cake and popcorn which is really nice. I dont know if they only do this when they win? but hopefully they do it either way..but yeah this was actually really good What a game it was Tottenham won five nil against
red star so we couldn’t really have gone for a better game to be honest and
yeah we’re now back at the airport about to head home
if you guys want to see a PART 2 then yeah let’s go for 2,000 likes and we’ll get
that done and you know maybe we can end up in a whole different country next
time that’d be pretty cool but yeah make sure you guys drop a like check out to
Onefootball down below make sure you guys download that it’s a great football
app and thanks to them for sponsoring this video and yeah we’re about to head home now so we’ll catch you guys next time..peace out!


  1. Quality video guys… it all makes sense now… ??? Must be the first pack opening ever where you’re excited to get a stadium in a pack ?? It took its time to appear though… if only it was Anfield! ? #Knuckleit ?

  2. Brilliant idea, I went to this match as well what a game !!! (This was my first game at the new stadium. Before the match the last time I went to the stadium was the live screening event cl final ??. )

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